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    0:00 - Intro
    0:21 - FunnyMike Is Fed Up W/ Jaliyah
    1:34 - Flight Says His BM Extorted Him
    3:46 - Tory Lanez Said This About DDG
    6:43 - Rubi Rose Bae Goals
    7:30 - Lil Tjay & Daniella = Friends Or More?

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    1. That TIME

      I seen it that shit was live Corey was in that as well

    2. MeanboyTv

      Her bae when she get one 🤣🤣

    3. REAL Ones

      🔥 🔥

    4. Your boi 3k DMV gamer

      Danm fredo can’t just click bait y’all but DDG can though that seem fair it wasn’t even about him

    5. Zhireyk White

      Hi I’m a fan

      1. Kiara Shanay

        Hey hey 👋🏾

    6. Chelsi Posh

      Flight need to lawye up.

    7. Gwyneth Nimo


    8. Designer the Don

      Ddg said he miss Rubi

      1. Designer the Don

        @Sym Taylor facts lol

      2. Sym Taylor

        We saw...we knew it wouldn't be long before he did. He should just keep his mouth close next time cause we know he would be back. 😂😂😂

    9. Sheem Money

      Lol @ he said he was on demon time but was more on Angel time 😭😭😭

    10. Mz Chee


    11. Tshiamo Gadinabokao

      We know he smashed ryt

    12. Tanisha Ervin

      Funny mike need therapy Jaliyah need to boss all the way up and leave the kid alone yeah he bought another house and never there .

    13. Lisa

      Lala really violated girl code. You get him they same way you lose him. Tj only wanted sis tryna be spiteful to Rubi that was never genuine. That’s some man clown shit.

    14. Ebert Morvan

      It's my birthday 🎂 !!!!!!

    15. KiingSaySoReacts2

      Child support should only be for people that’s not in their child’s life i hope she don’t hit flight with the bs

    16. pro chicken

      Fredo just want attention he know that no one been posting about him😭😭

    17. Marquez Holy

      If he do it hes going to get charged more, he's making 50-80k month

    18. Burr

      Tjay bagging all the KGup wets 😭😭

    19. Burr

      Chris sails needa get beat up 😂😂😂😂😂 he worst than Fredo onG

    20. Burr

      I really feel bad for flight man , I hope he takes custody of that child after a year of the baby being born , also yeah it’s best if he puts him self on child support !!!

    21. Tawanna Mawema


    22. Evie

      If flight is the type of father that feels like he can raise that baby. Then he can split custody with her and he doesn't have to pay child support. He gotta make sure he has the same rights. I swear I dislike baby mamas like her

    23. Money Mario

      Idk what y’all talking about but lil tjay and Lala are still dating

    24. Deelive601

      proud of my guy DDG 😭🙏🏾

    25. Shaniel Walsh

      Chris sails is so immature omg

    26. Joshua mynatt

      Fuck child support be a men take your child😤😤😤or get a lawyer 🙄 😒 😤

    27. Gina LV

      Flight needs to Apply for 50% Custody and Then have the Child Support figured off the Custody 💯💯💯

    28. dlr

      Ya I bet he's carving her pumpkin 😁

    29. Sanny's Journey

      That church clip took me out lol that was 2 funny. He not on demon time he on angel 👼 time. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    30. Bank-Anthony Ozuem

      Angel time 😂

    31. Ceejay

      Daniella had tjAy chain on in her last video and his sweater, but she got a man I think.

    32. Aaron YT

      Fredo talking about DDG randomly again

    33. Nicole Lue Quee

      Daneille and tj are friends she has a boyfriend

      1. Nicole Lue Quee

        @K love her bf is Justine is in the beginning of that vlog

      2. K love

        Where is her boyfriend and where is his Girlfriend smh friends with benefits like all the other women

    34. Petty Wap

      That girl is Lil TJay next-door neighbor they been kool before he met LaLa

      1. K love

        Friends with benefits

    35. billy bill

      Fredo scary😂

    36. kye •

      People need to stop having sex with people they're just getting to know. That's not part of the dating process. That's why relationships are so messed up or end horribly 🤦🏾‍♀️ it just creates another broken generation. And problems. Him saying they were never together whilst her being pregnant actual made him look embarrassing. Now he going through all this bs

      1. Ms T


    37. sugagal1987

      Receipts matter in court but you have to be smart about how you are documenting them and keeping them. Like don't go to court saying look I gave $5000 for this. If you do it like that then its questionable. the judge doesn't know you why should they take your word. Also she could be like he gave me 5000 but it was for this or he didn't tell me what it was for or he is lying. You need to have proof like in every other court case. Write a check and on the bottom of the check where is says memo put 5000 for baby crib and stroller or if you are doing a transfer write it on the transfer what its for or if you are giving cash buy a receipt book and make actual receipts and have her sign them. All of this information can be found by Googling. I suggest flight contact a lawyer and talk to them to see what he needs to do and make sure he is doing everything right.

