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    0:00 - Intro
    0:20 - DDG Squad Think He Miss Kennedy
    8:11 - Lil Tjay & Ayleks Situation
    9:43 - Zo Shades Rubi Rose
    11:48 - Tory Lanez Has Been Charged

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    1. C C.

      Kennedy definitely don’t miss him. That toxic song should’ve been towards his relationship with Rubi cause Kennedy never put him through the shit he going through now.

    2. XxRoadRunna2zxX

      9:52 zo had me dead with that DRG shit lol😂😂

    3. Tameka Anderson

      Zo got me dead😭😭

    4. Latrice Mayo


    5. Latrice Mayo

      So she broke up with her baby daddy for him that b**** is dumb

    6. Lul Blacc

      Wait so if lala know Kennedy is lala the friend of Kennedys he seen naked from the song ?

    7. JAY

      Seven so fine 😂

    8. Sylvia Murray

      I know he miss Kennedy Cymone

    9. Marquis !

      Zoe funny asf😂😂😂😂

    10. Chelle Miller

      I think he might miss Kennedy’s friendship but I don’t think he want her back. I do wish he would be more careful with Rubi.

    11. Cassie Sandra

      I wish people would stop mentioning Kennedy. That girl boring and stuck up 😴. I love me some rubi

    12. Lykz Ghoul


    13. PinkyB

      But him and Kennedy was together

    14. Next Up


    15. Freddie Cruz

      If I was DDG I would miss Kennedy to she bad 🥰

    16. Yaqub Freeland

      And then she posted I had to delete the snippet of me and tjay do deal with it so executed

    17. I 369I

      Dead Kennedy is a band


      I love the time stamps, they set you apart.

    19. ISRAEL.

      Kennedy and DDG was goals just like YB and Jania was

    20. Jamari Wood

      everyone go watch ddg video where autumn did that I like you prank and go to 8:39 . DDG asks her what sate she from she says NC . Just go watch it

    21. Alex Reid

      I dont think he misses Kennedy. DDG loves to troll 🤣😭

    22. Jamari Wood

      yall dumb

    23. Breezii TV

      Don't like Seven

    24. Kayla Green

      Seven is following Kennedy, I think if they collab it would be🔥

    25. Nicole Graham

      Yes he’s trying to get her attention thru lala

    26. Nicole Graham

      How he know if it’s his🤷🏽‍♀️they like to troll y’all lol

    27. Jaynelle Delgado

      Why isn’t he w Kennedy??? 😩🥱

    28. Rxch JAY

      At this point I’m so done with DDG and rubi

    29. Escobar 2x

      I think he miss her he just don’t know it yet it’ll sink in they’ll get back together I’m calling it so this better be in the video when you tell us they got back together

    30. Gerad Nelson Jr

      Rubi not pregnant cuz she was just drinking and smoking on her bday

    31. nauticaboy25

      Thanks. I love the time Stamps

    32. Angelina Avalos

      DDG said he a rapper and off KGup. So stay off KGup 😂😂😂🥴

    33. Giovanni Noel

      Kennedy always gon be bae 😭😢. Rubi been for the streets, she got DDG looking extra crazy 🤦🏾‍♂️

    34. Shantik Miller

      Like He don’t wanna be associated with Kennedy like she was so bad . Like she out here dragging him .

    35. Diorr Marr

      Halloween for baby now Halloween only for little kids I'm grown now

    36. Roberty Jones

      Tjay just proves daily that he is the 🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐

    37. Roberty Jones

      I wish this nigga would just get back wit her

    38. Anise Westbrook

      KI IN THE HOUSE!!! 🔥🔥♥️♥️♥️

    39. jh1 25

      Isaiah 43:1-4 [1]But now thus saith the LORD that created thee, O Jacob, and he that formed thee, O Israel, Fear not: for I have redeemed thee, I have called thee by thy name; thou art mine. [2]When thou passest through the waters, I will be with thee; and through the rivers, they shall not overflow thee: when thou walkest through the fire, thou shalt not be burned; neither shall the flame kindle upon thee. [3]For I am the LORD thy God, the Holy One of Israel, thy Saviour: I gave Egypt for thy ransom, Ethiopia and Seba for thee. [4]Since thou wast precious in my sight, thou hast been honourable, and I have loved thee: therefore will I give men for thee, and people for thy life.

