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    0:00 - Intro
    0:15 - Flight Called Out
    6:18 - Rubi Rose Made A Diss Song About DDG
    10:38 - Celina Powell Said This About DDG..
    13:47 - Lala Speaks Out About Zooted
    17:44 - DDG New Boo

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    1. Kiara Shanay

      Come to the Discord chat 💭 m.kgup.info_channel/UCOT6n_JNK6gxK2aQ3TrtBdw?noapp=1

      1. James Harden

        Flight just a troll

      2. AllWill FallToMe

        Flight is really different😂😂 bigga just stealing lyrics like its nothing

    2. Shirley Simmons

      glad he got people straight, stop lieing on this man. do yo thang ddg and you right, they still mention you, all day long. yeah, now u got a new boo ,

    3. William Hill

      Technically if you steal a lyric you are not stealing the song . A song is considered the melody. The melody is copyrighted. If you steal that it is illegal.

    4. Toph Love

      Flight honestly doesn't care😂😂🤣

    5. Aquarium

      yyou made a vid bout this dude hettin his sh!t rocked by OT's crew?

    6. Jasmine Mccone


    7. Mark Brown

      The whole relationship was staged they did that

    8. SetTrender

      *W for DDG*

    9. juma Nlechoppa

      Show your subscribers so we can subscribe

    10. Márquis Walls


    11. Joachim Callender


    12. Simone Addo

      Kiara what’s the time stamp I’m the interview where celina said that about ddg

    13. ninja xxl377

      Flight is gay asf

    14. Slaughter kvng


    15. Wedemgirlz XX

      🤣she saying he gay cause he don’t want nothing to do with her !

    16. Fredrick Henry

      there’s a difference between stealing and sampling, drake samples

    17. quintin alexander

      Don’t disrespect drake ever again 🤨who you think you are?

    18. Rae Ash

      Drake doesn’t steal song he samples them just like any other artist (Chris Brown,Tory Lanez, Megan, Ari Grande, Etc) you’re supposed to legally buy it. Which is why when you upload music on KGup you get flagged for not having proper authorizations

    19. Abdoulie Sallah


    20. Ajani Temple

      It’s cuz he didn’t want to fuck her(celina Powell)

    21. Markuz Williams

      she said he gay cus he ain’t wanna fuck ha ran thru ass😂😂

    22. YRN Squad

      I support him because he didn’t even take all his lyrics word for word

    23. Ron Hughes


    24. Heather A

      It's creepy Rubi Rose was knocking at the door but german girl was in the bed by her self and he was on the couch.

    25. LEA 001

      So if KGup is the least of her income then why sign to zooted? Go into a contract if you just wanna do youtube for fun? 🤔 hmmm interesting Lala very interesting

    26. Ayo Kylan

      Longer videos are goated Kiara 💪🏽😂

    27. Dom 2 smooth nocap


    28. Rvn kid Music


    29. Everything HIGHLIGHTS

      16:20-16:25 was that a baby?

    30. NY!EM


    31. Stardayasia Covington


    32. Chj C n

      All publicity is good publicity😂😂 that shit is true until 6ix9nine dies😂😂.

    33. MXP

      See when guys hook up with girls it’s just for that. It’s why they don’t get called thots and shit. When girls hook up up with multiple guys it’s usually to get a bag outta the dude. Especially in Celina Powell’s case.

    34. Christy


    35. backnd mike

      Look at Kiara Shanay man so inspirational

    36. KiingSaySoTv

      Celina Powell is pure entertainment 🤣🤣🤣

    37. hella bandztv

      U need to change ur intro song

    38. isaiah thompson

      Long videos

    39. Jaxxon Ryder

      That Maia chick look just like Kennedy

    40. Trixery

      I swear she always finds some way to put DDG in her vids

    41. Luigi Sena

      He prolly jus had the same lyrics by coincidence

    42. bloop

      DDG really a topic of conversation lately lol

    43. SackChasingGalore J

      Duh I’m supporting FTC I been with him before the game ong

    44. BlessedZky

      Long Videoz

    45. Alias deeシ

      She obviously in her feelings💀

    46. Cal_hoops


    47. Cal_hoops


    48. Cal_hoops


    49. Cal_hoops


    50. Jared Fleming

      Lmfaooo she must got that WAP 🤣🤣🤣

    51. Meri Brewer

      LaLa been that bitch ppl be trying it... I been following her for years on ig before KGup and she always had her shit going on smh

    52. Kenyatta Duncan


    53. Quaine Styles


    54. Quaine Styles


    55. Makeda Keen

      Lol lil tajay would say she’s my friend

    56. Xavian Gilmore


    57. Shadow{Leader of Sega Squad}

      Flight is so high all the time if he heard the lyrics he probably forgot he did and thought he came up with them himself

    58. Opal Maria

      The long vids are bomb

    59. Sace

      Drake does samples, not stealing the whole song

    60. Kay Sayss

      I honestly think it was Celina in that video who was acting like she didn't like him until she seen his crib then tried to make him have a baby with her then he kicked her out but he never showed her face

    61. Tim Kruse

      DDG a beta man, you can tell he ain't never dated girls before he blew up lol

      1. T Hvrris

        Essence & Kennedy???

