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    0:00 - Intro
    0:21 - DUB's BM Said She's Single
    1:52 - Paidway T.O Caught "Cheating"
    4:47 - Jania & Jay Go At It On Twitter
    7:33 - DDG & Rubi Rose Wants A Baby

    күнү жарыяланды Ай мурун


    1. Kiara Shanay

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      1. Leerically Speaking

        @Angie Ussery same amount of time it took you to find the letters to spell out your response 😲

      2. Angie Ussery

        Leerically Speaking wait how many hours did that comment take you the one where I said get a life on

      3. Leerically Speaking

        @Angie Ussery nonetheless he’s a whole grown man and regardless of what a person says, he’s going to have to make and live with all the decisions he makes... just like you! 😉

      4. Leerically Speaking

        @Angie Ussery I have one to couple with my experience and knowledge! You definitely don’t have to agree with me. That’s your opinion. However, I’ve never steered a person wrong.

      5. Angie Ussery

        Leerically Speaking get a life

    2. Joshua

      Ain’t that the samething that happened to DDG and Kennedy I’m talking about t.o

    3. El Hajj Matthews

      Ddg and t.o the same height tho 😂😂😂

    4. Syn Bot

      Dub got that hairline now it's time to lose the damn weight

    5. Dorian _hunt2007

      Noti gang

    6. Freetrepreneurs

      Everyone reading this: "You will succeed BIG Time very soon!"


      Y’all notice DDG got that bump on his lip right 😬😬😂

    8. Asha Adia

      They really would have a cute ass family 😭🥰❤️

    9. K.S.N GANG

      Him and Rubi would make some cute babies

    10. Broken Hearts

      At this point he wants that baby to be rich both parents making bank i don’t think he cares about the love

    11. ITzJesse Owusu

      If I am DDG I’ll put a baby 👶 in Rubi no cap.. because the baby could change her life once the baby comes out

    12. Day As Qay

      I love them I do, but this would be the worst shit ever 😭

    13. Tyrone Jenkins

      I’m happy for ddg and rubie they seem happy so can’t hate but be supportive

    14. Flacolivelife YT

      Kiara Shanay has such a soothing voice i love it🕊

    15. The Messenger

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    16. Christopher Torres

      Ktectives just some young ass snitches deadass

    17. Life With Elisabeth

      Kiara is the DDG plug and could be a therapist

    18. Life With Elisabeth

      Jania is the girl version of yb❤️❤️😭I love it

    19. Life With Elisabeth

      Not a life size toilet💀💀 I love Jania And Jordan should be the last one talking she embarrassed herself and got embarrassed


      Rubi and ddg can focus on their relationship and lala can now focus on her lil tjay they don’t have to worry about each other anymore their both taken.

    21. Tanoya Allen


    22. TriggyBeenWildin'

      If DDG and rubi rose have a kid I already know the titles “MY BABYMUMMA PUT ME ON CHILD SUPPORT” “SHE AINT LETTING ME SEE MY CHILD” “IM BACK WITH MY BABYMUMMA”

    23. Jaylen Cooper

      Boy damn y’all some snitches 😂🤦🏾‍♂️

    24. Jas M

      Who cares about something that happened a year ago.

    25. 0nly. Bhadbby

      Rubi isn’t wifey material

      1. Gabrielle

        @0nly. Bhadbby please rewrite that sentencee

      2. 0nly. Bhadbby

        @Gabrielle so I’m assuming we’ve been with Rubi any times to assume that. Intresting

      3. Gabrielle

        she is actually. She isn't always the way the media portrays her to be.

    26. TripiA

      Why does her subscriber count keep changing

    27. Groovy Shaun TV

      Go subscribe to my KGup channel

    28. Zach Billy

      I hope DDG and Rubi don’t have a child that will be so tragic

      1. Angie Ussery

        Where OB skits

    29. Shay P

      I don't understand why ya'll think DDG deserves better , like he said on a video ya'll don't know shi! if he's attracted to her what does that say about him , he sees and hears the rumors quicker than the blogs and he remains with her . It's evident he's toxic as well , he's simply met his match in that way in a woman . He's only 23 let him learn his lessons in life , hating won't change his opinion , He don't want to hear I told you so that in itself will make him want to make it work ...#Pride and the male ego

      1. K.S.N GANG

        @Angie Ussery thank you bruh you a real one imma sub to you

      2. Angie Ussery

        K.S.N GANG I got u fam

      3. K.S.N GANG

        Could you plz subscribe to me I’m trying to help my family out plz I really need it

      4. Khalema Brown

        Not to mention wasn't him and Lil Tjay cool. He's no better than her.

