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    0:00 - Intro
    0:22 - Austin's KGuprs VS TikTokers Boxing Event
    3:43 - DDG Almost Went To Jail For Rubi Rose

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    1. Mimi Keandraa

      Chris brown would of mushed austin .... pls 🤦🏽‍♀️

    2. JasonSmallz

      I made a vid exposing Lil Boom... he’s not very happy with me lmao

    3. JasonSmallz

      I made a vid exposing Lil Boom... he’s not very happy with me lmao

    4. Lilbrojay young

      💯 I hope so I would do it

    5. GH Sense

      If DDG loses to a grey, his career is done

    6. Ty Wilson

      Fuck no 🍯! “You did the crime you gotta do the time” 💀😂💯


      My boy Austin about to smoke him

    8. Heze

      U got DDG and Tanner Fox same team👀 it's ova🙅🏾💯

    9. Kizzy Torres

      Ddg 4 sho

    10. ITS BabyRiah

      I have ig this is all fake

    11. KiingSaySoTv

      rubi is funny "im his wife yes"🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    12. Kemi116

      That’s mad sweet of DDG swapping his bag to protect Rubi from going to jail. That’s love right there and what a real man does for his girl, I stan!! ❤️

    13. Alex Hernandez

      Yes I’ll take that for me girl

    14. ND9 Productions

      ddg wanna get that rapper mugshot so bad😂and be a thug

      1. felipe godinez

        bruh what you ppl mad weird 🥴

      2. JuJu3x Backup

        U know we can see your old comments hwting on him right?

      3. JuJu3x Backup


    15. Jayzino

      DDG need to stop smoking for real and take this serious 🙏🏾🐐

    16. Darrick Vino

      What Happened to the ddg and fredo fight?

    17. Nicky Rogers

      Underrated channel 💪

    18. Mbaye Sy

      I dont like girls who smoke😂

    19. CapalotSZN

      I thought ddg was supposed to be a rapper 🤦🏽‍♂️ this bout to put him back in the youtube category he was beginning to get out of

      1. felipe godinez

        it ain’t never that serious millions on the line ddg don’t even care no more

      2. JuJu3x Backup

        Mane do u see da bread dats on the line? Dat niqqa bout to add 2 more stories for da mansion 🤣

      3. ND9 Productions


    20. ambition1911

      Yeah Ddg gone in the head she hand feeding this man like a baby bird! 😫😫😭😭

    21. Dime

      Ddg just a gamma male

    22. Harvey Porter

      I smoke so yeah I would in heartbeat

    23. A1ANT2COOL

      Imagine switching bags with your girl just so she won't get in trouble when you guys are off and on every other day!!! Yeah couldn't be me bro🚫🧢💯

    24. PłàýBói Bïgğ ś

      stg bruh if ddg lose🤣

    25. Darlene printup

      Its the faces for me DDG! 🤣

    26. Triniti J

      Austin mcbroom is such a child. He has 3 little girls and boxing he is 30 something be a dad and support your kids

      1. Triniti J

        @William Pham but he has a whole family you don’t see 30 year old boxing teens that is wierd

      2. William Pham

        You acting like 30 is old. 30 is young, not old.

    27. David A goat

      Hell nah I’m not switching bags

    28. Product933

      DDG reached a level of simp I never thought was possible

      1. felipe godinez

        iEntertain and ddg don’t care nun bad about it

      2. iEntertain

        Nah, he a simp.

      3. Cool Kid

        @Danito Duyzer PERIODT

      4. Danito Duyzer

        And he is happy, u sound bitter....get ur life straight

    29. NoLoveDamion

      its not that serious...

