Kiara Shanay

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    0:00 - Intro
    0:14 - Carmen & Corey Lost Their Baby
    4:38 - DDG & Rubi Rose Done For Good?!
    6:00 - DDG & Riley Explain Their Fall Out

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    1. Kiara Shanay

      🎶 New Intro Song 🎶 kgup.info/get/e2l9Y2WVqaKGrIM/video

      1. Shawn Scott

        DDG is the Goat fr fr. He just doing this for views and to piss Ruby tha F**k off! DDG is so cold and a mastermind of all this entertainment ish, that it aint even funny! Ma ni**a got this ish on cruise control fo liffffe, please believe me!

      2. Certified_ Sling


    2. Tshiamo Gadinabokao


    3. Carl

      Carmen got a abortion im not going for this miscarriage shit

    4. MoorOma

      We don’t care they will be back together next week

    5. Christian Sorto

      For good? We all saying yea fuckin right

    6. Dimes FG

      I don’t think DDG and Rubi is a relationship it’s more like some kind of business thing they doing I feel like

      1. nate higga


    7. Abdi Sje

      Riley be finesse he’s ass tbh

    8. Msjazzyj15

      I need a video with LaLa an one with KenKen an I’ll be satisfied 🥴

    9. Its ThaBratWay

      He using her lol for his own good...

    10. Greedy Lucas TV

      In both of their videos she look like she don’t really care to be there... like she just going to try to use him. She don’t want a real friendship

    11. Luminous Lala

      Riley low key up to something , she still hurt

    12. Zyzy Love

      Nah I keep hearing in my spirit that this was a sign for Carmen to leave . Molly baby is his they did dna

    13. Coe Johnson

      Rubi fa the streets

    14. TEAM DDG

      I swear moo needs to be single for abit he gets in these relationships and there so public they don’t work out I hope he does find the one 🙌🏻 and keep it private

      1. TEAM DDG

        True but being very public doesn’t help a relationship out in the beginning of a relationship

      2. Marian Barker

        Being private don’t make a relationship last

    15. The Anoying Troll

      Carmen is just playing her position. Men cheat all the time. Who cares 🤷🏾‍♂️....She chooses to stay because she KNOWS that life doesn’t get better for her after Corey. She KNOWS it’s back to the streets after this. Don’t worry about the haters King 💯

      1. Sam Smart

        You’re wrong, if her and Cory ends, Carmen would more support than Corey. No one would pay attention to Corey.

    16. The Anoying Troll

      NGL, that fade FIRE 🔥🔥🔥

    17. Antisocial Jav

      Kiara: “this is so beautifulll☺️☺️”😭😭

    18. Splash Squad

      Fall out happened because ddg singled her out by saying she wasn’t in zooted

    19. Akima Benn

      as a girl my ass.. she stay not apologizing. next

    20. Akima Benn

      she still need to leave him

    21. Jolizzy

      I don't trust Riley. Something about her. weird.. bring back Lala

    22. Dj TanK

      You little kids still think relationships aren’t hard ,that’s also probably why y’all don’t got one

    23. Ooo Chileee

      One word for these annoying bastards. T O X I C

    24. It's Kay marie

      I just get bad vibes from Riley I hope he don't fw her heavy like he used to because once a person shows their true colors believe them 💯 she came for him, his brand, and his character and then said he took it to far FOH that's everything he's worked hard for he had every right to take it as far as he did and defend himself perioddddd

      1. Nadia Belizaire

        Period 💯

      2. Lil_ Sim


    25. KiingSaySoTv

      i'm happy to see ddg and riley letting go of the past but it's sad she still couldn't just say sorry and really mean it

    26. Sinead Brown

      Riley so entitled she was wrong period

    27. Adriana && Joshua Vlogs

      I’m sad Carmen lost the baby

    28. BigTankTelevision

      Smh she playing victim when she is the reason for the fallout i hate that shit like it boils my blood #GetRileyTo50K

    29. Theresa Marriott

      Corey always got sumn to say just talking yip yap all the mf time

    30. Michelle James

      Riley did say Sorry in Ddg Mansion.

