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    1. doesmyskinscareu

      U not slick 🤣🤣🤣 Chris Cap Alot Sails

    2. Vyse

      Bro ddg don’t cheat so if he did he really wasn’t fucking with her😭

    3. Sphelele Mofokeng

      Rubi cheated twice 😂😂😂 why she tripping

    4. Regina’s World

      Of course you’re gonna say he can do both. ( Music and vlogs) More content for you to talk about your favorite you tuber!! Lol!!🤣🤣🤣

    5. CTB Marco

      Timestamps please

    6. Random Empire

      Rubi is beautiful but soo darn insecure like omg. Downgrade from a mature lady to RubiToxi..

    7. Random Empire

      New intro song please❤️🙏

    8. Regillio Wolff

      Sorry but you need a new intro this one is not that great... im being a true true fan kiara

    9. Stephanie Lake

      It's devastating to find someone you gave your love start's changing once they have had enough of you because they found someone else they don't even know to replace you 😔. I was so much happy all through the 10th years of our marriage til the 11th year when she started acting like i was not her husband . We started having fights constantly like he wanted it to be the bases why she wanted to leave the marriage in the first place. We were separated for two year and in those years i found out she was with another man, i was so mad and frustrated and i needed help so bad to remedy the situation. I sort for a friend who told me of how she got help from a powerful Dr years ago. I made contact with him and told him what my problem was and he promised to make it alright in a week time and so i waited and did as he instructed. After seven days complete, my wife came over to the house begging me to forgive him that she wanted me back as her husband I was amazed to see this and never thought this is possible and now am a living witness to this miracle. Am forever grateful for this and what so ever problem you are wanting to solve i recommend this Dr , be it love, freedom, relationships etc he can help you be restored and many more contact him on WhatsApp +2348163548574 via email

    10. Shonya Kalvin

      Love DDg he a good dude in spite of Rubi rose reputation he stood up for her even though it was embarrassing for him he wants to be loved He thought she was the one. hard to listen to I told you so when your in love it’s blind frfr but we need to address mental health issues with compassion and really want to help her that double life gets heavy she flew and preformed lil sleep makes you a bit crazy then add liquor I feel FA her she’s beautifully troubled.

    11. thatgirl maj

      I wish kiara would stop posting shit about la la Fake ass🥴

    12. Matthew Richardson

      Let ddg leave youtube🤷🏾‍♂️ that just means his music does worse but that aint our problem

    13. JasmineMarie

      Ddg and rubi need to get it together posting I’m single every two weeks ain’t cute the toxicity smh 🤦🏾‍♀️

    14. Zakevion

      What ddg look like cheating🤣 he ain’t cheat

    15. Zakevion

      Where the time stamps😵

    16. Brittany

      Lala sneaky asf

    17. Tavon Hartley

      Always respected ddg but since he been with rubi rose, he just been back and forth on some bullshit when he can do better without a doubt. The girl is mad toxic

    18. Isaacfrm111

      He just need to get back with kennedy i’m lying🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️

    19. Mike D

      Hold up don't trey songz got corona, how they partying!

    20. Joyce 98

      I really be trying to take ddg less seriously because clearly he’s smart as hell.. then I’m like.. well at the end of the day he is still a nigga.

    21. Anise Westbrook


    22. Jesus Is Lord

      He just dont want to seem like a "youtube rapper"

    23. Emma Sungeni Sangala

      Wait so did DDG really cheat or

    24. Thonn Mcmillan

      This nigga Ddg corny af and mad childish

    25. Dahzane Brown

      Lala first of all why would you want somebody seconds you to pretty to be wanting somebody seconds 🤦🏽‍♀️

    26. Ceejay

      I really hope Chris doesn’t lie and say the baby isn’t his, just because of what happened with j-cook. He will get cancelled as fuck! J-cooks situation was horrible!

    27. N&D Broskis


      1. Quest Keys

        Kennedy got her ass done and was wilding.

      2. N&D Broskis

        _SimplyLizzy _ 🙏🏽

      3. _SimplyLizzy _

        @Shaheem Neath ew no....

