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    0:00 - Intro
    0:21 - Ken’s Sidechick Hubby Spills Tea
    6:44 - DDG Vows To Thottery

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    1. Jekeira Jackson

      But how do he know what they were doing before that day if he made it clear they were separated 🥴

    2. nijhelle maxwell

      The Morgan girl is a big clout chaser... BIG.. please dont make her famous off of infidelity. She has 0 TALENT so do not make her famous. We already got mad dumb influencers/ models already.

    3. Jada Eliece

      DDG has invested in demonic soul ties. He brags about Demon time so idk why y’all are surprised.

    4. Nola Henry

      Do a part 2!!

    5. Thanos

      I’m sorry but I’m unsubscribing not because the content isn’t good it’s great but because my ex put me on to ur channel and every time I see u post it just reminds me of her so I wish U n ur Channel great success thanos out

    6. Summer Valentine

      Rubi too grown for DDG. Like ddg still a kid. He’s mad annoying

    7. Summer Valentine

      DDG annoying to me. He not allat AT ALL. I hate the f hype

    8. Setera Lockley

      First of alll.... Morgan husband is fwiiinnee

    9. Tribe Vibes

      I loooove Mr & Mrs Rose🌹🌹🌹

    10. Alyssa Ambere'

      Her boyfriend look better than ken🤦🏽‍♀️

    11. Lucia M

      They just met that night slash......😂😂 girl you messy

    12. Anise Westbrook


    13. Montrell Warner

      Im just now starting youtube.. I drop a video every sunday! I do vlogs, pranks, muhkbangs, and anything recommended. If you want to be an awesome person lol go SUBSCRIBE for your boy! @Warn a bro films

    14. Major

      Elijah dude a sucker.. he just looking for clout.. shawty dm celebs and u still tryna work it out lol

    15. Beyond Real

      It seems like kiara sign a contract with ddg, every thumbnail he's in and she seem to find something to talk about pertaining to him at all times

    16. Andre’s Life Story

      I believe ken and them plan all of this

    17. Mimi Keandra

      Its obvious Ken knew her for a minute. They were so comfortable with eachother and he rubbed all over her butt and she allowed it. Strangers don’t interact like that.


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    19. Shehehe Shehevs


    20. llII

      Ddg really like that he smashed all the girl on KGup 😂😂😂

    21. niqniq76

      That tweet about I got niggas and you got bitches is a song featuring Drake she just threw a twist to it. Yea they toxic af. Im pretty sure its just a sex thing that keeps them coming back.

    22. Shay P

      long story short DDG and Rubi know drama sells if both just shut up no one will be tuned in to them or the music and Elijah using this opportunity to come up , but the sad part is in two weeks no one will care about who he is the same with his wife no one will care it'll be a new scandal with someone else in the KGup world and people will be talking about that. No one outside of KGup is talking about any of these , as in real celebrities .

    23. 4beta8

      Ddg is good at what he does externally, but internally he's lost. He lacks self love, and that's why he thinks another person can fill that void for him. Had he just taken time out to discover himself after he broke up with Kennedy, he would be much stronger today while attracting the right kind of company.

    24. Sha’ Keira

      I feel the whole dearra and ken was a set up from the jump , she knew what she was doing (even tho they both was In the wrong) she been out to get ken and he prolly was in on it to make his career boost ! 🙄 this world it’s sad!

      1. Carrie Bradshaw

        Right because all of a sudden they are both doing interviews

    25. Single Tish

      Girl morgan wants to be famous

    26. Alison Lozano

      Lots of humans choose to stay after a cheating incident. Men and women do it.

      1. Go_Smd

        Especially these famous or influences be doing it’s like they don’t care if they get cheated on.

    27. Just vibes Trè

      Nah DDG ah silent Assassin

    28. Aaron YT

      DDG must have someone in LV cause he be going there so many times

      1. Designer the Don

        Naw he likes to go to the casino. Clark, dub, chino and all of them are out there now too with. Plus his older sister lives in Vegas as well

      2. Denise D. Stone

        @Aaron YT who wants that type of attention to be constantly be getting disrespected by your girl and laughed at for the world too see 🤷‍♀️ ddg could of stay on KGup to get all the attention he need from his fans if that's the case.

