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    0:00 - Intro
    0:21 - Flight Exposed His BM
    6:47 - DDG & Emaza @ Queen's Party
    10:04 - Jania Meshell + YB
    11:27 - Summer Walker Throws Shade @ Queen Naija

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    1. L3gendary Z

      Summer had no right saying stuff like that! Whenever London buys her Jewelry and stuff she shows them off! Let Queen have a time! Dangg

    2. Unruly2k

      Real shit do you got a crush on ddg real shit be honest

    3. Boutabag

      Emaza make music or sum???

    4. John to lit

      Man she ain’t go paint balling at 4 months😂

      1. Kiara Shanay


    5. John Ward

      Emaza the reason Kennedy left

      1. Kiara Shanay


    6. TommiLynn Tv

      I though Emaza had a bf 😂😂

    7. Micah Ivey

      The song title she ain’t me and DDG ft it hmmm am I thinking to hard abt it, is it a coincidence or what ?

    8. ACE 7TM

      She good ppl DDG shoulda been bagged that 💯

    9. Addicted To Giggles

      It’s a hicky

    10. Caprice Lenise

      I always thought ddg should’ve chose emaza in 2017

    11. Smiley Rama

      DDG getting chicks left and right 😀😀

    12. Shadow{Leader of Sega Squad}

      Janet reminds me of nyree

    13. KoolKing Femi

      its best that Flight just lets Janet go I always knew he could do better than her lol SMH its like he settled for her. But.. Real Alpha Kings don't never settle.

    14. Mr Fugazy

      Imagine tryna say Flight got std’s , if he really had some form of a std, wouldnt his ex’s for example ti and ari have said sum?


      Janet full of shit man 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😭BYE

    16. kvnd Tv

      Why is DDG posing w guns 😑

    17. SJ Nation

      jamet how he give you std's twice if you have it you have it you cant get rid of it and get it again..... do research

    18. TeRriZoNaa

      Wtf didn’t you have less then 100k subs like a month ago? Or am I tripping 😂😂

      1. Kiara Shanay


    19. The Writer Chick

      Emaza just needs to leave DDG alone! He only wanna see what her Kitty 🐈 hitten on anyway.. I'm with Rubi on this, why u gon give this girl your coat nawl she had a jacket around her waist she could've used smh. What happened to Emaza's so call boyfriend??

    20. Bethannie Shields

      Atlanta was cool and what she was wearing that make it worse so ddg let she wear is coat that a gentleman

    21. Adaline Marshal

      Is her name spelt "Emaja" or "EmaZa"? Pronounce it the way it is spelt.

    22. Lisa


    23. Ndey Jagne

      I dont care you dont talk shit about your baby's mom on the internet for everyone, including the chlid to see when their older. She's pregnant and it's not smart to add stress to her life

    24. Rasclart

      She looks good in that picture

    25. Matthew Richardson

      Is ddg videos even entertaining

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    27. Karlo Drippin

      If you get shot in your neck with a paint ball you definitely gone need the hospital

    28. G Propho Loading

      Solluminati was tryna warn flight all jokes aside... smh im praying for bro flight fr

    29. Ash Project

      I just feel sorry for the baby. They’re both messed up! She’s been f’d up from jump and flight has anger issues. I wish people who can’t even commit to each other would at least wrap it up. I don’t think that any business would allow a pregnant woman to participate in paintball. Too much liability... I doubt it.

    30. Hannibal730

      Se couldn t wear that bikini top in iHop.

    31. Suava jac


    32. Marcus Johnson

      It’s a hickey the bruises from paintball don’t look like tht and they don’t be there for tht long💯

    33. The Tyrie

      Bro need to stop being a simp I’m starting to think rubi threatening ddg to stay with her 🤣 she crazy Asf.

    34. Phil Rockwell

      My favorite news Girl.

    35. Lewieee !

      Lmaooo letting another guy inside u while u pregnant baring a child LOL is doing you haha


      DDG know he ain't a killa with that gun in his hand lmaoo

    37. Paige Price


    38. Nytellem

      And this is why there is RULES to how you carry yourself before and when you end up in a relationship!!! Marriage before sex, Be friends before getting into a relationship, respect your body and don’t dress like a thot so you don’t attract the wrong men with the wrong intentions, etc etc. but people don’t listen and end up in these fucked up situations. Shawty got a baby and end up with a hickey mark from....Paintballing? I pray if I have kids they make the right choices. Smh.

