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    0:00 - Intro
    0:21 - Zo & Chris Sails Talks About OnlyFans
    7:18 - Queen Says She Is Done Having Kids

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    1. Kiara Shanay

      I’m pinching everyone that’s not wearing green today #HappyStPatricksDay ☘️

    2. Syn Marie

      I love queen but she lets Clare run her life I know Chris wasn’t the best but damn .. like even with they new house she gave Clare them rooms instead of her boys ... I don’t see the relationship being a forever thing but ima mind my business 😎

    3. That B Moy

      Chris can get bk up there if he want he just gotta want to and make good content an leave drama

    4. Ms. Utopia

      In other words, Clarence doesn't want anymore kids and I have told her so.

    5. Teshairah Niche'

      I love zo..zoo kept it real...BUTTTTT on a different note...how many times Chris gotta tell u no to this couple's channel...I find tht disrespectful to keep pushing the issue on a straight man..idgaf what y'all heard bout chris....he genuinely tryna get advice from u about his channel...and u keep flirting nd bein pushy..and he keep saying NO...it was just annoying nd cringe to watch...Chris don't need to be around him..I'm sorry..if this was Clarence or Anybody else thts straight..they shut tht shit down wit no laughter in they voice..then zo be ready ta fight...zo come off thristYYY for ANYONE....sorry boo..u do🤷‍♀️

    6. arresteddevelpoment

      I like zo and all that he does......but sometimes he sounds too desperate whenever he interacts with some straight men. Like it's not a good look Zo for us.

    7. Naquetta Scott

      Zo got Chris blushing 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    8. Carter Harley

      Queen 🧢🧢🧢🧢N. Hard. Big dog C don’t want no more kids. How you have all that money and say u don’t want no more kids. She was saying before she wants lots of kids. Yeah that girl do any and everything a man say to her. Like come on. Kids are a blessing. It’s not that hard. Selfish people. Hope they giving back I never heard nothing about a foundation or charity.

      1. Thelitsquad

        U sound dumb when she clearly explained y she didn’t want anymore y y’all hating a** clowns was silent when she was with ole boy and he was treating her like shii and controlling everything all of a sudden y’all think y’all know something but was silent when it came w that it’s the clownery fa me

    9. Queen Smith

      Zo you can not get a girl as a fully gay man! K bye.

      1. Queen Smith

        @Kamryn Greene He didn't have too actions speak louder than words. Nobody wants to be labeled nowadays as if that's not how we identify ppl, places, and things in this world. Now dismiss yourself because you came under my comment talking about "bye" as if i was talking to yo ass to begin with. Move around!

      2. Kamryn Greene

        not once has he said he’s gay , don’t label him . k bye.

    10. Tiara

      These titles starting to get real ddgish😑

    11. All Things Nele

      Chris don’t listen... but but but but what shut up and listen.

    12. Jada Shanencè

      Zo: “Let’s just make a couple channel” lawd 😂

    13. D E S I

      I truly feel like she’s only saying this because Clarence doesn’t want any more kids right now or in the near future.Because if she had her way she would have a daughter with him. But possibly wait a little longer because of her career.

    14. Ashley Hutton

      Not everyone wants to be an old mom like You Kiki !

    15. Alara Alvarez

      Shorty don't want a another kid because she knows clearance don't want another kid 🤣🤣🤣🤣 cus as soon as he says he does she on the bandwagon 😅

    16. Alara Alvarez

      Hells yeah ... We know he still on there we just not interested 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️

    17. The one 2&3

      Chris is wack his voice is annoying and he is just the baby daddy to a celebrity thats all

    18. Cionna I

      Zo is Right... Chris isn't listening to what zo is saying to him at all 🤦🤦..... Queen will be alright in the future rather she have more kids or not 25 year old isn't old at all No age is not old...

    19. shay gordon

      They should date that will really blow up his channel

    20. Iridessa Essence

      It’s her body she doesn’t want anymore kids as a mother someone else pushing that narrative after she said she want any. “Well you could have anothe..” no that’s rude 🥴

    21. YANABOO

      Zoeee funny 😂😂😂😂

    22. Tea Time with Mama Rain

      I love Zoe💕💕

      1. AlphaGod Von


    23. Mommy Benzo

      Zo ain’t say one lie until he said Chris can go back to women after that some women not playing that

      1. Mommy Benzo

        @Kamryn Greene Chile bye

      2. Kamryn Greene

        @Mommy Benzo you didn’t say YOU , you spoke for other women .

