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    0:00 - Intro
    0:21 - Flight Rejects His BM Apology
    4:02 - Lil Tjay & Lala Boo'd Up
    4:40 - Lil Tjay Sends Rubi Rose
    5:53 - Rubi Rose "Disses" Fan
    7:02 - Queen Naija Said She Didn't Plot On Clarence

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    1. Kiara Shanay

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      1. Guy Guillermo

        @Kiara Shanay When Rob releases that mixtape 😂

      2. Joecole kaka

        Ur voice is low , do about that 🙏

      3. Shay Vidz

        @Pumpz Exotic YT hello

      4. Pumpz Exotic YT

        @Shay Vidz yo

      5. Pumpz Exotic YT

        Kiara shanay why do it matter if flight was with another girl she was with another before he was even with that girl slow asl plus they was never together Goofy

    2. J. Henderson

      Only politically incorrect fact is she was still married other than that she was grown and can do whatever she please however being a social media influencer lies cant be expressed...because you are under a real magnifying scope. Even though i really feel like this is low key bs for promo for her album and money for her mans and baby daddy. They all a family getting that bag

    3. Jenna Smith

      It's so easy to see Rubi Rose and that boy staged that for his video!

    4. Iris Pichardo

      i wanna see kiara shanay collab with chisme with mel

    5. Chrisitan Jackson

      You my favorite KGupr

      1. Kiara Shanay

        Thanks 🙂🙂

    6. Lovey Johnson

      Agreed, she never should have agreed but I don’t think Rubi cares what others think about her and I love it

    7. DMM tv

      Bih why you mad you literally got ran through PREGNANT!!!!😑🙄🙄

    8. Tazzz

      Kiara how many followers you have just curious

      1. Tazzz

        @Kiara Shanay you playing me I'll sub if you tell me 👌

      2. Kiara Shanay

        Not a lot 😕

    9. Kassim O

      You really think Rubi would stage the video without charging him? 🤣🤣

    10. Flacolivelife YT


    11. Krissthegoat TTV

      What that’s not the reason flight done with her did you not watch his video she tRNA drive him off the rode bring him down about his Career she crazy cuzz her video she tRNA say it’s because she did that f NO flight just used that to Finally get away from her you gotta think 🥱ps they was never together he can do whatever tf he won’t she said I cut off these people ok he never wanted a relationship

    12. HeyyyChris

      She got a train ran on her by 4 niggas and she mad he went to a different state with a girl did she really think they was getting back together 😂😂

    13. Kylie Reacts

      Do y’all remember when chris did a prank on queen and at the end of the video and she showed a picture of Clearance and said he was his ig crush🤔🤔

    14. XTRA TUFF

      That picture with flight n that girl was after she showed the hickey lmao she tryna twist it

    15. I B

      Tjay is trolling with the Rubi shit y’all dumb af 🤦🏽‍♂️😂 Y’all obviously don’t know tjay

    16. La Cassie

      I really like Rubi she’s bae since I got introduced to her & her music. 😍💕

    17. La Cassie

      Some ex would be dating whole new ppl still worried bout their ex who is in a relationship like just move on baby. Read the room

    18. V!lle Shyt

      I stoped watching ddg stopped caring about ruby. They clowns

    19. sssniper coo

      Silky is a she

    20. Hes_jus_niceee

      What’s wrong with queens lip, shit looks nasty

    21. officially_Oj

      So she spent the night but didn't do anything at all 🤣🤣🤣 cap🧢


      Sub to my yt #notigang

    23. jh1 25

      Ladies, there is gonna come a time that y'all wont be so concerned with monogamy or wanting to do what you see us do out of spite. This not ment to bash sisters just give you spirtiual food for thought. Isaiah 4:1-2 [1]And in that day seven women shall take hold of one man, saying, We will eat our own bread, and wear our own apparel: only let us be called by thy name, to take away our reproach. [2]In that day shall the branch of the LORD be beautiful and glorious, and the fruit of the earth shall be excellent and comely for them that are escaped of Israel.

    24. BucketFam Sah

      Silky aka rico... woooo

    25. Miss K

      I understand Queen I understand Leslie Points but Queen & Clarence are together now have a child who is 1 they don’t need to explain nothing else no more !

    26. Rae Rose

      Queen and Clarence telling the truth. Leslie was mixing lies and truth with exaggeration cause Clarence made all the points to support what Leslie said atp Leslie used this book opportunity to clear her name and start her KGup

    27. Tatiyana Niyel

      Everything Queen say be CAP

    28. iKachi

      Always gotta love kiara shanay

    29. Marissa White

      Lil t-jay is a bot 🙄🙄 he be every where.

