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    0:00 - Intro
    0:20 - Deshae Frost Trumpin Hard
    1:55 - Chris Sails Wants Queen Back
    4:20 - DDG Got A Mystery Girl

    күнү жарыяланды Ай мурун


    1. YouTube Watcher

      Maybes he’s verifying it’s not her because he doesn’t buy flowers

    2. finessedkidkebo react's

      I unfollowed him

    3. itsyahboidylanYT

      Sub to meh

    4. Ozioma Emecheta

      Broooo Whats imann ig

    5. Pumpz Exotic YT

      Mine say it's gray

      1. Kiara Shanay

        🥳🥳 Subscribed

    6. Rudler Lamour

      Trump 2020

    7. Ninjabear Gaming

      Deshae was doing a prank

    8. M M

      Whoever your investigators are 🤣😂😂🤣🤣 ain’t doing the job

    9. Designer the Don

      Look at one of ddg recent ig story posts today, that indicates he still talks to rubi let’s be real. He ain’t worried about none of them other girls lol

      1. Designer the Don

        @Sym Taylor of course lol, the post said “me heading home after messing/smashing with my ex even though I told everyone we don’t talk anymore ”. Plus ddg put that emoji there too at the end lol. Rubi was supposed to host at a club in atl last night and she never went and got on a plane yesterday afternoon and then early this morning missed her flight due to a car accident in an Uber on the highway. Plus she was simping yesterday

      2. Sym Taylor

        @Designer the Don Was jk. Ik she don't want his behind. You really think it was Rubi? Hmm

      3. Designer the Don

        @Sym Taylor lol good joke, but c’mon we all know who he talking about here 😂😂, they not done yet

      4. Kayla Green

        @Sym Taylor oh ok

      5. Sym Taylor

        @Kayla Green He's saying he just f' one of his ex.

    10. Dominick Yono

      Who cares if he wants trump too win the election.... I have black friends that want trump too win.

    11. Back Door

      Trump 2020

    12. Florent Ibishi


    13. CTG

      That's the definition of fake fan's because if yall was a real fan's no matter what he's doing that doesn't mean yall can control his life whatever tf deshae wanna do yall suppose to be his "REAL" fan's

    14. Sarah Archbault

      DDG finna watch this be like dammmm y’all are fast 😂😂😂

    15. Sarah Archbault

      I want it to be Emaza !!!! 😍😍😍😍

    16. TheBestUni!


    17. Designer the Don

      Ddg don’t got a new girl, y’all got to realize like he said ,”chess not checkers” yesterday on Twitter, what you think he posted that he was in Mexico earlier this week for when he really was in LA? Exactly...

    18. Stephanie Lake

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    19. Kali Edmonson

      Ddg can date he doesn’t have too be in a relationship he just doing him that doesn’t mean he sleeping with her or in a relationship

    20. Butta Creamcake

      If he can move on that fast! Rubi wasn't lying he was cheating period

      1. Jaquan Seale

        Not really

      2. Dee Will

        She was cheating to! 🤦🏾‍♂️ Don't just blame him 😂

      3. keepit1000

        You can't cheat on anybody who he was never committed to...everybody know she for them magnolia streets lol...#CarryOn.

    21. Divine Sedonu

      He did it for a video😂😂

    22. Diasha Smith STUDENT

      Adrienne for sure😂

    23. MELLA McGill

      I unfollowed all together

    24. Albn OG

      I think DDG its F with both of them🤣

    25. Albn OG

      Haha fr ppl think you work for FBI HAHAHAHAHAH

    26. n0fac3 2k

      Those dudes don't own the beat,so both chris and the dudes use the beat without paying for it.

    27. J_coldest


    28. itsdevinW

      I would subscribe if you showed your subscribers

    29. Thonn Mcmillan

      This nigga deshae lost million followers lol

    30. Immortal

      You only dont support trump because the mainstream narrative but hes literally saving this country from corruption. Dumbass sheep hating on the man keeping them from hell

    31. clint12366

      Free you subscriber count, for my sub Kiara

    32. Zen

      How many subscribers u got?

    33. Just Tay

      They're not real supporters

    34. Jerron Briggs

      Trump 2020

    35. Sauce Twin

      6:46 two different shoes lol channel’s and Jordan’s yall slow

    36. Mpho Motsoane

      Internet detectives putting in the work lmao

    37. wee johnny

      Really its not weird for Chris to still love Queen.. that is the mother of his first child! Queen love him too but she just ain’t never came to terms w/him so she suppressed it.

