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    OUTRO SONG: Rob Allen “Where Do We Go”
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    0:00 - Intro
    0:21 - King Von Was Killed In ATL
    8:50 - Chris Sails & Leslie Made Plans
    11:07 - Toosii2X Deactivated His IG For A Mental Break

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    1. Kiara Shanay

      RIP KING VON 🕊

      1. ThePlugg

        RIP Bruh

      2. Marquez Howard

        2 Timothy 3:1-4 " But mark this: There will be terrible times in the last days. People will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boastful, proud, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy, without love, unforgiving, slanderous, without self-control, brutal, not lovers of the good, treacherous, rash, conceited, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God-"

      3. je moeder

        Rest in peace von

      4. Darryl Frost

        Damn, Sauxe Paak gone too🤦🏾‍♂️

      5. Darryl Frost

        R.I.P. King Von

    2. cameron goodson


    3. Anthony Bryant

      Rip king von

    4. ThePlugg

      RIP BRUH

    5. Parriona Carroll

      you a fucking creep 😂😂😂🥴

    6. Jai kole

      I have no sympathy for someone who "allegedly" beats women.

    7. Shakes-FN

      R.I.P KING VON

    8. ayana debellotte


    9. King Grae

      rip von🕊

    10. kalim Phillip

      RIP von

    11. T B


    12. Chloe Williams

      Rip king von

    13. Pretty Girl Kash

      Long Live King Von I was shooked when I found out I thought everybody was lying like it can't be true but he was definitely a story teller and had some good songs when it came to his music I'm not a huge fan but I did listen him from time to time. it aint over Lil Durk aint having it its bout to be war between Chicago and Atlanta like fr

    14. Benjamin Jones

      Rip king von

    15. Militant minded 228

      How about we stop dissing the dead

    16. itslovelynicole

      Rip king von 😫❤️

    17. Nick E Fitness

      R.I.P King Von

    18. Orit Yaaqov

      RIP VON 💔💔💔

    19. STR Adventures

      Rip king von

    20. Self Made

      Rip King Von

    21. A1ANT2COOL


    22. Isatou Jaiteh

      Rip In Peace king von

    23. Camtha Mance

      Rip King Von

    24. kagvsbb

      RIP KING VON 🕊

    25. It’s Ariannna

      RIP VON

    26. ivy_1k on YT

      RIP von

    27. KadoLags-

      Rip von

    28. itzquanszn


    29. m m

      He apologized to his mom.. Not queen... Everyone loves this song... Im lost what did je admit..????

      1. Linda Smith

        @STACIE exactly Stacie did she apologize for having ppl drag him for cheating all the while she had been cheating too.

      2. m m

        @Tammy R i agree... But all the tee pages think its good!!!!

      3. Tammy R

        Song is trash. Ijs

      4. m m

        @STACIE how is he gonna move on????

      5. m m

        @STACIE he said he was making a song... It doesnt matter about what she did... He said he was gonna do it....

    30. Chaz Shabazz

      RIP KING VON 💯

    31. Life with Aaryn

      This king von stuff don’t feel right ... like he still alive somewhere ....MAN OH MAN RIP😭😥😫😞

    32. Doyle Feaster

      R.I.P Von🙏🏾

    33. Anitra

      King Von was on Twitter threatening to air out his personal business with Jania when he found out Asian had a song with nbaYoungboy. No one wants to talk about that.

      1. Anitra

        @STACIE He made tweets that he had details, regardless if he provided them. Jania was sticking with her music story. He had to know that there would be repercussions. If the baby daddy got shooters, keep the baby momma out of it.

      2. STACIE

        He died wit ever happen between too

    34. Nya Genius

      RIP king von

    35. Deshawn Rose

      He playing victim 🤦🏾‍♂️

    36. jd Jayden

      RIP von

    37. Ashleigh B

      Rip von💖


      king von



      1. Cunthia Bradley

        Your adversaries decide your promotion said a wise man. Pearly gates😇

    40. Micah Renea

      Chris needs to understand that trolling isn’t good because he’s hurting other people too...HE WOULDA NEVER ADMITTED ANYTHING IF EVERYONE DIDN’T PRESS HIM ABOUT IT💯

    41. KiingSaySoTv

      rip king von

    42. Richard Jaudon

      R.I.P King Von

    43. sugagal1987

      People are so mean and cruel to the point they will push someone to think about suicide just as much as Queen is spiteful towards Chris for cheating on her and hurting her .

    44. sugagal1987

      Rest in peace King Von ❤🙏🏿

    45. NdahafaTV M

      RIP KING VON 🕊

    46. lesify EDG

      RIP VON 🕊

    47. Jay Sowavey

      Rip Von

    48. Quoyah Carballo

      Queen should’ve sat that out.

      1. STACIE

        well if she fell that way about Clarence thin she need tell him keep his mouth closed and stop arguing wit females and leave Chris alone

    49. K love

      Rip King von


      Bullets don't have no name on it But who ever pointing the gun know who they wanna hit

      1. Cunthia Bradley


    51. YT TE

      Can't believe that it was you to interlocutors over to the next life... RIP MANN SMH

    52. YT TE

      Top king von. Only listened to about one of too songs... TOP KING😩😰😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    53. Tee

      Rip king von 🤴

    54. Kadeem Forbes

      Fucked up just started listening to von last year

    55. Marques Brosb

      Rip king von

    56. Yaboi Mars

      Durk set von up von wouldn’t have just died durk signed von to his label and seen that von was growing bigger than him so he sacrificed him fbg duck tried to warn him In a song saying “ you a sacrifice he sent you to get bodied basically he just sold you to the Illuminati “

      1. 4k Studios

        Yup he said that in the song “I’m from 63rd” but nobody wanna pay attention to that.

