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    1. Kiara Shanay

      Let’s get 2K likes on this video 🥳

      1. Lathon Grant

        marty chambers it’s a publicity stunt bruh

      2. marty chambers

        @Lathon Grant so

      3. Grue Grozav

        All this feels like PR and all youtubers getting money from this drama, gossiping & show. That's what i'm interested ... couldn't care less about their stuff. God knows what that might really be. Fact is one youtuber gets money from simply mentioning DDG, Rubi etc. Only wonder if DDG gets some money also every time one youtuber mentions his name🤔. That would make sense i reckon.

      4. Aquil Stephens

        yes get this video to 2k likes

      5. Leerically Speaking

        Kiara Shanay CJ So Cool just went gambling too although they already live in Nevada. They all copy each other. Nothing is original.

    2. Aaliyah Gibson

      The post:Daddy coming home Me: no he ain’t 😂😂😂 don’t let him lie to you fendi😂😂

    3. hxneyoats

      I love that Rubi has a gc with her fans. That’s so cute, why can’t other celebrities do that? She gained points for that

    4. Dudley Edward

      Y’all looking at the single for life post but he was showing y’all how rubi spit on his door. Look at the post again

    5. lweendo moonga

      Davine Jay is childish asf

    6. Rss Lamar

      That Music video old asf

    7. Aaron Greene


    8. Jasmine Mccone


    9. I Want Money123

      He didnt say he dont know him he said he dont watch him... one word changes the whole meaning

    10. B_2 YT

      DDG a clown fr he fuckin up with all the baddies 😂😂😂 Bro

    11. Bad B

      I blame ddg he focuses on women so much like why couldn’t you put couple boys (apart from he’s family members) in zooted in my eyes if you had couple girls and couple boys zooted will be popping with different vids think about it, because lala does not bring entertainment at all on her vids✊

      1. Florence Morale

        La la is focused on her modeling and her brand. Zooted is just a side hustle for her.

    12. Bad B

      Not gonna lie I’ve never liked lala but She doesn’t do nothing to annoy me it was just that inner thinking where she weren’t loyal like that

    13. Goat Gaming

      Davine a capper

    14. Sarah Archbault

      Rubi for the streets..... I’m sorry the hallways She irks me, Just laughing at DDG thou, we warned him 😂

    15. sɪɴ

      *Spiritually Broken*

    16. IAMRORO

      Kennedy still blocked DDG so he couldn’t post her

    17. KingBreezy _814


    18. KayLo


    19. Tuk

      i knew savannah should’ve stayed

    20. CTG

      lol nigga ddg was playin 1 lies and 2 truth

    21. CTG


    22. Jahsiahh

      Kennedy blocked ddg

    23. Xavier Bullock

      He fucked yo with the German girl

    24. Thonn Mcmillan

      Ddg better keep Savannah out of his shit she not about that drama shit

    25. Jessica Nonya

      DDG and Rubi faked their relationship to promote their songs. Now that the songs are out and they don’t need to pretend anymore. DDG will always hold the biggest L of all time which is losing Kennedy.... Kennedy deserves way better...

    26. Jessica Nonya

      DDG said it before he’s jealous, over baring, obsessive boyfriend... Rubi is not like that so DDG def got crazy over Rubi... Rubi needs to be damn glad that’s over.... ddg ain’t have shit to offer that’s actually substance. Rubi is gonna end up with someone waaaay better... watch

    27. Jessica Nonya

      that guy who say rubi our and pretended his camera froze is lyin nooo way rubi asked some random bout ddg... if she wanted to ask someone bout ddg she would ask her best friend Lala not some random guy who asks her for a pic 😂😂😂😂 people are so retarded to make up dumb shit.

    28. Rose4L Love

      La la is definitely talking about DDG and she will probably leave Zooted. I wouldn’t be surprised

      1. Florence Morale

        Yep! Totally a bad idea to hook your best friend up with your "boss". She does have other streams of income though, so she should be fine without Zooted, if it comes to that. I just hope that she's learned her lesson. Let your boss find his own girl. Lol smh!

    29. Rose4L Love

      Trust Kennedy know that’s why she gone and have No intentions on going back

    30. Rose4L Love

      He wack for that putting her on camera. She probably was there do get her ish! Don’t forget she had a whole sink full of her stuff in his bathroom and clothes in his closet. Dudes be capping

    31. Deandre Mcfadden

      We warned him tho.....she jus wasnt it

      1. Florence Morale

        Y'all did! Some ppl just have to learn the hard way, I guess.

