Kiara Shanay

29 миӊ. көрүүлөр2

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    0:00 - Intro
    0:21 - The Cops Showed Up At Flight's House
    6:30 - Dreyahh Tells Her Side Of The Story
    8:37 - SoLLuminati Has A New Boo?

    күнү жарыяланды 26 күн мурун


    1. Qtipped On ig

      What’s SOs new girl ig

    2. Khriss

      The cameras was on🙌🏾

    3. Lonnie Boyd

      who believes Flight took some breakup sex from her made the new tweets and sent her on her way thinking they back together lmao then filmed a breakup video for KGup he a legend lol

      1. Jahki Murray

        Fax that’s probably what they did he finessed tf outta her

    4. Amy S

      Flights Ex is clearly a narcissist. LMAOO I cant 💀

    5. GIG

      Dymond 2.0

    6. Timothy

      Wait I thought flight had a kid ?

    7. ItsDemKids

      Yall know she took BLM out of her Twitter bio after the breakup

    8. GamingWithDriippyBoy

      lmbooo "janet 2.0"

    9. UnReLeAsed MusIc

      We need flight n Ti back

    10. ReiWYD

      Drea stream clip looks like she might be crazy like she actually sounds crazy

    11. 1,064,444 views

      “Interrogating” boy .....said integrigating him 😂

    12. Random Empire

      Get you a house where you can be noisy with your crazy girlfriends 🤣🏡😂💃

    13. Peter Griffin

      You telling me you gonna break up with me over an album cover

    14. Rock Be

      Flight like that shit.....But once the police get involved im done!!!!

    15. Chocolate Soldier TV

      So most Latinas are like this, or only these two?? Ofcoz hard to tell however most of them I think their timelines are a bit chaotic

    16. Kori Sean- Andrew My babies i love you

      Never step out your door and no a noise complaint does not mean they can enter with out your consent or a warrent you can both come to the door and talk but they can not just walk in your house and never ever step out once you step out your no longer safe and can be arrest ECT they played you 💯

    17. Perks

      Who else miss Ti and Flight?😭🤦‍♂️

    18. Nikauly Santiago

      You can just tell Drea is lying. She gives me such weird vibes😂

    19. Phinnell

      What’s solluminati girlfriend ig

    20. Quade

      You can clearly see Dreya was capping

    21. I SNAGGVC

      BTW solluminati girl IG is l.r.f thx me later 😎

    22. Sakhani Jean-Baptiste

      flight and these crazy women

    23. Iceee eeecI

      She was skipping parts and lmfao she said she was throwing her stuff instead of his now how does that sound that sounds dumb asf

    24. Kierra Stewart- Hicks

      Solluminati with a boo 😮??? RARE

    25. WTW Mari

      What so girl ig

    26. J Lewis

      We just wanna see flight happy it doesn’t have to be with a female

      1. Eno-Mfon Essien


      2. M


    27. Lil Kye

      Flight team stand up!!!!!!!

    28. Messy Tv

      Solluminati got a KGupr named Dior Exstacy pregnant 🤰🏽& he dating somebody else THATS TUFF 😭

      1. Junior K

        She lied

    29. Messy Tv

      Solluminati got a KGupr makes Dior Exstacy pregnant & he dating somebody else THATS TUFF

      1. Dev

        Stop believing bs bruh🤦🏿‍♂️

    30. jae26hood

      naw, Flight should definitely not get back with Ti...People seemed to forget how toxic Ti was toward Flight...She used to hit him in the head and be super aggressive towards him...

      1. jae26hood

        @Jahki Murray maybe she's matured but personally, I don't think Flight should go back there....Ti just seemed like the hyper types who gets physical once they're upset.

      2. Jahki Murray

        But TI matured she don’t be loud no more and don’t be getting into a lot of issues

      3. TW04

        And if he do I hope she changed

    31. Cionna I

      It seem like they both are toxic toward each other

    32. Almost FamousTV

      I think she was using him

    33. ZayDaGreat 2k

      She capped out her mind

    34. Zav Mitchell

      Didn’t she admit to tweeting shyt off of his phone tho? I could be mistaken

    35. Justin Walker

      Hope she don’t smash DDG also! 😂 😆 😝

    36. MackGee ATL


    37. Shirley Simmons

      She started mess about another person's album cover. And she ask the internet what should she do, and you did what they said.