    30. vinvent suryono

      ddg straight up... have u preorder d4r

    31. NOLAliving

      Yea im go switch bags with her

    32. mizzy c6

      theses two better not break up I swear on my momma 🥺

    33. Dreadhead NiyNiy

      Ddg a real one for that💯💯💯

    34. Nickolette Nyla

      LMAO IDC what people say I love Rubi she can do no wrong

    35. 6J

      she said wife mbn

    36. Christopher Pettway

      Absolutely 💯I would

    37. SL1TFACE

      Boxing a joke😂😂, imagine thinking, oh, i'm a famous tik toker, now i wanna become a boxer and knock someone out

      1. William Pham

        Exactly, tik tokers are goofys. On god

    38. Christopher Pettway

      Ddg is the most skilled out of the bunch and you can definitely see it

    39. Dirtbag Squad

      Who would go to jail for a women that, snitch on u a month ago to trash your character and try to expose u. Only ddg he would mess his whole life and character for a female that was salty and was tryna tarnish his character. Ddg bugging yo, ddg I got one thing to say she’s not worth going to jail for, it’s a one side relationship my guy.

      1. felipe godinez

        Mrs Tee well that’s you but he real for that

      2. Mrs Tee

        I agree. You know weed is not legal everywhere. So you brought it then you go to jail. I'll bail you out, but I'm not going for you.

      3. Dirtbag Squad

        @Danito Duyzer best my hfdsdg

      4. Danito Duyzer

        We dont know how they are off camera🤷🏽‍♂️he aint stupid

    40. Dirtbag Squad

      This man will go to jail for a girl that wanted to expose his life ,and shit on him a month ago.

      1. Nextup.J

        @felipe godinez did you just say ddg and rubi rose needs publicity come on now make it make sense

      2. Miss K

        Dumb movements! Like she trying to set him up!

      3. felipe godinez

        they both the same literally 💀exposed each other shit was probably for publicity

    41. Dirtbag Squad

      This man ddg love getting fed lol.

    42. Dirtbag Squad

      It’s ddg lol

    43. Dirtbag Squad

      Mane Kennedy wasn’t special this mane just can’t get over a person that he’s feeling.

      1. Jae DAE

        Girl hush 🙄

    44. Dirtbag Squad

      Austin gonna smashing rubi watch. That’s on my wows from head to toe

      1. JuJu3x Backup

        @Go_Smd he tweak🤣

      2. Dirtbag Squad

        @Go_Smd 🧔

      3. Go_Smd

        Where the hell do you come up with things like this? 😭 you down bad

    45. Mrs Tee

      "I'm his wife" who you trying to convince us or him? You do realize if y'all were married you would have been married and divorced like 4 -5 times. 🙄😂😂😂

    46. 1ossiedon

      "I'm his wife...yes"😂😂

    47. Black Blue

      DDG has Boxed alot before KGup whoever he fights go have a Problem

      1. SL1TFACE

        @RJ2TURNT Plays ddg too

      2. RJ2TURNT Plays

        He rusty bruh he said the last time he boxed boxed he was 13 bruh 🤦🏾‍♂️😭 y’all kids

      3. Go_Smd

        @SL1TFACE he’s been training recently though.

      4. SL1TFACE

        He rusty

    48. 0nly. Bhadbby

      The title just proves how embrassing they are 😆

    49. JBIRD35

      DDG should have boxed Fredo

    50. Shenifa Parris

      Seeing DDG from how he was back then to how he is now ??? All I can say is WOW!!🤦🏾‍♀️

      1. iAmTJ 07

        @Shenifa Parris in a good way or bad way

      2. Shenifa Parris

        @iAmTJ 07 Don’t you think ddg changed over the years or it’s just me???

      3. iAmTJ 07


      4. nay walker

        Man 👨

    51. Bradley Jacks

      Austin getting slept his hands suspect. DDG might catch a body lol.

    52. presley plaza

      Ddg i feel sorry for u bro she just give the team head bro ur a sucker for love

    53. Kedrelius Sampson

      I would have took that charge and I see you been practicing your DDG fast talking

    54. Hold this. L

      Why first dude look like ty the guy?🤔

    55. Butta Creamcake

      Smdh Rubi just dont want that dude with no one else that's all she really dont want him! and what's sad is every time ddg break up with her he always bringing up ex girlfriends and other females knowing they not paying him any attention! That shit be lame leave those girls out of yall relationship cause u kno damn well u goin right back to rubi!

      1. JuJu3x Backup

        Naw u lame asab, i never seen him mention any ex EVER except dat 1 time on his ig story he was trolling fans

      2. Haitian Jack

        You sound dumb ass hell please stay off the drug 💀😭😭😭

      3. Anita

        FActs !