    38. Almost FamousTV

      Imanni is fine I need her Instagram

    39. Keith Harris

      What’s imani gram ?

    40. iBroke2k

      Definitely think it’s Adrienne

    41. YoBoy SPADE

      People are crazy if they think that these YT 'couples' separate from each other that fast. Rubi and DDG was/is just a 'smash' thing. They were never even official anyway but i guess most people today love to 'pretend' or play the "Guessing Game" or love to wonder. That's more exciting...🤦🏿‍♂️

      1. Zakyra Monk

        Ddg literally said and his video they was actually and a real relationship

    42. Hannibal730

      The whole thing with LaLa and Rubi messed the relationship up.

    43. Shaheem Neath

      It’s adrien

    44. Toby Flowers


    45. WB

      I think every girl is helping DDG troll lol 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    46. TheLifeOfB

      Cant be adriene , she talking to ja morant, emaza shows shit off, emani or someone new

    47. Pressure1

      tbh i was never following deshae

    48. Jamar

      It was adrianne, she posted a picture and it literally had the same trees

    49. Location

      You can see the color of her phone shouldn’t be hard

    50. 40 FAVAHS


    51. Gaming wii Kamarion

      He kap he said he ain want queen back Nd he wan dem happy😭

    52. Asanti Brown

      he used to beat and cheat on her and wasnt giving her any money from the joint challenge.

    53. Kid Ink_-

      This man need to learn how to be single smh

    54. al_allday\ Chris Williams 85 RFL

      DDG definitely has a type.

      1. Clee D

        Rubi isn’t the same type as the others tho so not really

    55. DMAD1

      Had to catch up with you from out of the country Sis, and you Rocked it as usual👊🏾 had to get my Kiara Shanay fix💉💉💉 ANOTHER ONE☝🏾

    56. Flacolivelife YT

      Emaza 💯💯

    57. Say Bandz


    58. Otismckenzie36

      Jus unfollowed him Update: Prank video 😂😂😂 Update: never followed him

    59. Bhaaddbri

      The shoe not the same ones mostly purple and one white and purple

    60. Jacolby Fletcher

      If y’all can see clearly it’s imanni it’s not nun of them other 2 girls

      1. Emmanuel Appiah

        Whats her @

    61. Aaliyah Williams

      If it’s anyone of them girls it would seem right if it was the 1st girl cause the flower shit ☺️

    62. Synayah Glover

      it’s definitely imanni

      1. Dreonna Davis

        Who is it her the girls thighs in the cut is white it’s really between emaza or Adrian🤍.

      2. Emmanuel Appiah

        Do you know her ig @

    63. Jacari Taylor

      It really urks me how ignorant people are. Everyone blasting Deshae for campaigning for trump, but they'll all advocate for the other guy who is arguably a bigger devil and has done nothing but made things hard for blacks and latins ever since he's been in politics (since 1970). To each is own for sure but i know for sure the ones unfollowing are just ignorant people who don't know anything about politics. I never fucked with Deshae because he seemed shady to me at times, but I think it's dumb to cancel him over who he's campaigning for.

    64. Ezra Gold

      He was faking it

    65. Ezra Gold


    66. Daviann Warren

      I watch but not sub

    67. 1 love

      Man, you can't tell me, that these youtubers/entertainers don't b in these comments. Lmao...

      1. 1 love

        @Emmanuel Appiah yep lol

      2. Emmanuel Appiah

        With they burner accounts.

    68. Ashley York

      DDG can't heal because he jumps on to the next too fast.

      1. Mrs Tee

        Right and be talking about loyalty and effort. Man please, you slinging from the East to the west. You wild out here DDG.

    69. I2clappzy

      What if it was Megan thee stallion in that buggy wit him😂😂

    70. Anthony silva power squad

      Queen cheated too


      Who can guess what happens after the mystery faze.

    72. Ju Tay

      Who else throw her videos on 1.25

    73. I2clappzy

      I wouldn’t care if he vote for trump he 20 I think he can vote for whoever he want

    74. DripTeam Ent

      What if it was tianna the whole time 😂😂

    75. Shemol Jackson

      What state kiara shanay live in

    76. Mai Zany

      You should change the song, before the kiara shanay is here would get stuck in my head because it’s catchy but the song is super annoying imho

    77. Ema dsg Young poku dosu

      I'm enjoying watching kiara videos i can't even skip 🔥

    78. Nya Nicole

      Lowkey want him with emaza

    79. MackTheFifth

      Look at this point I’m just glad DDG isn’t with Rubi anymore 🤣

      1. Zakyra Monk

        @Cool Breeze nahh I did to and still miss them together

      2. Aaliyah Williams

        @Cool Breeze I did too 😆

      3. Cool Breeze

        I feel like I’m the only ddg squad member who liked rubi 😂

    80. CrimsonCapsule Podcast

      I wish my young bro’s with money get the big picture it would clear with two examples... sheesh!