      3. Mommy Benzo

        @Kamryn Greene well I’m a women in all angles of the definition and I SAID I CARE WHO YOU BEEN WITH that’s my opinion I’m sure some one will except it but I don’t have to and that’s on me if I’m missing out 🤷🏽‍♀️

      4. Kamryn Greene

        real women don’t care who’ve you been with

    24. Sugagal

      youtube may no longer be the answer for Chris. Maybe he should go to a trade school or college and pick up a profession or start a business. Or maybe he can become a videographer, editor , photographer and be behind the scenes instead of in front of the camera. Maybe he should try acting. Idk

    25. Joey_ Breezy

      “in african” like african is language


      Chris like boys🤣🤣🤣

      1. Alara Alvarez

        He big blushing rn🤣🤣

      2. Alara Alvarez

        I think so too

    27. Trevel Francis

      Zo low key tryna hit

    28. Trevel Francis

      I do get Chris notifications, I just don’t watch his videos anymore Cz he keep complaining

    29. Kylie MrsS

      Love Zo! He just stating the facts respectfully. Chris bought all this karma upon himself

    30. 1 love

      Queens life, Queens Choices. Period

    31. 1 love

      So disrespectful, flirting with a str8 Man, but some gay men think that's funny & it's not!


        Zoe is a comedian so he always joking for a laugh. I think he gave Chris great advice about just having regular fun without all the sexual foolishness Chris been on lately. He is gonna learn that only fans is gone dry up for him. He better stick to family vlogs.

      2. Queen V

        @Love Mesome str88 guys are friends with gay guys

      3. 1 love

        @Love MeAll I see him with is women, he was married, he has kids like how? I don't understand

      4. Love Me

        😂😂😂he don’t seem to str8

      5. Teshairah Niche'

        Thts why Chris hung up on his goofy ass🤣🤣🤣 he should have been hung up the moment he mentioned a couple's channel...like bro stop playing wit me..like i said if this was Clarence or ddg or somebody..they would have deaded his ass asap..gay men need to stop flirting wit straight men knowingly period

    32. Alderman D

      "You don't know how to answer that"... nigga wtf you you mean you don't know how to answer that you tripping or suspect...🥴

    33. Its Denyce Nicole

      Zo spoke nothing but facts. I can only hope that Chris will take his advice.

    34. Karlo Drippin

      Chris don’t do nothing on KGup but record himself talking about Queen

    35. Clementine YT

      Zo is cute

    36. lizzy bella

      If u watch The royal family u would c that Queen begs Clarence for other kids and pranks him as well. Clarence doesn't want anymore until he's 35 years old. He wants to live life with one smart kid. Clarence doesn't even want to marry Queen

      1. Thelitsquad

        Can’t ever take u serious u a fake fan putting heart eyes under their comments and be spreading bs in another video...u see queen “beg@ him but turn a blind eye to him saying “this make me want to have another kid” on his reaction channel and saying her would marry queen multiple times on camera the delusion

    37. D3A1B7B9

      my birthday is on st patricks day which is today!

      1. Clementine YT

        Nice 👍

      2. Mrs Tee

        Happy Birthday

    38. New Dawn

      I would definitely watch the ZonChris bromance channel 😅😅😅🤣🤣

    39. Shawntae Lanase

      Queen gonna get pregnant again and Zoie had a point that would be very interesting to watch and will make chris views go up

    40. Leana Dab

      I don't know is this Chris lying or just the guy talk the truth about Chris because he Chris is a good he knows how to hold an audience he just got to build up his self esteem again and nobody's worth and on top of that he got to give it to God that one thing about these KGupr imma say to all of y'all cannot keep God out the inquiry agent you must put them in their everyday if you don't the devil will stay on your back


      I feel like this Queen said she put certain information out there for here supporters cause she considers them like family but the problem is that everybody that dont even Care or F with her can have an opinion with what she can and cannot do but unfortunately it comes with the territory if you put out their people gonna take the bait and like other KGuprs people make decisions about their personal lives based on what they got going on behind the scenes not on social media or the camera so I she feel like that's what time it is in her life then that's what is God can have a different plan for her but that's her and her families business.

    42. Maserati Holly

      na i think Zo could bag Chris fr

    43. KingLo TRG

      Zo would be a get friend

    44. Dirtbag Squad

      I swear she wanted another or a girl. Lol that man Clarence don’t want nomo kids

      1. Evelyn Dunham

        She change her mind give it time

      2. kenya shabazz

        He dont want no more kids or her🤫

      3. Thelitsquad

        U r your @ name nb is gonna take wat u say serious

    45. Cassie Sandra

      So who asked Queen all of this? Lol, its between her and Clarence. Also its a little selfish to throw it out there and yet your partner probably wants another child but hey, it's whatever lol

      1. Kate Letty

        Yes I agree. This wasn’t something that needed to be posted to the world. I think maybe she realized the post was unnecessary which is why she deleted it.

