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    0:00 - Intro
    0:15 - Fredo + Ashley
    10:15 - Fredo + Jasmine

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    1. Kiara Shanay

      Rob Allen - “Where Do We Go” 🎶

      1. zoey 580

        Yessirr ive been waiting🚨🚨

    2. Kendra Michelle

      Fredo changed big time!! I remember the fredo who set in he’s mom house in his room doing gaming videos! He was humble... I don’t know who this fredo is!!!

    3. RISK_MX


    4. Janessa Tv

      Ashley was on demon time

    5. Pro xPrOxzy

      Fuck dat girls can't admit any thing then when they get exposed they start to cry so they have a trump card

    6. Phil Rockwell

      That Mitch lame ass hell. What happen in Vegas is everybody's business with Alfredo lames sauce.

    7. Life With Mo

      Oh shit Fredo and Krys??? Woooowwww

    8. YoBoy SPADE

      She said her period was on...😭

    9. YoBoy SPADE

      Basically, Ashley was saying he didnt f*ck but she gave him 'sloppy toppy'. Fredo was low-key saying he did f*ck and saying she lying about NOT f*cking...

    10. Meri Brewer

      Ashley Ortega is Corie Rayvon’s home girl I remember her from a video

    11. jh1 25

      Ecclesiasticus 26:22-23 [22]An harlot shall be accounted as spittle; but a married woman is a tower against death to her husband. [23]A wicked woman is given as a portion to a wicked man: but a godly woman is given to him that feareth the Lord.

    12. GunStreets

      She should've never done that goofy azz response to the smash or pass video. She's silly

    13. mike p

      Please get new intro

    14. RJ Letuli-Ropati

      Bruh no cap they stories not addin up🤔

    15. Joel West

      Do y’all know fredo new girl instagram?

    16. Jasmine Mccone


    17. Trish 101

      Ashley was literally friends with Jasmine that's sad on that part lmao!!!

    18. burntpenguin

      fredo is the definition of a FuckBoy clear and simple

    19. DESIRE Reacts

      Fredo and Nene talking😳😳😳????? After Nene has meetup with Youngboy on story and F*ck Youngboy smfh😐

    20. Dimitri Fifer

      These weak ass intro songs killing me

      1. Jay Yessuh


    21. Shadow{Leader of Sega Squad}

      Ashley congratulations you played yourself

    22. Money Mario

      Who pillow talks nowdays? Childish asf

    23. one and only

      fredo act like a lil ass boy

    24. Earl Cabbel

      I think that Fredo need to go the legal route to deal with his daughter’s issues. I believe that would resolve the visitation and child support issues. By PrettyBoyFredo putting Jasmine’s telephone number on a live chat he was hurting his chances of winning in court.

    25. The Gem City Family

      Fredo a weird ass nigga fr smh!

    26. Anise Westbrook


    27. 4k Studios

      I just don’t understand why jasmine is mad that Fredo is doing his thing.And they are not together

    28. TWill TV

      You can tell fredo was lame asf and didn’t get no ass before he got rich.

      1. Kiara Shanay

        😂 😂

    29. TheLuxeVlog

      Idk 🤦🏽‍♂️

    30. Jai

      Aye y’all chill in the comments I know he childish but he still young

      1. Lala Eatin’ A Got Damn Burger

        that nigga damn near 30, we ain’t pulling no punches

    31. Leona Williams

      Why do females fw fredo he aint even nice and he a corn ball

    32. Arika Payne

      Poor jasmine imagine being there The Whole time her pranks and videos was better than his anyways he definitely forgot where he came from

    33. quintin alexander

      She should get zias to beat his ass fredo will literally cry if zias try to fight him

    34. Sauce Twin

      Ashley used to be so raw what happened to her

    35. Sauce Twin

      On Ashley yt she said Fredo blew her back out


      We don't claim Fredo

    37. joel loforte

      Wow first video ever without including ddg 😂😂😂

    38. Tiara

      Fredo is horrible that live was horrible

    39. OK

      All I could thing about it is how she sound like a power puff girl

    40. Lorraine Hanks

      Woo hoo, you sock for that!!

    41. KaleenaJean -BEAUTY

      He is a straight asshole. We all know this. She knew too. but she made herself look likes Smutbutt. guess she thought she was more special over his whole family. He can’t get that right so what makes her think he’d be right for her. She acting like a slow head. He know she loose and desperate. Girl they won’t ever respect you when you that easy, especially with your mouth.