    57. Jack Hoffman

      I had no idea Quondo Rondo was a "Big Steppa"

    58. KHO FLY fly

      RIP VON

    59. Domo Domo


    60. SugaBear Parks

      R.I.P King Von

    61. AB

      RIP KING VON🕊❤️

    62. Grameo Larry

      How are you doing Kiara? How are you feeling? 2020 has just been a very wild, crazy, and it also has been a completely tragic year too. So many people have lost their lives due to gun violence and freak accidents. The year started with the loss of two icons, the first being Rocky "Soulman" Johnson {The Rock's dad}, and Kobe Bryant, and it just preceded to get even worse from there. King Von had three kids who will never, ever see their daddy again, and that is just so sad. RIP King Von

    63. Jennifer Desierto


    64. Jeremiah Calhoun

      rip von💔

    65. Faneto2k

      Rip Von🙏🏽

    66. Devron Rodgers

      RIP KING VON💔1994-2020

    67. T Wright

      RIP VON

    68. DC 3

      RIP King Von first song ever listened to was crazy story his raw sound was something different to the scene which got me to listenin to him more dude just dropped an album and was startin to get shit goin rip von 😔

    69. Shunta Hawthorne

      Chris and leslie not Fina get married they just trying to get a bag nothing wrong with it

    70. Ashleyyy_0327

      Toosii single??

    71. Nyyear TookOff

      R.I.P King Von

    72. Elijah Simms

      RIP Von

    73. That boi Don

      Today is my birthday

      1. That boi Don

        @Elisabeth Coker thank you

      2. That boi Don

        @T B thank you

      3. T B

        Happy Birthday ❤️🙏🏾

      4. That boi Don

        @Deneesha Morgan happy birthday

      5. Deneesha Morgan

        Happy Birthday! Today is my Birthday as well! 😁

    74. Cheater_Spazz-

      RIP Von legend🕊🤍🥺

    75. drgearf fvRRv


    76. Flacolivelife YT

      Rip to a Goat Von 🙏🏾

    77. Unknown Jt

      RIP VON🥀

    78. Simphiwe Mthembu

      We still not from 63rd... REST easy king

    79. Matorma Kamara

      RIP KING VON🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

    80. eliteKmj Yt

      Rip king von

    81. Sinickas Davis

      This is sad

    82. Jennaysha Frazier



      So I get off my ps4 go on ig and see lol durk post about king von like my mind was like 🤯 my favorite rapper passed some heartbreaking **** long live the king

    84. Christian malloy

      Rip king von took her to the O

    85. Ceejay

      Rip King Von 😓

    86. ZyAsia Covington

      rip king von 🙏🙏🙏

    87. Giovanni

      Rip king von :(

    88. ABO

      King von was my favorite rapper the year of 2020 has been the worst

      1. STACIE

        Next award show he probably be up for one

    89. Jay Dollar

      R.I.P von 🕊

    90. Dirtbag Squad

      Watch the pattern most killers or serious rappers always end up getting kill at a club.

    91. M

      Chris wouldn’t of apologised about nun if he wasn’t called out. He a whole clown tryna turn himself into the victim in this situation

    92. Uniquearielle

      Rip godbless

    93. Code Name Woke

      Fk king von and fk all y’all who support his music about killing people. Y’all making us black people with sense look bad. I don’t care that he died. I care about the people he killed to get where he was. He shoulda been got the death penalty.

    94. Brunella Karara

      RIP KING VON, i'm still shocked

      1. STACIE

        Me and u both I wanna it be dream

    95. tia nicole

      Damn I was a big ass supporter of king von... I downloaded damn near every song he made, R.I.P Von☹️

      1. ABO

        I swear

    96. Vyzn

      I just found it king von was my cousin lmao

      1. Vyzn

        @Olando Davies I’m serious my dad just told me why would I use him for clout he’s already dead there’s no need to

      2. Olando Davies

        Are u being serious or are u using him for clout

    97. Dirtbag Squad

      I’m here for Chris and Leslie making a video lol

    98. FlyGuy Ant

      Rip king von

    99. Dirtbag Squad

      Chris as talent Clarence leech 👀off talent get it lol

      1. Linda Smith

        @Maddie Johnson but Clarence ass living in Chris shadow, dude name his son a name Queen and Chris came up with, Queen got dude doing stuff her and Chris did. Beside Queen fans be the one telling dude he be nothing without Queen.

      2. Tammy R

        @Maddie Johnson nothing but facts. They stay made.

      3. Maddie Johnson

        @Dirtbag Squad Daddy clarence told chris to go buy some new jeans and he did just that😃Clarence told him to stop wearing that fake ass chain and he did just that😂Clarence told him that his beard look like chin hair and guess what chris went and did...he cut all of it off😂😂😂😂😂My man's clarence is chris role model. He respects clarence whether y'all want to admit it or not🤷

      4. Maddie Johnson

        @Dirtbag Squad aww bullshit queen was the relevant one in that relationship that's why she's winning now and chris is a whole bum making music for youtube while queen is all over the radio and well known across the world.....Your favorite chris is a Clarence jr😂😂😂he copy everything clarence do or say

      5. Dirtbag Squad

        @Maddie Johnson he’s making music, plus was t he the one that made the channel with him and queen, ooooo if Chris never push queen to do youtube u wouldn’t know her to be defending her, y’all for got about that tho. That made Clarence lol y’all really for got about that tho

    100. kjnjun edwed

      Rappers are the only ones that die the most. If you want to be a rapper. Think twice before doing it

      1. Angie Ussery

        I ain’t bein no rapper