      2. Thelitsquad

        @Cassie Sandra I wouldn’t take that serious bcuz queen something similar to that over a year ago and still would bring up having a daughter and has expressed having more kids years from now so if that haven’t discussed it privately already Clarence probably knows she’ll change her mind like she does with a lot of things

      3. Tayglo Tv

        @Cassie Sandra Im speaking on you saying "yet your partner probably wants another child " And for her there's likely no probably. They've most likely discussed it privately if she posted it, thats all.

      4. Cassie Sandra

        @Tayglo Tv im not saying they haven't discussed it but basing on the discussions they've had online, on their KGup. Clarence has never categorically agreed to one child. But that's besides the point. Discussing and both agreeing to something is a whole different story. But then again, I didnt assume to know what goes on in their home or what conversations they have. Im simply having an opinion on the situation as it. And that's why they post private matters online. To seek opinions from random people. Why else would they? So let's carry on having a blessed day instead of defending people with our lives like they care❤

      5. Tayglo Tv

        @Cassie Sandra and just bc you haven't heard it... well especially since you dk them or speak to them doesnt mean they haven't in private.

    46. Cassie Sandra

      Aww Zo actually cares lol. Hope things work out for chris. Zo and his thirsty crazy tail self🤣

    47. 6J

      Zo tried shooting that shot again 😭

    48. Kd Nash

      I just fell in love with zo 😍😅

    49. Magreth Shigwedha

      CJ and Legend gone see that and feel like they were never wanted coz queen wanted "a GIRL" instead.

      1. Raaya Israel

        i- what🤨

      2. Boo Bradshaw

        Girl shut up lol

    50. Go_Smd

      Zo one of the realest person out there Fr though.

    51. ceasonly

      I love me some Kiara Shanay and Zo. He was giving Chris some good advice

    52. Go_Smd

      Chris sails didn’t get shadowbanned he just fell off. 😂

    53. Alpha Dub

      That Zo dude is funny

    54. Advicement

      I know for a fact Clarence don’t only want one kid so she will change her mind

    55. Myonne Walker

      Messy Tuesday 😂🤚🏼

    56. Ash Riley

      😂😂😂😂😂😂 Zo is hilarious. “i mean it’s gummy but not ugly”

    57. babydoll17x

      KGup is a hard career to sustain in the long run. Most of all these people won’t last

    58. Alpha Comedy

      Zo want some cheeks lol

    59. babydoll17x

      Queen just insecure about her body

      1. Clementine YT


      2. Dream Sneakers

        Girl stfu

    60. Slice

      Chris not shadow banned 90% of his subscribers are inactive

    61. Ariann Campbell

      Oh I saw zo and I was like yall better leave him tf alone 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    62. Infamous Yella

      “Bromance” that would low key be hilarious 🤣

    63. Major

      Swallow your pride and do the damn video Chris lol..

    64. Thelitsquad

      Queen has been back and forth with her having kids...she said the same thing a lil while after legend and still talks about (nala) a daughter she’ll change her mind in a few years after she accomplished a few things I’m sure

    65. Thato


    66. It’s Lex

      Queen is 25 she not old for no daughter..

      1. Nicole morris

        @Nyesha Nicole Harris 100%

      2. Nyesha Nicole Harris

        @Nicole morris I had my first daughter at 25 then waited and had both my 2/3rd girls back to back after thirty. She should wait having two toddlers is no joke

      3. Nicole morris

        True but her career is literally just starting

    67. KaleenaJean -BEAUTY

      Queen saying that now. She’ll have another years down the line.

      1. That B Moy

        Ye she actually wanted 1 more anx he said he ain ready maybe a few more years and she said she couldnt wait that long

    68. Tashara Cameron

      At least zo was being real with him

    69. Tashara Cameron

      At least zo was being real with him

    70. Amina khalia

      Don't say what you not gone do..my oldest son is 22 ,I popped up with my daughter at 41 swore I was done if it hadn't happened by 30!!! 🤷

    71. Leah Seals

      A video w Chris and Zo would be good 🤣

      1. Mai Zany

        They’re gonna end up on only fans lol

      2. Edward

        Nigga no shit gay as hell

      3. Plug Walk


      4. bruh ashley

        oh yessss lmaooo

    72. D Unknown

      Woah i thought that was Becky Lynch on the thumbnail 😂

    73. Tia Le’chelle

      Kiara Shanay is HEA 🔥❤️

    74. Anthony Vandereyk


    75. Kara

      Earlyyyy ❤️❤️

    76. keke Kong

      Wait she doesn't fr?😔

    77. A.S Plays

      this video not good if Big Rubi or DDG not in it.

      1. KingLo TRG

        Yet u still here 😂

      2. bruh ashley

        yeah facts

      3. Cxmp-Fuad

        Fax even tho I hate u see them breakup

      4. Alkaya Smith


      5. B.B. Mike