    39. Nella Jionna

      These young bulls don’t listen 🤦🏾‍♀️ the lust is stronger these days 🙄 the girls are trapping these boys 🥴

    40. Chris H

      And she sound like a straight bird

    41. Justin rorie

      She might’ve just been cold , but they definitely fw eachother

    42. Justin rorie

      She got a damn hickey she for da streets

    43. Justin rorie


    44. KpTheG

      Flight should’ve kept this off the internet. His kid will see that when she gets older & it’s not a good look.

    45. Eclipse. TCS

      The name of the song "she ain't me" shots at rubi maybe💀💀💀😂

    46. Abdallah Moh Elshikh

      So DDG and Kennedy were not both at Queens party😐

    47. YoBoy SPADE

      That's Flight's fault! You think that you just gon keep f*cking a b*tch in LA anytime you get ready and she not WANT/EXPECT something MORE from yo aghsss...?? That ain't how it's going down 'playa'! It's 2020 n*gga...

    48. Azariah

      Maybe it’s just a friend having a jacket over

    49. YoBoy SPADE

      He betta stop smoking dem 'tweeds' so much and get his sh*t together when it comes to REALITY...😳

    50. YoBoy SPADE

      Flight a good dude but i think he's been in enough relationships now to know BETTER! He should know by now the type of female he should be with. I could get deeper on this channel but this is a female's channel....

    51. YoBoy SPADE

      I've been following Flight even before DDG and him and that Asian girl been f*cking for HELLA months! He would occasionally throw her in the videos but i can tell a 'rat' when i see one. She always acted as if she just came from another dude house and she NEVER pressured him to be with him. She was always happy and CONTENT with their "situationship" which further let's me know who tF she was and what she do....

    52. Alpha Dub

      He need to be with emaza she seem cool asf rubi is a sleezy

    53. Pig Da Coolest

      Ddg up 2 points in the psychological war against Ruby lol. They so toxic

    54. Sandi C

      She’s wack

    55. Destinee Roberts

      It didn’t ring a bell because they put Clarence name in it 😂 she was not talking about that woman though that’s a big reach. If you follow her you’d know This a normal post for her page.

    56. Mimi Keandra

      I feel like DDG and Emaza should give eachother a chance. Instead he chose toxic ass Rubi

    57. Jasmine Marcella

      😂😂😂 shawty had a lil animosity towards Moo in that video! Sis def feeling him.

    58. AFRO KID

      i hope flight get to this video

    59. All Ears

      😂😂😂 thats wat flight get should of got him self a Blk queen

    60. Costo George

      Damn my dawg ddg dont catch a break smh

    61. Tar2185

      The issue is that Flight got a female pregnant that he doesn’t have any future with. I can’t pray for Flight for making that mistake, but I can pray for that baby for the bull shit that she will be born into

    62. Mark Joesph

      But flight doesn't have no muscles😭😭

    63. Ice Mike

      I know too much about this man life, I remember back in 2017 when he tricked her for a kiss while he was tryna get wit Jilly. I shouldn’t know this 😭

      1. Ice Mike

        @Kiara Shanay I knoooooowwww 🤦🏾‍♂️😭 man I should not know this!!!

      2. Kiara Shanay

        She tricked him for a kiss too 🤭

    64. Anise Westbrook


    65. Quest Keys

      Queen is a KGup artist to her she probably don’t even pay no attention to y’all seen videos of summer she awkward around people and new people that was just one of them industry pictures queen probably said I love your music can we get a picture

    66. Cryy FN

      We always going to ride for flight

    67. Baby Yoda


    68. KingWavyYT

      They don’t allow pregnant girls to paintball shoot

    69. KSG Clapz FN

      how can you get a dna test want the kid not born?

    70. Charlene Coleman

      and he don't even claim her 🙄😒💀😑😐 why would you get her pregnant and you seen the red flagsssss before all of thissssss that is crazyyyyyyyy dudeeeee men ya"ll need to be more careful who ya"ll lay down with or sleep with because ya"ll don't know who and what type of spiritssssss these ppl have in them 4reallllllllll no capppppp PERIODTTTTTT on that!

