Kiara Shanay

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    0:00 - Intro
    0:20 - Flight Reacts To Janet's Hickey Excuse
    4:24 - Deshae Frost Trumpin For Entertainment
    4:56 - DDG Confessed That He's Lonely
    6:30 - Leslie Drops Receipts On Clarence
    7:22 - Flight Puts His BM On Blast

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    1. KidsWithDope

      Flight need to drop a bag on Janet and get her whacked before that baby drop...she the devil

    2. _ Desii_

      I will never understand why guess nutt in trifflent females. U did it to ur selfffffff.

    3. Sniper Cle


    4. Esther


    5. niqniq76

      Sorry but receipts hold no weight in court. They look at that as a gift.

    6. CrazyMTF CrazyBlue314

      That's DDG two tone rose gold ap Rubi is wearing so yup they leaked up.

      1. Blac Deku

        No its not its hers

    7. Anthony Valdez

      Janet a gold digger 😂😂

    8. Kp HVY

      Put yourself on child support flight, cause if she does it they’ll give her whatever she wants

    9. Runitup Mo

      Flight should do child support because you don’t have to send her 5k he can send her like 900 which is way cheaper

    10. itsyahboidylanYT

      Sub to meh

    11. Joey_ Breezy

      he’s lonely today cuffed up tomorrow smh

    12. Jay Young

      To be honest courts don't give a damn about receipts

    13. Rican gg

      Clarence birthday in December but he was friends with queen right during that time

    14. DC Reactions

      Flight needs to go to the superior court and lawyer up either get full custody of daughter or get his standard visitation with a set child support amount with what's best for the child. That way he's in control from direct court order and child support services can't get involved if he's already court ordered for a reasonable amount him and the childs mother agree to in mediation.

    15. Keessythegod Moore

      So a man can’t say what he feels?? When he does he’s a simp?? That’s dumb af men get lonely to Twitter is for tweeting

    16. shan james

      DDG the toxic one. That nigga can't even be by himself for a whole day and he gonna forever feel like he can't be happy without a girl at his side That nigga need to leave relationships alone and allow himself to heal instead of worrying bout bringing a whole CHILD into this world He ain't ready for all that💯

    17. Tavii bee

      ddg needs to dive into his music n YT ....and if he has a child he shoud be like erica and safaree keep that part of his life private... flight NEEDS a LAWYER like RIGHT NOW!!!!! Deshae needs to take a break frm YT n focus on his acting .. Janet is just crazyy

    18. Benjamin Torres

      jus a meme that nigga DDG don’t want her nomoreee they toxic

    19. J. Spadez

      Flight need to get a lawyer I dont know how Cali is but Ohio is a women state no matter what you lose you lose there but she going to be on his ass for years to come even when he settles down with somebody

    20. lesify EDG

      Solluminati did say she hit ah hit ☹️ 🙏🏾 for flight

    21. Emma Harrmann

      Janet the typa baby mom that spend all her money from baby daddy on HERSELF... weird💔

    22. YoBoy SPADE

      scheming.... FOREVER!

    23. YoBoy SPADE

      What I don't like is that people will have the EVIDENCE and RECEIPTS right in their FACE and STILL don't believe/won't ADMIT to THINGS these days...smdh

    24. YoBoy SPADE

      I be so SURPRISED that alot of these people, especially the ones who are a lil older, can't READ between-the-lines on these everyday situations...🤦🏿‍♂️

    25. YoBoy SPADE

      Of course he gave in. It ain't over until you see HIM with somebody else...