    56. Fernando Martinez

      If I'm down with her and she really down for me, then yeah I'll switch bags wit her.

    57. Keys Garage

      yup I just got back to LA from Miami yesterday and I flew there with trees and back home with trees they don't care about that video on my page soon showing it

    58. Jaded Jaderson

      I would take a charge for my girl

    59. DDJ Reacts

      Who just came from Tiktok watching this, don’t cap👀

    60. Tea Time with Mama Rain

      Kiara, please tell these kids DDG playing about going to jail, do not make that relevant. You gone have kids thinking he telling the truth and try that shizznic and be in jail.

      1. Nextup.J

        Stfu the situation probably went different but it did happen idiot

      2. Isaiah

        Nigga wat 😐u think everything is a joke

      3. Only Slappers

        Bruh wtf you talking bout

    61. Immortal

      She didnt even mention the weed. No accountability💀 *calls Kevin samuels*

      1. ambition1911


    62. Anere Jr


    63. nate higga

      I hope ddg take his boxing match serious and get in the gym in train cuz I don't want him to get in that ring and start going on longer than he expected and he start getting fatigued and tired because he was smoking

      1. Laay 2Federaal

        @Credpy Squad oof 🤦🏽‍♀️

      2. Spawn Demon

        @Beauty queen cece 2 days is not considered training... Especially when those 2 days were days apart from each other

      3. Beauty queen cece

        His has been training with Austin and the rest of them it's in one of his vlogs

      4. Credpy Squad

        @Laay 2Federaal he started again the other day.

      5. Laay 2Federaal

        He can’t smoke rn cuz of his teeth he can only drink that what he’s been doing and needs to stop💯 but Ik DDG gonna train it’s just this week is mad busy for him because of the tape.

    64. Wyquanza Jordan

      If ddg going to fight he doing to need to stop smoking 🥦

    65. Becky Boo

      The ending LOOL

    66. Anise Westbrook


    67. Mark Davis


    68. Sidney Lewis

      Enjoyed the video.

    69. Mia Smith


      1. JuJu3x Backup


    70. Obadah Obadah

      Ddg the 🔥🔥🔥🐐

    71. UTD GAMING

      who else just watched ddg's vlog :)

    72. A W

      I’m happy rubi and ddg are happy back together and whatever happens happens..im happy ddg finally got his girl back because they really both simp for eachother and love eachother hella hard and hopefully this don’t turn out even worse...never seen anything like this lol but as long as Rubi happy then so am I 🌹that fan was funny asl 🤣 and ddg definitely winning with anyone he boxes 😂🤣

      1. A W

        @Haitian Jack we can say the same for ddg but hopefully it works out regardless...leave rubi alone dam

      2. Haitian Jack

        She ain't gonna change

    73. Laay 2Federaal

      Easy bag for DDG but I pray for all the other people 🙏🏽 lord bless their souls amen 😭

    74. Key

      DDG needa do sum underwater training also so his hits can be more faster then effective

      1. RJ2TURNT Plays

        Yea he need sum more training bro Frl but he get that n get more serious about he gone be pressure 4sho

      2. Key

        @shining lion what I mean by effective is like heavy hits like an example of a effective hitter is kimbo slice ddg need faster hits so he needa do underwater training A little bit

      3. shining lion

        If it's faster it would be more effective

    75. Angelique Moore

      how do KGuprs going to box the Tik Toker,if they themselves is tik toker.lol

      1. SL1TFACE

        Cause they're a joke

      2. Black Bananas

        Because some mainly based on youtube and some mainly based on tik tok

    76. Eric Smith

      I thought ddg wasn't a youtuber but I digress lmfaoooo

    77. King Cash

      Damn these niggas giving niggas millions to box people, what an opportunity! Loool

    78. Shirley Simmons

      Ddg was training last week at a guy's house and they did a video about it. I think it's stupid unless it's for charity. Ddg and Rubi ain't thru breaking up, they young and she looks real happy to be with him. I didn't no Rubi drinks now, because she say she fought those girls in Vegas cause she was trying to drink and she don't drink. Hey, they need to have fun and don't be so serious.