    31. Shay P

      Riley hasn't changed she's blaming it on being a girl uumm no she thought she could do it without him and failed , but forgiveness help the person who forgives they can move on

    32. Joey Lamps

      If this Riley girl don’t shut up about ‘I was your prodigy and blah blah🙄 Talking about I did it for a day,she got me fucked up DDG better not trust her and watch his back,she’s sneaky

    33. lyric cowherd

      Thay don't need to

    34. YoBoy SPADE

      It all makes sense now. He contacted Riley just to get Rubi all worked up...😆🤦🏿‍♂️

      1. chizzy rowland

        He should have contacted lala instead😂😂😂😂

    35. YoBoy SPADE

      Riley knows what she did...

    36. YoBoy SPADE

      Listen At Riley...@"Really"? Tryna low-key shoot her shot...😏

    37. SWP_JAY8195

      It was so terrible cap ass😂😂

    38. YoBoy SPADE

      They So STUPID! You can't 'troll' your audience OR put your REAL LIFE buisness out there and not expect NEGATIVE feedback/criticism from certain people. Everyone will NOT agree to the BS that you decide to do/not do...

    39. Sugagal

      Ddg must be lonely why tf is he rekindling with Riley out of all people? Does he not remember the things she said about him and at the time she said it? Forgive but don't forget. He could of chose McQueen, Lala, Tiana, Ciante or anybody else. He could of made a video with flight since they haven't been in a video in a long time or Isabel. I think those are the people who deserve a youtube video before Riley

      1. Sugagal

        @kal im not mad but he should be mad. I think it was a bad decision especially since her vibe in the videos they did shows she still has some animosity towards him. I am not saying he shouldn't have worked with her again but i think there's other people he was closer to that he should reconcile or reunite with.

      2. kal

        How are you mad and he’s not.

      3. Kensia C

        I think it was to make Rubi jealous & that’s all tbh

      4. Elisabeth Coker


    40. Rick Hibbert

      Dawg on demon time for a year 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    41. GH Sense

      DDG dumb for connecting with Riley

    42. Tiktok2021 plus free promo

      riley views 📈📈📈, after a year and ½ she finally hit 100kviews👁👃👁. We know she was getting like 5k views

    43. Jesus Loves you

      Riley apologized on his video

    44. Infamous Yella

      If he forgave Riley he should make up with Lala 🤷🏻‍♀️

      1. Laniya b

        that not going to happen unless him n rubi done done done

    45. Wyquanza Jordan

      To me it seem like the same inconsiderate Riley. She can’t see where she did wrong Nd she didn’t say sorry

    46. Dime

      S. I. M. P. O.

    47. Craig Thomas

      Riley's not being honest. She was making disrespectful comments about him on social media months after their fallout, not just one time. She's still salty because she's still blaming him for her downfall, but she wanted the smoke with DDG and got smoked.

    48. MzzThang

      Wtf does she keep saying that shit stop playing victim and saying its cause your a girl wtf I'm a girl and the shit you did had nothing to do with our gender the person in the wrong was YOU. Point blank period! I hate when ppl do that blame their gender or zodiac signs for their shitty behaviour

    49. Kali Mashalle

      If he gonna do some rekindling shit rekindle get back cool with Kennedy him and her had friendship and tight friendship before they had a relationships I think I’ll like seeing them as friends then together like them doing couple vlogs having chats in the car

      1. Mariska Marquez

        Kennedy done with ddg and vise versa some past relationship need to be left history

    50. Mahogany Clark

      Ddg wasn't even done with Riley for good🤣

    51. Setera Lockley

      So he didn’t try to get with Riley before like she said we not gone try to get past that like it didn’t happen lol

      1. Craig Thomas

        Oh no, I caught it too. She was trying to ruin his reputation, she knew that story was cap when she first told it.

