Kiara Shanay

21 миӊ. көрүүлөр2

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    1. Kiara Shanay

      Favorite song on D4R 🗡 ??

      1. Tiktok2021 plus free promo

        Rule1 & way you talk

      2. Kevin Sharp

        It’s just funny how he know so much about dude but 2 seconds ago on aks stream he ain’t know the nigga from a can of paint

      3. Kevin Sharp

        The one wit him and 2k 🔥

      4. IᔕᖇᗩEᒪ

        Hakuna matata 🗡️

      5. Lachondra Sanguinette

        Let em go 2k baby🔥🔥🔥

    2. Fisto The7th

      I’m fuckin w boom ong 😂

    3. Zai Zai

      Who is Lil boom?

    4. Cadence Green

      I never heard of a lil boom in my life 😂

    5. Savon Henderson

      I’ve never heard of this nigga what’s his best song

    6. ChrisViral Callender

      Lil boom gon get himself in real life keep chatting

    7. OffixialEdgar

      I swear to god I have never heard of this boom kid bro 😭

    8. Sean Carter

      This nigga still talking he’s a goofy

    9. Daiki

      Folks gotta humble down

    10. GIG

      @Kiara where did the time stamp time gone

    11. j darb

      Lil boom is all in his feelings...... Pathetic.

    12. Joseph Obom

      Tf is lil boom, well that nigga a trash talker

    13. JC Family

      Clout chasing

    14. YoBoy SPADE

      Why he sound so ANGRY like DDG did something to him? This is the whole new generation. They Live To HATE! 😆😢

    15. YoBoy SPADE

      He Sound HURT...😳😭

    16. Slique Ofl

      I ain’t know who lil boom was til he got on ak stream 🙄

    17. JohanGaming

      i didn’t even know lil boom existed until the last vid😅

    18. Infinit monarchy

      If you got muted by your so called friend and not the other person, you are the less relevant person or a none relevant person altogether. Just saying !

    19. MjTHAGOD23

      Lil boom not like that he talking too much on the net

    20. Thugga Pain

      lil boom music is trash asf 😂

    21. Akeem Bailey

      who tf is lil boom?

    22. ReiWYD

      Lil boom is a cLoUt chasing 🤡

    23. Tatrah

      this guy came out of no where dumb b

    24. Tatrah

      I need security

    25. Sugagal

      This man lil boom need to find a therapist. Look how his long head face drooping downward, that indicates he been hating hard and been mad a long time. If he keep it up any longer he is going to have a permanent frown. His feeling so hurt and upset over the attention and sucess of Ddg now he making threats to beat him up . Haters stay getting in their own way instead of trying to get on a song or some guidance for his failing music career look how he is reacting. his music is making booms so little that no body can even hear it, furthermore, nobody is trying to hear it and he run into a artist thats making big booms that might be able to help and this is what he do. Akademiks may be his friend but he couldn't even understand that and thats why he muted and ignored him and continued the interview with Ddg.

    26. Dakeel Thompson

      Lil boom still hating Damn!😂 he needs to pray or sum because what’s the reason to hate for that’s your black brother stupid 💯✌🏾

    27. Jaheed Ferrera

      I didn't even know who the hell is boom😂😂

    28. Mpho Motsoane

      Why does he speak/sound like Akademiks? If I didn't know better I'd think, no actually I don't know better, nigga tryna be Akademiks

    29. ZayDaGreat 2k

      U can tell a nigga is hurt when he gets turnt up like this

    30. Mpho Motsoane

      So every Friday I'm on Spotify generated playlists & none of DDG songs from the tape made it, so what does he mean DDG pays to get playlisted? Nigga is really trippin' smh

    31. Angel Alvarado -_-

      DDG SQUAD assemble 😈

    32. I'm high bihhh

      His name is lil boom because that’s all his career did before it died

    33. JJ BASS

      he gay fr meat ridin that man 😹😹

    34. Cake pop Tink

      Me:you know you can go to jail for that right ? 🧐 No boom : what ?🤨 Me: riding d wit no license 🤪😂

    35. Awwal Abubakar

      who is Lil boom wtf

    36. FerociousFish

      This ngga did not touch billboard 😂😂

    37. T B

      U acted like a kid

    38. T B

      Never heard of lil boomer lol

    39. T B

      This guy to goofy

    40. Anjuan Thomas

      Dis nigga wearing a donut hoodie 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    41. Lil Kaya

      boom had a lil ass blunt im shleep

    42. Linny Jones

      Kiara shanay a real one

    43. Linny Jones

      Impatient get what you want

    44. Linny Jones

      Ddg whole tape is fire each song is so good stylistically innovative he so underrated its good. I like money long moon walking in calabasas

    45. mizzy c6

      Lil boom clout chasing hard 🤦🏽‍♂️

    46. Jay Jones BLM

      Who is lil boom ?