    79. Yoga


    80. Jaden Wright

      Bro DDG finna knock and collect this mill easy from that tik tok guy

      1. Aron Reviews

        Mike Tyson smoked before almost every fight

      2. Tyren smith

        Ddg smoke to much

    81. Go_Smd

      Ddg and rubi seem more closer & happier then before.

      1. anthony pickens

        @A I how I make it deep tf, the answer is no, less deep then

      2. A I

        @anthony pickens it’s never that deep 😭😭

      3. anthony pickens

        If she get I. Trouble it’s her fault, why can’t people be held accountable

      4. Go_Smd

        @Mike Harris how am I a “fake supporter” just cause I be trolling and disagreeing with some stuff he does doesn’t make me a “fake supporter”. It’s called being unbias and not meat riding like some of y’all be doing

      5. Go_Smd

        @Mike Harris bro I be trolling half the time 😭 .

    82. Trevel Francis

      Lol imagine being a tik toker

      1. Rahshaan Muhammad

        @Cyrunix he said 1 mil.

      2. WANDERXD TV

        @Trevel Francis It was a stupid ass question then cause where is it even coming from? Questions need to be based on something remotely logical. I swear to God you need to work on your critical thinking bruh 😂😂😂

      3. WANDERXD TV

        @Trevel Francis And who said you aint free? 😂 I just told i think you are weak minded, i aint said u gotta change. I dont give a shit if u do, i dont know you 😂 I dont care. I just gave my opinion. U take it as u please boy

      4. Trevel Francis

        @WANDERXD TV lol I asked a question bro lol didn’t u see the question mark?? U not chilling anymore huh? Lol

      5. Trevel Francis

        @WANDERXD TV you said the key word “ Opinion “. Which everyone has right? U could just go through a break up n u post , “ I’m good” . People start saying n guess that you lying n u hurt inside but really u just be chilling lol people free to say what they think

    83. Go_Smd

      Imagine hosting a boxing event just so you can lose your money.

      1. Afro Libertarian

        @Go_Smd hold up, didn't she block him?

      2. Afro Libertarian

        @Go_Smd Dehja? She can't even make friends to loose...

      3. Go_Smd

        @Afro Libertarian lmfao you can’t name anybody else other then tweezy which is exceptional cause tweezy was the one who dropped everybody since he starting his own family ✋🏽🤣.

      4. Go_Smd

        @Afro Libertarian tweezy is married he don’t got time for “friends” he dropped everybody. He on his own path and has his own kids, and wife.

      5. Afro Libertarian

        @Go_Smd like who? Didn't she loose Tweezy? Not saying the fallout was her fault...

    84. Nathan Harvey

      DDG better take it serious if he go through with this, idk who he going against yet but bryce homie look deadly

      1. SL1TFACE

        @aj loc nigga stamina low as shit. Breathing heavy and shit

      2. aj loc

        fax ddg could win he just needa stop smoking frfr or else it’s gonna be embarrassing if he loses

      3. Nathan Harvey

        @Ammar Hasan yeah i think you right the pads make you look good i wanna see him spar

      4. Ammar Hasan

        @Nathan Harvey oh taylor holder bro hes not even that good

      5. Nathan Harvey

        @Ammar Hasan his homie i said, but you probably right

    85. Go_Smd

      Austin can’t even box. Tell him to get his money ready cause he gonna lose.

      1. JuJu3x Backup

        @RJ2TURNT Plays used to box is better than never boxing.....

      2. RJ2TURNT Plays

        @SL1TFACE used to bruh Austin a goofy

      3. SL1TFACE

        He used to box. What you mean?

    86. Go_Smd

      How is Austin mcbroom still relevant? 💀

      1. Jayrant DT

        He got the white kids support.

      2. Mike Harris

        Cause he was grinding for years u idiot

    87. Travis Ofori

      Wow I come yes before the video came out 🤩😱😳

    88. Leon Vidal

      Damn he really love her🥴

    89. watch makye tv

      Love u kaira

      1. Kiara Shanay

        Love ya! ♥️

    90. Thato


    91. Dmoney 19


    92. watch makye tv