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    0:00 - Intro
    0:21 - Chris Sails Threaten By His BM
    4:11 - Ken (DK4L) Side Chick Speaks Out

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    1. anony mous

      She had a video of ken FaceTiming her

    2. Better Days

      Chris went on live WITH THE BABYYYY venting like somebody pressed baby mom

    3. Life As Ty

      If it’s a NDA, why she still continuing to give them information? NDA means stfu about any and everything

    4. Otismckenzie36

      These people are jus popping out of no where..... these shit is fake as fk! One video comes out then all of sudden these females wanna come out but no proof..... uhhhhhh

    5. TAE Barry

      Who is toosie

    6. Sandra Gilmore

      That drinking video said a lot about the relationship. I think this is over. Even if they stay together, we will not look at them the same.

    7. jazzyred21

      IF they are in a “business relationship” it would make sense of why he was just so casually out there and maybe the agreement he and Dearra have is that he be discrete so him getting caught is embarrassing because she gonna look crazy for “dealing with him” knowing that might mess up the bag 🤷🏽‍♀️ I don’t know I’m just talking like everyone cause No one really know we all just watching

    8. Jaliahhh

      i rlly don’t think they’re in a business relationship, it seems too genuine.

    9. Storytime with Tay

      The babymama sound crazy like how you mad bc he said don’t call him baby.... Didn’t she go outta town with another guy a week after she delivered her baby

    10. brittney vaughn

      It be the ugly ones (Ken) 🤷🏽‍♀️😂

    11. SIS Love

      This reminds me of christ n queen

    12. Jd3x

      The internet a whole trap

    13. Cameron Myles

      I smell the clout chasers coming

    14. Photogenic Staxxx

      Not the dk4l background music 😂😂

    15. Treny Is pretty

      Shit all the videos I’ve seen Chris been taking care of that baby while she been out doing god knows what so she stupid af if she does take that baby from him bc he’s obviously playing the mom and the dad spot 💯

    16. Tavii bee

      are u serious Ken? smh🤦🏽‍♀️ n this person she was fucking him all along n in private n now she all exposing him n what does that get her ? she just ruins his life smh🤦🏽‍♀️ dumb...he fucked up for this tho but then ... that's rich people problems😂🤷🏾‍♀️

    17. Tavii bee

      Chris BM over doing it fr wtf ...she gotta chill because he's suppose to support not buy EVERYTHING!

    18. Brianca Keys

      Lord why Chris cut his beard to troll Clarence nyc? Now he out here looking like a light skinned Meek Mills 🤦🏾‍♀️

      1. Kennedi

        Chris isn’t at all light skin 😂😂 he brown

    19. Kashai Robinson

      I just feel like if him & de’arra were going through things or are going through things . He shouldn’t have gone out and cheated . If he done with the relationship, then a proposal shouldn’t have never been made.

    20. JayRichTv

      Check out his brother live stream gaia_blue that’s ken twin brother he said their videos not fake

    21. Foy_tre

      It’s just sad to see this happening

    22. Splash Squad

      If it’s true Ken doing bad straight downgrades #respectfully

    23. Tori

      Honestly I feel like once these girls started to see that Morgan game tons of followers from this I think a lot of them are going to come forward because of that reason as well and of course to be known but it’s just messy all of it tbh.

    24. Nasir Jahzara

      As a mother she should be able to provide milk and diapers if she runs out of the stuff he provided her. She is still the baby mother why does she think she doesn’t have to provide financially ?

    25. BeautyxTah

      I don’t feel like it’s a business relationship unless dearra just looking out for him because we all know if dearra had her own channel she would still get hella views nobody watching ken but them side chicks dearra is the star and the bread winner I think she knows that too and they aren’t married yet so split that money y’all made together and glow up D they ain’t say how much they make in that truth or drink because ken makes less

    26. Arika Payne

      That’s not dearra Facebook

    27. Tiera Reneè

      My thing is...why is anybody so happy & eager to come out & admit they knowingly messing with another woman’s man? Ain’t no “I didn’t know.” Nah you knew bih...just trifling! & the man is too...for lying & cheating! But if you’re gonna volunteer as a side chick...learn to keep your mouth closed bih. & get money from the man so you’re not completely wasting your time.