    40. 617 abc

      I used to think he missed Kennedy but I noticed he rlly didn’t


      I think Seven likes DDG

    42. EzohSZN

      NAHHHHH FREE TORY WTF. I SEE WHAT THEY DOING HERE. IF TORY DIDNT SAY MEGAN WAS LYING AND EXPOSED HER AND THE POPO SAYING THEY SETTING HIM UP THEN HE Wouldn't Have been charged. And this is where BLM comes in. Police setting niggas up and megan dont give a fuck. she just care about the money. like any other bitch would.

    43. Tee Tee

      Gotta love Zo 🥰

    44. King-Kes!

      U lot reaching with that shirt 😂

    45. King-Kes!

      Who cares if he misses her. Don’t u lot get it by now he can’t be with her and she’s not even a good match for him anymore. Like cmon 🙄😩

    46. Random Empire

      It's not impossible to still love someone a year later, when the person was an amazing person, you will still want to know what could have been if you didn't do what you've done to cause the break up, they have videos together, so it's not a memory he can erase in months cos Kennedy has an amazing personality and is super beautiful and matured, he finding it hard to match her energy with the women he has encounters with. So he has his guard up, cos he still has the feels for Kennedy. If he lost feelings for Kennedy he would have been moved on but he still hoping, + when someone mentions Kennedy his whole energy change and + they would have been friends if there was 0 feelings. Did yall see Kennedy!!! Any man that lost her would be confused for years 😅

      1. Ezzy Sport TV

        Big cap,ddg already moved on

    47. Media Corner20

      So if you all watched Seven's video and was paying attention, while she was talking about Kennedy DDG said he didn't care and pointed to his shirt that say "Dead Kennedy's", meaning she is dead to him. That man has moved on, Rubi has him gone, Kennedy don't have a chance.

      1. Media Corner20

        @Yousaidwhatnow Look ignoramus. Time stamp 11:38 and since you can't seem to comprehend nor decipher simple expressions, I'll explain it to you. He says "Just don't bring my name up" points at his shirt, seven laughs says " It's the shirt for me." Do you understand, what that means? " Dead to him." Grow up!!

      2. Yousaidwhatnow

        @Media Corner20 ummm...i think you the one that made a stupid azz comment insinuating that she was dead to him. Now someone speaks facts, now it doing to much. oh please

      3. Media Corner20

        @Yousaidwhatnow Are you Kennedy's mama or something? Cause you need mental help if you're not. You're going way to hard debating over some people you know absolutely nothing about. Seek help and hella medication.

      4. Media Corner20

        @Yousaidwhatnow You're way too invested in those people's lives, child do ya have a man?

      5. Yousaidwhatnow

        @Media Corner20 lmao....yeah of course it ain't now, after i said what i said

    48. 4k Studios

      Free Tory🙏🏾He ain’t shoot that mAn

    49. Chris Jackson

      It’s a band

    50. aj hudson

      Yes he miss Kennedy bc no matter what cnt no dude in the industry say they had Kennedy and for any man peace of mind is priceless

    51. Ashley Life

      Ayleks just want some clout sense music not working out........

    52. Aaron YT

      This Zoie guy a weirdo.

    53. Giovanni

      Rubi would have to go to the Maury show to find out who the baby daddy is.