    71. Alison Lozano

      Ever meet a person and think who are you parents...these young people are bringing humans into this world off one nights stands and buss downs. Get yo life

    72. Traumatixe

      Wait flight giving out STD’s?

    73. Shady Playz

      Kiara Summarized tf outta flight story lol 😂 she turned a 40 min story to a 4 min story

      1. Kiara Shanay

        😁 I know ya’ll got other things to do.

    74. Otismckenzie36

      Flight stupid asf, shorties been trying to trap him that’s why they say don’t jump in everyone pot... i pray he is able to dub her but flight stupid, summer needs to sit her “oh i can’t go perform in front of a lot of people ass up” she need to worry about her damn self and leave people alone.

    75. Angel Alvarado -_-

      Lmao letting a friend wear your jacket then just going out to eat with the boys and your friends friend to is sus enough to make ppl speculate they dating... tuff no wonder why DDG tweeted that

    76. Jacob

      when shit get aired out why do SOME females go straight to “oh he gave me std’s” 😂😂

    77. Joseph Cain

      if i remember correctly...this girl that’s flights bm...ain’t she the crazy girl that wanted to fight that youtube girl that got a crush on flight?? 😂😂...i’m not gonna believe much that comes out of her mouth about flight...

    78. Aaron YT

      I knew DDG and Emaza would mess with each other

    79. Anthony silva power squad

      Emaza look better than robi rose

      1. llII


      2. Justin Quick


    80. Carlos Smith

      All I gotta say is DDG should just take note from flights situation

    81. Lesean93

      We all know DDG is doing that to troll! He knows that his fans go crazy about every single female in his life 😂

    82. Ashley York

      If that was DDG's jacket, Emaza did a "pick me" move! Like girl, you didn't have to use that caption.

    83. OT TV

      Get rubi outta here, emaza for the W

    84. Shyne TV

      That’s so cap she kno that’s not a paintball mark and she tryna hide the marks a little bit too 😭 aint jackin it

    85. Michael Murillo

      tbh i ship them hard

    86. watch tv

      Damn shorty pulled out the paintball shooting range.. she was like this gon work🤣🤣🤣🤣🤰🏻🔫😩

    87. Laquisha young

      Ddg is going to get Rubi pregnant 🤷🏽‍♀️ I said what I said, believe it or not, that man is not trying to move on anytime soon whether y’all like it or not

    88. Laquisha young

      Rubi and ddg be trying so hard to get each other attention when they on bad terms😂. Rubi knew what she was doing when she posted that pic with that caption and her hair, and ddg knew what he was doing when he posted that pic holding a gun cause he know rubi like shit like that

      1. Mizz Mimi


      2. Shasa

        Facts they hella funny 🤣

    89. WB

      Flight is kinda an obsessive psycho but idk about Janet because I really never heard any history about her so but I’m still like Flight 😂😂😂

    90. sydney !

      summer walkers personality is just not it

    91. House of Matrix

      Everybody knew Janet was trying trap from beginning when she bought her niece around Flight. She got his name tatted in a week.Hickey She for the streets, Flight said tear down two Black Kings😹😹😹😹

      1. DFL_Jamar

        @The Writer Chick nah I feel bad for flight

      2. The Writer Chick

        Yep sure was, we all remember.. so i don't feel bad for flight or Janet slow self

    92. Alisia Tores

      What std she’s talking about

    93. SingletoN S

      She better Than Rubi no cap 🧢

    94. Sharrieff Muhammad

      Janet don’t loom good enough to be giving flight all that trouble

    95. Craig Thomas

      Flight knew Janet was for the streets when he got with her, yet he slept with her and didn't wrap it up. He's more crazy than she is. Now they got 18+ years of having to deal with each other

      1. freejdc1

        A lifetime

    96. Vel 1hunnid

      Hit wita paintball in the neck😂😭😭😭😭😭boyyy these females😔

    97. BabyX TheRapper

      that cant be no bruise, she was lowkey tryna hide it 😂

    98. KB Natural


    99. Dylan Alonso

      So they shot her in the EXACT SAME SPOT on BOTH sides of her neck?? EMACULATE AIM 🎯

    100. Jekeira Jackson

      They ain’t even date fr . Was never his gf . Y’all gotta chill 🤦🏼‍♀️😂