    30. Cameron King

      I love your channel it’s perfect but plz plz change your intro

    31. Sinds93

      One day kiara will show us her subscribers

    32. 100kviews views

      Queen was 100% plotting lol

    33. Jay Dawg


    34. AntFromBX

      Pop smoke did not pass away, he was murdered😔

    35. Charles Dickout

      Kiara Shanay appreciation.. As silly and sad as it may seem... Can you even imagine if Kiara Shanay never started doing youtube? Yall need to get her to Wendy Williams level at least. Kiara has her own talk show and she comes out and the crowd chants *KIARA--SHANAY--IS-HERE--KIARA----SHANAY--IS----HERE*

      1. Kiara Shanay

        Ayeee. How uuu doing? (Wendy Williams voice)

    36. Charles Dickout

      I wonder if DDG can stay out of any situation long enough to be left out of 2 Kiara Shanay videos in a row. Lol. We'll see.

    37. jasmine mitchell

      ❤ Jesus Christ loves you and he's coming soon ❤ You deserve to be happy and free ❤ God sent his son to die on the cross so you could be ❤ Talk to him ❤

    38. Abednego Chase

      Look at Flight man, so inspirational.

    39. Arianna Amerson

      I think the ex’s should be able to keep talking about it if Clarence and them keep talking about it..gotta be fair because Clarence spoke on it first!

    40. Abednego Chase

      Janet: "we just hung out." Janet: "I just stayed with him the night." Blueface voice: *yeah aight* 🤨

      1. KJayy3

        Lmao she couldn’t even look at the camera when she said they didn’t even do anything

    41. Milah Michelle

      Flight and Janet is a major situationship... Literally almost been there we was toxic and I got pregnant but I was so stressed I lost the baby in my situation.


      Lil Tjay trying to say she dead to him. Like he don't know or care for her anymore and that what they had was dead

      1. Eddie Marx

        Those were the names of the people took from him.

    43. Adam Benz

      Make sure you exercise your right to VOTE.

    44. KpTheG

      Queen got lip fillers, she look a mess now she just needs to stop!

    45. Kenneth Harmon

      Queen a real one. They are solid. Let them be great!

    46. KpTheG

      I feel like if Rubi wanted TJ back she could have him.....

      1. KpTheG

        @Davieon Lawrence it’s not about keeping anyone. I don’t even think her & tj was ever official. I just feel like if she still wanted to fuck with him she could

      2. Davieon Lawrence

        @KpTheG rubi rose barely can keep ddg why would go back to that tjay

      3. KpTheG

        @Carlos Spence of course. Rubi obviously isn’t the one to save lol I think she made that clear

      4. Carlos Spence

        I don't think Tjay would cuff her probably just clap cheeks

    47. Buttahh Reuben

      Cap you spend the night and did something

    48. Bi

      I love how you serve your tea. 👌🏽

    49. Lone Wolf

      And I keep trying to fight these feelings intro always hits hard

    50. Sanu-Capalot

      can i just say I LOVE U KIARA SHANAY

      1. Kiara Shanay

        Love ya! 😁

    51. Dorian _hunt2007


    52. Cyerra ShaDai

      Naw I heard that dude that eats in his videos in queens video I think those are real clips from other KGuprs and etc

    53. Jai kole

      RIght kiara! She was nothing more than a baby momma. So both y'all single unless otherwise stated.

    54. SweetVibez

      Bruh Flights Girl isss sooo cringey & she mad cappin about not doing anything with them niggas lmao🤣

    55. Lisa

      Check out dymond flawless on dr Phil 😂😂😂

    56. Evie

      When that baby comes he gonna love her a little bit more

    57. Roy Vaughn

      He saying she dead to him in the video.

      1. Roy Vaughn

        @Eghe’s World lil tjay. He is saying rubi is dead to him. Indirectly by comparing her to his dead friends.

      2. Eghe’s World


    58. Kizzy Hollman

      Queen used to cheat on Chris back in the days to come on now they both need to just grow up be parents to their son

    59. David

      Yup Queen plotted and won. Clarence saw an opportunity to level up and he took it. 🤷🏾‍♂️

    60. KrissyluveYT

      What do you think about the deshae and jordyn situation ?

      1. KrissyluveYT

        @Theycallmsqueenfornun Brown one minute they are going off on one another the next they are hanging out and posting them out to dinner next day back to posting like they are done .. it’s confusing but I guess it’s because they are young.. Idk

      2. Theycallmsqueenfornun Brown

        What going on?

