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    0:00 - Intro
    0:15 - Celina Powell Show Cancelled
    6:03 - DDG Exposed By Blueface

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    1. Kiara Shanay

      This is how many doonies DDG and Blueface got.. ⬇️

      1. Malique Brooks

        Im Georgia Raised (MacTown) and Jersey Born

      2. Elijah Ussery

        Jay Slapit yeah now that you said that I agree

      3. Nathan Slagter

        D’Angelo Russell how so sir?

      4. Anise Westbrook


      5. Cyrunix

        @D’Angelo Russell FOH

    2. Mpho Motsoane

      I'm from Sandton not Atlanta or whatever 💀

    3. Nytellem

      Lmfaoooooooooo Blue face done exposed or confirmed a lot of shit lmaoo

    4. wheww chileYouStooopid

      Ddg must got some now cuz now he lost tryna be like all these other ppl nasty


      Who the fuck is jimmy smacks.. but if he is trying to black mail her it's pretty funny KARMAS A BITCH... DON'T LIKE WHEN THE SHOE IS ON THE OTHER FOOT STUPID...🤣😂🤣

    6. Donna Lane

      I like your channel

    7. Vante Pearson

      These bitches lost no dad in they lives or nothing

    8. Justin Brown


    9. Sxoury -yt


    10. Jess Simone

      Detroit yaaaa

    11. Amy Rose


    12. Wendy Phillip

      I think that Adam22 just used them for the views and exposure. Cause let's be honest their episodes were trending and got more people to check out No Jumper. He probably never planned to let them have a show long-term. Now he he finished using them he canceled the show. That's the thing these females think they are winning but they are not cause no one respects them or will every take them seriously. I hope they planned for their future cause being a thot is not a long term plan and at a certain age gonna be ridiculous

    13. yung ze da scholar

      If they start a KGup channel they would break the internet


      South Africa

    15. Valdez Johnson

      Am from the bahamas

    16. Adongo Ephraim

      Ghana, Accra

    17. Giovanni Clarke

      So you mean to tell me that Celina and Aliza don't have enough brain cells between the two of them to shoot their own podcast? Bruh...

    18. Nathan Slagter

      Sometimes it seem like you know what he thinking 🤔 and it’s kinda of sus

    19. Nathan Slagter

      Kiara you wildn with the videos again.

    20. Leo got Hopes


    21. SauceUp Rio

      CHICAGO in this B!tch

    22. Kinng Raay

      I’m confused on the DDG situation , someone explain

    23. KEL Pnut

      H-Town Houston

    24. big pee

      Why not record videos without the kid I'm just asking

    25. yunng teezo

      New Orleans

    26. Oakland made mohammed

      Oakland Cali

    27. Spiritual SO

      Regarding DDG, now that i see he'§ smashing thotties + the thing with Ash + that time Mcqueen was telling the story about how his ex gave him head in the hallway in Hawaii because DDG was clapping Kennedy's cheeks in the room.. *Which this was before all the videos DDG put out pretending that Kennedy wouldnt let him sleep in the bed* I bet DDG did smashCorie Rayvon because of his line in the song toxic... Emaza because he once admitted she was the only other girl he liked outside of Kennedy during that 2017 to early 2019 period.. So you know he was in her walls. On their blind date video she supposedly caught a uber home & didn't go up to his aparment lol. Now i'm positive he smashed Lala before she was signed to Zooted.. Aint no way he knew her all that time and they friends. Foh.. I'd be shocked if he smashed Seven but I wouldn't put it past him now. Hard to tell with what's her name. Jilly. I wouldnt put it past this nigga now. He dont rap cap & he also keeps stuff on the low by trolling It got me thinking about what Riley & Tee said... How DDG wouldnt promote the vids or prioritize them after a certain point and alluded that it was because DDG was sleeping with one or more of the zooted members .. At first i thought they were just yapping... And I agreed with DDG how he wasn't obligated to promote anything.. But I still see him promoting Seven & Lala's videos on his instagram in recent weeks.. In comparison.. I don't see him promoting Bree Green's shit at all lol.. Now I know he hasn't slept with Bree because she's bisexual but more on the gay side.. He would of if she was a little more straight.. Without a prank being involved he said a few times how he'd clap Bree.. She even deleted a video off her channel when ddg told her "i'll f*ck yo sh*t up* Bree has a video where she's in DDG's bed after going through his closet for the longest.. DDG walks in the room smiling that she's laying in his bed.. Like 5 seconds go by and he spots that she has the camera on , THEN his whole vibe changed like he didn't want her in his bed lol.. This nigga DDG be out here !! Mcqueen has alluded indirectly in vids like never have i evers with IG models that he knows 21 to 22 year olds who have like 90 to 100 + bodies.. That's DDG 😂😂😂