    30. Anise Westbrook


    31. Adean Bauld

      They done fucked up poor t.o 😂😂

    32. chelsea davis

      this is why you dont invite wifey to vegas they were smart having they phones taken ... but females on a guys trip is a mess just waiting to happen... see how ddg was when seven said she wanted to go he aint give that same energy to rubi ... his family and friends gonna really start hating her and he need to open his eyes she in the mix with so much drama that she is not good for him ... he wanna just have a relationship and have fun but she just cant stay off the tea pages and him being ddg he gonna be on them all day everyday because of her

    33. Caleb Amos

      Ddg really tryna wife up rubi🤔

    34. sugagal1987

      Jania is very pretty. She is the prettiest girl in Youngboy harem. She putting pressure on a lot of females without even trying

    35. Ilaisaane Mahe

      Jania talking about she can’t talk to niggas, because they do her wrong, girl look who you talking to haha what did you expect, Prince Charming 😂 honey you dating the same circle of toxic people duuuhhhhh stupid!!

    36. Omar Williams

      who in the background yawning lol i know yall heard dat

    37. House of Matrix

      DDG & Rubi are toxic. I don’t respect Dub at all kick someone kid is out of line. The intro is epic . I’m aspiring artist from Chicago would mine checking out my new song 🎧 New Level kgup.info/get/oYh4aYqvn3x8Ym4/video

    38. chantell z

      Well if ddg is happy who are we to argue and besides I don't know rubi personally and I can't judge ,if they want a baby happy for them ,y'all be acting shady for no reason let him be happy

    39. Vel 1hunnid

      Be careful moo females change once that baby come

    40. Mja5y Don

      That yana girl trying so hard to gain clout she's everywhere trying to be seen about the lil alteration

    41. V!lle Shyt

      Ruby playing her role too good😂

      1. V!lle Shyt

        @chantell z all I’m saying is ruby got a doodoo butt😂

      2. chantell z

        You act like you know rubi omg do you even know her personally is it because of what you see on the internet ,y'all irritate me and act like you know rubi rose

    42. L Nixon

      LaLa done became a certified plate cleaner......🤣

      1. Malab Macaan


    43. Legitboss45

      DDG MARATHON will be ruined if is involved ddg trippin, he shoulve got with tiana and stayed there , instead he keeps going back to these toxic girls and lets the good ones go smh

      1. Legitboss45

        @You’re just an Idiot facts

      2. You’re just an Idiot

        BRUH I SWEAR....Tiana don’t be in drama, shes still in school (think this her last year, she works on her body (which isnt fake), she’s loyal, she actually liked DDG, she gets sponsored by B.A.N.G and fashion nova, yet DDG go for toxic ass females....

    44. Legitboss45

      Why TO cheat , he's trippin his girl was beautiful and loyal

      1. You’re just an Idiot

        @Tyrone Jenkins We don’t know thar

      2. Tyrone Jenkins

        @You’re just an Idiot ddg never m cheated

      3. You’re just an Idiot

        @Richard How the hell was Tiana family racist If DDG went over her house? And connection MY GUY he seem happy as ever cmon now dawg, and we all know they didn’t date but they did go on dates.

      4. Richard

        @You’re just an Idiot and ye she was sweat but if you watched the vids it rly didnt seem like no connection

      5. Richard

        @You’re just an Idiot tiana and ddg were not dating and tiana family were racist asl

    45. Lorraine Hanks

      Ruby feel ugly!!! She always acting insane🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

      1. B Boogie

        @NID ENT Stop the cap lol

      2. Quazy Got Bangers

        ​@NID ENT Rubi doesn't do anything for me personally but stop the fuckin kap lol

    46. Jekeira Jackson

      I feel Lala tryna price a point cause I know she see the bitches coming from everywhere lol

    47. lilboyfly 17

      I bet if DDG was broke she wouldn’t even look at him

      1. lilboyfly 17

        @Quazy Got Bangers exactly

      2. Quazy Got Bangers

        Why would she want a broke nigga ? I never got the logic of this question.