    52. Triniti J

      Wasn’t she the victim? If her story is true?

    53. Kaylin Lucas

      Why he remind me of Jordan from burney mack goofy as

    54. Ceejay

      Whole time, Carmen and Corey could have an open relationship 🤷🏽‍♀️

      1. Wolf7 El

        They do. That's what people don't realize, they both cheat on each other & sleep with other people.

    55. Levi Coat

      Riley bad asf no cap

    56. Levi Coat

      That boi Corey haircut fresh asl stop acting like you do t see that shit! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    57. Grameo Larry

      How are you doing Kiara? How are you feeling? DDG and Ruby are soulmates. I love your channel!! Have a good night!!

    58. Jamie 7528

      Welp🙄. Time for Kennedy and ddg to link.

    59. Butta Creamcake

      Riley is gorgeous tho!🤔❤❤❤

    60. Kamehameaaron X100

      Ddg and Rubi Rose’s relationship is a whole damn documentary 😂❗️

      1. Denzil Henry

        You've said it better😂😂😂😂

    61. Dirtbag Squad

      Riley is narcissistic person and the victim playing is disgusting 🤮

    62. Rosemarie Hood

      She still a bit**. She's not retentive in anyway. DDG best better off without that and if he's doing it for a f**k he needs to think twice. But who am I to say what DDG needs to do. This his name and rep

    63. Naira Gatsby

      ddg asked riley if she thinks hes evil and she said yeah she still hates him lmao just linked up with him for the clout

    64. Cristian Ondablock

      Next kiara shanay video : “ DDG AND RUBI BACK TOGETHER”

    65. Sho Nuff

      Cory a lil boy got a real wife and she beautiful at that and want to cheat and bring her down that just reflects how messed up Cory is. And get Riley to 50k still she still can’t see what the heck she did wrong

    66. SLIME TIME

      Damn riley damn near at 200k now DDG really run shit😭

    67. Dave P

      Damn Carmen. Prayers up

    68. CantTouchMySwaggaa

      In all honesty I feel she’s only at his house because he provides value to her... if he went broke and everybody was trolling him for it and if he was living bad I’m almost positive that she wouldn’t be down to link

      1. CantTouchMySwaggaa

        @Kay funmi 5000% agree I feel like multiple people in his corner need to be talking some sense into him, but we truly don’t know what goes on when the camera is off. For as Kennedy and rubi that’s all on him being beta eventually he will learn if not he will continue to repeat the same lessons in life lol. He needs to be on his purpose instead of finding people for temporary fulfillment that’s just me though 🤷🏾‍♂️

      2. Kay funmi

        @CantTouchMySwaggaa even that Tianna shit going online saying he miss Tiana real feminine, he should’ve contacted her directly if he felt that way. But just gotta let him live his life as fans it’s easy to get caught up in that weird shit he be on

      3. Kay funmi

        @CantTouchMySwaggaa Yea bro. And I understand growth and no one is perfect but im even looking at the people in his life (the men) sideways especially Dub. As an older brother you supposed to check this soft ass shit, women can easily discern men they can manipulate and men they can’t play with, that’s why Kennedy not even thinking about bro even though he’s rich as hell. How rare is it for a woman to leave a significantly wealthy and Young black man and literally not want him anymore. This back and forward shit with Rubi just got him looking real beta to even future women he going to meet. You too rich to be begging for female attention, he needs to hit the gym when he get lonely or something...