      1. Tiera Reneè

        @TEDRA CHANEL That he is! Sadly...😕


        Girl, he for the streets, respectfully 😂

    28. shae_snookumz

      I know dearra and Ken hella losing deals from this dumb ass shit, yet God can knock you down from your high horse when you get too comfortable thinking yo ish don’t stank look high low its gotten for em both such a shame

    29. Tashawn Mayers

      I honestly believe the was a distraction just so they could be notic again because for a while now they were under the carpet but yall believed anything y'all see they probably had this entire thing planned out because the way she responded was like two kids who were playing around she did not act like this was somebody she spent years with but who am I just giving my two cents but if they are faking this entire relationship for clout and money I would be mad cause you gotta do what yah gotta do survive in the world. By the way my opinion doesn't matter But I believe the entire thing is fake.

    30. shae_snookumz

      I’m ashamed he let this get this far, and the girl who got the NDA literally just told everything 🤦🏾‍♀️ young and fckn dum I can’t believe Ken so smart yet so damn stupid

    31. Tashawn Mayers

      Kiara please use your brain the girl said they the fans think the relationship is real because they already build a name so if she did say anything everyone would of picked up on the relationship deal and by the way cause she said I'm hurt on the internet dont mean she is really hurt that's the illusion to make you think she is hurt but y'all quick to believe anything

    32. That Jasmine Girl

      I think Ken wanted to just be done with it all... and that’s why he did it in public, they have way too many supporters he had to know someone was going to see him. Then he was quick to say he was going to disappear for while. I think he doesn’t the fame anymore (note I didn’t excuse what he did) that’s just my opinion as to why he did

    33. wheww chileYouStooopid

      This prolly why de'arra never got pregnant she aint wanna be a bm that get cheated on she knew before we knew

    34. Sammilee123

      Idk why these celeb cheats omg like ur famous it’s going to all come to light

    35. Theysay AL

      You can't cheat in peace no more smfh

    36. yoppa choppa

      somebody come get this nigga a security guard lol

    37. melvina smith

      yup, she not lying but she still thirsty

    38. Tameka Anderson

      That other girl is definitely the old chick I remember how she look. Idky she still speakin on old shit🙄. I believe he cheated with her too but the shit old girl they done moved on from that and got engaged since then.

    39. Breezo Finesse

      They just looking for clout and all the weak minded drama loving ppl in the comments gonna give them that

    40. Rania Meterre

      Tht girl Basically a fan of dk4l

    41. Dominique Monroe

      That’s the girl that ken cheated with two years ago

    42. Quoyah Carballo

      If ken gone cheat can he find someone that look better than dearra , dress better than her (which he won’t) , and got more MONEY than dearra.

      1. Jaquaveon Andress

        I mean he probably can find somebody who look better lol but not a D’earra 🤦🏾‍♂️💯

      2. Quoyah Carballo

        Yup , you’re opinion 🤷🏽‍♀️

      3. ILOVEGOD

        In my sight Dearra isn't pretty at all without makeup...I must give to girl can dress!.. and that's just my honest opinion.

    43. Roddy Reed

      De"arra can do Way Better all them Years Wasted..Once you cheat Always going to Cheat 2020 is prevailing alot......

      1. Petite Larceny


    44. Iheart Michelle

      Chris is nasty he gets what he tracks which is trash 🗑 how many kids does he have now?!? That’s embarrassing, and that voice is he sick or that’s his normal voice i don’t get it.

    45. YRB Mani

      This can all be fake people can make fake instagram dm's just to blemish his image

    46. Joannie Joseph

      This is what I don't understand with these people, a video comes out and then left and right Ken been cheating? Ok so not saying what he did was right given that he is engaged but most women have stuck with men or gone back with them time after time and Ken is just this big bad wolf? Tsk, and people even hoping that she breaks up with him, the same couple that we all love to watch? Gimme a break tan. The way I see it everybody Tryna get paid n dats just on Periodt.

    47. COMPLEX

      Sad thing is if shes cheating aswell no nigga will expose her🙄

    48. Sheila Tabengwa

      I need me some ddg drama, this aint it💔

    49. edot

      Jake Paul was inside in Catherine mcbroom dms🤷🏽‍♂️

    50. Tumie Mosia

      but if its business relationship then ken didn't cheat...

    51. Charlene Coleman

      moral of the story if ya"ll don't want ppl in ya"ll business keep it private and cute 😉and off of the internet,social media,Twitter,Instagram and KGup because once you put it out there its fair gamesssssss ppl can sayyyyy anything they want about it its their opinion rather you like it or not. ppl just don't put ya"ll business out there then ya"ll won't have to be sooooo pressed when ppl give their opinion about it 4reallllllllll no capppppp thats on PERIODTTTTTT!

