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    1. Itsyoboy 123

      If this was my baby mamma I wouldn’t even know what to do flight fucked up

    2. Magnolia Indigo

      Kiara I love your theme song ! What is the name

    3. Goat plugz

      Janet smashes zias 😹

    4. Kyles pops

      Tory only made scenes because he had 3 months to think.

    5. STACIE

      The girl looked like seven at Waffle House

    6. RamTurtle

      Ik that wasnt a Hicky she was obviously tryna get attention

    7. Getlive.4

      Damn niggas know about my nigga Silky 😂

    8. GamingWitAstro

      Naw y’all even on silky streams 🤣 y’all in to deep

    9. siddiq abu

      She capping

    10. Troubled kid Johnjohn


    11. SiweL

      YRG in the vid

    12. Sam

      I mean tbh I belive flight cause evevn though he havin a kid she was still following other dudes but flight wasnt she was entertaning other guys flight wansnt entertaning other girls. Plus THEY WERE NOT IN A RELATIONSHIP. But the minute flight is seen wit another girl they gonna try an make it seem like its bad but she got the $h*t Fu*ed out her wit hickeys on her kneck. SHe lookin for d when she got a child in her wtf. Thats dirty bro

    13. myOTHERname2009

      Well I remember seeing a snapchat or ig story (or something) from Kelsey saying she didn’t have the gun...soooo

    14. Elz

      No it wasn't wrong for him to kick her off because Soulja boy and DDG are homies YFM

    15. KidBuu

      I personally think that DDG stopped zooted or is gonna stop it

    16. Breanna Green

      DDG so damn petty💀😂😂😂

    17. Street Vise

      Flight really doing something bad

    18. 43 Black

      Do a vid on paidway beating on vee 🤦🏽‍♂️I just watched her story

    19. Tyler Smd

      Good looks for keeping me updated💯

    20. Gaming wii Kamarion

      Ddg Nd Rubi not broke up he said he like to keep his shii secret

    21. tyrese williams

      Tiona & soulja ain’t together she just has it there, & she wants more money, she ain’t made yet

    22. Deelive601

      makeup 😴

    23. ZayCookinItUp

      I wonder who mystery girl is

    24. Asha Adia

      Lmaoo he wasn’t wrong...he’s a Libra and we tend to be rude towards shenanigans 🤣

    25. Gregory Watson


    26. Aoicy

      He didn’t clear up the shade room thing Bc , it puts hype on his name .. helps his streams for his song... that’s why I think about everything that happens with him, him and Rubi breaking up multiple times ... them going back and fourth on Twitter , and other things prob are just all done to help him

    27. Only Dé

      Fans just weirdos like why you taking a picture of another man and his girl

    28. Plain Jane

      Flight said he had a boo thang and we will she her soon 🤷🏾‍♀️

    29. Almorie b

      No dats not soulja boy gf’s younger sister

    30. Shanaz Rohoman

      LOOOL, he wasn’t wrong.. 🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️

    31. The Messenger

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    32. A C

      Janet keep joking about being for the streets when she really is 😂😂😂

    33. A C

      Janet a clown

    34. Eboy Slat

      She said she wants to keep his image but at the same time claim shit about flight plus they was never together

    35. txmmy24 watkins

      Fuck all u marcus fans tory didnt shoot him

    36. clipz vu

      DDG shoulda linked up with that girl he booted off the live tho..😐

    37. Dee_G 94

      He doesn’t care! He said in the video that he have a mystery girl and he also said he’s in Vagas looking for a new house? He basically already told us what was going on! And he seen the dude who Janet was cheating with and she was tryna get them to beef over her.

    38. M

      there was no need for him to kick her orf

    39. Baby Yoda

      I'll sue her ass for defamation of character😂

    40. O Dalomba

      It’s funny how she said that she don’t want to ruin flights image like no matter what you say your not gonna ruin flight image 😂😂😭😭

    41. TYB Tay

      Who elts skip the intro?

    42. YoBoy SPADE

      Well, Megan was definitely LYING! Now, how MUCH of it she lied about, idk and at this point, it really doesn't matter. She's still ALIVE and hopefully she's LEARNED a valuable lesson....

    43. YoBoy SPADE

      The route that he's going, he's not gon be KNOWN for his music, he's gonna be known for all of his DRAMA...but he might like that better so, whatever....smdh 🤦🏿‍♂️

      1. Nicholas Harris

        He definitely been tripping giving up youtube, dating rubi what's going on🤦🏽‍♂️

    44. YoBoy SPADE

      Why would he even ASSUME that when she asked about Zooted that SHE would want to be signed? She could've been asking simply out of CURIOSITY....😲🤦🏿‍♂️

    45. Paul Senteu

      Ddg always petty as hell

    46. Dess

      Ddg mean Lmfaoooo

    47. ImKingJJ

      Tory Innocent

    48. Tierrikk Black

      No that’s his live

    49. OoolalaNaj

      Tory innocent

    50. Max Lara

      I believe flight more than that b****

    51. BRKN ALEX

      I feel bad for flight

    52. Pleetypus

      In the flight picture I looks like his left leg is backwards? Just me?

    53. Max Gang

      Tory.L. Last Name

    54. 2.dabossjrd.2

      Flight wants to move to Nevada because his mystery girl @dreaa_g lives there 🤫

    55. Trey Williams


    56. The life of Sterling

      Bruhhhhhh DDG exited that live so fast 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    57. Max Gang

      Carzy.... The First Part Of Video.