      4. CantTouchMySwaggaa

        @Kay funmi you’re right, you definitely know a thing or two about female nature lol, he always pulls this kind of move when they break up he always wants to attach himself to some female, he started saying he missed Tiana When they broke up in the past but quickly stopped talking about it when they got back together. Idk if I wanna call that a beta move but he may just not be happy being alone and he may use certain individuals to fill the void.. idk him personally so I can’t judge, he’s still growing as a person. If this was a male it would’ve probably played out differently idk lol

      5. Kay funmi

        @CantTouchMySwaggaa He waited until rubi left to hit her up...that tells me he’s lonely not that he wants to rekindle shit. How do you reach out first when she the one who started the problem 💀

    69. Traveine Burton

      Lmao how bout I tell you Corey sent that tweet from carmens phone only to watch the comments so he can expose this miscarriage just so he can talk.

    70. CantTouchMySwaggaa

      I’m glad kiara agreed that she played victim I knew I wasn’t the only one....... that’s why I wasn’t rocking with her video.. but mending things is good for the soul good for them lol

    71. Tianna Harlan

      Nah me I’m Last on purr😂

    72. TUCK2SHARP

      i'll never take Corey serious, but im sorry for ya'll loss

    73. Jamal Phillips

      Like I said in her comments I just dont think she understands that it could have been avoided if she messaged or talked to him first b4 going to the internet to make him look bad. But at least she apologized

      1. Craig Thomas

        And if she didn't make that video with her brother and boyfriend cosigning for her.

    74. naquan london

      My baby posted today

    75. Becky Boo

      RuDG will be back

      1. Marian Barker

        I’d think so

    76. MackGee ATL

      Bro that TickTock DDG did by himself was hard🔥

    77. J Phipps

      waiting on the video with ddg and prettyboyfredo next lmaoooo

      1. J Phipps



        Ain’t happening boss🤣

    78. MotivationalDiva

      I think it’s annoying DDG given her so much attention and apologize. Riley started that shit. I never liked her and I still don’t. DDG can forgive her but I’m going to ignore her ass. Any video he does with her I will not be watching.

    79. Adam Benz

      4:55 Riley don’t know DDG is using her to get over Rubi. The same way he used her to get over Kennedy.

      1. Yousaidwhatnow

        @Jarod Wilson when ddg and kennedy had their final breakup. It was Riley that came into the picture, not even a month after their breakup, he spent time with riley to help him get over his breakup with Kennedy. Not lala. A few months after riley join zooted then lala came. So it was riley who was there for him immediately after his breakup with Kennedy, not lala

      2. Jarod Wilson

        @Yousaidwhatnow I'm not talking about when he met lala when she was 18 years old, I'm talking about when lala joined zooted, her and ddg became much closer, and lala introduced him to Rubi, it's more lala and ddg videos then it is riley and ddg videos

      3. Yousaidwhatnow

        @Jarod Wilson no lala didn't. you got the timing all fuck up. when he became friends with lala, him and kennedy actually got back together. Their final breakup he did use riley to get over kennedy.

      4. Jarod Wilson

        Nah, I think lala helped him get over Kennedy, plus she introduced him to Rubi.

      5. Tahily s

        oh shit lol

    80. Jasmine Jones

      Get riley to 200k🔥

    81. OfficialAdubb

      DDG need to focus on his craft other then rubi anyways ❕

      1. Jarod Wilson

        @Genieballs Yah well, as long as she stay the fuck away from ddg, then everything will work out fine, the same person that signed rihhana signed rubi and he's the best in the business, Rubi got to stay away from fake KGup rapper's who's trying to get her pregnant, and if she does that then he will take her more serious as a artist.

      2. Genieballs Yah

        @Jarod Wilson I’m sorry but rubi career ain’t doing shit.

      3. ABDUL —

        @Jarod Wilson bro I swear you don’t know how much I hate you bro gtfoh

      4. Jarod Wilson

        You're right, Rubi needs to focus on her music, ddg don't do nothing but slow her down, she don't come over to ddgs house, ddg be trying to move in to her place.