      3. lilboyfly 17

        @chantell z I be doin to much she basically said she was a gold digger in that song with DDG in the music video and she messed with a lot of ppl in the game and she said I ONLY DATE RICH NIGGAS😐 but I’m doin to much

      4. chantell z

        How sure are you do you even know her y'all be doing wayy too much

    48. Maitlin Joyner

      Rubi got that phat WAP..I know y’all seen the pic on the jet.🥴 It all makes sense Ddg

      1. Cash flow Khari

        @0nly. Bhadbby you got ig

      2. Maitlin Joyner

        That Druski man said “Issa muffin in theeea” 👀🤣

      3. Jay2Saucy Yt

        Tht was a slong💀

      4. God Sent

        all pussy the same lol shit feel the same bruh

      5. Maitlin Joyner

        0nly. Bhadbby Ouu you gotta point. Lol No lies there.

    49. YOUNG.T.O

      Lala so weird I ain't never seen someone so fan made

    50. Lunaticft_

      Kennedy would have been a great mom 😬

      1. Lunaticft_

        @chantell z I didn’t say rubi wouldn’t be a great mom I just said Kennedy would’ve been a great mom lmao try again

      2. chantell z

        Move on ,and leave rubi alone how do you know rubi won't be a great mom y'all don't even know her personally

    51. Ceairra Cooper


    52. b boy lilhard

      What is the intro song?

    53. Shasa

      Some of y’all be way to judgemental whew.

    54. Sym Taylor

      Dub treat Brittany like she don't exsit anyways. He don't take her anyway. One thing we can say once Rubi in town DDG don't be hanging with anyone like that and always show her off. Dub can't even appreciate and show Brittany love. All he do is habg with the guys. 😥

      1. marty chambers

        Hahaha you funny

      2. YoBoy SPADE

        He does that because he PAYS for everything so he feels like he has the power....

      3. Mrs Tee

        That's why she's going to nursing school. Once she finishes she will probably leave social media all together.

      4. hunncho2x

        That’s just what you see on camera you don’t know these people and what they do in day to day life

    55. Hannibal730

      LaLa introduced Rubi and DDG, Then called her a fake friend. SMH

      1. De'mondre Murphy

        All deez youtubers fake tbh. But it's "entertainment" I guess.🤷‍♂️

      2. Ashley Oliver

        She didn’t. Rubi and DDG knew each other before. The video was fake for views.

    56. Skrappy

      Dang they all got caught up off one trip🤣

    57. Hannibal730

      don't understand why these young men want girlfriends. they to young.

      1. UN Woah

        @Angie Ussery exactly I fckn hate old heads 🤦‍♂️😂

      2. Angie Ussery

        Hannibal730 they young but they can still have a relationship

      3. UN Woah

        @Ty Wilson calm down mr.Wilson don’t pull out the 9” 🤣🤣 stfu 🤡 ur not duff you must be mad you get no bxtches 😂

      4. BlueBeams

        @Blackwell ST That’s a fact, dudes be too worried about getting a girlfriend instead of focusing on themselves and their purpose.

      5. TrapWar Toven


    58. 4beta8


    59. The_Chosen T

      Fyi...Rubi is African we don't jk about parenting ...#search

      1. KpTheG

        Byeeeee African ppl version of parenting Is to beat the fear of God in you & make you become a doctor or lawyer.

      2. Louis Williams

        Facts! Most African parents don’t play that shit!! 💯

      3. The_Chosen T

        @Ashley Oliver we ain't in debate #search

      4. Ashley Oliver

        How tf did her parents let her sleep with older men while she was a teenager for money. Y’all act like African parents are not toxic. If her parents were so good why was she being in every rapper bed at 15


      ‘‘’I pray whoever Reads this becomes successful 😇❤️and protected throughout this time ...⏳’’

    61. April LaRue

      I hope Rubi and DDG never have a baby together but if they do that is on them. But that is to much toxicity for a baby to be around all that fighting and arguing one week and then back together the next week.