    52. Shivon Ramitt

      Ken not tht good looking he short and stumpy I can't see De'arra being with lil ken for clout and money..

      1. Saadaq Maxamd

        Short 😒

    53. Jasmine Bennett

      The reason why Dearra guys ain’t talking cause they are famous. All Ken girls up in coming KGuprs and IG models smh. This ain’t nothing watch it’s about to get crazy 🍵

      1. Robert Mom

        He get some dirt on her and she not who we think she is either 🤣🤣 that's why she shhh

    54. ForeverKaylaNicole

      If you’re gonna be a side chick, stay in your place lol. Like coming forward and exposing for what??? Y’all knew he was in a relationship.. and it doesn’t make it better you’re willingly messing with a man in a relationship not cute.

      1. Joshua Everett

        She happy to be a side chick lol 😂. Attention seeking

    55. queensnazzy1

      My thing is if they aren’t together anymore why not just say that? I think the girl that went live is lying. She seemed like she was making the story as up as she was telling it🤣 idk maybe it’s just me🤷🏽‍♀️

    56. Shaquon Straughn

      Nah it sounds made up

    57. FMBGLOKK

      Another one dam 🕊🕊

    58. Chinaza Izuakor

      Dearra explained multiples time why she hasn’t been wearing her ring because it doesn’t fit her no mo .

      1. Jenel 21

        it’s a lie she ain’t gaining no weight 🤣 sis lost that weight long time ago that’s why she’s snatched d that’s an excuse she looks very slim in her photos just like few months ago 🤣

      2. Sunflower Soul

        She got time to buy all them clothes she could have gotten the ring resized lol it’s not hard

      3. Ashley B

        @Delirious Denise She can get it resized it’ll take no more than a week

      4. Delirious Denise

        @Ashley B she lost weight. Now she can’t fit it

      5. Ashley B

        Why she gaining weight ?? All the money they have and she can’t go get it resized? Lol

    59. Leroy

      But what’s ken doing 😩😩😩 De’arra looks better than boffem 🤣😭😭

      1. Leroy

        @Jess Bakre in this case yes, coz ion think he tryna be with em 😴

      2. Jess Bakre

        Is it really about looks?

    60. Brunella Karara

      Ken is worse than Corey fr

    61. Keisha Monroe

      They are sick I really believed in ken and dearia but hey it’s life now most relationships are based on business now not love 💕 so

      1. Keisha Monroe

        Meka & Havy BM right go down dearia pictures on ig you gonna see they been was telling us I gotta trust issues now I dnt believe shit no more 😂

      2. Meka & Havy BM

        Exactly I actually believe The apology I feel that girl is lying

    62. Kiara Mendez


    63. DECWOOD

      All these folks want attention and to be KGuprs. Including Morgan. Stop giving them this attention.

    64. Bob Mcgee

      come on now Really your his sidechick

    65. Crystal Parker

      I think they are in a business relationship, I haven't seen Derra wear her ring in a while.

      1. Koach Kayy

        @CaliGirlxo i was thinking that. They don’t even look like they’re physically attracted to each like when they first met. It’s weird how you can rub on another woman in public but i never seen ken do anything of that sort to dearra. I’m thinking they in it for business too

      2. CaliGirlxo

        That’s the only thing keeping them together. Dearra always looks like she don’t even like kissing him and letting him touch her 🥴

      3. Pretty Chelley

        @myapapaya right she shutting everyone up 😂😂😂

      4. myapapaya

        oh she got it back on. on her latest ig post

      5. Tonisha Capri

        @Niquey Bingham oh okay. Thanks for clearing that up

    66. Sphelele Mofokeng

      Ken is innocent

    67. Sphelele Mofokeng

      Ken is innocent

    68. Sphelele Mofokeng

      Ken is innocent

    69. Ahssillav Rolyat

      Yep I believe her.... It's a lot of deceit going on.

    70. 1MOM4SON


    71. Chondra Brown

      I am so happy i am not a man lordddd thank you

    72. Sincerely Me Bri

      She lost her mind.....she don’t know what 50/50 is I see.....I’m sure he’s not asking her for all of that when he gets him from her house smh.....she weird af.....

    73. Thatrealiljayy

      She lying she want clout

      1. Indya morris must know the real tea then???

    74. Taylor Wedlow

      All ken side chicks look the same ....

    75. Da Poltergeist

      No Cap as entertaining as it is. I feel like I'm contributing to couples break up.