    61. KrissyluveYT

      Queen situation: Agreee all the exe’s need to just go on with their lives and stop making videos .. and it is actually promoting her album.. those who didn’t know it was coming out, or sleeping on her.. will know who she is now!

      1. KrissyluveYT

        @꧁꧂SᏗPPHIRᏋ DIᏗMᏬ ND꧁꧂ oh ok! 🙂and that would be crazy if you ended up being right.

      2. ꧁꧂SᏗPPHIRᏋ DIᏗMᏬ ND꧁꧂

        @KrissyluveYT I know what you were saying I just personally think this is all a marketing ploy.. never the less, it was funny to watch to watch it all unfold hopefully they remain cordial

      3. KrissyluveYT

        @꧁꧂SᏗPPHIRᏋ DIᏗMᏬ ND꧁꧂ oh this wasn’t what I was saying, I was saying that this drama if looked at as a positive is helping her album promotion.. I don’t think they wanted this drama.

      4. ꧁꧂SᏗPPHIRᏋ DIᏗMᏬ ND꧁꧂

        I truly believe this was their plan, they manufactured this drama to get her name back in peoples mouth and what better way than to have Chris & Clare bear go bk and fourth 🤷🏽‍♀️

    62. Kizzy Hollman

      I luv the intro song

    63. Dirtbag Squad

      Queen used to cheat on Chris back in the day, queen stop acting different

    64. Dirtbag Squad

      The hopping on the meat 🍖 with the bread lol 😂

    65. Dirtbag Squad

      Lala took another L lol

      1. {neah}


    66. Dirtbag Squad

      She stay the night and she got clap 👏🏻 lol 😂.

    67. Dirtbag Squad

      Flights baby mother is a narcissists. Just like Kennedy lol

      1. {neah}

        How Kennedy have that doe ?

    68. Finessin It.

      Rubi tryna get back at Tjay just to get back at DDG #STREETS

      1. Faith Akakpo


    69. Chloe Williams

      This video is so old

    70. Trill Ink Tattoos

      lmfao she think we dumb? a girl sleeps over and doesnt get hit? BIG CAP. Bro know she fa the streets, just leave her as a baby's mother and thats it.

    71. Kingdee555

      you should go to 17th Door

      1. Kiara Shanay

        That looks screaming amazing, I haven’t been to that one, YET 👻

    72. Emmanuel Chenny

      Wait, question Kiara, why do u bleep all curse words, but leave out “nigga” ?🤔 lol. Is it for yellow mark purposes ?

    73. Anise Westbrook



      hi kiara sorry i was late have a goodnight.

    75. bagwayjj 6

      Y’all notice every thing 😭

    76. Craig Thomas

      I watched Janet's video and parts of it was confusing to me. On one end she confirmed what Flight said that they weren't together, but on the other end she's talking about how Flight cheated on her. She also mentioned that she was talking to another guy while she and Flight were still dating but she's mad that was seeing other females while they were dating?? She wasn't making any sense! But its funny how she had an epiphany now that Flight has moved on to someone else

    77. Ceejay

      Queen got her mans tho ❤️ period.

      1. Lovette Gueye

        @Eddie Marx “targeted” lmao bye. You’re slow

      2. Eddie Marx

        @Lovette Gueye Queen targeted Clarence and got him. Thats fine but someone else could do the same is all im saying. Now gone somewhere.

      3. Lovette Gueye

        @Eddie Marx with zero facts to support why you said what you said , clearly you don’t like the girl , just say that and go on about your day.

      4. Eddie Marx

        @Lovette Gueye who is paraying for anything. I basically said what goes around comes around.

      5. Lovette Gueye

        @Eddie Marx praying for others to fail is not gonna make you prevail lmao , mind the business that pays you , if you even have one.

    78. MrScans1

      Queen need to concentrate on her album, leave that drama to those that thrive on that clownery. Haters do their job, she need to do hers period Never gonna please everyone, fact. frfr.

    79. Star Killer

      That video old asf lol

      1. Kiara Shanay

        I never saw it 🤷🏾‍♀️

    80. Sidney Lewis

      I enjoyed the video Kiara.

    81. Jocelyn Taylor

      Isnt that video at the mall with Rubi old?