      1. You’re just an Idiot

        @chantell z If they never post their relationship problems we wouldn’t have to say anything...people get mad at the viewers when in reality, you should be mad at the people who post about it (aka the entertainers)

      2. You’re just an Idiot

        @Oh Yea yea We wouldn’t care so much if they didn’t post about it.....

      3. chantell z

        How do you know that they are toxic is it because of what you see on the internet y'all act like they know everything and besides before ddg dropped the song toxic did you know that his relationship with keneddy was toxic y'all so nosy and acting like you know everything

      4. Oh Yea yea

        April LaRue I don’t know why people care so much about other people’s relationships

    62. Emmanuel Chenny

      I will never understand why ppl first reaction is to always put their business on social media. What is the point posting that your single and exposing relationship issues. Keep that behind close doors because the minute u expose it u give ppl a reason to be in your business

      1. Divine

        It’s crazy because they know they’ll still go back to these ppl


      ‘‘’I pray whoever Reads this becomes successful 😇❤️and protected throughout this time. .. ...⏳’’

    64. Kelvin Wilson

      Ddg wants a baby, rubi don't want no damn baby, she's a signed rapp artist, signed to the same man that managed kanye west, sean puffy combs, Jennifer lopez, mariah carey, Justin Bieber Rihanna, and now he's managing rubi rose, she would be a fool to fuck up this opportunity by getting pregnant.

    65. Zach Varner

      I keep missing the premiers but y’all the 🐐keep up the grind 🙏

    66. Major

      Lala is so messy.. she ain’t no sweetheart.. she posted that lil clip probably coz she seen Rubi out here in PJ and shit lol..

      1. K love

        @0 ! I didn't know lala was in New York

      2. Major

        @Ashley Oliver being messy sure she is living ut

      3. Jay Bee

        K love he’s in the background of that video how can’t you hear em?

      4. 0 !

        @K love Nigga you sound dumb she is always at lil tjay house

      5. K love

        I don't even see her and lil tjay smh it looks like lil tjay just wanted to get rubi mad and now its died down you don't see them together

    67. Ashley York

      DDG and Rubi will either be very good for each other or very bad. Just last month, he posted Savannah, Tiana & Fendi and she was dancing to Lil TJay. I hope it works out for them both though, everybody deserves love!

      1. Ashley York

        @Major That was a month ago and they've been dating for atleast 4-6 months

      2. Angie Ussery

        Major that was a month ago when she was fucking up the door

      3. Major

        Ion think they were official and that was like 2/3 months ago lol.. I know time is flying

    68. Major

      It’s crazy coz DDG bro was vibing with Rubi.. he don’t even be talking with DDG like that lol.. Rubi ain’t that bad y’all gotta stop believing these internet personas

      1. Major

        @Fkfk Asjissi ummm go watch the video and Rubi Ig

      2. Jekeira Jackson

        Blvck Lvnd so you know Rubi in real life 🧐

      3. Fkfk Asjissi

        Wait where were they vining together ?

    69. Mishon White

      One thing I can say about Rubi, she rapps good, I like her voice 👍

    70. Shonya Kalvin

      Kiara Shanay is here.....best drama channel coverage on DDG and Rubi more accurate relationship news they seem real comfortable n natural together I think it’s real love how ddg treats her even thought mean people’s comments are brutal I love DDG he’s only 23 he got a lot of learning to do but he nice dm him tell him to make a song with Rubi in his studio and vlog it .

    71. Major

      No Rubi Rose hate shall be tolerated

      1. Sellout Ovio

        Lol u gotta be gay

    72. Bi

      No babies for my Rubi. Sis has a game to take over once this Covid is over.

      1. Bi

        @0 the industry is selling sex and sexxy right now. Cardi’s video wasn’t just handing out cameos. There’s a few females about to hit the scenes tough af

      2. Fuck off Bye

        SKSKS now when she flop-

      3. 0

        Nah, DDG has the game to takeover.