      3. Aaron YT

        @Denise D. Stone attention my friend. It’s attention

      4. Denise D. Stone

        I don't think he has someone in las Vegas if he did why make so much fuss about his so called relationships with rubi it's his escape from the craziness.

    29. Traveine Burton

      Fire content


      DDG is clearly tryna hit billboards an really prove he has wat it takes to be that rapper ...shoutout DDG.... #DDGSQUAD !!

    31. misgana mengesha


    32. Craig Thomas

      Whether you're a player or a square every man has a little dog in him. Its just a matter of whether you're able to control the dog in you from coming out.

    33. BJ Turner

      I feel like anybody will cheat with the right person

    34. Lil Bii

      Part 2

    35. YoBoy SPADE

      I'm sitting here tryna tell y'all Rubi Is For The STREETZ...and the sad thing about it is SHE KNOWS she's for the 'streetz' and she got all y'all wondering who, what, when, and i WHY...🤦🏿‍♂️

    36. Harry Kane

      He cap if y’all separated how you know... he talking too much now

      1. Nunie Doesit

        That’s what I said if they separated why he coming out like if she cheated

    37. CantTouchMySwaggaa

      Part 2🤩

    38. The mean friend.

      I mean who cares DDG can do what he wants. If he starts a onlyfans on Tyga ish he is allowed to do so. And Rubi can tweet whatever she wants. Thanks

    39. Poca Latte

      Anybody that pays attention to DDG’s lyrics knows that he’s a freak nasty. Just listen to his Red Light feature. I wouldn’t be surprised about an Only Fans. I don’t believe he’ll actually go that far on camera though. Look how long it took him to smoke on camera🤷🏽‍♀️

      1. The Writer Chick

        Yeah he’s nasty 😝

      2. Poca Latte

        @Nella Jionna 💯

      3. Nella Jionna

        Lol this is sooo true! I don’t know if you remember the colab he and KenKen did with Queen and Clare? He and Ken were the most nasty from that challenge He’s just smooth with it 🤷🏾‍♀️💀💀💀🤣🤣🤣

    40. JBreezy51

      DDG just dating Rubi so that he can be perceived more of a rapper. As time goes on and if he gets bigger, he’ll leave her asap. Since he’s been on this rap journey, he’s become a whole different person and is faking like he’s living a rapper lifestyle know just a year and a half ago he wasn’t showing guns on social media or nothing like that.

      1. JBreezy51

        @Marian Barkerthat means you’re a weirdo for defending someone that doesn’t know you exist

      2. Marian Barker

        @JBreezy51 yes it does your invested in his life he don’t give 2 fucks what you think

      3. JBreezy51

        @Marian Barker I forgot telling the truth makes you a weirdo

      4. Marian Barker

        Live your life and stop worrying about about his he’s a grown man weirdo

    41. Dirtbag Squad

      Ddg should slide in derra dm, that bea lit relationship lol.

      1. AarxnDuzIt

        She’d drive him crazy 😂plus she in atl so Idk how that’d work

      2. Go_Smd

        Derra still gonna be with Ken

      3. Sonderson

        @Wild Avenue sad

      4. Wild Avenue

        He likes his girls light and bright...

      5. Petite Larceny

        That's some boss ish right there

    42. billy bill

      Why is ddg sounding corny af sometimes

    43. Chris Bailey

      they trolling for streams smart

      1. Emmanuel Chenny

        No it aint , tweeting about your relationship problems isn’t gonna make ppl wanna run and listen to ur music.

    44. BLE Jay

      Yo kiara u forgot to say slash entanglement 😂😂

    45. Life with Aaryn

      Yeah ddg not about that life, he wouldn’t do nothing like that

    46. Jae DAE

      Hate to bring up the past but when he be on the Internet taking bout he miss his “b!tch” he never woulda tried that ish with kennedy because he know she wasn’t going for that but rubi obviously is ok with niggas calling her stuff like that just doesn’t sound respectful no matter what you say ..ain’t no way Chile

    47. Jae DAE

      Idk it just seem like ddg doesn’t have much respect for rubi and she clearly enjoys being disrespected..and he does too...because why would you keep going back to somebody who talks about you like this on the Internet everytime they get upset with you ..she maybe pretty but her self esteem seems to be low

