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25 миӊ. көрүүлөр4

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    OUTRO SONG: Rob Allen “Where Do We Go”
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    0:00 - Intro
    0:50 - Cardi B Responds To Her Pic Posted
    2:44 - Tory Lanez Ordered To Stay Away From Megan
    6:05 - Diamond Nicole Throws Shade @ Someone
    7:54 - Jania Says YB Is #1

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    1. King Sheppard

      Yall already seen her whole body in yall amazed by??? I know not a titty shot smh

    2. Almost FamousTV

      If female had a famous person dick pic you wouldn’t be like “ is this dick we talking about “ women are being weird this yewr

    3. EzohSZN

      Ha titties looks like the 1 eyed nigga from LMAOAOAOOA. Ha titties looks like a cookie made outta chocolate with a finger pushing out twords you LMAOAOOA. Ha titties looks like a cookie with 1 chocolate chip square in the middle. LMFOAOAOAOAOAO ha titties looks like the top bun of a egg mcmuffin LMFOAOAOAOAOAOAAOOA BAHAHAHA NAH IM WEAK

    4. Calvin Pickett

      The intro song growing on me👀

    5. Anise Westbrook


    6. Khalil Jackson


    7. _ Desii_

      This was def not a mistake. Celebs r annoying. N her areolas r fucking huge and ugly

    8. Linus Bissah

      deadass only video without ddg

    9. Angel_- 18

      Cardi has them pancake areolas

    10. YoBoy SPADE

      Her DUMB aghsss! She don't realize that whenever anything you post and DELETE, it doesn't go away IMMEDIATELY. It's in people's timeline for a short time first before it goes away...

    11. Darrick Vino


    12. Yohans Tewolde

      Kiara you need new music for the intro

    13. Keiah Ferguson

      I don't take Megan serious

      1. EzohSZN


    14. WB

      Megan never lied she did get shot, she just didn’t say when, how it happened and why it happened, she told the truth she just didn’t tell the full truth that’s not lying tho that’s clearing a situation because when it first happened people were on her side and they wanted to know if she really got shot and SHE DID And for Tory all I’m gonna say is he never spoke so I don’t know if he’s lying or if he isn’t but he sent Megan a text messages he said he apologizes and in his recent songs from his album so that’s telling me that he did it because I wouldn’t be apologizing for something I didn’t do 🤔💯but then again it could’ve been anybody in the car lol 🤣🤣🤣

      1. EzohSZN

        @WB You d.a made like 5 comments on 1 person are you really that mad you 9 year old. go do your homework

      2. EzohSZN

        @WB "boo" your like 9

      3. EzohSZN

        @WB "freak"

      4. WB

        @Ethan Waber I’m tired of talking to a freaking idiot so I’m a block you you’re dumb

      5. WB

        @youngpharoah59 OK I’m tired of talking to your freaking self so I’m gonna block you so I can have the last word

    15. Dorian _hunt2007

      Noti gang

    16. Jekeira Jackson

      Diamond can’t call nobody a thot cause she been passed around too and she STILL want Jania leftovers . She’s obsessed with her lol

    17. Ron Hughes

      Ki ki sign me to yo Entertainment group


      Heyyy kiaraaa

    19. JodeyDrip

      Selling the picture bet who want it hmu😂

    20. TikTok Thots

      So no news today? Got it I’ll come back tmr

    21. Ashley York

      Diamond could be talking about Nyree, Kennedy or Veronica 🙃 Doubt if she's talking about Britney

    22. Ashley York

      Why would Tory go around Megan?! He would stupid af

    23. Sheila Tabengwa

      On the bright side im happy that ddg and rubi are staying outa drama and being happy.