      4. Shaheem Neath

        And tiana

    28. King Sheppard

      Love how DDG says its never about the $ but everything you do is for a check🤔 how that work

    29. matt Moreno

      This whole channel has something to do with DDG

    30. Strange Alternative

      But wasn’t Celina Powell exposing trey songz and he held them hostage or something lol

      1. Strange Alternative

        @Alpha Wolf true lol

      2. Alpha Wolf

        Man we can't believe all the shit see says

    31. KpTheG

      Lala definitely got her ass done. She need to stop ittt😂

    32. Ebot Anita

      Despite all this drama in ddg life I till believe he is a good guy is just on fortunate that he always fall for girls who expert him to do more than what he can do, what some of this girl don't understand is there is no such thing like a perfect man or woman out there or perfect relationship when you see a man or woman that love you for who you are built them up at your own tests don't go for what is already good , because it the same thing with Kennedy just that Kennedy was a bit private , still this day no one knows why him and Kennedy broke up, still this day no one can still get why him and rubi are going back and fourth with each other ,it just sad that he hasn't still fine his real self with all this drama in his life.

      1. YoungSavy_

        My opinion is for Ken and Ddg is well they lost a baby thats heart breaking to both of them, also ddg posted a bit to much out there on youtube... and honestly they prolly both didnt trust each other no more 😂😂😂 bc they was in they prime youtube years and we all kno ddg pulls

    33. Tayja J

      Rubi shouldn’t get into another relationship until she heals she’s too insecure.. trust issues . She probably thinks everything is cheating .. like lala said she’s intimidated by pretty girls (the painting ) (the twerking fight ) etc . She changed Ddg’s whole mindset and everything he will do whatever because he wants her so much and doesn’t want to be alone .. it’s just not okay because he’s lonely and she insecure asf . He don’t deserve to get treated the way he do

      1. 0nly. Bhadbby

        That’s y DDG said she’s damage

      2. Tayja J

        @Shonya Kalvin right exactly thank you ‼️

      3. Shonya Kalvin

        @Tayja J your first message made so much sense and you are right !! he is a great guy that wants a family and to be loved he thought she was the one he doesn’t understand her mood swings and where her insecurity stems from because she’s pretty he fell in love wit her it’s so obvious I agree he deserves better I been here from the beginning he’s not a cheater or a simp he just falls hard and all in he really gave up everything to please her she needs to get counseling everyone says the same thing medicine will give her a balance great girl but troubled he needs to learn red flags and what mental illness looks like I like your post

      4. Tayja J

        @JasmineMarie Right exactly ‼️

      5. JasmineMarie

        @Tayja J exactly she’s very insecure you can tell but you can also tell that ddg got issues too 🤷🏾‍♀️ they’re young and they have a lot of growing up to do but after getting cheating on and shit by ex’s can scorn you I get it but why get into another relationship with that toxic shit making the other person even more toxic self love is everything they have a lot of learning to do

    34. Aaron YT

      If DDG and Rubi break up, I saw fuck it. Emaza single

    35. Alex Ray

      I honestly think ddg and rubi just be doing this for clout 😂

    36. Prince GD

      Between Rubi and DDG I think it's just business. She said it when they first met and I think it's the same for Tj. It's looks messy tho but that's what people love to watch so they makes it interesting for the viewers. I would too so keeping that 🎒

    37. La Cassie

      Oh Lala, shes a pretty girl tho but the whole dating ur friend's mans them will never be cute to me.

      1. La Cassie

        @Tonisha Capri jusss wrong idc bout ur ''explainations'' although its none of my business but I don't mess with that snakey shit

      2. Tonisha Capri

        Right! No matter what she say, it’s wrong lol

      3. Sherina Smith

        Her side of the story sounds messy and sloppy. Just admit that you really sleep with your friend's dudes. Trust, when we listen to you it's clear that she moves like Ruby but quieter.

    38. Coolio

      broooo ddg is soooo annoying bruuu stop tryna fix things with rubi 😂😂😂

    39. Rintheblackninja

      My favorite thing about this channel is that she don’t jump to conclusions and take everything she hear and see as facts unlike these other drama channels

    40. Katlego Maakamedi

      I feel like DDG is going to back to Kennedy

    41. 700k views

      Ddg rubi side peace

    42. BW The Don

      Who took lala b card?

    43. Sarah Rochelle

      Brandis instagram is brandiamarion

    44. Kimani Beckford

      i love you kiara, keep up the great content

    45. Jekeira Jackson

      He need to be single , they bms now or keep stuff off social media 🙄

    46. Jay EM Holla

      Not Cap A Lot Sails 😂😂😂😂😂

    47. datboy brandon

      Ace a rapper and do youtube

    48. Cassie Sandra

      Two moody people put together is a recipe for endless fights, stress and drama lmao not that they don't love one other. Its just their personalities getting in the way. A childish moody person needs a chill partner who'll just ignore them until they calm down not one who's going to always escalate the situation. They are so childish though 😂😂. Both need anger management help

    49. Cassie Sandra

      Nuh lala def has fillers lol. She's being a Kylie now

      1. Jesus Is Lord

        she does

    50. Cyrunix

      2020 and groupies feel like they talented just for catching rappers with their snatch.