      1. Blac Deku

        @YoBoy SPADE True lol

      2. YoBoy SPADE

        Nah, she'll f*ck with two, maybe even THREE n*ggas at the SAME time! She don't come off as the loyal type. She's already SHOWN what she does...😳

      3. Blac Deku

        Or her with someone else

    26. King Jamon

      DDG bitchin nigga damn😂

    27. King Vic

      I think he gave in. And man rubi is one of a kind, she act ratchet but she ain’t Eva gone cheat. Look at cardi b. I use to think she could neva b loyal but offset was da only one cheating 🤷🏾‍♂️ These times is weirder, I still couldn’t wife up a girl showin er booty on ig etc but sum respect the game cuz dey makin Money off dem pics. 😐every relationship has arguments and drama but if she ain’t cheatin u better keeps rubi she one of a kind bo. Me n my wife been through wayyy worser hell then them two, I mean way worse, and we been together 15 yrs now married 10 so idk, I feel like y’all who don’t understand that sum relationships go through hell to get to a heavenly relationship jus need to 🤫. You’re not experienced or wise enough to give relational advice. Tru relationships take faith even in the mud u gotta see the beauty

    28. Edward K Alfred Sr

      Go to child support and pay the support and split the time. But take NO THREATS. Because if there is a THREAT then there was a plan of action ahead. Cover yourself

    29. KLOUT ENT

      He would be better off going through child support, cause 5000 is way to much.

    30. Tori

      Right my boyfriend just got full custody of his son/my step son just by showing that he does all the providing financially and mentally of course. She was a mess both mentally and financially and would do the same ish this chick was doing. Anyway flight I wish you nothing but the best and pray you never run into another female like this but pray you run into a women that’s willing to love you mentally and physically. 🙏🏽 Way tooooo many amazing fathers losing out bc of females like this.

    31. Titus Maluleka

      What if Dashae supports Trump? so what? isn't that the point of individual rights?

    32. Shonya Kalvin

      It’s a 2 he wants attention and he really wants a baby thought Rubi was the one he didn’t link wit her again tho she threaten him and he found out some dirt so he’ll go wit other girls he weak but he ain’t stupid he know some ain’t right poor flight that girl real shiesty

    33. Dj Cobbs

      Don’t be surprised flight stops posting, she’s going to try to drain him. She that baby mom that needs $10,000 a month to feed the baby

    34. Rahshaan Muhammad

      If that hickey was real it would be on her neck days after, anyone got pics of her neck days after she claim it was fake and just makeup? that will shut her down right there if someone got pics. As for the baby situation, please Flight save ALL your receipts, this situation with the baby may go left real quick, so since you didn't protect yourself with a dome, protect yourself by keeping receipts fam. I'm praying for you bruh.

      1. Rahshaan Muhammad

        @Dee_G 94 you're right, sad situation.

      2. Dee_G 94

        She can also use makeup to cover it up

    35. JustJonahTV

      About the child support topic. I’m sorry but flight having those receipts don’t mean shit in California child support court. Cali is always on the women side with child support, very FEW guys can get a fair chance in court no matter how much proof you show

    36. Alpha Wolf

      DDG is no where near ready for a kid, this nigga not even ready for a stable relationship

    37. Marchelle Fowler

      He just need to go ahead and put himself on child support

    38. Charlotte James

      Be careful with how you protect yourself men because you can end up here too. HOT APPLE PIES are not worth the time you can end up with regrets😂😂 should've, would've, could've??????????????takes you to IT'S TOO LATE


      Im convinced that this nigga ddg cant spell or write.

    40. Veko 1Hundred

      DDG be careful what you wish for! Watch what's happening with flight she is about to make his life a living hell💯💯 Tho every baby is innocent they're used as a pawn and she's going to make him miserable! Intentions don't matter how you feel or what you do!💯💯💯 don't have a baby unless you got the right one💯💯 "On Life!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

      1. Sur Rotten

        @Blvck Lvnd I hope it happens it will be a very good experience for his dumb ass

      2. EyeIsoComp

        @Blvck Lvnd smh

      3. Petty Wap


    41. Popcorn Crew

      I think that Janet wants Flight for money

      1. Popcorn Crew

        I don’t even think I know

    42. XxYfN JJ2k

      That’s not simping

    43. Popcorn Crew

      Am not sure if he gave in or it’s just a meme

    44. India Lee

      Flight BM holds her mouth weird, anyway I hope all is well

    45. C Sanders

      Clarence’s birthday is December 8th. Before Queen ever even went to NY... Leslie’s “receipts” proved nothing. It simply matches the timeline Clarence has already given us

    46. Steph b

      I feel so bad for flight. MEN y'all have to be careful who y'all have a kids with bitches really be using that child for a check. DDG needs to learn this from flight since he wants a child so bad.