    73. Dirtbag Squad

      T.j pipping the shit out of lala as he should lol,

    74. Dirtbag Squad

      Yep ddg off Kennedy for sure lol, having your girl walk your little bro that’s tuff, bye bye Kennedy lol. Kennedy fans in the comments in 5 4 3 .... lol

      1. Dirtbag Squad

        @Davonie Mcf leave me alon3 lol

      2. Davonie Mcf

        @Dirtbag Squad I ain’t no stalker 💀 df I look like making troll pages just to comment on ppl post abt 5 times 🙃 I say what I want in a single comment section ...😘

      3. Dirtbag Squad

        @Davonie Mcf stalker alert 🚨 lol 😂

      4. Davonie Mcf

        @Dirtbag Squad not you saying she’s punching the air 💀stfu ..you een know sh!t stop assuming...ddg happy and so is kennedy ...what ddg doing now is not her concern and same goes for ddg too 👏🏾❗️

      5. Dirtbag Squad

        @Davonie Mcf she’s punching the air as we speak, Kennedy in everything y’all assuming she don’t watch shit lol.

    75. Dirtbag Squad

      Relationship don’t last no more let’s be honest lol.

      1. Joseph Rush

        @Go_Smd your right

      2. Dirtbag Squad

        @Go_Smd u single kid leave me alone lol

      3. Go_Smd

        @Dirtbag Squad I know a lot more then you do and that’s for sure

      4. Dirtbag Squad

        @Go_Smd what do u know Stfu

      5. Go_Smd

        They do if you learn to communicate properly and understand.

    76. Ji Dupree

      I thought what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas

      1. Kiara Shanay

        Sometimes the tea escapes.

    77. Moreno_P

      This why I can’t be famous... yah really hitting up ppl girls n snitching on them

      1. Credpy Squad

        On god bro

    78. Dirtbag Squad

      T.o single anyways, t.o too young to even have a relationship, too much life to live.

      1. Tony Wulukau

        tell that to these 13 year olds on tiktok twerkin😂

    79. Dirtbag Squad

      T.o and ddg fans be telling on there peoples lol

    80. Dirtbag Squad

      T.o you fucked up lol.

    81. Kobe G reaction

      We all no ddg and Rubi Rose not going to have a baby if they do that crazy

      1. Kobe G reaction

        @marty chambers fax

      2. marty chambers

        Ddg might do have a baby but not by rubi trust me

      3. thomas godfreyjr.

        That rhymed lol

    82. Dirtbag Squad

      Dub baby mother do that every 3=months. Dub baby mother ain’t going no where lol.

      1. STACIE

        She ain’t wit nothing


        @Tezzy Fbaby wtf y’all niggas really be out here wifing overweight single mothers? Damn y’all desperate. To each his own. But I’ll pass

      3. RJ2TURNT Plays

        Frl doe man 🤣🤣

      4. Tezzy Fbaby

        @RVSHVWN TIME Nigga how u gnna say that u sound young and dumb asf dude that was a lame asf comment check yasef lil homie cause ur not hot ur damn self🤷🤦😂😂😂


        She pretty but nobody want an overweight single mom. I’d do it just for clout

    83. Dirtbag Squad

      Well I can see ddg having a baby with rubi

      1. Cynthia P

        I really hope not

    84. CTM Plug

      Rubi’s not actually what most people think she is . For all we know Kennedy is probably more Toxic than Rubi it’s just Kennedy is more private and off the internet so that makes people think she’s some Angel and so unproblematic. After all , DDG did make a song about how ‘ Toxic ‘ they were so it can’t be only him if they were both together . And Rubi is an Artist so everything she does is tracked and marked , so ofcourse on paper it will seem like Rubi is more toxic and a 304 female but that’s only what you see for 20 minutes or less . The Past or Online does not define who you are as a person , the internet can be very deceiving.

      1. K love

        @0 i prove you wrong that kennedy was not innocent

      2. K love

        @0 and rumors are rumors no one knows only rubi and Kennedy and the people around them

      3. 0

        @K love Stop sending me links, it’s not helping your case. You proved me right.

      4. K love

        @0 kgup.info/get/Z5yNaZ7aa4OcbKE/video

      5. 0

        @K love I said the rumor about Tweezy wasn’t true. I know there are rumors about Kennedy, it’s called a ‘rumor’ a reason. The stuff about Rubi aren’t rumors, it’s true.