    58. DON 21K

      8:45 they should have never passed him in that smash or pass video she fumbled the bag 🤷‍♂️

    59. Almightytazzay

      Shit I don’t blame DDG at all for kicking that girl out of his live I would’ve did the same thing because that shit is annoying People are just so damn stupid like for crying out loud it’s none of your damn business of how many people he he put on Zooted Just sit back and be patient DDG catches us off guard When it comes to recruiting people on Zooted


      He right he should of blocked her to

    61. Alvin De Los Santos


    62. Ren2Kold

      U kno these niggas was all about kancelin Tory till now the whole time I been sayin he innocent and imma stikk ta dat

    63. Drippy Ro

      It obvious with the flight situation they were friends with benefits he did mess around yes he was wrong we get it but then she messed around and then used the excuse that they not together & he cheated but it don’t matter cause she messed around while she prego wit flight baby 🤦🏾‍♂️

    64. Huncho Grinding

      Kelcie is the one that shot Megan thee stallion, so she can’t side with anyone

    65. Markavious Mays

      why she make ddg kicking soulja boy girlfriend off live

    66. KBTV KBTV

      AYOOOO!!! That's how it works tho,,, whoever speaks out first... WE RUN WITH ITTTTTT!!! 😋😝💨💨💨🤣💀

    67. Zelly Cyril

      Poor flight. If somebody act out instead of talk to you and think it’s funny to be from the streets... she ain’t it

    68. Huncho Grinding

      Flight baby mother is officially delusional

    69. TKyoungdalliø

      At least she know she for the streets not only for the streets she for the highway

    70. Marem-Mahme Loobod

      Hold up isnt Soulja dating Tiona? They both have each other's handle on their bio on insta

      1. Nicholas Harris

        It's been like that for a good minute I don't even think they met in person. we never seen pics of them together or nothing. I think it was a business move for her she probably paid soulja to get more people to check her page.

    71. QUiNTiN BANKS

      Ddg wasn’t on it 😂

    72. Just Tay

      He lowkey was wrong, she could've brought serious bank for DDG and she'll be a great member added to his team.But, we all know DDG petty you should have never passed him on the video LOL

      1. Lala Love

        Yh she wasn’t fw him before so why should she now? Keep the same energy

    73. Prince GD

      I feel like Tory telling the truth and someone trying to hang Meg or Raise her up to be the best. It's about sacrificing the one closest to you to get to the next level and obviously seems like she doesn't give a f**k about him and his son. Now reason she done all that it's because Tory was messing with Meg friend while they were dating. From what the bodyguard was saying it seems like Meg friend wanted to do something with the gun 🤔 or am I wrong. Tory basically cleared his name


      They broke up like 6 times in a matter of 3 months it’s time to just call it wraps at this point this shit getting annoying. And this is coming from a person that didn’t gaf at first but I’m sick of this nigga tweeting every time they break up 😂

    75. Jay Dawg

      Janet doing some snake stuff lowkey

    76. adrian johnson

      Yessirrrrr what it do flight crewwwwww

    77. Naira Gatsby

      she's not actually soulja boy's gf, she said on a stream before she's never met him or even like him lmao

      1. Lala Love

        @Naira Gatsby lol I asked for the time stamp I’m not watching a 21 minute video...

      2. Naira Gatsby

        @Lala Love she literally explains the whole situation from 6:00? your ears not working?

      3. Lala Love

        @Naira Gatsby whats the time stamp she just said it hasn’t been the same since he went jail

      4. Naira Gatsby

        @Lala Love kgup.info/get/qH2Kh3zaYol6a60/video

      5. Lala Love

        @Naira Gatsby yes show me and time stamp too

    78. Anise Westbrook


    79. Asia Jackson

      This young generation urks my nerves

    80. Ceejay

      Janet is definitely the most toxic out right now 😭

    81. vCrxZyMj

      No he was doing everyone wrong 🤣😭

    82. Chibueze Ozigbu

      If u didn’t know from the jump that Megan was capping then u tripping fr.

    83. Media Corner20

      Tory sounds believable except for one fact. The DA will only charge someone if they have sufficient enough evidence. Tory is being charged with felony assault with a semiautomatic weapon. Pretty sure the DA looked at the hospital records amongst other things before they decided to charge Tory.

    84. KLOUT ENT

      Nah he made some great points ....she just said he shot her with not facts behind it. Who you think imma side with. It’s not rocket science 😂

    85. Bronny’s Plug

      Damn she took clips from Zany video smh

    86. Full8 Seconds

      Every since C19 started...all KGuprs having relationship issues...Cap locks

    87. Alex Millions

      She's a onlyfans gyall

    88. Vel 1hunnid

      tea & My Nigga DON'T GO TOGETHER😔

    89. Titus Maluleka

      Believe all women...they said

    90. Nathan Zn

      Janet...“I have a big heart” you don’t know your personality until someone realizes who you truly are

    91. Nuno Galiza

      Go stream moonwalking in calabasas 😂

    92. isaiah thompson

      Show your sub count

    93. Char coal

      Tory wasn't lieing when he said if she tell the truth he'll be kicked up in his hotel.

    94. Charlene Coleman

      ppl in this clouttttttt chasing is crazyyyyyyyy ughhhhhh 4reallllllllll no capppppp!

    95. Gilligan 123

      Flight has a psycho baby mom for life........condoms ya think. This baby has an unclear future with these two beings.

    96. GRIZZY 999

      She’s made a video before and she said she wouldn’t mess with DDG because she’s cool with Rubi but she wants to get signed to zooted

    97. jh1 25

      Meg handlers made her do it! What took place between Meg and Tory was a Hegelian Dialectic. All it takes is doing through research then you'll realize a majority of what we see in the media is contrived.


      Janet is cringey asf and annoying

    99. Angel Alvarado -_-

      Tory and Meg playing among us right now

    100. Angel Alvarado -_-

      Kiara you can’t say for Soulja to give his girl a s/o look at polo g and his girl. She’s signed to DDG but polo is a bigger artist than DDG 🤷🏽‍♂️