    42. Lalalalala

      Damn fredo had 30k+ viewers, I didn't know he had it like that cus he so f-ing unlikable

      1. Royalty 92

        People love drama so why wouldnt they haha.... Its life and once you see others going through a rougher day then you then itll make you feel better

    43. Shann Sellers

      Fredo is a child, first off you putting the mother of your child’s information online is petty. Idc for what purpose that shit is toxic, tbh if I was jasmine I wouldn’t let you see the baby at 1am either you’ve also been out and around people 24/7 like Covid doesn’t exist. I’m sorry but your trash. And if you are a mom you’d understand your baby is #1 it’s not on your terms all the time, it’s evident his main audience is kids cause no matter how you put it is disrespectful

    44. Jadene Overreacting

      hes so disrespectful to women for someone who has a daughter he should remember that the child will reap what the parents sow just saying

      1. Gamo The Legend

        J. How

      2. Louis Fambro


      3. Uyaze Antonio

        Na ah leave Ava outta whatever y’all talks is

      4. J.

        Jadene Overreacting cause that nigga gay

    45. Eirik Chamar

      Bruh too old to be acting like a child, shit sad and that’s what his daughter will look at as a representative of a man which is even more sad.

    46. Bri

      Who is the girl Chris? How do you spell it?

      1. Bri

        TayaGotIt thanks!

      2. TayaGotIt


    47. Bri

      Fredo makes me wanna throw up

    48. BucketFam Sah

      She was full of capp Lmfaoo when them females came on after i started laughing..

    49. ArmaniShanell

      you love starting on a summer afternoon😹😹

    50. ReiWYD

      Funny thing I've noticed. Fredo went to LA because they were thinking about moving to LA or newyork. In LA Ashley, Jasmine, and Ava hung out with each other during that trip. So if he's been talking to Ashley... THAT MEANS FREDO TOOK HIS MAIN CHICK TO HANG OUT WITH HIS SIDE CHICK.(wtf that shit is crazy) smh he has no respect for his family tbh. (if u remeber this vlog tell me that aint crazy I tried looking for it and he deleted it already)

    51. Java DatNigga

      You gotta start reading the text and stuff for us, we don't wanna pause and read

    52. Rolls Royce Network

      Does anyone know why kiara takes off her subscriber count? Been wondering for a fat minute.

      1. King Yamcha

        Maybe she waiting for the 100k mark to show the subs. Sometimes people don’t click your channel if the subs low even though you have good content.

    53. Roddley The Goat

      😂 Ashley went crazy huh💀 she changed big time so unfortunate cuz ashely was always cool asf idk what happended to her.

    54. Suli

      Ngl Fredo a punk for that and no I'm not a simp 😂

    55. Legitboss45

      PrettyboyFredo Live was crazy last night

    56. K love

      Fredo smh that all i can say

    57. Rosemarie Hood

      I hate fredo. If someone pulled up and popped him straight through the head I wouldn't care. Is probably say that's whay you get. Boy bye

    58. Tochi

      who was the girl w fredo at cabo?

    59. tony gitau

      With all due respect fredo is a clout chaser even with all the money he clearly neeď some help or intervention he loosing it his ego and pride will one day fail him big time No 🧢💯💯

      1. tony gitau

        @Gamo The Legend my work is not to explain to you how but I believe you have your ears and eyes???toa ufala hapa shoga wewe

      2. Gamo The Legend

        How did he clout chaser ?

    60. Iso ‘

      ain no way she said “ you nutted in my mouth” on live 😂🤦‍♂️

    61. I2clappzy

      My cousin took a picture with him and his daughter in Disney world

      1. Patrice Evra


      2. Alfred Siyabonga


    62. Chris Wright

      After seeing how he acted on that live I don’t see how any female would fuck with his lame ass!! All the money in the world would not make me let anyone treat me like that

    63. Crenshaw Cuh

      Fredo one of those niggas who need his ass beat one good time 😭💯

    64. fake account

      Ashley will always be a 304

    65. Izz Kenn


    66. Dirtbag Squad

      Ashley is a liar, she suck that man up. Ashley did it to herself and expose herself.

      1. Ashley York

        She never denied giving him head

    67. Dirtbag Squad

      Fredo winning, ddg a simp.

      1. Kakashi Hatake

        Slime Slime he used to defend DDG 🤦🏽‍♂️😂

      2. OBN trell

        @Avis Miller White niggas be weirdos over the internet

      3. Justin Mitchell

        Slime Slime ong him and rubi don’t even date anymore it was just a entanglement

      4. Avis Miller White

        You hate ddg that much tuff

      5. Avis Miller White

        🤦🏾‍♂️ This viedo don’t have nothing do with ddg.

