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    1. III

      She happy about being a single mom smh

    2. III

      She not his only ex 😂😂😂

    3. JAYinHD

      Bro this is what happens when Pokémon card collecting, Naruto lunch line running clowns get clout. If Gangsta Urkel don’t sit his lame ahhhh down!!

    4. Joey_ Breezy

      she is stupid for letting corey go in raw af

    5. jimbone817 scott

      Molly might as well move in the house with Cory and Carmen she part of the family by now..

    6. Alderman D

      Did she say "please play me is you want to"...😁

    7. Tay Bailey

      molly hit that KGup shit hard girl

    8. Stacy Owens

      He got her in September 2020... WTF OMG!! Every times he go out of town for his events and get another women pregnant .... I feel sorry for Carmen can’t leave her CHEATING HUSBAND... stay safe

    9. Zai Zai

      What did Bubba do now? 🙄

    10. Jay EM Holla

      I didn’t think her voice would sound like that. She country af 😍😍

    11. Vel 1hunnid

      Corey a 🌽🌽ball STRAIGHT outta Nebraska bluud swear he a celebrity😹 these edits funny as Fuuchh

    12. I'm that Blessed Girl

      Why does she always gotta involve Carmen in her drama with Corey, like Carmen didn't even say anything about her but she wasted no time calling her out of her name and all this other stuff, like seriously she claims she doesn't care but can't keep her beef between her and Corey and not involve Carmen and honestly I have never met someone who doesn't care but responds to every type of nonsense a person says about them, if you don't care then why did you respond???

      1. Annaxm Anna

        @I'm that Blessed Girl he makes post about propel hating on him then waits for haters to comment and say sum wild so he can end up on the shaderoom. He is feeening to be on there.

      2. Annaxm Anna

        @I'm that Blessed Girl she’s the only ex we know off and the only one that accused him of all this. And Corey claims people “hate on him” but be the one posting about his ex .then when she responds he’s gon say “people always tryna bother him or hate on him”. When he literally starts everything 💀. And Carmen is sad. She literally admitted that she’s okay with him cheating 🤣. You Would’ve done the same if someone that has more clout than you kept tryna lie to people 💀you would expose him so people can see the bad they did to you. But your right about Carmen it’s Corey that’s too much

      3. I'm that Blessed Girl

        @Annaxm Anna when did he mention her name in that post??? She is not the only ex he had a bad fall out with she is only the ex that people know off but that doesn't mean that she is his only ex, as much as you wanna say Corey loves being on the shaderoom so does she 🤷‍♀️ she didn't have to respond i mean if she is really unbothered as she claims to be why would a post that doesn't have your name in it bug you to respond??? And lets not forget how people got to know about her, she put herself out there she wanted to be known as his ex so if Corey is thirsty for a shaderoom post then so is she but leave Carmen out of it

      4. I'm that Blessed Girl

        @Annaxm Anna Carmen hasn't said nothing about that girl she only addressed her once and from there on she hasn't responded to anything she said after that, there's no need for her to keep coming for Carmen when the person she is arguing with is Corey that's all, y'all always ready to hate on Carmen for no reason

      5. Annaxm Anna

        And if he didn’t care about her why does he keep tweeting about her. That goes to tell us he wants to end up in the shaderoom for clout

    13. ArmaniShanell

      no comment💀💀🤦🏽‍♀️

    14. Akima Benn

      she does not sound like she looks😂 pretty asf tho🤧

      1. Zyon Gary

        @Vel 1hunnid 😂😂😂😂😂😂

      2. Vel 1hunnid


    15. Lisa Paige

      Carmen jealous ass she don’t want you to come up she even said it and him to mollie just put shit out there what’s in the dark always come to light Carmen and Corey goofys

    16. YoBoy SPADE

      Is that the same lil girl?