    32. Tony 45


    33. Rico RamirezTv

      Divine didn’t just say he a real nigga . Bra you pussy

    34. Jeremiah Ward

      DDG pimping 💯👍🏾🤩🤟🏾

    35. JoJo World

      how the hell did she get through the gate if he didn’t want her to?

    36. Kaiya Nyjshel

      W man , hope he learn

    37. Smash Coconut

      “I had ya girl choosin” nigga sound 12

    38. Maverick Young


    39. J. Spadez

      He always felt that way about Tiana always have always will unless somebody else comes along

      1. Florence Morale

        Since he opted out when he had the chance, he needs to leave her out of his drama with Rubi. Savannah as well.

    40. James Davis

      Flight music trash anyway so u stealin trash music

    41. 302keys

      Need those time stamps!

    42. Syniqua Lawson

      disappointed in DDG you suppose to keep it playa at all times BIG L.

    43. III

      LaLa ain’t say shit when Rubi was embarrassing DDG. Her loyalty in the wrong place

    44. Tru 602

      DDG got a nice ass house but that woman wiiiiiild that’s embarrassing 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    45. Tru 602

      Hell and if she did...ion think nobody would be mad at chu😂😂dealing with that boy

    46. Deneesha Morgan

      DDG acts like a immature female. He needs to stop smoking weed.

      1. Capo capitan

        What does the weed got to do with it tf 😂

    47. Sofia Henderson

      Davine Jay is mad cause Corey got more then him ... that’s why he all talk ... Corey and Carmen doing them leave them alone

    48. Njonmars Bitxh

      Svannah n ddg gon meet once he get 310 100% just watch. He not just gon forget dat. Or did he put that vid on his onlyfans

    49. Njonmars Bitxh

      Don’t worry. Ddg and svannah relationship gon grow stronger. Just a matter of time and they gon both take over KGup. Just a couple obstacles in da mf way aka ddg ego

    50. Njonmars Bitxh

      Bro this what I think about all of them. Ddg always been one of my favorite especially after svannah cake in the picture I was so happy for him and their content was the highlight of my life. But he been trippin lately but I feel like he just be creating drama around himself to stay relevant not that he needs to do that cuz he a funny cool dude without all the shit. Svannah needa be in Zooted period. Pr she needa make a rap or sum cuz she can spit n I bet she could sing too. She gon do a whole lot better then half the mfs in zooted period. Rubi rose is cool she just too cocky Nd needle humble herself a little. Lala- I always had a feeling about lala. I can smell Her pulling a Riley some day mark my words. Ik her type. She pretty af she cool I guess her content is okay but she definitely likes ddg and she’ll never admit it. Which is what’s going to be the ruin of their relationship. Lala pretty af she prolly thought ddg was gon fall all over her n he didn’t. Seven is cool period. I can tell she prolly one of the best female friends ddg got I can see she cares for him a lot. She’s an amazing KGupr she’s so pretty and she hella bad. Prettyboyfredo is just a kid in an adult body

    51. Njonmars Bitxh

      I saw svannah and Carmen I clicked

    52. Eman Promo


    53. Njonmars Bitxh

      He gon feel so ass letting svannah go lmaooo period

    54. Njonmars Bitxh

      Woahhh ddg posted svannah omgomgomg

    55. Ahmed Ahmed

      DDG brings this on himself hes obsessed with fame and wanting every light skin girl to like him.

    56. SIR 313


    57. bigmike7650

      DDG should meet someone oh lives in LA.

    58. Maurice Jones

      Omg y’all who is that on the intro song 🤔🤯🤯 I’ve gotta know, and what song is it too‼️‼️

    59. jfauntl1

      Team DDG all day. Yall can talk about him all you want.... he's always gonna rise to the top. Believe that!!!!!!!!!!

    60. Ojor Divine


    61. Ojor Divine

      He couldn’t post Kennedy coz his blocked Check one of his vids of dming Ig girls Kennedy really blocked my dude

    62. Nykia C. Jones

      😂😂😂 thats soo embarrassing recording her knocking .