      1. Kayla Green

        First of all if rubi doesn’t respect herself and her body nobody will...and a don’t see how Ddg is the only one disrespectful to rubi they both doing it

      2. YoBoy SPADE

        Respect For RUBI?? smdh See, this is a prime example of how the stories VS the male always gets turned around....🤦🏿‍♂️

      3. Designer the Don

        Ddg definitely got respect for Rubi and has went out his way and saying he love her and that she’s a very nice girl and always complements her personality. But he’s said recently he’s an emotional n*gga which can be seen in some of his tweets obviously. Rubi has said she goes back because she’s comfortable with him and would rather work towards growing as a couple than starting over with someone new pretty much

      4. Sym Taylor

        Don't act she haven't done him dirty and disrespect him as well.

    48. Flyku & Princess Gloria

      Literally 99% won't care but God bless you and be safe during these times I'm struggling to get to 5k 😌

      1. Flourish Adebayo Omotola

        Emotional pandering

      2. Vyzn

        @Tazzz lmao

      3. Tazzz

        You right we don't care you just wants likes 😂

    49. Ashley York

      I get the wife is wrong but don't talk down about the mother in front of the child 💔

      1. Ashley York

        @BeautyByTeyah She's definitely old enough

      2. BeautyByTeyah

        she cant even understand what he sayin😭 nd he just answered questions

    50. Ashley York

      Rubi & DDG are attention seekers, all of this is for clout! Trust me. Goodnight! ✨

    51. Dirtbag Squad

      They dragging ddg on shaderoom lol, they don’t know him lol, at least he level up on bias shaderoom teen to feminist shaderoom lol

      1. Go_Smd

        That’s his fault though he clearly asking for attention since he wanna put everything out on public and loves to run on Twitter rants. He loves publicity don’t get twisted

    52. Michelle Michelle

      Grown people can’t be that silly DDG and Rubi trolling for streams. Moonwalking in Calabasas still going up

      1. Sinickas Davis

        Like the song and DDG

      2. Emmanuel Chenny

        Y’all thinking tweeting about a break up is gonna make ppl wanna listen to their music more ? That makes no sense. If the music is good enough it will speak for itself

      3. Fred P

        @Kelvin Wilson what vid

    53. Sym Taylor

      Give it 2/3 business days they going to be ight. She was just simoing talking about he the only N' she wants. Them earings look nice too 👀.😂😂😂

      1. Aaliyah Williams

        @Kelvin Wilson child why u keep sayin that’s why he mad 😂😂😂 Ik he don’t care about that 😂😂

      2. Elijah Ussery

        Designer the Don the baby tweet was not the only one I read lol I also tried to find ddg in the book and I did

      3. Sym Taylor

        @Designer the Don DDG been wants to put a baby in her goofy behind. My boy been ready to slide in with no jimmy. 😂😂😂

      4. Designer the Don

        @Sym Taylor click the link, she liked the tweet recently though

      5. Sym Taylor

        @Designer the Don You need to tell me, don't got twitter. I just see them tweets on FP!.

    54. Dirtbag Squad

      Yes ddg u are toxic lol. U the problem I peep ish lol

      1. Soon 2B Certified


      2. Go_Smd

        I’m about to slap tf out of you, make up your mind god dam one day you like him then the next day you don’t. You are just like rubi & ddg relationship you on and off

    55. Dirtbag Squad

      Ddg flossing soooooopop hard on the gram, music, and ig. Ddg is empty inside sollumati is sooooo right a damn lost bot 🤖.

      1. Sheila Tabengwa

        And how is this any of ur concern sir?🤨

    56. Dirtbag Squad

      Ken side chick should of caught ddg, cause he’s all the way F up. Moral of the story money don’t make u happy.

    57. Dirtbag Squad

      Note to self don’t let your kids end up like ddg.

      1. Sheila Tabengwa

        @Dirtbag Squad she is inlove with tht boiii its clear as day. Her last tweet and the earrings speak volumes my guy. Go on twitter and see the comment she liked and then tell me if she not inlove🙄

      2. Sheila Tabengwa

        Shiii they better be like him tf. Simp or not they better be valedictorian and rich as shit

      3. Laay 2Federaal


      4. Laay 2Federaal

        @Ray Kim YOU LIKE WHO U LIKE IG

      5. Ray Kim

        @Laay 2Federaal If so, rarely. And certainly not for this type of chick.