      1. jayyxxx xxx2savage

        Yea it's from like 3 years ago I think. Cause rubi still got braces in it

    82. SSGSS me

      He needs a DNA test before he signs the birth certificate it might just save his life

      1. Remy Don

        @Laay 2Federaal another when the baby is born just to make sure

      2. SSGSS me

        @Laay 2Federaal damn

      3. Laay 2Federaal

        he already got the DNA test

      4. Craig Thomas

        I thought the same thing

    83. Jaded Jaderson

      Lil tjay got issues fr regarding rubi. He pulled out the camera that one night regarding the flight issue. Then, after she forgave him and they were hanging out and she was in a relationship with ddg he filmed her in the car with him while she hid her face and tried to make it seem like they were hanging out as more than friends and posted on her insta story without her permission. Then he went and purposely went after her bestfriend lala. He did not need lala, there’s a million pretty girls, he purposely went for lala to get at rubi. And he succeeded and ruined her friendship with lala. Then now he puts her name in his album video promotion. Sounds obsessive to me. Big weirdo behavior, needs therapy.

      1. Klay Made Curry

        Nobody reading this shit💯💀

      2. 0nly. Bhadbby

        Ion think he went at lala to hurt Rubi . Bc Rubi knew about the music video thang between lala & tjay . It’s just that tjay decided to post a picture which hurtled rubi’s feelings

      3. ThatRandomB

        @ScopedOutTV I’m pretty sure she was crying cause she knew Ddg was gone trip even if they didn’t do anything remember he dumped her ass the same day it was posted.

      4. ThatRandomB

        @ScopedOutTV Lol what? Make it make sense.

      5. Laquisha young

        I agree like that nigga crazy

    84. MotivationalDiva

      This video made me respect Queen even more. She was really mature and compassionate more than any other women would do I tell you that.

    85. CTM Plug

      Ngl at first I did think Queen was using her star status and her issues with her husband ( Chris ) to get Clarence , because when he read their text messages it was so obvious. Queen from jump kept bringing the subject that her and her husband was not good. Who do you know that writes someone and starts telling them their personal business right away like that? That’s not normal. What celebrity or influencer would spill their problems to a stranger from the jump ? But , now I understand that Queen wanted to have someone to talk to , so the only way to talk to someone on a deep level is to open up about your personal life .

      1. Jekeira Jackson

        K love in the beginning tho, Trey and Armon was taking Chris side it felt like so I’m sure she wanted someone else to talk to . And why can’t females & males talk without their being anything ? If your man can’t have female friends, that’s insecurity you have to fix within yourself . She ain’t say nothing crazy until that man was single

      2. Jekeira Jackson

        CTM Plug and then she went to say BEFORE that she saw his video of the Q & A where he said he was single . Not just the smash of pass

      3. KpTheG

        @CTM Plug thanks, i have a red eye flight so I’ll watch it then

      4. CTM Plug

        @KpTheG oh well just a heads up

      5. KpTheG

        @CTM Plug I didn’t watch the entire video, but now that everyone told their side hopefully they can all move on.

    86. makkiam o

      how can u write rubi roses name after pop smoke in a song called losses? he’s trippin can’t take this seriously

    87. Sym Taylor

      Tjay been said he love they're is no surprise there. I think he used d Lala to get back at Rubi. But it is what it is.

      1. Lisa

        Yup Lala is a treesh

      2. Excuse my Beauty

        Jaded Jaderson Facts

      3. Sym Taylor

        @Jaded Jaderson Facts, but people like to make it seems like Rubi the bad guy.

      4. Jaded Jaderson

        Yeah he said he loved her in that Instagram interview ( and he wasn’t even asked - he was just asked “do you have anything else to say before we end the interview” and this boy says he loves rubi?? ) And her dumb bestfriend let herself be used to get at rubi. He needs to take the crazy to a therapist not rubi.

    88. FunnyComa

      I pray anyone that sees this is successful in life .

    89. Javoz Thomas

      Let's just appreciate how Kiara be watching these long ass videos and break it down to us👏💯 Kiara you a goat💯

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      Kiara shanay is here 💃❤

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      This is how many people that will be rich by 2021 👇🏼

    92. Ben Fam

      5 secs

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    94. donavankwame

      One day I’ll collab with Kiara Shanay everyone like this so she can see I wanna collab ❤️

      1. T. A

        @Sterling 😭😂😂

      2. V!lle Shyt


      3. Jay

        For what?

      4. Lethal Snip3r

        One day I will actually care... still waiting on that day

      5. Yaqub Freeland

        @KAMERON BARNES - STUDENT what i was thinking she not a rapper 😂😂😂 u goon be in one of her videos

    95. Roger Semedo

      That crazy

    96. Kid Gazer

      Claim your here “within an hour” pass here 💯

      1. Jay-Z Twin

        You look like nie nie.

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    97. Kid Gazer

      Lala getting played she sleep 😴🥱