    47. Shuana Joliee

      It’s probably best for him to put himself on child support because if she does it the payments will be way higher.

    48. Prince GD

      I hope Flight can use all that in court 🙏🏽

    49. Naira Gatsby

      Flight is deffo regretting not choosing TI now

    50. Tazzz

      I ent going to even cap that's a DDG type title right there💪🔥

    51. AyoJit R

      How you gon make a apology video making no sense and bash flight again lmao she belong to da streets.

    52. Full8 Seconds

      Flight just made a 5k "gift". How you pay child support before the baby born. Handle all payments thru the courts so you get credit for it

      1. brandon G

        Was just thinking that

    53. Tee Tee

      Flight, normally I wouldn’t suggest going to court. However to keep the peace and to make sure your not over paying CS, I would go to court at the 1st sight of some BS after she’s born. So you don’t have to even deal with games when it comes to seeing your daughter. Don’t trust electronic devices to keep your current payments to her, make sure you print them all and keep them in a safe. Good luck

    54. Naira Gatsby

      anybody who knew about how Janet met Flight would of seen this coming she met him by STALKING him, she used to go around hollywood stalking celebs Flight is just the idiot who fell for her antics

    55. rockshock06

      Flight needs to talk to ddg...

    56. TommiLynn Tv

      This ddg stuff is annoying now.. he needs to focus on himself

    57. Shiquechica

      It’s best he get it court ordered but at least he’s documenting by keeping receipts. He needs to be more detailed about exactly what it’s covering. He should start now because him hoping she’s going to stay nice isn’t smart based on her behavior. She’s probably going to play a lot of games with him seeing his child so he should establish visitation early on.

    58. JuzDeez

      It would make more sense for Flight to request to be on child support along with joint or full custody now (before) she has the baby. He can contact an attorney for a free consultation or begin the process of hiring one for the amount he just gave the baby momma.....

      1. JuzDeez

        @Naira Gatsby true

      2. Naira Gatsby

        I'm pretty sure he is so reluctant to go to court is because he is trying to grind and doesn't want custody of the child, he's a millionaire if he really wanted too he could hire an expensive lawyer and make her life hell

    59. jr


    60. watch tv

      Why my mans need a kid if his joints go "waldo'n" on him.. he need a real female damn near a regular girl🤷🏿‍♂️🧐🔎🕵🏾‍♂️

    61. Sheila Tabengwa

      Guys rubi is going thru a lot ryt now. Extend ur prayers to her 😭

      1. Zh.x.iin_

        What happened?

    62. D Unknown

      🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 Flight

    63. Arika Payne

      Why would queen care they wasn’t together them so called receipts didn’t really prove nun💀 that just shows she was bein dumb still giving it up while he said he was single lmao 💀



    65. Goat plugz

      Flight don’t know that he can fight for custody of his daughter 😂

    66. Ravens Closet

      Am I the only one that doesn’t feel bad for Flight? He knew exactly what he was getting himself into having unprotected sex with that female....

    67. Iso ‘

      nigga deshae lost allem fans just to do a fake prank 😂🤦‍♂️

      1. Designer the Don

        He wild for that

    68. Malia Broussard

      I don’t know how Leslie is a cloud chaser when Clarence started the situation 🧐🧐🧐

    69. Jatavious Murphy

      He need to gone put his self on child support

    70. KY FLOW

      Gave n foe💯

    71. Gabriel Spence

      Kiara shannay is here kiara shannay here

    72. Smurf Papo

      It’s messed up ppl leaking her address on Twitter smfh

      1. Smurf Papo

        I’m talking about Janet

    73. Teejay Teejay

      Mann why I don’t be getting the notification to the premiere sometimes 🤦🏾‍♂️

    74. Dorian _hunt2007

      Noti gang late

    75. PDD4REAL TV


    76. Anise Westbrook


    77. Crispy Kareem

      Everyone wants a kid aint they can't handle the responsibility 24/7🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