    62. Malachi Lewis

      Man you gotta change that intro song 😐

    63. Beixbi Hijexi

      I don’t like Lala. “Lala is not with the online drama” lmaoo go ahead n assume that lol. I got tingly senses and there’s definitely something goin on wit em I feel like Lala always liked him n when Savannah came Lala lost a lot of her confidence. It made her insecure and need for reasurence and she prolly let her feelings get ahead of her n that prolly after her relationship with ddg.

    64. Njonmars Bitxh

      “all publicity is good publicity “ no. Just no. You don’t wanna be known as something your not just to stay relevant.. you don’t gatta be in drama or beef to stay relevant. This how you know these youtubers only care bout money as long as hey talking bout u you get more views more money. I love ddg but he turnin into a la nigga

    65. Njonmars Bitxh

      6:12 okay but he was talking so much shi when svannah made a Chanel. Svannah seem loyal af. Mature for only bein 19 and she seem like she’ll ride for you. He messed that up now he lookin stupid. He thought just cuz he famous that’s the only thing that it’ll take for her to fall in love witchu. He had to actually put in the work which is sum he proll ain’t have to do before

    66. Angelina Avalos

      Unsubscribe to ddg. He don't fw youtube. So whyyy fw him. Buy his onlyfan to be his tru FAN

    67. HF Jemini

      Drake didn’t steal songs when you use someone’s lyrics in music it’s called interpolation. Usually to pay homage to another artist. This is taking kyrics

    68. see me

      I’ve never understood why people don’t realise why girls are called thots and boys are not 😂😂 TBH it all comes down to women marking their 🍑 as the most elite thing and men catch on to that so smashing a girl will always be seen by the “homies” as a dub. Now imagine smashing 10 women (NBA YOUNGBOY)your are literally the ultimate walking dub whilst in turn for a woman because their pu$$y is so elite it literally has the same effect as billions of people getting the same diamond chain IT LOSES ITS VALUE 😂😂😅 People now name that loss of value as to being a thot - in my opinion it’s really a dumb cycle

    69. YoBoy SPADE

      Men are so embarrassing tweet was about DDG...

    70. YoBoy SPADE

      She LYING! She wasn't making NO MONRY before KGup....

    71. YoBoy SPADE

      Celina low-key wanted DDG to smash but she wanted him to kinda chase her and he didn't....

    72. YoBoy SPADE

      The ONLY reason he's not currently getting in his feelings about the comments right now is because he's seeing the publicity that the song is currently getting. If it wasn't for that, he'd be in his feelings too...

    73. YoBoy SPADE

      Long videos. Well, whichever is better/best for you....

    74. YoBoy SPADE

      He Single, She's Single....like he automatically KNOWS she's single. That right there will tell y'all they're together! Do You SEE How That Works??

    75. Leona Williams

      I don't blame him who want celina she for the motorway

    76. if only

      Everyone sub to girlhefunny44 💯

    77. Marc A

      DDG misses Kennedy so much he went and found a look alike

      1. Jay Slapit

        It was photoshopped

    78. Westompedemout


    79. Sipho Motloung


    80. Amar

      Hell yeah💯 FTC

    81. Dom See

      I personally like the longer videos... Plus your voice is soothing lbs😁💓

    82. Cam2x

      Flight csn steal lyrics if he wants .

    83. Rozay Roy

      We love the long ones

    84. Sjm 337

      Now he finna make about 10 videos about flight for the clout😂🤷🏾‍♂️

    85. Sjm 337

      U mean how he sometimes change the flow🤣and then he murder the beat

    86. Matla Leruo Matsoku

      DDG a marketing genius 🤞🏾

    87. BJ Turner

      Drake buys his lyrics and songs that he reuses he doesn’t steal it

    88. Raheem Russell


    89. xojunior

      Lmaoo no way you said drake😂 drake don’t steal lyrics he might use the same flow but not lyrics

    90. Julius Hampton

      drake has not “stole” anything. most of the time he say lyrics that’s already been said he’s paying respect to a legend song/mc. it’s paying homage. not the same lol. please stick to the tea kiara. 😂

    91. Anthony Valdez

      FTCCCC bc mainly everyone do it even famous ppl do it here and there

    92. Operation Blackout

      FTC in some songs

    93. SDOTRAE


    94. Curry TMS

      This DDG rubi shit is just the music industry tellin them what to tweet and do I ain’t fall in for non of this

    95. Leah Seals

      Lmfaooo when she played rubi knocking at the door w the phone again 😂😂

    96. Cassie Sandra

      DDG you're the problem. Here, I said it. Work on yourself

    97. Ebot Anita

      Ddg just need to be very careful with lala that all I can say, lala is too loyal to Rubi , lala don't make friends because she want too she make friends with benefit.

    98. Travonta Armstrong

      Ddg still talk to rubi look on chino alpha wolf page they was racing go carts together

      1. Go_Smd

        Travonta Armstrong that was like a few days ago before the incident

    99. Ceejay

      Mcqueens faces Hahahaha

    100. Richkid Edwards

      Maia Aniya welcome to drama😂