    51. ReggieReg

      Ddg don’t wanna do KGup because he think it ruins his relationships


        Nah it fks with his rapping reputation

      2. All. About. Äutumñ

        and his supporters toxic.


      This morning on hot 97 the female host said rubi rose the hot talk right now. Rubi know what she doing and its working. Next thing you know her songs gonna be on the radio 📻.

    53. India Lee

      Rubi give me physically abusive vibes.

    54. Brianna B

      Girl I'm tired of his ass at this point like these grown men gotta stop doing so much for attention🤦🏽

    55. yo ken

      Wth all u do is co sign on shit and making money that crazy to me it beyond me .... 😂😂

    56. Micah Hill

      I can't believe I'm watching this smh.

    57. Micah Hill

      Lala should've never put them on a date because Rubi is out of control she don't want DDG to even look at another female he needa run runaway and never return get on his Simba shit because she is crazy and they just toxic in general.

      1. KezosWay

        The blind date wasn't really a blind date. Ddg already met Rubi b4

      2. Majestic Queen

        So basically if your friend hooks you up with someone, you and that person gets into a relationship. Your friend is in charge of your relationship? And the other promiscuous female "friends" supposed to have access to YOUR significant other as if they are STILL SINGLE? Make it make sense. Wheres the boundaries? How is one supposed to even know you're wifey/hubby ,when you are given the same time and attention as everybody else???


        This morning on hot 97 the host mentioned rubi for being the hot talk right now so rubi trolling ass know what she doin

    58. G L O B O Y D O M 78

      No one care bout Chris sails and the girl at the start

    59. Setera Lockley

      ddg is doing it for the money why lie?

    60. Setera Lockley

      the treatment for dealing with those eyesbags is they do place fillers in them

    61. Acery

      I’ve met Brandi she’s nice but unfollowed me :(

    62. Thygaaa_ 98

      But TJ is a little kid smh isn’t he 18 or something like that

      1. Bethannie Shields

        @KingDior no when you reach 18 you big teenager all most adult

      2. KingDior

        18 isn’t even a kid wym

      3. Bethannie Shields


    63. Brian 1k

      3:22 pu pu pu😭😭

    64. Wesley Flores Just started a new channel for whoever wants to help out and believe in me 🙏🏽 . Subscribe or don’t, may God be with you always . And no I am not a bot 😂😂

    65. Corey

      Kiara: and Chris said this... Ad: We’ll have the $5.99 fish special

      1. Kiara Shanay

        🐟 😂

      2. Corey

        @The_Goofy_ Guyy bro that shit caught me off guard 😂

      3. The_Goofy_ Guyy

        I had a ad right after that too😂

    66. Love TAPS

      The ending got me 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    67. Prince_nixk _

      Dam your ads hitting 😭

    68. YoBoy SPADE

      They ain't no 'couple', they just in the F*CKING stage....😳

    69. derone williams

      Ok , now this rubi an ddg bs troll is getting lamer by the day. Can U stop talking now bout them? Shyt made up.

    70. Salinnaas Caa

      The intro song pretty loud but after the audio is low

    71. YoBoy SPADE

      Yea, i realize NOW that it all started with Rubi but LaLa still became 'friends' with one of her ex's 'lover'(Rubi). A female('lover') of the ex who actually took her virginity ...🤣 Idk why girls do that type of stuff anyway...🤦🏿‍♂️

    72. Dripzy

      DDG just need to let her goo

    73. Supa Man

      Watch Kayla Nicole fuck around and thiccc city after that baby drop

    74. David Sherban

      Ddg definitely just doing it for money. Ok it’s not for the 40k bc he rich rich but he still just tryna catch the bag 🤦🏽‍♂️ he using us 🤦🏽‍♂️


        Other creator fake the shit out of “loving y’all”.... I know for a act DDG love his supporters.... he been shown that for YEARS! He done did it for YEARS! Now he’s taking a break and come back when he wants to... y’all mad? Just sftu and watch the contents and be content.


        So what lmao I’m entertained... make yo money idc lol just give content. Lol tf why would I not want him to make money? Lol why do I want him to be an honest and attached person to me? Lmao just give me my entertainment dawg dazzit lol y’all weird

      3. Ebot Anita

        @David Sherban forget that they are in for the money .