    63. Neffew

      Ain’t LALA part of rubi rose

    64. Tavii bee

      Ddg trolling 🤣🤣🤣ion take him serious but he needs a girl that's not in the industry

    65. Jhace Johnson Johnson

      we not gone talk about how he had to stand on his tippy toes to record rubi 💔

      1. Florence Morale

        🤣🤣🤣 Stop it, he already has issues about his height. Lol

    66. Aundre



      Jus founded out that Kobe from slime mafia died

    68. Ashley Kinsey


    69. M PJ

      Jesus is key he solves all beefs he helps everyone and everything remember Jesus is coming we gotta repent and speak to Jesus

    70. Karega

      DDG better give her that damn EBT card before she break that door.

    71. Young Boy Never Broke Again

      you late😂

    72. chima

      ddg needs to focus on himself

    73. PharrelThirty

      He clidish asl

    74. Teresa Davis

      This whole story is entertaining, he could of avoided all this if he would listened to DDG squad and left her alone 🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️

    75. Anime gaming

      Ak wouldn't say rapper ddg aint respected as a rapper he gone say youtuber if he did and it would only be on twitch

    76. Craig Thomas

      Truth be told Rubi had been posting little subliminal things on Twitter about DDG ever since they "officially" broke up. Even made a song about him during one of their mini breakups. Rubi got caught slipping on this one and she had it coming to her, particularly with this latest IG video playing Lil TJay song in the background

    77. Love Rachel

      Rubi still on his visitors list entrance to his house??

    78. Tramayne Harris

      DDG knew she wasn’t for him fr he was faking it for KGup 💯

    79. Kerry Iyamu

      Everybody was like they are good couple but what nobody listened

    80. Kerry Iyamu

      I knew he will get played

    81. Slizzy Goated

      Yo ddg op 🤣🤣

    82. TWill TV

      This nigga don’t know what he want 😂

    83. Grape Juice

      Don’t not cheat on kiara she will stalk yo ass

    84. King Kong

      This is a definite Win for DDG period!!!

    85. Gamingwith Kam

      W for ddg he got away from rubi

    86. Malykai Moore

      Dog wildin😂

    87. Baldah Adamzhb

      at this point DDG is the problem may be he is not ready for a relationship.

    88. Breezii TV

      DDG L all the waaaaay lol still my nigga tho fo sho

    89. Baldah Adamzhb

      ever since he left Kennedy it was all Ls for DDG

      1. Blackisword Perrier

        He didnt LeFt Her, they agreed to break up with each other dang!

    90. Mesiiah E

      DDG out here looking silly 🤦🏽‍♂️

    91. Zion

      Big W

    92. ZayDaGreat 2k

      The ddg fam knew Rubi wasn’t it 💯

    93. Blue O4C

      So nobody gonna talk abt this nigga on his tippy toes 😭 10:07

      1. Kiara Shanay


    94. Greedy Lucas TV

      Yal can’t believe everything yal hear about rubi and ddg

    95. Trish 101

      I felt she got interviewed in front the world and she said she didn't have a man, and he got in his feelings because he wasn't labeled ! Anyway if men treat her like that her dookie prob lacking I guess. Someone would good dookie don't get treated like that. Lmao!!

    96. Talk with Queen kim

      He should go to Savannah

    97. Random Empire

      I feel like DDG still hasn't forgiven himself for pushing Kennedy away, he is nostalgic and regrets how he handled things and now he just wants to be with any female to replace Kennedy hoping she'd come back. It takes a lot of time to get over someone especially if you were in the wrong. So i hope he prays and take time to heal and forgive himself.

      1. Ashley Oliver

        Why do I feel like he wants to apologize again not because he wants them back. bhe knows people will call him a simp, especially since she hasn’t mentioned him at all and stays away from drama. I see his brother is quick to like her pics on instagram. His family can’t control him but he was grounded with Kennedy and she was part of his family like their own sister.

    98. Brian Frost

      Spiritually Broke 🤷🏾‍♂️

    99. J T

      Let me say this davine jay is not cheated with Carmen Carmen is a liar and has had sex with other man but not davine jay tho she has been lying about about of stuff and has cheated on Corey

    100. Jerome Moore

      I glad he did that be honest that look on ms Tanya face when she meet her was organic Rubi not ugly but in my opinion out of the past 4 females he been link to she come in last to me