    68. Jay Yessuh

      Ian finna lie, fredo a childish ass dude. I know I wouldn’t get along with him

      1. Dimitri Fifer

        @Jay Yessuh on god

      2. Jay Yessuh

        Gamo The Legend idm he’s still childish asl and deserves to be slapped

      3. Jay Yessuh

        Dimitri Fifer on bro I would too he need it one good time 💯😂

      4. Gamo The Legend

        Jay Yessuh he didn’t even say her name she the one who came out and exposed her self

      5. Gamo The Legend

        Dimitri Fifer cap

    69. Jay Slapit

      Akademiks is 30 he should go start a family

      1. Iso ‘

        Q2crucial if anything you on his meat goofy & imagine riding other niggas as a job

      2. Q2crucial

        Iso ‘ he’s a hip hop blog page that what he supposed to do plus that his job. He got one of biggest pages ever get off AK meat

      3. Iso ‘

        right all he do is ride rappers n celebrities

    70. Dirtbag Squad

      Kennedy showing her guy friends her cookie and ass lol. How u gonna show friends super half naked pics lol, I swear these females or low class with fame and money.

    71. Dirtbag Squad

      Yo ddg eats ass lol. Rubi expose him.

    72. Dirtbag Squad

      I don’t know who takes more Ls Ashley or ddg.

      1. Nadia Belizaire

        This vid had non to do wit ddg u clown

      2. Dirtbag Squad

        Theo Makie ok u getting a L too

      3. Justin Mitchell


      4. Theo Makie

        You taking a L now clown

      5. Trevel Francis

        He trying real hard

    73. Mesiiah E

      Why is this news? She done fucked all of LA and Florida and wanna play victim 🤦🏽‍♂️

    74. Ashley York

      people love bringing God into ungodly things! Ashley, don't!

      1. SauceemupE

        EMANeleVenElevEn he’s the god of the whole

      2. SauceemupE

        EMANeleVenElevEn I’m african

      3. SauceemupE

        EMANeleVenElevEn yea I’m black so...

      4. SauceemupE

        EMANeleVenElevEn I mean I haven’t read the whole bible but I’ve read important scriptures and how bout u stop worrying ab my spiritual life and get in touch with urs...respectfully

      5. JustSam

        EMANeleVenElevEn you’ve been taught the wrong gospel of god and I don’t blame when u really get to know the true god of the Bible without all the of what the media has put out u understand a different view, I personally always questioned why my parents taught me to walk with god but when I really asked him for myself to really walk with he did, and when u really just want to know if god is real u never go in trying to expose something or with a deferent intention cuz that only blocks your hart from truly receiving god.

    75. TherealN

      She expose herself

    76. Dorian _hunt2007

      Noti gang I subscribed to ig twitter and all your channels

      1. Kiara Shanay

        I appreciate you Dorian!

    77. Ashley York

      that's so embarrassing 🤦🏽‍♀️ Ashley wtf

      1. Ashley York

        @HB 90 he's definitely wrong

    78. Shaquille Ghans

      Fredo haters finna love this

      1. Rick Story

        Fredo is a weirdo

      2. Cj _

        Anybody With Common Sense Would See Fredo Is Not Right Mentally...

    79. Oedimar Poekitie

      It was amazing 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    80. DMAD1

      Fredo is a crazy Maphaka!!!! But very entertaining 🚫🧢

    81. Darren Clarke

      Fredo should have not even be talking about there sexual encounterment he had with Ashly on live for the world to know about. Thats the most childish and immature shit I've ever seen smh.

      1. D O M -

        Justin Mitchell right, Fredo was even surprised that she said that😭😭

      2. Justin Mitchell

        Ashley played a part in it too. She didn’t have to tell 53 thousand people that fredo nutted in her mouth tf😂

    82. Dawkoresults

      See this is a clear example why women need to have self respect, class and character and be careful of the kids they hook up with. This is sad because women always falling for guys like this and end up getting hurt and this is the reason why a lot of men (not all) don’t have respect for women. It’s sad, women like this give other women a bad name and guys like Fredo give men such a bad name. Women please find someone you can grow with and stop falling for childish guys like this and one night stand. It’s not worth it. Have self respect ladies please. Keep your treasures hidden until you find the right Captain. Don’t be giving it out like food stamps. Please.

      1. K D0ll

        There many situations when they do keep it to themselves they still end up with childish dudes...regardless of keeping it or not women jus need to know who they are dealing with and what to expect from them. If men don’t respect women they jus don’t regardless what a lot of women put up with or try to change sum people are just like that you’ll never know. Me personally a lot of women go through this Buh helps them know better on who is for them so I agree and disagree what the same time coming from a female perspective.

      2. Joey_ Breezy

        that was sum OG shiii you just said

      3. Lay Lay

        Straight facts!!