    76. T B

      Go to court ASAP

    77. Jay-Z Twin

      Girls you gotta be careful who you stick your tongues into.😎

    78. Cassie Sandra

      Its chris venting on live for me😅😅😅.

    79. Amanda T

      I know fee the owner of GOF is pissed someone leaking her tea

    80. Craig Thomas

      Ken out here moving reckless

    81. FamousProdigy

      It’s toosii not totsi

    82. christian vines

      they just together for the money, behind closed doors they be wit other people. a shame how this world is now, generation messed the definition of love up to the point where it’s almost gone

      1. Sunflower Soul

        @KING DARRIUS lmfboooo! This comment was what I was thinking before I clicked on the thread

      2. Jaquaveon Andress

        @Indya morris No It’s not lol

      3. christian vines

        @KING DARRIUS more to the story then what you see online lol but i could be wrong🤷🏽‍♂️

      4. Indya morris

        @KING DARRIUS well duh it's evident at this point.


        Now how in the fuck would you know that. Have you met them?

    83. Navarski McCallum

      She hasn’t been wearing her ring for a while now. How was that not noticed and mentioned?

      1. Jenel 21

        @Lashyra Chanel tbh excuses the relationship is crumbling

      2. Lashyra Chanel

        Dearra claims it doesn’t fit anymore after losing weight, but she could’ve just got it resized

      3. Chima4Realz

        Business Relations

    84. Tracy Hill

      a lot of people looking up to these KGup couples as couple know the majority of them are in a business relationship all for the 💰...deception at its finest😂😂😂😂😂this is for all the young people that look up to these people...but I know better😂😂

    85. Momo Monique

      Look at the drink and facts video , Dearra says they have an joint back account. Dearra said in her bank account she has no money so if anybody want to do deals and brans call us call us. Then boom this stuff happens. I wouldn’t put nothing passed them .


      Chris is a bad person but a good father

      1. Tatiyana Niyel

        You don’t even kno him... Please hush

    87. BJ Turner

      Ken the new Bill Cosby

      1. Yvng Expressions

        Yoo bro lol I said danggg all these females coming out making look like bill cosby now I scroll down n see this 😂

    88. BJ Turner

      Why the mother can’t pay for the stuff when she has the baby. That doesn’t even make sense. Whaaaaaat?

      1. Storytime with Tay

        @Breanna Green very bitter she sounds crazy

      2. Breanna Green

        She just bitter that’s all


      Aye ken you not even all that and you GET one sexy ash fiance and you cheating WHAT A DISSAPOINTMENT

    90. Plug Walk

      And damn ken out here wilding, I can see it being a business relationship. In a few of their videos dearra gets Ken's age wrong and he always got to correct her that shit be crazy lol my gf better remember my dam age

      1. Plug Walk

        @Dymond Lane yea but she be saying stuff like, u r 26,27 28? Lol I'm not saying it ain possible but dam

      2. Dymond Lane

        Me and my man been together 6 years and I still say he’s 25 when he 26

    91. That TIME

      She capping her head to big show her body i bet she got a big body tell her to stand up lol im playing


      Ofc she came out of nowhere. And has no receipts

    93. Hoopdreamre 21

      54th comment

    94. Amj 2Wavy

      Aye ain’t piping any girl🤦🏾‍♂️

    95. jasmine mitchell

      ❤ Jesus Christ loves you and he's coming soon ❤ You deserve to be happy and free ❤ God sent his son to die on the cross so you could be ❤ talk to him he wants you to come to him ❤ Here because of Jesus Christ for you ❤

    96. Richelle Weldon

      I love your voice it’s so calming, the only tea channel I can watch🥰

      1. Petite Larceny

        Once i hey past that intro 🥴🥴🥴. I agree. I ❤ her videos

      2. Kiara Shanay

        Thank you 😁

    97. Dirtbag Squad

      Why are they coming out now lol, smell clout chasing.

      1. Dequetta LaShae

        @WAYerz yep and they said that he wasn’t talking to her debunking it, now dearra not speaking for him so he can’t run now unfortunately he might have pulled 1 to many stunts that his hands couldn’t catch

      2. Chima4Realz

        Bill Cosby Shii 😂

      3. WAYerz

        she came out 2 years ago though.

    98. young star

      Ken the goat

    99. Kizzy Hollman

      Luv Cha Chris don't care what people say God 🙏

    100. Mervlyn Joseph

      The real question is why would these females still continue to fuck with Ken if they know he has a whole fiancée??! Like don't y'all feel bad or something... Even though he says they are in a business relationship y'all should know that men lie to get what they want