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    0:00 - Intro
    0:21 - Corey Pritchett Exposed
    11:35 - Leslie Is Ready To Spill The Tea

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    1. JOJO

      Mollie voice is annoying I won’t lie, Leslie is 😍😍😍

    2. kenneth warren

      Low key the whole situation is dry ass hell Corey had a baby with this girl it passed away of course you’ll keep in touch with the woman you had a child rather the baby passed or if it was alive I doubt it’s more than anything more than checking on his former baby momma seeing if she need anything to show respect for a passing of a child all this is for clout

    3. Cat Holmes

      Like ghost face says Killer lipstick 😂😂😂💯💯

    4. Golden Bri

      Thank you for mentioning the zoe account !

    5. LovableLanai

      Imagine going BACK AND FORTH with a side chick...she can have Cory cheatin ass I woulda took my baby and DIPPED

    6. KrissyluveYT

      Was their baby born and then past at 5 months or she was 5 months pregnant and she delivered the baby early at 5 months pregnant ?

    7. Toni Quinones

      I remember one time that tea pages had said that lesley was somewhere w clare n queen.....I forgot if it was a concert or a hotel, but it was some where n it seemed too much of a coincidence for all 3 of them to be in the same place at the same time....hmmmmm wat if that book does have some truths to it just changed the details around a little so it allows clare to laugh it off?? Scandals...

    8. Toni Quinones

      Mollie is the REAL tea spiller bcuz it looks like she didn't have the guts to spill the beans or just wanna be seen as the good guy.....bcuz she KNEW that antoine was mad n hurt by corey, why would mollie go tell that boy her business knowing damn well that boy is mad/hurt n would probably wanna expose corey?? This smells premedidated if u ask me!!

    9. 7BNF Music

      Mollie is low key using the vents 🤣

    10. Mollie Water

      Thanks girl , I never wanted NOBODY to know about me and Corey. His so called supporter posted our stuff and hurried up and deleted it after Corey asked him too. But I loved my privacy. Now it’s f.cked up.

    11. sanele phungula

      Mollie's nail is long as hell.

    12. Layleny Rosete

      Explains why he’s always in his home town m

    13. Rahbonita

      Didn't Carmen say something along the lines like if your man out here cheating then you need to see what you doing wrong to nique??? ..... karma😶

    14. Aumorian Tv


    15. Pretty Ciaaa

      What’s mollie ig

    16. tee 79

      🤔so he was talking bout nique messing with someone in Miami and all along it was his ass

    17. Boa Troy

      Clarence ya ex is some real special big fella SWEET HEAT

    18. Jassy

      He lying omg he loves to lie to Carmen I literally saw Corey on ft with mollie and yes she got videos

    19. nigga i aint gay

      Why haven't you spoke on what T.O did ?

    20. Jazz and Dee Tv

      React to mollie video

    21. Jayla Clark

      Df you know this a fucking life cause this man is fucking verfired on facebook what df .

    22. DatsAyK

      If u watch Corey Yk he was late

    23. KaylienX

      DDG a simp god 👑

      1. Sheila Tabengwa

        The man is not even in the video and u still have sum to say🙄

    24. Critics

      U going to speak on t.o ??

    25. Vivid Sugar

      Kiara be puttin in WERK! TY for all the explanation and research!!

    26. n0fac3 2k

      2020 is the year for all things unbelievable!!!