      4. Cj _

        A Lot Of Females Wont Agree With This Bro💯💯

      5. Kiara Shanay

        Speaking facts! 💯

    83. Tyrone Rogers

      Fredo is pushing 30 hanging around yes men who are barely 21🤔 That should tell you everything you need to know about him 🤷🏽‍♂️

      1. Jay Yessuh

        Tyrone Rogers Ian gon lie I’d slap the shit out of fredo

      2. Iso ‘

        JOSHUA DURAN ain no grown nigga screaming ssh and I’m not lookin at shit boy

      3. Josua Duran

        @Iso ‘ how look at the basketball game were they "young" asf???

      4. Stevie J

        @F.T.S Goldtron Darian a day 1 definitely not Malik or the others 2

      5. F.T.S Goldtron

        Stevie J right he just explained dat

    84. Ceejay

      Fredo 🙄

    85. 1k_Marr

      jus so everyone knows, prettyboyfredo said he was dating a girl this whole year but nobody knew who it was..... but me. the girl is his most recent public ex ALEXIS HOGAN the one he was accused of cheating on jasmine with I think a year ago. I know this because a segment in the live he was talking about his fishes and he said one of them is his and the other one is his most recent ex (him referring to the girl he said dating the whole year), then later in the live i asked him about alexis he said he love her etc AND HER FISH IS OVER THERE but he played it off kindve. also when he was publicly dating alexis last year he had dreads (everyone knows him and alexis are cool they like each other pics btw) but anyways he had dreads when they publicly dated, and on his birthday he posted him getting a gift from alexis and there were pics in the gift with him and her and HE HAD A HAT ON so the pics had to be from this year because everyone knows ever since he cut his hair he has been wearing a hat 24/7 but never did when he had dreads cause he loved his hair. You Welcome.

      1. Me Mine

        Alexis Hogan was in his videos months ago, he wasn’t hiding it..he did pranks with her

      2. Robert Topping

        Vanessa Ramsaroop @alexishogann

      3. Vanessa Ramsaroop

        What her ig@

      4. Robert Topping

        1k_Marr he’s mentioned Lexi hogan multiple times and even posted on his story that he loves her multiple times so I don’t think you the only that knew....

    86. Traveine Burton

      Fam, I showed you the intro is everything, no mistakes can Gwan. I bet everyone who watch your videos dance to the Kiara song. 👌🏿

    87. Lil Peanuttt

      Poor Ash

    88. KeShawn Williams

      Shawty a eater

    89. Jay Slapit

      Why are Ashley and Fredo talking about their sexual encounters on insta live the whole world did not need to know wat they be doing

      1. iAmDCraze


      2. Daevon

        Amara Love she is a treesh simple

      3. Amara Love

        ChiTownMade David imagine simping for someone u don’t know

      4. ChiTownMade David

        Nah the question is Ashley is such a great girl, she bad, she loyal but she for sum reason gave cheatin ass prettyboyfredo a chance and even let him hit on The first encounter 🤦 did she not see the way he treated Jazmine

    90. j smack johnson

      Family fredo hate women, his momma must did him dirty...

      1. Justin Mitchell



      i love you kiara and my sister two we love you

    92. spectralken

      Itll be crazy if ashley telling da truth just like how dymond was when she was getting abused yall waited months after !!

    93. Julie Velasquez

      Can we cancel Fredo literally he is a child bragging about his candy 🤣 a dude that can kiss and tell is a BOY that shouldn't have a platform period.

      1. Joey_ Breezy

        its ashley fault tho she shouldn’t have let him smash within a hour of meeting him smh what man is gonna respect a girl like that especially with a clown like fredo

      2. Superstins Superstin

        life with JULIEE go do summet wid yo life lol worried about canceling a nigga 😂😂

      3. Julie Velasquez

        @uchenna falconer yes but we can start by not bringing his name up on tea pages be literally doesn't deserve the clout even if it is good or bad 🤣

      4. uchenna falconer

        His fans are die hard he can’t be cancelled literally 😂🚫🧢they been trying for years and they can’t ✌🏽💯

    94. keke Kong

      He literally gave so much detail in that live on what went down 😷

      1. Javan Carroll

        @Jay Slapit he act like a kid

      2. Jay Slapit

        Exactly he’s almost 30 acting like that

    95. Jay Slapit

      I find Fredo to be extremely childish and narcissistic I don’t understand how ppl stand him

    96. Jay Slapit

      Ashley belongs to the streets

      1. Dorian Parris

        Nah nigga fredo was simping in messages for a whole year just to fuck dats y’all manz 🤦🏽‍♂️🤡 y’all sum jitts so y’all don’t understand nun bout females

      2. C-money4x

        No 🧢

    97. Melly Rara

      at this point i dont know who lyin tho

      1. keke Kong

        @Justin Mitchell Exactly and if you've been keeping up with him, uk how much he adores his daughter

      2. Justin Mitchell

        keke Kong Ashley definitely was. Fredo even put it on his daughter

      3. keke Kong

        I think Ashley was