    17. YoBoy SPADE

      She sounded bothered AH...😳

      1. Annaxm Anna

        If anything Carmen is the salty one cuz she lets that clown cheat on her everyday and she’s okay with it they both walking L’s💀

    18. Shirley Simmons

      He not that exciting, or cute. Why he think these girls want him so bad is crazy. He think he hot, when they were on the phone last year, he told this girl how good her stuff was. I'm sick of this cheater. She told his butt off tho 😂😂😂

    19. Jai Santana

      It's weird to me how Corwy always fixing his lips to come for black women when it comes to his girl Carmen but the main women that be coming out bashing they relationship and Carmen, aren't black girls. They mixed or hispanic soooo...💁🏿‍♀️😂

      1. Annaxm Anna

        Exactly an she ain’t even all that.

    20. Annaxm Anna

      It was all quite until his clout chasing self tweeted about her. Then when she respond him and his dumbass “wife” gon try to make his ex look bad.

    21. Arianna Amerson


    22. khal


    23. Ashley York

      Carmen needs to take Vaya's advice and leave Corey!

      1. iAmDCraze


      2. adyllia williams


    24. TherealN

      He never even said her name lol

      1. TherealN

        @Annaxm Anna again that’s a assumption.

      2. Annaxm Anna

        @TherealN if people didn’t know what ex he was talking about why would say sum then. He said “she wasn’t even all that” he’s obviously talking about the one we know 💀 your slow

      3. TherealN

        @Annaxm Anna are you slow that is not her name. I don’t know how many exes the guy has.

      4. Annaxm Anna

        He said his “ex” and she’s his ex. Are you slow 💀

    25. Dirtbag Squad

      Corey living his best life lol. None of y’all can’t do nothing than watch his ass smashing every girl he wants ,and make money.

      1. JAYinHD

        @Aiyanna Ellis big facts!!

      2. Annaxm Anna

        Living his “best life” by looking to start some 🤣

      3. Dirtbag Squad

        @Aiyanna Ellis nothing u can do about it. When your opinion means anything to another persons life lol.

      4. Aiyanna Ellis

        He shouldn't be smashing any girl he wants cause he's definitely married

    26. JasmineMarie

      Welp she said what she said Corey be looking for attention you ain’t have to speak on her simple smh

    27. young star


    28. Black Blue

      You Don't go RAW in Somebody you don't Care about & that's FACTZ coming from a Guy No 🧢

      1. iAmDCraze


    29. Kat Koger

      Dem ain't said shit about her Corey did 😂😂😂😂😂 she so pressed this nigga got how many exes 🤧 giiiirl 😩

    30. Tyrone Rogers

      He always get himself in these situations cause he just don’t know when to shut up 🤦🏽‍♂️

      1. Annaxm Anna

        Exactly it was all quite until he tweeted about her. Then later on he’s gonna say “people hating on him”. Like what???? You started all this by tweeting about her 💀 big headed self

    31. Geraldine Angri

      Damn I ain’t not gone lie mollie said some real mf heat she literally drained his ass in hot sauce Corey she said what she said

    32. Jose Vazquez

      I mean she ain’t better looking then Carmen

      1. Annaxm Anna

        They both not attractive

    33. BIG_ BABY

      Why do females be chasing CLOUT 🤔🤔🤔

      1. Woozie

        How she chasing clout dumbass

    34. Annaxm Anna

      “Hes the type to get excited cuz he made the shaderoom” . Feeeeening to be posted on there

    35. Annaxm Anna

      She ain’t lying why he keep bringing her up. then when she responds he gon start preaching about “people hating on him”. Like no one hating on you. You just feening to be posted on the shaderoom. He Preaches about ignoring people that “hate on him” but whole time he’s the one starting stuff. And carmens annoying self irritates me even more. Fakest couple on KGup other than the prince family 😂😂😂

    36. Good Hearted

      Hi Kiara 🙋🏽‍♀️ that was some good tea☕

      1. Kiara Shanay

        Hey hey 😁

    37. IT'S Moks

      Ccgang on it again...

    38. Big QUAN

      Y'all got to smash the like button she always coming with the content and consistent. THE HUSTLE IS REAL

    39. Joshua Ashton

      Noti gang🤟🏾🤟🏾

    40. Natalia’s Lifestyle

      this teaaaaaa

    41. Kara

      Earlyyyy 💚💚

    42. Armoni Benjamin


    43. Dyskiii Tv


    44. JAY