    85. Douxessenza Oils

      Kiera stop lying about they make a good couple, girl had her leg wide open on the pj, can bet she call him ddg and not Daryl . Girl too wild for him I think, he suites somebody sophisticated and hidden (wild) like a Lori Harvey, if u get what I am saying.

      1. Tavii bee

        @Bethannie Shields yes that's a possibility..but if u look around Instagram is full of young ladies including Kennedy, carmen, nique etc posing half naked for a buck ...n its called modeling so tbh people shouldn't judge her but I get it no matter what she'll always be seen negativily unless she dies or loses someone close to her ..that's the only way people sympathize other than that she is a whole demon To y'all..

      2. Bethannie Shields

        @Tavii bee her sister was there too so it could be her take those pics

      3. Tavii bee

        @Douxessenza Oils no you talk as though you already know

      4. Douxessenza Oils

        @Tavii bee we both are Speculating

      5. Jekeira Jackson

        Douxessenza Oils it’s most definitely NOT the same thing . And you’re part of the reason ppl hate her for no reason . Grow tf up !

    86. Thomas Baker

      Don’t do it Bro.

    87. Mishon White

      The Holloween guy Miichael Myers knife got nothing on DDG compared to the knife in Kennedy's heart

      1. Quazy Got Bangers

        @4beta8 You defending a girl u wouldn't even know about if it weren't for him.

      2. Ebot Anita

        @4beta8 one Man's food is another Man's poison that just how life goes.

      3. 4beta8

        Kennedy doesn't want Ddg's unhealthy looking self. As if she would ever go around his mouth that's covered in sores😂😂

      4. Mishon White

        I guess my heart is a little broke because they were so in love, always kissing at DISNEY LAND I never saw him kiss any female like Kennedy 😔, I'm the type of person that believe in true love

      5. Go_Smd

        What does that even mean???

    88. DMAD1

      @Kiara Shanay Always on Point with the best & newest info in the Business 🚫🧢

    89. shannon h


    90. Moise Picard

      You have to do a reaction video to, "The Infinite Source: Goku vs. Mewtwo

    91. Cesar Rodriguez

      Big bands no cap

    92. Jaded Jaderson

      DDG fans don’t like rubi because they don’t know her like they knew his other girlfriends because she’s not on camera often. Y’all don’t know her enough to hate her. Watch her interviews, she’s hella cool and chill. This far has ddg public associated with a triffling female? No, and trust him to not start now.

      1. Aiming Endlessly

        Imagine hating on a female for what grimey ass dudes did to her

      2. Go_Smd

        @MELVIEE B I don’t care either I’m just saying what the other people be saying that makes them dislike her

      3. Go_Smd

        @Jekeira Jackson I never said it bothered me I’m explaining why people dislike her.

      4. Jekeira Jackson

        Dumb_ass why what she does with her vagina bother ppl so much tho ? It’s hers

      5. So Gifted Prolific

        You must be new. That's not why people don't like Rubi fake ass. DDG a simp.

    93. Michelle Michelle

      DDG doesn’t want my advice so I’ll keep it to myself 😞

    94. Aaliyah Williams

      Y’all rubi tweeted n said she ain’t been this happy in a min 😩😩🥰🥰🥰 I love it 😻

      1. K.S.N GANG

        Ikr I want her to be happy to but can you subscribe

      2. Tyrone Jenkins

        Right good for her


      Are you serious rn bruh ddg wants a what?

      1. Go_Smd

        He always wanted a kid but I mean I feel like he should wait and not rush into things.

    96. Jalen Thomas

      We need to change the Target music

      1. Kiara Shanay

        The Target music stays 🙂

    97. niqniq76

      So you think practicing will be the same? Gtoh lol. This guy is dumb as hell for even thinking to have a baby by this girl lol. Thats a recipe for disaster. When they say choose who you have a baby by wisely...they meant that shit

    98. Angie Ussery

      In that vlog DDG was showing us what 2021 will look like

    99. LiTrapX2

      Does this make me a ki tective 🤣

    100. Khaliyah Sykes

      Y’all funny