      1. Jaybrezzo

        @Sean Jones ur pfp💀

    24. Sheila Tabengwa

      No DDG. Bye 🙄

      1. Elijah Ussery


    25. Julie Velasquez

      Lol nipples aren't always small and pretty like porn stars most of them get there nipples smaller through surgery. Mine are same its natural and 🙄

      1. EzohSZN


      2. EzohSZN


      3. Bando Beji

        @EzohSZN 😂😂😂😂

      4. EzohSZN

        yo nips looks like the top bun of a egg mcmuffin

    26. O Boy

      Marcus thee stallion Lyin free Tory 💯

    27. The Messenger

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      1. Neverenuff Money

        Oh palease 😑

      2. K1 GAMING

        wow i needed this

    28. Danny k Chanell

      - i was looking 4 ddg tea what happened sis🤣🤔😩

    29. Emmanuel Chenny

      I doubt Tory was planning to go near her anyways

      1. Bigerv Express

        Right!!!! Shit makes no sense!!! 🤣🤣

    30. Simone Addo

      Damn ddg been in no drama today

    31. Major

      Also with Meg and Tory no matter the outcome we will never know the truth.. the court is solely based on what can and can’t be proved.. so it’s really depends on your lawyer.. Tory could be innocent and send to jail or he could walk free and be guilty. Point is we might never know the actual truth.. most of these cases end in a plea deal.. I’m sure Tory was to be completely exonerated.. no plea deal at all.. coz any type of deal idiot on social media will think he did it 🤦🏾‍♂️

      1. Major

        @Emmanuel Chenny but I definitely just want to hear from Kesley and the bodyguard

      2. Major

        @Emmanuel Chenny let’s see what happens. And witnesses can lie so cut it out

      3. Emmanuel Chenny

        There’s witnesses, they can’t lie under oath, the truth will definitely come out as well as the evidence

    32. flymingo the fittest

      They have nothing on tory smh the industry

    33. Major

      Bruh why are cardi tits news.. shawty was dancing butt baked back in the day.. video on the internet lol.. and why y’all tripping about Tory.. this is normal to cut contact during a case lol.. I can’t wait for the Tory and Meg shit to be over

    34. K love

      I think diamond was talking about t.o

    35. Tyrone Rogers

      Diamond could be talking about Nyree 🤷🏽‍♂️

    36. Bell Carson

      No mentions of DDG in this video, maybe I’m on the wrong channel 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️💯💯

      1. Bell Carson

        @Elijah Ussery 😂

      2. Elijah Ussery

        This might be shanay kiara

      3. Bell Carson

        @Jeremiah Artis are you sure bro?😂😂

      4. Jeremiah Artis

        Yea this kiara shanay right?

    37. Fuadbegreening-

      I’m pretty sure diamond was talking about nyree

      1. Kiara Shanay


    38. itzz_ wilson

      I think cardi posted that on purpose for some reasons

      1. Neverenuff Money

        Of course she did that's what happen when you feeling ya self lmao

      2. A. Anthony

        She def did it purposely. Gotta keep the ppl taking. She probably didn’t think ppl would be making fun of her nipples though 😂

      3. itzz_ wilson

        @Jekeira Jackson ig😂

      4. Jekeira Jackson

        itzz_ wilson ya “close friends” button is right next to it as well . Also, she was drunk . Never know

      5. Laquisha young

        @itzz_ wilson wow that’s so true

    39. Dirtbag Squad

      Juana for the streets next.

    40. Dirtbag Squad

      Cardi b for the old hag streets

    41. Dirtbag Squad

      Ladies is cardi b y’all rolled model lol

      1. Gabrielle

        @Dirtbag Squad why do you say that?

      2. Dirtbag Squad

        @Gabrielle u for the streets

      3. Gabrielle

        @MelinatedYoungMan how?

      4. MelinatedYoungMan

        @Gabrielle that’s a bad role model

      5. Gabrielle


    42. harrysticksYT


    43. Dirtbag Squad

      Cardi breast are trash lol,

    44. Kindly help me to reach 1K subs with No Video

      I pray everyone that sees this has a successful life

      1. Allen Naite


      2. Naya Baby


      3. Naya Baby

        Same to you ❤️

      4. Shizz Gaming Yt

        U too

      5. doubletapkay

        Successful people work hard but love the vibe



    46. lucyfromtheblock


    47. Bronny’s Plug

      DDG not in the title interesting

      1. KingDrissTV

        Damn I thought you was getting dat belt

      2. BrOsYT

        Strolled back 2 months to find something without ddg

      3. Sur Rotten

        I thought you was dead

      4. lucyfromtheblock

        probably the first time