    27. Short Stuff

      Oohhhh that’s the girl he told king about.. oh mm ok

    28. India Lee

      Antwon KNEW Corey was bullshitn from the beginning lol look at his face when Corey said he was going to fly him out😭🤣

    29. Jordan12

      No ddg i most be dreaming

    30. K Hamilton

      For all you Clarence fans can really take several seats because he done wrong and so did queen and y'all said the same thing when Chris was trynna tell his side of the story about queen y'all got to understand everybody not gonna get over the hurt and pain just like that it takes years and hell maybe a lifetime but what I do know Clarence ex got every right to feel hurt and so do Chris and y'all don't understand wat goes on in these people household and with this Carmen and Corey situation it's stupid carmen is stupid she know her husband cheating on her she think just because you got yo booty done he won't cheat girl face it this generation don't care about no one but themselves and I said wat I said

    31. Savage's

      Antawan kinda sketchy I think antawan is imposter

    32. Troy Alford

      She’s badder than Queen let’s argue

      1. VonnyTrippin

        No argument🤝

      2. christian vines

        ain’t no argument ova here👩🏽‍🦼

      3. KingLo

        No argument

    33. Thatrealiljayy

      Old dum asf

    34. ABE 24

      What’s mollie ig

    35. Anise Westbrook


    36. Shawntae Lanase

      Zoe had to link up Leslie to write that book or Leslie is Zoe lmao idk so confusing but I’m here for it ☕️ I was so made Zoe ghosted us on Twitter spilling facts

    37. lanksz ci

      Lool soo ur upset because a next man didn’t fly you out

    38. Flash 33

      If you dreaming to become famous don't do bad things cause people wanna come out to exposed you, trying to make your life unhappy 😭

    39. Bäd âšs jït ღ

      what's his yt channel?

    40. sugagal1987

      I just watched Leslie's video. Leslie is giving off hurt energy 😪 . What i sense is the situation hurt her in the past when it was all happening but she got through it and moved on. She didn't write the book. Old wounds are being reopened because of all of this . She doesn't want to be involved she really don't want to put any energy towards this bs. I wouldn't be surprised if she doesn't upload another video about it.

    41. Simone Addo

      Oml Clarence we cant even cap queen is nice but god damn his ex is heat. She is straight pressure. She could be a Model on god

    42. Random Empire

      Leslie just clout chasing at this point. Who cares if people talk. Clare is with Queen and has kids with her, so it doesn't matter what Leslie has to say, he makes Queen happy, so it just doesn't make sense that she suddenly wants to tell her side? When Clare hasn't been talking about her at all.

      1. K Hamilton

        How because she just now coming forwth you don't know wat happen wen her and Clarence was together

    43. Random Empire

      Corey will be the Next Chris Sails when Carmen leaves him.

    44. Bratty Fit

      I’m confused bcus if him and mollie been talking ever since 2016 when did his other baby come in. So was he with Mollie, his other baby mama, and Carmen.

    45. yaadie de yah

      kiara said she admit to being the side chick lmaoooo..... I'm fucking weak

    46. Big Bossman Tv

      Why y’all telling her what to make videos about? If y’all want to address issues that you think she’s avoiding then turn your camera on and make your own KGup video about it. 2020 got mf’s thinking people are obligated to do and say what everyone else want them to say instead of what they want to. Damn, let her run her platform that she worked hard for the way she want to. Go start your own platform if you don’t like how she do things here 🤫

    47. Amandaa Jeoboam

      Part 2 can’t wait

    48. Shady Playz

      Ole girl a snake fr

    49. House of Matrix

      Kiara Shanay is here

      1. House of Matrix

        @Kiara Shanay 🙏🏾

      2. Kiara Shanay


    50. Courtney Poitier

      Wow she is gorgeous😍 no wonder Queen is so insecure!

    51. Rico RamirezTv

      I knew about mollie because I had Corey on my fb in 2014-2017 real shit ken & dearra too 💯Ik nyema personally used to ft her & a lot of famous ppl but I didn’t blow 😟

    52. Tahiyah Jones

      I feel like that not Corey baby because and 2017 when they was doing youtube Corey said she had an abortion behind his back then he said it again on his live? But The ultrasound could be fake👀

    53. Deneesha Morgan

      Carmen can’t be that dumb! If she ain’t leaving she probably got a nigga on the side smh

    54. Morticia Gainey

      There is a youtuber named Alexandra who has a channel that is selling the book promoting the book and as crazy and unstable she is women has a Psychiatrist and is on prescribed meds for mental issues should could be behind the zoo Twitter account this women literally hates Queen and does hate videos everyday on her channel