    28. Amanda Menore

      Milwaukee WI

    29. Sisi colon


    30. Lennetta Robinson

      Jimmy Smacks nah Kiara, Now Odell and the NFL has power to shut that down.....Who is Jimmy??! No offense but never heard of him

    31. KHO FLY fly


    32. Brianna Miller

      New York 🗽🗽

    33. Alexis Vibe

      Ddg is letting this rapper shit get to his head he wanna b like everybody else so bad like being himself didn’t get him to where he at NOW. Like I use to fuck with dude but I can’t like how I use to but dude just different no problem with him wish him ntn but the best in life keep going up my boy.

    34. YTN Savvo

      This rapper named yn Jay is the most popular person saying it I would say he started it but idk

    35. The Drip Kid

      ash is a menace to society

    36. Suli

      Adam is smart, milked her for clout and cut her off just before she became a liability that would lead to law suits

    37. Short Stuff


    38. JBreezy51

      It wasn’t a diss if so and ash weren’t together. That had been broken up for like a year or so

    39. Paige Price

      I actually liked thots next door. I hope they continue on another podcast!

    40. Jessica Nonya

      Kiara u don’t think they planned that live!? come on girl ur smarter than that by now. Blueface plans all his IG shit! everything that boy does is fake and planned for attention, clout and views. Even more obvious, how long we been watching DDG? come on guys. DDG called blueface and planned that shit out. Last night Rubi put in her story “on my way to bae’s” but ddg didn’t add anything to his story and they used to plan they stupid little story’s and post together lol... Rubi also went to Boosie’s topless pool party! lol! YESSS RUBI POP YO SHIT! if rubi and ddg were ever even a real thing which i highly doubt we all know how much that would piss off DDG. It’s so funny DDG not on youtube anymore but after watching him for 6 years and watching him grow up I can see his moves before he even makes them! I can also tell what’s for clout... remember guys he’s said many times he’s trying to blow up in the music industry... Ddg damn well knows everyone wants to see him in a relationship and he knows how invested all his fans get when he’s in one! he used y’all to promote his moon walking in calabasses. If you don’t see that ur just in denial at this point! DDG is predictable as fuck! that’s one negative consequence for doin youtube for so long... Can’t get nothing passed us! open ur eyes guys lol! Don’t forget what Rubi said when they had that lil date at la la’s she said were gonna do business and kept saying she wanted to start the following day but wasn’t feeling him at all like that.

    41. YoBoy SPADE

      If she pregnant, it ain't from him. She still 'screwing' the other dude. She just be using my dawg....

    42. Jessica Nonya

      celinas show was suppose to only be one episode! it wAsnt gonna work anyway

    43. Kassy Powers

      Home is Pennsylvania South Cali livin

    44. Shona Gallacher

      from scotland👌👌

    45. Deanna !

      I’m from Cleveland, Ohio 🥳 !

    46. Josua Duran

      thats what she gets she talking shit abbout everybody and we dont even know if its true or not but today is revenge day for jimmy

    47. llg ent

      Kansas City

    48. Unruly_Zay


    49. That_Guy_ Milly

      I’m from new haven Connecticut

    50. KYVYN Mhh

      Tweet and her KGup video telling different things... ash a trip

    51. It’sjustKobe TV

      If ddg put a baby in rubi that is the biggest L of his life 🤦🏽‍♂️

    52. Randal Clarke

      Im from jamaica 🇯🇲 🇯🇲 🇯🇲

    53. KTB Only

      U gotta watch AK

    54. Brianna Hugee

      Tampa, Florida❤️

    55. Ceejay

      Girl go on Hollywood fix, they found Celina and she was a hot mess talking bout everyone lol