    38. Britszz

      Fredo & Chris be clout chasing now

    39. Dream Chills

      Love ki mann "a whole preacher" 🤣🤣🤣

    40. Wilbur Hein

      Yall should know by now tjay a dawg!! Lol that boy dont make no friends.

    41. joel agbonifo

      Fredo a pussy

    42. SetTrender

      W for DDG

    43. Syn Bot

      Fredo a bitch he knew DDG was gonna knock his ass out.

    44. YoBoy SPADE

      Why would a dude be doing Tic-Toc videos with a pretty girl and wants to her to be his 'friend'.....😂🤦🏿‍♂️ This generation is all 'screwed' up. I see why sh*t is happening the way that it is...smh

    45. YoBoy SPADE

      If Lil T-Jay ain't 'smashed' yet, he will later....

    46. CantTouchMySwaggaa

      This nigga tjay a legend at this point when it come to the hoes lmao

    47. Cousins 4Life

      As she a and due day go city

    48. maya williams

      The girl best friend is always the one a nigga really want...tjay want her

    49. BucketFam Sah

      In the background tjay was leaning against something and got up towards her they are friends 🤦🏾‍♂️

    50. Kerlens Louis

      wish someone would give me 5 thousand 🤦🏾‍♂️

    51. I2clappzy

      That bitch ass nigga said December

    52. ScopedOutTV

      Janet planet done snatched flight soul got the homie looking mad pale

    53. Designer the Don

      Lala still with lil tjay, I think y’all bugging lol

      1. Designer the Don

        @K love yeah she did, I saw it

      2. K love

        I don't know because he released his hew song and lala has not post it like she usually does

    54. Only1Doobie

      I literally said he needa put his self on child support, go watch that bandman Kevo interview with Sean cotton when he told how to beat the child support system

    55. alfwiz

      La La should have have dumped LILTJAY first. It would have skyrocketed her brand. Now, she could tank. Damm - he used her and made her dump her best friend. She looks weak in the mind.

    56. Jaded Jaderson

      Only reason tjay was with lala was to bother rubi anyway and now that rubi not giving either of em attention hes outta there.

    57. Major

      You know Tjay fucking that girl Kiara lol

    58. MackTheFifth

      Fredo: “I just stopped caring” Also Fredo: *Makes another video about DDG 2 weeks later after everyone had moved on*

      1. Your boi 3k DMV gamer

        @MackTheFifth DDG did the same thing get of that nigga dick

      2. Lul Blacc

        @MackTheFifth yes and I doubt DDG cares

      3. MackTheFifth

        @Lul Blacc But it’s the fact that he even has DDG in the title that’s gonna cause some kind of havoc. And did you see his past IG story’s?

      4. Lul Blacc

        @MackTheFifth did you watch it its clickbait bro he didn't say anything towards ddg in the video all he did was have fun with his friends and spread "positivity" 😂

      5. MackTheFifth

        @Lul Blacc The most recent one with DDG name literally in the title. And then he posted something on ig that wasn’t directly at DDG but it was kinda shade at DDG and it was obvious.

    59. K love

      Lil tjay just was dating lala because of rubi but now rubi is not paying them any attention any more lil tjay on to the next lala just got played again

      1. Cyber Bully


      2. Playboy Drippa

        Nigga what 🤦🏾‍♂️, that’s not why she wanted Lil tjay

      3. Petty Wap

        That’s his neighbor weirdo they’ve been cool before he met Lala

    60. Jamar

      How do people support fredo

    61. amy jen

      For them 5 racks I'll kick that broad down the stairs flight lol

    62. amy jen

      Flight she putting you on child support anyway dum dum lol

    63. KC IS DONE

      IS HERE


      Using ddgs name for views smh

      1. Jose Vazquez

        Yes she getting her bag

    65. JD

      Damn ddg really up there now

      1. Gabrielle

        @That TIME which chris?

      2. Gabrielle

        BIG FAXX

      3. That TIME

        Chris is as well

      4. Sincere Grant


      5. keepit1000


    66. Souljvh Honcho

      Ddg nd tory gotta do a song for the culture 😤🔥

      1. IMzoCold YT

        I’m saying

      2. 4TM Ent

        on SK grave

    67. Slade’s Gaming

      Tory and DDG 🥺🥺😫😫😫 it’s a good day

    68. Ema dsg Young poku dosu

      He was on angel time got me fucked up😂😂😂

    69. Linette JACKSON

      Child support starts when the baby is born.