    78. Crispy Kareem

      He could just adopt a kid or something

    79. Crispy Kareem

      Ddg don't need no kids right now he aint ready for no kids

      1. MR. JONES .A

        He more than ready

      2. Designer the Don

        It Probably is what he needs to mature more honestly

    80. Jaee Quilla

      Everybody can see kiara shanay subscriber count right ?

    81. QUiNTiN BANKS


    82. nate higga

      That was probably just a funny memes ddg posted but who knows and the other tweet about him being lonely in a big house it's really not a simp tweet don't nobody want to be lonely in a big house

    83. Emmanuel Chenny

      Hes just laughing at the meme because it perfectly fits the situation that he just went thru with them being off & on. A lot of other ppl reposted that same meme yesterday because it’s relatable

    84. Yung Scar

      It's just A Meme

    85. Petty Wap

      Where tf Moo go that fast Ddg keep popping up and that shyt ain’t kool

      1. Petty Wap

        @Angie Ussery nahh moo don’t fuq with Rubi 😂

      2. Angie Ussery

        Rubi broke up with moo not ddg

    86. It's Teyoncé

      Moo if u watching this I'll have your baby.....just have your baby, no money lol the baby could have that

    87. Pumpz Exotic YT

      That simp is a 10 no cap 🧢🧢

    88. Kelvin Wilson

      I don't think rubi and ddg hooked up, because rubi was in a car accident today, her fingers were bleeding a little, she had a scratch on her face, and she had to go back to the hotel, she was by herself.

      1. Martina S.

        I feel bad for her

      2. Fuck off Bye

        Well , oh well .

    89. micheal Wiltchire

      🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾FTC all the way

    90. Craig Thomas

      Janet's tweets she made AFTER she posted her "apology" video just proves how fake and insincere her apology really was. Good luck to Flight dealing with her he's going to need it!

      1. X Johnson

        And she was dropping tears on command in that video lol a whole actress, he saw through it tho

    91. Nathalia Edwards

      Janet trapped flight with the kid

      1. Josue Louis

        @OkgXL lol

      2. OkgXL

        No shit

    92. SHEMZ

      Nobody: Intro: AnD I CaNt TrY tO FiGhT tHeSe FeEliNgSsS Me: 👁👄👁

    93. Sincere Grant

      Love the vid Kiara NOOOOOOOOOO CAPPPPPPPPPPP YESSSSIRRRRR frfrfrffftfftfr Mann bangers and BANGERS best tea talker lol.

    94. jd Jayden


    95. OT TV

      If flight doesn't get full custody he needs to put himself on child support, do not let her do it

    96. Tyrone Rogers

      Flight’s situation is more than stressful, it’s dangerous! I can see a chick like Janet being on that show Snapped! I’m praying for Flight 4real!

    97. Giovanni

      Couldn't be my baby mama 👁👄👁 💩

    98. Nathalia Edwards

      I don’t think Janet hickey was fake 💀 she lying

    99. Petty Wap

      Ddg is living proof that money doesn’t make you happy and the more he get the more stressed & depressed he become.. This nicca got everything and still don’t seem happy 🤦🏾‍♂️

      1. Petty Wap

        @Designer the Don He need to man tf up

      2. Designer the Don

        @Petty Wap you ain’t ddg, he’s emotional. Is what it is

      3. Petty Wap

        @Designer the Don idc if I was in his position I’d be living my best life I wouldn’t be on social media whining or simpin like a bihh everyday. 💯

      4. Designer the Don

        He literally said on Twitter yesterday , “ it ain’t all peaches and cream behind the camera, he been through a lot of fvcked up sh*t in life” And he has

    100. Dillan Johnson

      50/50 you never know with him