      1. Elijah Ussery

        I saw her vent at that start in cafeteria

    56. Harry La para

      She so clown omg lol

    57. Kywon Nelson

      The fact that she so proud about not knowing who her baby daddy is sick make me scared to date people do anything to get there name out there good or bad this Generation of women and men wish I was born back in the day with the good women

      1. Bailey Squad

        I think she was saying she need a DNA . in case he responded with that. she saying she not scared in other words . lol she still nasty for messing around with now. Don't get me wrong.

    58. Arianna Amerson

      Everybody is getting caught up😭

    59. sfrmdawest

      this the first video without ddg

    60. Dirtbag Squad

      Queen gonna be sick when truth coming out lol

    61. Flyku & Princess Gloria

      At 6:51 you mean she has a baby named Aiden with Corey , lol you said Cj . But we know what you meant 😅😂

      1. katrina savoy

        She said it right this is a different woman her baby died. Aiden is by someone else.

    62. Young Based Goddess Threshing

      It’s hella obvious lil ANNTWAHNN be the capppncrunchh in this situation. I mean clearly he was salty at Corey for bein a damn Texaco ass gas station and fillin him up w all this shit he never ended up doing so he went bitching talking shit to mollie when she came thru w the dirt on him. He Just ain’t expect to hear from Corey Again so he now Tryna act like he wasn’t just talking hella shit and blaming it on her tryna make her seem crazy. Ya. SirCapsAlot

    63. Steph b

      Corey one of them niggas that just can't be faithful. Idc how hard he try to show us he changed he'll never be faithful until something drastic happens like him getting a uncureable std or something.

    64. Life with Aaryn

      Corey finna be the next youngboy 😭😭

    65. Life with Aaryn

      Carmen just making herself look dumb keep on staying with this dumb fool ,like she should have already left him 🤦🏾‍♀️

      1. Life with Aaryn

        @NoLimitCj yeah she love getting cheated on I guess 😭😭

      2. NoLimitCj

        She ain’t gon leave she love that lifestyle

      3. Arianna Amerson

        Facts! I don’t feel bad for her because she knows what type of person Corey is and a person can only do what you allow so 🤷🏾‍♀️

      4. D. White

        Yep, a long time ago

    66. BanksFromTheBricks

      Me and Corey was in electrical doing task mollie sus asf she might of vented🤷🏽‍♂️😂

      1. Isaiah Boyd

        Whats mollie ig @ yall

      2. Elijah Ussery

        I was in reactor with ddg doing wires idk where Mollie was

      3. Kiara Shanay

        😂 😂

    67. Flyku & Princess Gloria

      Kiara you always come thru with the tea & RIGHT ON TIME 🍵😌

    68. Life with Aaryn

      Y’all today there is no talking about ddg can y’all believe it 😭😭

    69. Life with Aaryn

      For all of y’all that’s reading this y’all need to go to bed we got school in the morning

    70. Dugga MoB

      So u ain’t gon talk abt the T.O situation??? Smh u wild

      1. Naira Gatsby

        she sellin out its sad

      2. Dugga MoB

        Tf type shit....ima head out smh

      3. Iso ‘

        ddg prolly told ha don’t to protect their image

      4. quelli.314 nation


    71. Money Moves Monte

      Anyone heard bout what T.O did to his Ex ? You should never put your hands on a female no matter what .

      1. Dugga MoB

        @Emily Water Bruh shut up he took it too far obviously she be playing in them videos tf wrong wit ya.... KGup is staged tf

      2. Emily Water

        @Dugga MoB how you know??? If you watch old videos of them, you can see her beating the fuck outta him, who knows what goes on off camera???