    38. Shaad

      That's what I don't understand either. All that chaos she caused & when the police asking him questions, he act like he don't understand! 🤔🤷🏾‍♂️

      1. Dee_G 94

        Because he didn’t want her to go to jail, and he said that’s how much love he have for.

    39. Afro Libertarian

      So is so weird to me...

    40. Trixx God

      She definitely took his phone because flight don’t even talk like that

      1. Trixx God

        @Lonnie Boyd flight don’t talk like that like his wording is not like that

      2. KplayzXP

        @Lonnie Boyd I think she did have his phone in the bathroom but she didn't have the password, and that's why she was telling him to delete it

      3. Lonnie Boyd

        i believe he tweeeted it for himself... but she dictated it.... in the bathroom video she did not have his phone

      4. Yaqub Freeland

        He said it too in his video

      5. AhmedZzz

        Facts flight will never do that

    41. Mya Washere23

      Flight and ti yesss but flight needs a min to focus on himself mentally and his daughter.

    42. Jeremy Hodge

      That girl was psycho. Glad my boy flight got away.

    43. Shawntae Lanase

      She probably be beating on him 😂

    44. Itz Dee

      AND she got a OnlyFans but she mad at a album cover 🤣 childish

      1. ilyparadox

        bro this is the truth i stg

    45. Im Just That Guy


    46. Nathalia Edwards

      I believe flight

    47. Nathalia Edwards

      Yes we wanna see flight and ti together 🥺❤️

      1. uyi ogieriakhi

        Ti is crazy too

      2. Captain Price

        It’s happened in the pass and their relationship wasn’t all that bad

      3. 88Daize

        lol i don’t think they ever are

    48. quanesha majette

      Wait ddg isn’t in this 😯

    49. Trevel Francis

      Imagine getting jealous over a album cover? Smh

    50. King Mech

      Interrogated* Bro😂But Bih A Looney Frr

    51. Dirtbag Squad

      He should have tell the cops to remove her.

    52. Dirtbag Squad

      It’s crazy how flight picks the crazy females.

    53. Dirtbag Squad

      We need to protect flight from these toxic females

    54. Dirtbag Squad

      I believe flight she’s a liar just like rubi

    55. Dirtbag Squad

      She’s for the psycho house 🏠 lol

      1. Kai Sykes

        Why is everybody ignoring that fact that after all that happened flight AFTER ALL THIS HAPPENED was layed up wtf. He is crazy too

    56. Dirtbag Squad

      What side lol. Shorty u was on his stream we seen u acting wild lol. Females these days have excuses for days

    57. Tequesta Guy

      My man flight gotta stay away from these Latinas 💯

      1. Yaqub Freeland

        😂😂😂😂 she crazy as shit bro

    58. DaJ

      he kiara where can i find drea full video

      1. freejdc1

        @DaJ stop being lazy and type her name in the search bar....

      2. DaJ

        @freejdc1 what's her youtube name

      3. freejdc1

        Type in her name

    59. StudentØWar [TheRula]

      Wasn’t Ti the girl that took advantage of him?

    60. Only1Doobie

      She was gone be a liability more than an asset

    61. BlackGod Jaycob

      How does bald ahh soul have a girl

    62. Go_Smd

      Dreyah posting and deleting pictures of bruises on her body trying to make it seem like flight touched her when we know dam well she’s lying cause flight isn’t the type of person to touch a female. Domestic violence is not something you should be joking/lying about.And whoever believes this crazy lady is dumb. Flight keeps getting walked over by these girls he needs to cut this bs out and find a girl that will actually treat him right. Flight shouldn’t allow girls to be walking over him & controlling him.

      1. StudentØWar [TheRula]

        And I guarantee hardly anyone will address how she’s trying to put his entire lively hood at stake. I’m dogging em all.

      2. KillZion

        It’s not that easy Just to find a girl like that bro

    63. God of goats

      What’s the girls insta

    64. YoBoy SPADE

      Well, he probably 'tappin' dat. It's not 'official' until he/she says it is...#Solluminati

      1. drilla 1k


      2. Yaboii xpert

        @KyleOG _ good question

      3. KyleOG _

        whats her @

    65. 1JayTheFinessa

      Why these dudes never date black woman

      1. Chocolate Soldier TV

        Most black girls are beautiful but attitude wise is worse for most of them

      2. StudentØWar [TheRula]

        @Dj Sintra They feel entitled to us whilst the same ones tell us they’ve never and never will need us it’s funny

      3. SDG DA GOAT

        Atp no matter who flight date he will never be happy just on some bs with a different girl

      4. Dj Sintra

        @StudentØWar [TheRula] Facts There’s such a double standard 🤦🏽‍♂️

      5. StudentØWar [TheRula]

        @Oshane YND They do it out of extreme insecurity and because they have a inferiority complex so they think ppl care that they try to prove their worth on the internet.