      4. Chris Jackson

        @David Sherban if these people knew they wouldn’t make money most would not do KGup tbh it’s a job

      5. Poca Latte

        @David Sherban If ppl just want to talk, their channel wouldn’t be monetized💡. I’ve heard him say multiple times that money doesn’t equal happiness but hey you are welcome to your opinion. He’s having fun, working hard n still learning.

    75. Rommie Brown

      They just be saying random relationship things for shock and leave us to piece together what's not there

    76. Josh Toro

      Honestly i just want tht album from ddg

    77. Cliff G


    78. Simply Pauline

      She acting as if she wasn’t fucking other niggas why being with him 💀

    79. YoBoy SPADE

      I know these KGuprs love you....

    80. YoBoy SPADE

      So you say Rubi 'capping' about LaLa's lips? I wouldn't think a girl would falsely say something like that about the girl that 'screwed' her ex and be lying about her lips...

      1. K playz Xp

        No girls usually hate each other for no reason or are always jealous of each other but its almost always the opposite for guys so her saying that might be cap

    81. Dorian _hunt2007

      Dang late Noti gang

    82. Raymond Valdez

      Remember Internet cap

    83. Mojo Trill

      Imagine believing anything Lala be saying. LMAO

      1. Jesus Is Lord

        shes all cap

    84. shynice davis

      So nobody got nun to say about the Trump supporter dating a black man?... y’all interested in the wrong stuff

      1. shynice davis

        @Tuyoleni Neumbo it is her choice but usher the one looking dumb

      2. Bitch_ U_Gay

        @shynice davis so because she is a trump supporter she is a racist

      3. Tuyoleni Neumbo

        @shynice davis that's her choice

      4. Kia’s Life

        @Henry Ejiofor GTFO

      5. shynice davis

        @Henry Ejiofor I get what you saying and yea she did do that but then weeks later she sided with the racist acts by choosing the side of one of the most racist men in America so that makes her a racist.

    85. Butterfly Effect

      Wtf is going on

    86. Andre Hurst

      I haven't been on KGup Ina while. Glad I can watch Kiara to catch up. Love the channel

    87. Location


    88. Juan Madrid

      They always on and off

    89. CartierChapo

      Yo they draining as fuck .

    90. Dxnnique

      DDG my guy but im convinced its him at this point wit these females😭

      1. Linda Donaldson

        I agree you can't be having the same problem with every girl you date and not be the toxic one....I just can't blame everything on Rubi because people don't like her because they see no wrong in him the truth be told they both need to take time for themselves and do some soul searching and healing.

    91. Angel Alvarado

      DDG can vlog and rap but he’s doing it so he can stop being associated as a KGup Rapper and etc

    92. Dirtbag Squad

      Kennedy made ddg dont at me 🤥 cause I won’t reply

      1. Kia’s Life

        NAHHHHH YALLL This D’Angelo 100% sure now 😭😭💀I’m crying.

      2. Aaliyah Williams

        Big cap🥴

    93. Dirtbag Squad

      Kennedy made ddg who ddg is today, and she leveled up on his toxic ass lol.... Kennedy supports in 5 43.... and ddg support in 543.... lol

    94. Media Corner20

      Ddg & Rubi seriously go from Mon-Thur. Like dang can y'all at least make to Sunday?

    95. Lone Wolf

      It’s the fact she has mood swings for me why would Ddg cheat on Rubi he loved her smh🥱🥱💀 I smell bs

      1. JasmineMarie

        @Brelyn Foster 😂😂😂😂 I’m dead

      2. Lone Wolf

        @Kim drama exactly

      3. Kim drama

        Ddg can do no wrong

      4. Lone Wolf

        @CAR&GAMECHANNEL you right about that


        This morning on hot 97 the host mentioned rubi for being the hot talk right now so rubi trolling ass know what she doing.

    96. Ashley York

      Give DDG and Rubi 5-6 hours, they'll be back! Toxic af 😂

    97. Jaded Jaderson

      Dang DDG cheated...uuoof

    98. KiingSaySoTv

      Am i the only one that skipped past the Chris Sails part

      1. L3gendary Z

        No me too lol

      2. Max Thrash

        yo her intro song is so doodoo😭

      3. Justyn Vallin

        I always skip that shit

      4. JasmineMarie

        Definitely not I always skip his part lmao

      5. AMV Videos

        Bro I skipped that shit fast

    99. Quenda French

      DDG and Rubi are fake and tiered....Period

    100. SimplyTay

      DDG is back to writing scripts