    70. Amj 2Wavy

      Lala just stay ya ass single😭🤦🏾

    71. OK

      Daniella and tjay been friends for a while he was in one of her videos from a couple months ago

      1. Eddie Marx

        @Ceejay her boyfriend aint on tjay level. All theses la girls care about is leveling up with clout.

      2. Ceejay

        Daniela got a boyfriend

      3. K love

        Yeah ill tjay was friend with rubi and lala but became with benefits

      4. K love

        Yea just like rubi was

    72. Craig Thomas

      Fredo still mad DDG copyrighted his diss song and made money from it as well. I think DDG said he made 20k off Fredo's song

    73. OSSIE


    74. Theycallmsqueenfornun Brown

      They get back together they do that every time smh

      1. Theycallmsqueenfornun Brown

        @lyilia aa so I play Roblox nun wrong with u know damn well u play it ur damn self!

    75. Mary Ayuel

      He probably said in the clickbait ddg scared cause he scared 😂😭

      1. Jose Vazquez

        @Haitian Jack why even argue lol ddg would rock his shit why do you think fredo went silent and now that the 31st passed he back to taking🤣

      2. Haitian Jack

        I'll bet your life DDG will beat the shit outta Fredo . DDG can box real talk he used to box and won championship go on his mother ig page

      3. Haitian Jack


    76. Josh Johnson

      I appreciate you consolidating all this information ❤️

    77. moneyovereverthing_

      Fredo talks about ddg for no reason

      1. Sincere Grant


      2. Huncho Bundz

        Oh whale

      3. LAUZIANA


      4. Emmanuel Appiah

        And his fans would say ddg wants clout from fredo. He dropped the video right after tory lanez went live with ddg.

    78. Joyce 98

      Atp I believe flight and Janet is doing this for views and baby mommy

      1. hunncho2x

        Bro flight career been at an all time high since the beginning of 2020 and before she came back in the picture he doesn’t need drama for views you sound dumb 🤦🏾‍♂️

    79. Dirtbag Squad

      Fredo move on ddg and everyone over it lol. How much demon time fredo got lol 😂

      1. MackTheFifth

        Exactly like DDG gave him a chance but this man wanted to drag it out like he’s doing now. Like no one will give af about this December 31st lmao

      2. blessing nzerem

        Exactly nigga tryna stay relevant so bad 💀

    80. Dirtbag Squad

      Chris cheated ,queen cheated chris abuse queen, queen abuse Chris. Equality

      1. Fabul0us Bri

        Fr like they both was in a wrong 😑

      2. Jose Vazquez

        You sound dumb af dawg

      3. nijah ray

        Dirtbag Squad 😂😂😂😂

    81. Dirtbag Squad

      Lala taking Ls again lol

      1. Petty Wap

        @Eddie Marx can’t spell Eddie with out Special “Ed”

      2. Eddie Marx

        Cant spell Lala without 2 L's

      3. Petty Wap

        @DCCREW TUBE y’all dumb because that’s his neighbor smh they been kool before LaLa

      4. Cyber Bully


      5. Petty Wap

        That girl his neighbor they Been kool y’all weird as fuck

    82. Dirtbag Squad

      Let’s be honest I keep hearing someone in queen camp made that book to boost her record sales ,and bring traffic sale also. My question is queen made songs ,and did interviews about Chris abusing her and cheating, why she bring it up back up 3 years later I swear the pass is the pass ,but it seems like Clarence and queen or not happy and not moved on. Clearly they bashing Chris for her album sales. Everyone said Chris abuse queen but there’s videos of queen abusing /cheat on Chris also. Equality right but there making sure there shiiiting on Chris when his son grows up he’s gonna hate her mother.

      1. Dirtbag Squad

        @K love then people say Chris the one talking about them. Clarence and queen bashing the hell out of a pas situation but hey Chris neds to tell his side cause it’s looking r3al bad. Character ending type ish.

      2. K love

        I agree because queen know that if she talks about Clarence in her songs it won't sale so that why she brings Chris back up because medicine was a hit and it was about Chris she still making money off of Chris still

    83. How too

      didn't give that girl nothing

    84. Teenage Star

      Chris ain’t getting rubi he definitely not on her league... keep shooting Chris ..

      1. Emily Water

        @Designer the Don a broke nigga wouldn’t live in the house he live in nor buy a car like he got

      2. Designer the Don

        @Emily Water Chris sails broke lol

      3. Emily Water

        Money and clout is her league, and he got that

      4. Jaded Jaderson

        Ridiculously out of league. Niggas rubi has dated - playboi carti, Travis Scott, 21 savage, lil tjay, ddg. Chris ain’t messing with that league. He needs to pipe down

      5. Emmanuel Appiah

        @Blvck Lvnd chris ain't rich enough for rubi🤣🤣.