    82. Kvng-_ _Ghost

      Get Riley to 50k 😂😂

    83. BriBri Crew

      You want the good tea come to Kiara Shanay

    84. Baba Zuleh

      Why Riley acting innocent lol idgi

    85. J - Way

      I just hate the fact that Corey is ALWAYS saying how "this jus social media" and how we're just nobody's... But use the SAME social media platform to announce and argue etc. Do giveaways then COMPLAIN and talk down the black women who ask for the giveaway money. You place people in your relationship to judge and their input then when shit doesn't go your way or getting to out of hand then you jump down our necks like we did it to y'all. That's ALOT OF YOU WEIRD ASS KGupRS. I really don't get that shit. Wanna be relevant but not in the spotlight. Want the money and fame but don't want the REAL that comes with that. If you supposed to be done with KGup and done grew out of it then really be done. It's tiring you keep tryna blame us for what y'all post or do. If y'all jus argued and she put a broken heart of course the first assumption for most was they into it again. Who would be REALLY thinking oh today's the day she having the miscarriage?? Like really.

    86. yo ken

      I'm tired of ddg and ruby it need to be done. 👈😳

      1. Jarod Wilson

        I'm tired of ddg, and I hope she's done with him

    87. Fernando Martinez

      Sad to say but Carmen probably lost the baby because of all the phuk s#!t ol' goofy azz Corey be putting her through. Stress is enough to deal with by itself but to have some clown constantly contributing to it makes it 10x worse.

    88. Sym Taylor

      Although I didn't like what lala did I would like to see them make amends. Riley is just not genuine and she didn't take accountability for nothing. Girl bye!

      1. A W

        @Trevel Francis doesn’t excuse the actions of these pops..especially Lala

      2. A W

        @Riri sim thanks sis 💕

      3. Riri sim

        @A W no one has said it better than u, both lala & riley are garbage any sensible person can see it

      4. Trevel Francis

        @A Wwe all see this happen in our school days lol nothing new

      5. A W

        Lala not genuine either..worse than Riley if you ask me 😂 she literally got mad at ddg cause he ain’t take her side! The audacity! and ddg told her she was dead wrong for what she did to rubi and said she’s the reason of all what’s happened! but to each is own..i hope they do collaborate so rubi can dead him for good. I like them both apart from eachother..that’s when they are their best selves.

    89. Summer Curtis

      Ya done ya done ya done, get Riley to 50k

      1. Nadia Belizaire

        My favorite line🤣💯

      2. Life with Crystal


      3. Craig Thomas

        She's still mad about that line! 😄

      4. Naira Gatsby

        ruined her whole career with that one line

      5. SLIME TIME

        Will forever be a goated line

    90. Toria Herron


      1. Jarod Wilson

        I she's strong enough to end this toxic bs

      2. Trevel Francis

        Nope. riley done with

    91. Toogie Haqq

      Of course they going to get back together .they got a love and hate relationship.

      1. Phil T

        its either its a toxic relationship or they were meant to be

    92. Shawntae Lanase

      Carmen need to ask God is he the reason they ain’t have the baby he can be a curse she need to leave him ASAP God didn’t allow that for a reason

    93. Miss K

      At this point we can’t take break up’s seriously! Let them do them!

      1. Ahmand G.

        All for views. Rubi rose and DDG are basically business partners at this point

    94. Justin Joseph

      corey been saying leave it off social media but this nigga on live everyday how that work

    95. offical Jay

      im not putting the blame on him but all the stress he put on her and all that extra stuff when he wasn't there isn't good for a pregnant woman and that may cause a miscarriage

    96. Jonah Harris

      you can't hate on sumbody forever you got to forgive them 💯 💯💯

      1. Craig Thomas

        Facts! Being angry at someone is like ingesting poison and expecting the person you're mad at to die

    97. Black Blue

      I swear they Break up just because they know that Make Up Sex Hit Different No 🧢 😂

      1. Tyrone


      2. Shelmith Kawira


    98. louana albert

      Ofc she would have a miscarriage she had a prior scare and he putting her under so much stress with all his BS

    99. Lame Antonio

      Rob need to create his own music I want to hear a original made by him.