    66. LETSGETMAD36

      Yo flight choose the crazy ass girls

    67. YoBoy SPADE

      Janet got a brand new baby from Flight. Janet ain't gotta do NOTHING but take care of that baby and you KNOW he do EVERYTHING for that baby...$$$ Of COURSE she's gonna tweet out what she said or Instagram that....

      1. Dj Goated

        @Jazz A fr

      2. Jazz A

        You talking like she doesn’t have her own money and thinking a baby is so easy to take care of 🤦🏻‍♀️

      3. JuJu3x Backup

        U cant say “he do” if she was just born🤣 but he definitely WILL😤

    68. Daunier Thompson

      Swallow that pill flight

    69. Whiteguuy

      I wasn't expecting Flight's ex to take accountability, but I was hoping she would.

    70. Money Reese

      What’s So “Girlfriend” Instagram?

      1. StudentØWar [TheRula]

        Ash something. Her name is Ash.

    71. uchenna falconer

      Her side and pov is cool and all but it’s irrelevant flights POV was caught in 50K lmao 🤣🚫🧢no one gone believe her bruh

      1. uchenna falconer

        @Itz Dee my baddd bro u right 🤣😂😭

      2. Messiah Cooper

        @Itz Dee she was in 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

      3. Itz Dee

        flights was in 70K 🤣🤣🤣

      4. Itz Dee

        flights was in 70K 🤣🤣

      5. Itz Dee

        NO ur wrong

    72. YoBoy SPADE

      I liked Flight and Ti together too but she don't take him seriously. It could work. They are both LEO! Ti needs someone who ain't as 'sweet' to her. She needs someone who's genuinely honest but she has to wonder about but who will call the shots in the relationship and tell her what to do and what time etc, etc...

      1. Go_Smd

        @Stacey Dailey bro Ti is crazy have you seen the way she acts? She’s wild. Flight needs a girl that’s more chilled out and won’t walk over him. Ti treats the man in the relationship like a little kid smacking them around and stuff.

      2. YoBoy SPADE

        @Abu Koroma It has ALOT to do with it but you obviously don't know...

      3. Stacey Dailey

        @Go_Smd but it was never nothing serious tho he or they wouldn’t put it in the video if it was on some abusive type shit

      4. Go_Smd

        She treated him like he’s some kind of pet. Ti would be abusive honestly she would smack him around all the time and telling him what he can and can’t do. She’s toxic and flight should be avoiding people like this

      5. Abu Koroma

        Tf do signs have to do with anything

    73. Itz_Flicczy

      Im calling up my female homies or sister to handle bidness she crazy😂

    74. YoBoy SPADE

      That girl don't take Flight seriously. Don't no girl he hook up take him serious. He need to stop smoking weed too...

    75. Xcvibes

      What’s her insta

    76. Cheyenne P

      She shouldn’t do all that complaining about it when she’s chasing him and harassing him like that. Pick a side, either you like him or not. It obviously didn’t bother you that much when you were with him.

      1. Terrell

        @Jesus Contreras nigga you think you hard😂

      2. Sur Rotten

        @Jesus Contreras Nigga Stfu LMAOOO

      3. Jesus Contreras

        @Cameron Gloston no im just grown not a mindset of a kid

      4. Jesus Contreras

        @F K they had a agreement and he was cool with it also he made thst rule not her

      5. Cameron Gloston

        @Jesus Contreras ur slow

    77. DIM6

      I hope flight is ok

      1. Smurf Papo

        She saying flight out his hands on her

      2. Coumba Diop


    78. Legendary Entertainment

      So girl lowkey cute

    79. Jayzino

      I knew she was capping when she skipped over the part where she was screaming 🤦🏾‍♂️

      1. Yaqub Freeland

        Frl bro. She’s crazy as shit my guy definitely a L if u cuff her

    80. Jayzino

      It’s the damn trolls 🤡🤦🏾‍♂️

    81. Kara

      Hereeee ❤️❤️