    85. Fuadbegreening-

      Fredo a clout chaser he know ddg got more clout than his uglyy ahh

    86. Fuadbegreening-

      Tjay defenetly smacked Danniels cheeks he’s a freak bro and he’s yung asf

      1. K love

        @Designer the Don hangout with other girls with out lala don't seems like he into lala from what I see

      2. Designer the Don

        @K love no he wasn’t, don’t got anything to do with rubi, he just likes lala

      3. Fuadbegreening-

        @Mohamed Awad Elkarim exactly

      4. Mohamed Awad Elkarim

        idk why lil tjay needs her as a friend unless she gives him benefits because they literally have no history or reason to be so close

      5. Mohamed Awad Elkarim

        THeY'Re JusT FRIenDs

    87. Phil Rockwell

      Forgot all about Fredo. 😂

      1. Duval BT

        On god 💀💀

      2. Isaiah Hyndman


    88. Plain Jane

      The child isn’t born yet first off.. And second of child support is better, but keep all records and proof just in case she wants to get petty.

      1. Rahshaan Muhammad

        @BiigTee I'm with you 100%, but he gonna have to prove to the judge that she a unfit mother or something, judges very rarely take kids from the moms unless you have some kind of proof that she aint ish and that the kid is better off with the pops.

      2. BiigTee

        Child support not better because the female could be receiving the money doing other stuff with it that’s not for your child no man want a female with possession of his hard earned money. I rather just get full custody of my kid

      3. Rahshaan Muhammad

        @alanfbaby1 it may not be better, but what can he do if she start using the baby as a pawn to manipulate him? He gonna have to be a couple of steps ahead of her or he will be paying a ridiculous amount of money to her for no reason.

      4. alanfbaby1

        Child support is not better flight makes like almost a mill a year probably do make a Mill they would easily make him pay 10-15k a month

    89. YooBoyReem

      If flight goes to court for joint custody, he wouldn’t have to pay child support

      1. Rahshaan Muhammad

        @Ocarri Customs all depends on how the judge sees it, he could give them custody equally and that would probably keep him from paying child support.

      2. Ocarri Customs

        He will have to still because she will be the custodial parent

      3. marc larrieux

        Exactly idk why he won’t

    90. BiigTee

      Bruh flight can easily go to court to get full custody of his kid. With the proof of the child support threats. He has more money than her he can provide for himself , his house , and the baby. The court will see that and he will not have to pay child support idk how they do the child support cases in other cities but it’s easy to beat a child support case when you’re a provider and you can be there for your kid.

      1. BiigTee

        GlazzedBK 😂😂😂

      2. Rahshaan Muhammad

        @Jagged Jay Jr that's a damn good point yo.

      3. GlazzedBK

        If the child comes with flight bro he ain’t gonna be able to stream

      4. Jagged Jay Jr

        @BiigTee all the shit flight has on his social media and all the outrageous slander he has said would come up plus multiple videos of him being drunk and high out of his life would be put on display not to mention numerous holes in his walls ... his character would be destroyed in a court room ... not to mention what makes you think if he even would get full custody that he could take care of that baby by himself ?

      5. Rahshaan Muhammad

        @BiigTee interesting point, but how many fathers actually win over the mothers?

    91. U1NO

      Fredo need to shut his ass up

    92. hungryethiopianchild

      Janet is a walking L

      1. Sincere Grant

        @Angie Ussery it's Janet duhhh he or she is right.

      2. Angie Ussery

        Lanet u mean

    93. Theo Makie

      Don’t put yourself on child support. File for joint custody come to a agreement on what days months or weeks you get your child.

    94. Noaha TBG24K

      Tory hell😂

    95. Ruby Kelly

      Very true! Ask any lawyer he will tell you the same. Beat her to court and put yourself on child support.

    96. Go_Smd

      Kiara really put ddg and Tory lanez in the title when there wasn’t even any type of drama/tea abt them.

      1. Designer the Don

        @Fert Santiago and he said that’s my n!gga and he’s on the come up

      2. Danito Duyzer

        @Go_Smd by why should there always be drama ?

      3. Fert Santiago

        Well he did say the youtube legend that’s bout it

      4. marc larrieux

        Why waste your time to comment course it’s for them to click it

      5. CTM Plug

        @Go_Smd everything Kiara covers isn’t always about tea and drama , the ddg & tory lanez thing was just how he acknowledged ddg and said good things about him .

    97. Da'Vian Brooks

      kiara shanay is here

    98. Jai kole

      from the premires

    99. WrapitupChubz 38

      Pinned this I was first

      1. King Beezy


      2. UnKnOWn uNkNowN


    100. Dorian _hunt2007

      Noti gang