    81. juma Nlechoppa

      Ddg literally watch this video looks like he want to know the truth too 😂😂😂

    82. Anise Westbrook


    83. CrimsonCapsule Podcast

      That dashae shiii was gay bro was simping hard. You need the crimson capsule

    84. MackTheFifth

      I didn’t unfollow Deshae because the caption literally said “it’ll make sense tomorrow”. So we’ll see tomorrow 🤷‍♂️

      1. Deshaun Fashoo


    85. Carol Reynoso

      Unfollowed Deshae ... f Tump!!

    86. Jesus Is Lord

      its tianna

    87. Denway T

      What’s imanni @

      1. Spawn Demon

        @Denway T you welcome bro, enjoy

      2. Denway T

        @Spawn Demon appreciate it king, u the goat

      3. Spawn Demon


    88. Smash Coconut

      Them clearly different shoes y’all dumb as dog shit

    89. Deanna !

      I love when you make videos that have DDG in them 🤩.

    90. Cameron Rhoder

      He can sue him if it’s copyrighted or signed to label bc of course then they will own the song not him

    91. Kdot Tv

      Nigga them shoes don’t look the same y’all detective skills trashb

    92. Lonnie Boyd

      imanni he was simping with them flowers...only subscibing if i see a count

      1. Emmanuel Appiah

        @Olando Davies thanks bro

      2. Olando Davies

        @Emmanuel Appiah imanni jackson

      3. Emmanuel Appiah

        Whats her @

      4. Olando Davies


    93. TurksMadeNye

      Kiara wats it gonna take to show yo sub count 😭😭Atleast for a day

      1. TurksMadeNye

        @Emmanuel Appiah nah check her ig youtube had a glitch and showed her sub count and some kid posted it and she reposted it

      2. Emmanuel Appiah

        @TurksMadeNye nah her average views is 35k. So she could be around 40-50k subs.if she had 923k subs she would average 100-200k per video.

      3. TurksMadeNye

        @Emmanuel Appiah i know her sub count its 923k

      4. Emmanuel Appiah

        U can have a good guess of her subs by looking at her average views.most youtubers get lower views than thier subs on average.

      5. ꧁꧂SᏗPPHIRᏋ DIᏗMᏬ ND꧁꧂

        🤷🏽‍♀️ why does it matter Nye

    94. Trill Ink Tattoos

      mfs is blind, the left picture she got on jordan 1's and the right picture look like air maxes or sum

    95. Shasa

      I really don’t think that DDG is moving on with anyone seriously, if anything he probably having fun that’s all, He & Rubi obviously love eachother, so I doubt if they messing with other people it’s anything serious.

      1. Shasa

        Designer the Don lmao giving hints already lawd.. I guess we will “to be continued..” their situation 😂

      2. Designer the Don

        @Shasa check his ig story from this morning, idk

      3. Shasa

        Olando Davies oh nah I believe that too lol he definitely not going back this time.

      4. Olando Davies

        Nah he ain’t going back to rubi

    96. Designer the Don

      Deshae frost is stupid as hell for that

    97. MELVIEE B

      I honestly think Chris, Queen and Clarence are all cool with each other lol

      1. youngpharoah59

        Yup gotta keep the family fed

      2. Joshua Hecharr00

        They all are cool, they building a bond right now

      3. ꧁꧂SᏗPPHIRᏋ DIᏗMᏬ ND꧁꧂

        And promote her up and coming album we’ve been waiting yeeeaaarrrss for

      4. ttthomas5287

        Same here. I feel like they're doing whatever is gonna bring in the most income for all of them.

    98. Aaron YT

      Please tell me Deshae did this shit. I shouldn’t of even done it if it’s a joke

    99. King simba

      just wanted to say i watched all the ads

      1. King simba

        @Kiara Shanay no thank you kiara Shanay keep doing you

      2. Kiara Shanay

        Thank you 🙏🏾

    100. OK

      Maybe deshae doing a social experiment to see how ppl will react to him wearing Trump 2020 things in public idk tho🤣

      1. Zariah Rose TV

        I feel like he lost a bet