    58. Dirtbag Squad

      Ddg is as super female tendency, why u keep going back. It’s obvious she don’t want u,plus u never claim her so why she wants u after this.

      1. Aaliyah Williams

        She don’t want him tho 😂😂😂😩

      2. Elijah Ussery

        Laay 2Federaal ikr he did but just often

      3. Laay 2Federaal

        huh... he did claim her

    59. Dirtbag Squad

      Don’t be a simp u might end up like ddg.

      1. Sheila Tabengwa

        Shiiii I'd rather be a rich simp tf u mean🤦‍♀️

      2. kso

        Rich and successful, sign me up on folksnem

      3. Dirtbag Squad

        @Kailynn Love ok watch my channel on dearra and ken being shady lol

      4. Kailynn Love

        Shit up if you don't like him get off why are you watching him

    60. Dirtbag Squad

      Lesson money is not everything, clearly ddg is an example of that.

      1. Smh

        Money ain’t shit

      2. Kay funmi

        Bro bought a rolls Royce, lost Kennedy, then he buys a lambo truck, and lost rubi. How you have all this wealth n still losing women? 💀😂

    61. Designer the Don

      Simp Rubi in the chat 😂. She posted a video wearing the diamond earrings ddg bought her tonight too. They toxic obviously but the love is definitely there. I wonder why both tweeted about vlogging today, makes me think they trolling but whatever 😂, you know how they be

      1. Go_Smd

        @D Price are you dumb? She was showing off her Rolex too that she bought, go look for yourself

      2. D Price

        @Go_Smd it was only the earings

      3. Go_Smd

        @D Price she also zoomed in on her Rolex that’s what FEMALES DO WHEN THEY GET READY. You guys reaching abt the earings part literally all females show off what they wear especially when it’s something expensive and especially when they get ready for a music video

      4. Petty Wap

        They’re both pathetic at this point

      5. D Price

        @Go_Smd nah she purposely zoomed in and put those lyrics. And just look at her Twitter

    62. It's memecozzer


    63. It's memecozzer

      Early !!

    64. angie p

      Smh them soul ties got ddg and rubi STUCK...

      1. 4beta8

        Demonic ties to be exact.

      2. Shon Gorgeous


      3. Aaliyah Williams

        @Kelvin Wilson boy I’m pretty sure he did not gaf about that 😂😂

      4. angie p

        @Kelvin Wilson that was for a music video and they didn't kiss

      5. Isaiah Hyndman

        @Kelvin Wilson when ???

    65. Aaliyah Williams

      She know she can’t get enough of Ddg no matter what 😩😂 people think it’s Ddg no it’s rubi 😂😂💓 I’m here for it tho they just needa stay lowkeyyyyy‼️ or stop bring they problems to social media

      1. Aaliyah Williams

        @Kelvin Wilson nigga😂😂😂

      2. Designer the Don

        @Kelvin Wilson that sound stupid as hell... no lol

      3. Ray Kim

        @Designer the Don It's what he does best what do you expect

      4. Designer the Don

        Ddg got to stop bringing every problem to the internet

    66. Laay 2Federaal

      i told myself not to watch tea pages today but... here i am damn i cant get a break

      1. Plug Walk

        That's because KGup is dead, tea pages are keeping shit alive

    67. Jordan12

      Facebook my nigga

    68. Trey Von

      I will collab with kiera shaney. I will speak it into experience!!! Like so it happen

      1. Plug Walk


    69. Trey Von

      He the best youtube and best rapper

      1. L3 Hush


      2. Demised


    70. Trey Von

      Ddg the next tupac. Number dont lie look it up🔥🔥🔥

      1. Go_Smd


      2. -Isa Urameshi-

        @JBreezy51 Fr like wtf😂

      3. JBreezy51

        😂😂😂😂 I guess Jake Paul and Rice Gum is too. Numbers don’t lie look it up 🔥🔥🔥

    71. Trey Von

      Ddg not even a thot

      1. Laay 2Federaal


    72. Katlego Maakamedi

      Y’all today is crazy today’s news 😂

    73. Dj Sims


    74. Joseph vernon

      She d best

    75. VHS Kara

      I clicked on this video so mf fast😭.