    54. Joey_ Breezy

      tjay stay pulling thots

    55. Sherrie Austin

      I don't feel that DDG and RUBI, We're never really together., I feel that it's all MAKE BELIEVE, To get the AUDIENCE ATTENTION, For HIGHER RATINGS. That's what YOU TUBER , DOES BEST. They give you what YOU want to see. Or what YOU are looking for. The More interested views 😳that They get. The HIGHER ,Their Pay 💰💰💰is., That's why I have learned not to get SO OVERWHELMED AND INVOLVED in what They got going on in the YOU TUBER WORLD. Because You really DON'T KNOW., WHAT'S REAL/ & /WHAT'S NOT, Therefore it's Best NOT to concern Yourself So deeply with there , Personal life. Just Substribe, Watch , Commit down below, And Enjoy the show🍿🍔🍟🍺,

    56. Shaquane Newell

      No cap but Kennedy had my nigga ddg happy asf I miss her

    57. Lulu Nzama

      Tell me why Rubi tweeted that she needs a freak ,she doesnt fall short of ways to embarass him

      1. Lulu Nzama

        @Ashley York I get u i wonder wat they get out of this and wat ddg likes when she say stuff like this

      2. Ashley York

        Rubi and DDG are attention seekers. They know people are watching, it's just that Rubi typically say things that embarrass DDG 😂😂 but they'll be together for his birthday.

      3. Lulu Nzama

        @droid Astros but why do this to him ,why tweet this when she has him and also she said she has multiple sex partners dats so wrong for a person who is in a relationship

    58. Prince GD

      I think Rubi and DDG trolling and not really a couple. Zoe just made me forget what I was about to say 💀

    59. Royalty Recreationz by Alicia

      I dnt think zoe seen rubi video doe lol its free on youtube lol

    60. YoBoy SPADE

      He don't 'miss her' cause if he wanted her, he could have her. They never ended on 'bad' terms. They had an agreement and understanding as to why they not together. They BOTH know what they're doing...

      1. Kayla Green

        Kennedy was the one that left him

      2. Ashley Oliver

        No, he can’t have her. She cut him off. DDG is still frustrated with the whole thing that’s why he still manages to bring her up. Trust me when you are happy in a new relationship your whole life improves, you want the world to see you smile, at your best, that’s what love does.

    61. YoBoy SPADE

      He knows that shirt is an 'attention getter' and that's why he wore it.

    62. King Frost

      To make a life mean don’t set your life up to not actually enjoy it if u buy a mansion and a fast car but never live in it or drive it you haven’t really lived u just made a. Living

    63. Miss K

      People be reaching lol 😂 him and Kennedy were a vibe together but they both moved on from each other its been a nearly a year now....

    64. Exile 2k

      We all know that nobody DM’s you stop lying and saying you’re getting DM’s of ppl telling you he’s wearing Kennedy’s shirt🤣🤣🤣🤣

    65. purple rain

      RUBI GOT DDG ON LOCK HIGH KEY. He was explaining himself for Rubi. Poor Kennedy, I know she can't wait til her name isn't mentioned with his anymore. Rubi isn't likeable at all, her music is likable. I'm wondering if DDG keeps her around cause he's lonely or he need the plug (maybe both) Personality she seems insecure, fake, shallow and simple. She's almost complete opposite of Kennedy. That also makes me think that DDG wanted to see what it's like to be with a girl like her...they break up ALOT for a new couple but this can last for years.

    66. Lesean93

      It's been a year now and his "squad" still bringing up his ex...

    67. Kevin

      Im waitin for all the #free tory

    68. Legit69

      noooo ddg is sprung on rubi kennedy is in the pasttt

    69. Michelle Alexandria

      Rubi hella smart for onlyfan tea.... it’s a business MOVE

    70. Bhaaddbri

      Bro rubi has that man under a spell Caz kennedy never had him looking like clown like rubi do

    71. Shonya Kalvin

      he made thotiana and toxic and I think it’s over..... he really into Rubi he fell for her they dated from April - October he just wore the shirt for shock effect cause he a genus in getting attention.

    72. Tatiyana Niyel

      Let my good sis Kennedy LIVE!! Y’all do too much 🙄 She is minding her business staying out the way.

    73. Searra Brittany

      He just living life he ain’t met his real forever woman yet

    74. The Messenger

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      1. Treat.

        Thank you Jesus for new mercy EVERY MORNING ‘YOU’ wake me up . We must believe in his word ,walk in faith.