    47. mizzy c6

      Had enough of this bum lil boom 🤦🏽‍♂️

    48. Aaron

      I really wished Darryl would stop replying u helping bruh career in just hearing about dude

    49. Tyrone Jenkins

      Lil boom Is mad bc ddg came at him bc he said ddg faked streams.lil boom is a nobody who’s pressed off a tweet

    50. Exile 2k

      I rather be a yt rapper than an anime rapper😂

    51. Brandon McCullum

      Folks came out of nowhere on some bs 🤦🏽‍♂️. Real definition of hater

    52. Dj Cobbs

      He will get WHOOPED

    53. Ogquan Simmons

      lol man who tf is lil boom

    54. Ajauny moore

      I honestly can't decide which song is my favorite on the tape like that's how fire it is lol but I would say hood melody, let em go and hakuna matata or I need security are in my top three 😂😂🔥🔥

    55. Chedler Life

      nigga reacting to his self

    56. BLAXKS WOO

      Who tf is boom boom

    57. BLAXKS WOO

      Niggas hate for what😂

    58. Micah Ivey

      Lil boom music is 🗑️ like bro not even nut riding DDG but forget streams who cares like DDG music quality alone is 12× better than his and this dude isn't even as known as he trynna pretend

    59. callme geo

      Lil boom kinda lame hop off him

    60. Jadon Sorzano

      Hood melody that shi 🔥🔥 D4R 🗡

    61. KingMelo

      This nigga boom a crack head

    62. Paidway Jaylon

      Dude is so unknown like why😂

    63. Tripping._. Tyb

      Who even is this nigga?😂 he a randumb.

    64. Jekeira Jackson

      His album really fire tho 🔥

    65. icon fleezz

      Is he normal ?

    66. Heorua

      Is he okay, sounds like lil boom got a metal problem

    67. Ashley York

      who tf is lil'boom & why was ddg fans in his comments? 😩😂😂

    68. Jose Vazquez

      I would never take a dude serious if he sits with his legs crossed doing the peace signs🤣

    69. Cxmp-Fuad

      Wait who is lil boom wtf 😃 I’m not even joking who is lil boom 🤣🤯

    70. Superstarr Nick

      Boom need to focus on those teeth, and not DDG.

      1. felipe godinez


    71. KiKi Burk

      He give me he got a crush on DDG 🧐

    72. Loner World

      Lil boom is so jealous of ddg he came in my dms talking crazy

    73. 6J

      forgot about him lmao

    74. FNG_ HYPE


    75. Dammy

      Kiara shanay is here x2

    76. YANABOO

      He so pressed over DDG 😂😂😂 like why do his number matter to you if you don’t listen to his music 🎶?

    77. Sidney Lewis

      I'm sorry I can't finish watching this.he ain't talking bout nothing.

    78. Tee Gee

      It’s all scripted to have something buzzin right before his project drop for sales

      1. felipe godinez

        wtf is lil boom gonna do 😭😭what clout does he have 💀

    79. Cornelius Kimbrough

      Boom a internet tough dude fr fr he don’t want no smoke

    80. King simba

      This guys lil boom seems so child ish...

    81. Wenkosi Zanesu Mtshali

      *on lil boom music* DDG Squad: dislike, report, delete search & watch history

    82. John Manu

      who is lil boom lol

    83. CAMDADON

      Nigga got a crooked bottom row and 2 double teeth on top WALKING L!!!!!!!

    84. Shirley Simmons

      He coming at ddg because ddg popping and his little sorry butt wants to get notice. Why all of a sudden you talking bout ddg, out the blue, nat a year ago, two years ago, but now when he doing his thing and his star rising, here you come. Sit down Boyyy

    85. CAMDADON

      He brung ddg up first talking bout he buy streams just hating fa no reason,then said “rap caviar just posted me”????? If ddg bought playlists for rap caviar and he’s bigger than you doesn’t that mean you did too

    86. CAMDADON

      Clout chasing

    87. Will Bell

      I never seen no hating as bad as this😭😭😭

    88. Andrew Salas

      I was on the live ddg squad 4 life

    89. Nassau Made JJP

      this nigga lil boom net worth only 100k his broke ass.

    90. Vraj Shah

      Tf lil boom anyways 🤣

    91. King Camp

      Boom got mad after he done said DDG bought streams, If DDG or any other big name called him out he would be mad asf. Anyways D4R is 🔥 make sure you go listen to it.

    92. latisha nance

      He literally having a temper tantrum on the stream

    93. Major

      DDG needs to learn to ignore these goof balls

    94. Becky Boo

      Ak a W for muting Boom. I like him, but he was milking the feud when he could've just squashed it.

      1. Wenkosi Zanesu Mtshali

        he did it to get bread😭

    95. Brandon Benjamin

      Bro don’t even got no 💿

    96. Anthony Solomon

      Hood Melody ft nba youngboy

    97. blessing nzerem

      Shoulda never brought his name up in that dumbah conversation 🙃

    98. GamingWithTitus YT

      Who the hell is this nigga, first time hearing about this dude frfr!!!!!!!! 😂😂

    99. SnEaK PlaYs

      who is lil boom

    100. Treezy

      Lil booms music stings my ears ngl.