      3. nigga i aint gay

        Nah fuck that if a female kill my mom or child im putting my hands on her

      4. Ashley York

        @Aiden Sotelo a man should never hit a woman

      5. There go Breezy

        @Dugga MoB meg lied bout tory bih

    72. shannon h

      Now it’s only about her album and her children but her ignoring cj for Clarence is very much so still on video she can miss me with it ❤️ I hope Leslie doesn’t hold back

    73. Arika Payne

      Lord Corey just don’t learn chile💀😩

    74. Tory Lanez Is Innocent

      What happened with T.O ?

      1. Iso ‘

        he beat his ex

      2. Flyku & Princess Gloria

        Heyy 👋🏼 sorry to bother you But .. Can we get some support on our channel ? 😔 You won't be disappointed ! A little support will take someone a long way 🤗 God Bless & Stay Safe 🙏🏾


      hi kiara

    76. shynice davis

      I understand you ddg squad believe me I am too but the t.o situation is a real issues that myself and other viewers wanna hear your opinion on.

      1. shannon h

        this channel is bias now I’m not watching anymore of her videos

      2. shynice davis

        @zytlaly godinez my point is how can she speak on lil things like a tweet involving him and his toxic gf or ex but can’t speak on a real life situation in the world that involves him 🤨

    77. 2100briex

      I just lost respect smfh DDG do not have u on pay roll for u to do what he say 🤦🏽‍♀️

      1. Sheila Tabengwa

        That shit is on all drama channels even the shaderoom why in the world would ddg stop kiara from talking about this. Come correct next time🤝

      2. ThatRandomB

        Lol wdym she get paid off everybody name she use in the video

      3. Prescott4Life


    78. Llhuncho2x

      Damn Clarence ex girl looking good🥴

    79. Fuadbegreening-

      I wouldn’t be suprised if the baby is Corey Baby we can all admit he a big cheater

      1. Flyku & Princess Gloria

        Heyy 👋🏼 sorry to bother you But .. Can we get some support on our channel ? 😔 You won't be disappointed ! A little support will take someone a long way 🤗 God Bless & Stay Safe 🙏🏾

      2. Ms T


    80. Kadisha tianna

      Wait what’s going on ?

    81. ThatRandomB

      Lol Corey was playing games he shouldn’t have told him that stuff if he wasn’t gone do it.

      1. D. White


      2. Ms T

        Right 🥴🥴🥴

    82. Smh

      Kiara you not gonna speak on the TO & Veronica situation ? Would’ve been a good topic no cap.

      1. Sheila Tabengwa

        Y'all not bout to drag ddg in this. Why would he prevent her when its on other drama channels even the shaderoom. Y'all better come correct or dont come at all

      2. Smh

        @Sym Taylor I wouldn’t be suprised by that just like how ddg told her to block d’angelo and she did. 🤦🏽‍♂️

      3. Emmanuel Chenny

        @2100briex common sense, it was a big story, there’s no way she missed it by mistake. But it’s her Channel so can post what ever she wants, but it would be cool if she could be fair all across the board.

      4. Deneesha Morgan

        @2100briex how do y’all know?

      5. 2100briex

        DDG Stop her from that

    83. VHS Kara

      I clicked on this video so mf fast😂

    84. Snag Wrld


    85. Go_Smd

      Ddg lowkey one of the top people that have been on shaderoomteens the most.

      1. Go_Smd

        @zytlaly godinez lmfao did I say he tries? All I’m saying is he enjoys being in drama cause it gives him publicity. He admits it himself

      2. LEA 001

        It’s what he lives for. Shade room will make you more famous

      3. KingLo

        TW04 nothing on the shade room is good.....

      4. Go_Smd

        @zytlaly godinez he does care about that, he always says “all publicity is good publicity”

      5. TW04

        @Sherrod Lee but not for the best reasons

    86. Bryson Maurx


    87. Tap reacts

      wow corey, sheesh that came out the blue

      1. Ms T


    88. Kool Aid

      Gang Hey I just texted u on Instagram about among us

    89. Dorian _hunt2007

      Rob and kiara coming with all the bangers Noti gang

    90. MBP Ant