    75. Evie

      I like ZOE

    76. DONO J

      I needed that Zo clip 🤣🤣 that shit just made my day😂😂

    77. Ashley Oliver

      Leave Kennedy alone. The girl does her best to not show you her life but y’all won’t let her be. If she wanted to be talked about, she would show you her life like everyone does online for clout. She was at Lil baby girlfriend birthday in Atlanta and she didn’t show shit to anyone. She was around celebrities, rappers and people in the industry and she kept it quiet, people found her on other people’s stories. LEAVE HER ALONE!

    78. Evie

      RUBI got the game FUCKED UP seven and ddg gonna get that money RUBI only jealous because she can't trust her self so she think ddg gonna do her wrong but she the player

    79. Life w/ Tati

      No I don’t think he miss Kennedy but he was such a vibe, good skin & his smile was genuine when he was with her 😩

      1. King Frost

        @Tatiyana Niyel yea not Ailey he still mentioned her

      2. King Frost

        @Tatiyana Niyel he stated in the song that “he still fw Kennedy” is there another Kennedy he knows?

      3. XxRoadRunna2zxX

        He seemed truly happy with her this rubi shit feel fake asf like im being played

      4. Tatiyana Niyel

        @King Frost 13 was not about her. He mentioned her but it was not about her. Arguments 1 and 2 don’t count they were together which was definitely about her. Toxic this really the only legit one. He don’t have 6 songs about her. I’ll give you 3 but anyways that is his experience they were together for like 3 years. He might have mentioned her but the song is not solely about her.

      5. King Frost

        @Mikayla Hall when u less stressed your skin clears up and glows a bit

    80. AlmightyRico

      Shit I miss Kennedy

    81. Mja5y Don

      He making videos about Rubi and getting paid but when she want to get paid too its a problem

    82. Crxzyz

      Tjay slanging meat

    83. DSCORNER


      1. Quoyah Carballo


      2. Tee Tee

        Muah 😘 #Kenkilla

      3. Justin Quick

        Her voice ain’t even that bad

    84. khal

      Dead Kennedys are a rock band en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dead_Kennedys DDG was just rocking a supreme tee with a rock band in it

    85. Quanell Lewis

      Ddg do miss her

    86. CASHBWOY

      🤦🏼‍♂️ how you only got 2000 subs

    87. Luwam Hail

      It’s over for lala 🤣

    88. Zooted Effect

      Who don’t miss Kennedy 🤦🏾‍♂️

      1. Zooted Effect

        Rianna Stewart u don’t miss her?

      2. Rianna Stewart

        I do tf

      3. Ashley York

        Well tell your friends to stop mentioning her

      4. Challa Promotions

        No one

      5. Jayyy Janae

        Right 🥺

    89. Nytellem

      I think Zoe jus another hater of DDG, I believe he code hardly don’t like DDG.

    90. Kindly help me to reach 1K subs with No Video

      I hope everyone who’ sees this has a successful life.

    91. Jordan Jones

      DDG rubi don’t even claim u stfu😂

    92. Tevin

      Wow ah nigga can't were a shirt in peace

    93. Maya Grace

      When you record these videos do you be doing it with like Hella saliva in your mouth or something

    94. Logan

      Zoe gay asab

    95. Lulu Nzama

      Is anyone ever going to talk about Rubi saying she is promiscuous cos thats the point of departure for me its my first time hearing a human admitting it

    96. MelinatedYoungMan

      he def miss tha girl when he posted i miss kenmedy then deleted it

      1. Go_Smd

        Plug Walk idk if it’s true or not but if you look at one of drama plugs video a few weeks ago they showed it over there. I forgot what video it was though.

      2. Plug Walk

        When he post that

    97. BucketFam Sah

      Next Week Tory will be freed as he would not be convicted mock my words 👀

    98. Heaven Holmes

      I hope he dont have no baby with rubi 💀

    99. Joselyn Zamudio

      I think ddg cheated on Kennedy with rubi cuz lala said if yall know how the met like they was in a messy situation when they got together?🤔🤔🤔🤔

      1. Plug Walk

        Possibly but I just think ddg cheated period the way Kennedy gives ddg the cold shoulder


      Aint no dressing up 4 halloween the rona still outchea 😂