      1. Kiara Shanay

        I saw it 😂😂

    56. Angelique Moore

      Brooklyn, new York , I have no words. But thank you

    57. Dejourne Dumas


    58. Anise Westbrook


    59. Raheim Walker


    60. Hundo Savii

      Ddg don’t like opening up 😂💯 he reminds me of me

    61. That Chic

      Fresno ca

    62. T R E S I A. W I L L I A M S

      CHICAGO wya

    63. Hundo Savii

      U mad at Adam for using u for clout but you been using rappers for clout forever bitch brush it off and try again 💯

    64. Samirah Fazilahmed

      Harare ,Zimbabwe

    65. Bag Chaser !!

      Chicago 💯🥶

    66. Ashley York

      Rubi doesn't seem like the type to get pregnant during the peak of a career. I would be shocked but 2020 is wild so anything is possible.

      1. Qween of Weird

        @Bron exactly! She coming back around though. What VR headset do you use?

      2. Bron

        @Qween of Weird u wonder why shes not popping anymore

      3. Qween of Weird

        Queen Naija did it.

    67. Matthew Richardson

      He brags about money and shit

    68. Mary Ayuel

      They were dating during moonwalking in the cala......

    69. Yt_bigmwat 12


    70. WayneJordan

      Adam saw them views and knew her stank ass was about to take over. After a short while they would be getting licensing deals and shut

    71. Sade Shian

      It was canceled because of the victor twins(bad girls club) exposing them jimmy smacks just added to it

    72. Justine Afrikaner

      Cape town South Africa

    73. Lil Tanisha

      From Congo but I live in Australia

    74. Cori


    75. Tajay Campbell


    76. RPM Officials

      Yeah rubi got pregnant by the streets

      1. Elijah Ussery


    77. Moh BangBang _

      New York

    78. Tyrique

      South africa 🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦

    79. jgraves58

      These aren't men.

      1. •


    80. Evelynn A

      I’m in New York 🗽 the big 🍎

      1. Angelique Moore

        Yes New York

    81. Naira Gatsby

      Adam dropping Celina was for the best anyways she was going to make him catch a big law suit if she carried on the way she was going

    82. Jazz Body Fitness

      Did shorty say it was a personal power thing 🤣🤦🏽‍♀️

    83. llII

      Rubi is pregnant

      1. {neah}

        Angie Ussery rt

      2. Elijah Ussery

        How did y’all niggas come up with this

    84. Crispy Kp

      Aye 313

    85. ny_nae 07

      So ddg playing victim but he say he is a sweet guy 🤔🤔🤔🤔

    86. Benzel Washington

      Ddg seems lost

    87. BlING TRENDING 1

      FLORIDA 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    88. michael miles

      Greensboro NC

    89. ISO Slimey


    90. Melia Raitala

      hey im from Sydney Australia ❤

    91. Rated-R Ski

      Atlanta Georgia

    92. Theysay AL

      Odell lawyers shut it down cuz they mentioned his name.

    93. Terell Jones


    94. Janeen Mitchell

      New Jersey

    95. casey stewart

      i should’ve been watching Kiara Shanay! don’t nobody got the tea like her!

      1. Elijah Ussery

        And there is spilling tea but rob gonna clean up that tea spill

      2. Kiara Shanay

        Okkuurrr 🤞🏾

    96. Anthony Solomon


    97. Craig Thomas

      Celina had show where they are talking about rappers exposing their dirty little secrets now she mad when people start clapping back? Good for Jimmy Smacks. I hope he expose all her secrets

    98. B R

      DDG always been a savage and I’m here for it😂

    99. The Writer Chick

      Oh yea and I luuuuv baby Kayleigh it’s not a Premiere unless we hear her ad libs 😩😂💪🏾😍

    100. Potent OB

      Pretoria SA🇿🇦

      1. jabu Kamashobane

        Boksburg SA🇿🇦🇿🇦 our little moment

      2. Jaden Hamilton


      3. Anim Fights

        Pretoria🇿🇦 🌍

      4. ItsNozipho

        South Africa 🇿🇦 Durban