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    0:00 - Intro
    0:15 - Jania + Asian Doll + King Von
    4:48 - DDG + Rubi Rose

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    1. Kiara Shanay

      BREAKING NEWS: Rubi Rose is still in LA! I repeat Rubi Rose is still in LA! 🗣 🚨 For more updates join the membership here: m.kgup.info_channel/UCOT6n_JNK6gxK2aQ3TrtBdw?noapp=1

      1. K-L

        thatboyksoo lol

      2. kso

        Freshkid1996 how do u know cause at this point I’m confused asf??😂

      3. Freshkid1996

        @King Me & WOOOo they are still together you fool😂

      4. jayyxxx xxx2savage

        @King Me & WOOOo he didn't block her. Some of her likes from January are still there

      5. K-L

        Just leave it alone, same thing could happen to u but people don’t know what’s going on behind closed doors

    2. Rosemarie Jaggon

      Ddg and Kennedy is perfect 😌🥴❤️💯

    3. Rosemarie Jaggon

      Longtime she and ddg Fi lef 🙄🙄

    4. pepper salt

      i miss asian and von 🙁

    5. La Zay

      Quando rondo did that to asian doll with that voodoo sht 😂😟

    6. Tony E

      That intro song kinda 🔥 no 🧢

    7. GurlDaja

      Yeah ddg and rubi done. Sad part is, he took her to see his mom 🤷🏾‍♀️

    8. splash Felton

      Finna just go back to bri and davine jay tbh🤦🏽‍♂️

    9. Michelle Lovette

      So if they break up Is lala still going to work with him? I feel like that’s why you can’t let friendships and relationships and business get all intertwined like that

    10. naomi jones

      Oh shit I made it in this video that’s my tweet 😭

    11. Jazmin Hicks

      DDG wanna call his Onlyfans subscribers his true supporters because they PAYING for that shit monthly versus Us KGup Supporters that watch him for free although he still getting paid ......... Aw ok

    12. Quoyah Carballo

      Von got good taste. Both of them bad.

    13. Silver Queen

      I’m dead y’all noticed rubi and jania said the same thing when caught with a dude “chill we was just making a song together” not saying they lying but how ironic 💀💀

    14. Kizzy Hollman

      That not Nene that Kris summer

    15. Everything Nice

      Ddg and rubi trolls tf outta y'all 😂😂

    16. George Flamez

      But if an Asian called herself black doll then its racist smh 🤦🏾‍♂️

    17. Magic jackson

      Imagine still caring about ddg and Rubi relationship they can do whatever I used to be all in his life but it’s like It don’t matter anymore

    18. Jasmine Mccone


    19. JAJO Chiniva

      Ddg and Rubi were on the same area just yesterday

    20. K-L

      I think what they meant was they were sad they left each other

    21. Brisa Arriaga

      Yfn Lucy 😂😂😂😭

    22. Maurice Jones

      But let’s be real. We all knew DDG and Rubi Rose was not gone work 🤣🤣🤨

    23. Azariah

      Tbh their relationship is nobody’s business to be investigating

      1. Girl Blessed

        @Azariah ok

      2. Azariah

        Girl Blessed I do see where your coming from but that’s just my opinion

      3. Girl Blessed

        @Azariah well you are correct but no matter what you say, people are always wanting to know what's going on in your life, especially if it's dirty.

      4. Girl Blessed

        @Azariah then you should know that no matter what you try to do, people are always wanting to know whats going on in your life because they are prominent!

      5. Azariah

        Girl Blessed I’m from earth hbu

    24. dlr


    25. Anise Westbrook


    26. Vel 1hunnid

      What about silly t.o. vs ddg on twitter?

    27. Carla V

      That’s not Jania in the bed,that’s Kris Summer,an IG model.

    28. Arianna Amerson

      Not YFN Lucy😹

    29. A Mason

      Does Rubi even have a spot? Not bein funny.... ..

    30. 42 Dugg’s Whistle

      Should that annoying “Kiara Shanay is here” to the into time stamp 😂

      1. Kristina Monay

        42 Dugg’s Whistle soundcloud.com/ristinabatt23/conversations-m4a-1 any advice?

    31. 1 sub before 2021

      I Won’t Breath Until Kiara Shanay Replies To My Comment. 😬 R.I.P 2 Me ⚰️

    32. Shantik Miller

      I’m starting to think the song by ddg toxic should have been dedicated to rubi and ddg not Kennedy

      1. PharrelThirty

        Smh he said he like toxic relationships

      2. Smh

        Shantik Miller agreed idk how ddg considered his relationship with kennedy is toxic but not his relationship with rubi 🤦🏽‍♂️. They barely even been dating and it’s already toxic.

      3. daryl kyle

        That’s because DDG is the toxic one.

    33. lighttt brighttt .

      This the real tea cause i never knew ddg & rubi had a thing...

    34. Mackenzie Thomas

      That karma Asian was talking all that shit about jania now look at her she need to humble her self

    35. D Man


    36. BJ Turner

      I have it on 2x speed and it’s still so slow😔. Speak faster damnit

      1. Jocelyn Taylor


    37. Life With Elisabeth

      Lmaoo not she said pronounced yfn Lucy it’s yfn LUCCI pronounced yfn LOOCHI

    38. shaysworld

      Rubi too jealous and ddg is flirtatious it’s never gonna work they already on and off that’s not good

    39. Shonya Kalvin

      he’s managing a new singer in zooted Autum Corin go to ha insta she’s sound so good and she need her insta at 200 like to drop the song he made in studio for ha He had a bunch of rappers at the house maybe that’s why rubi not there he doing BUISNESS he frfr doing thangs

    40. Zakyra Monk

      Omfg I cant read the comments without seeing dangelo russel lame ass comments

    41. Sidney Lewis

      DDG don't quit YOU TUBE .YOU TUBE won't be the same if you do.

    42. XodiiiVEVO

      subscribe to my channel guys i vlog and and make music :)

    43. Dah'lia Mc' Queen

      Asian legs are way to small for the butt me no like it lmaooooooo she still BAWD BUT it's the legs fa mee sis

    44. XaahAlt

      “ I broke my back ... Spinal” lmfao

    45. Sanny's Journey

      That looks like a hotel in Las Vegas. I say that because it kinda looks like the room Davine Jay and Bri Chief room in Vegas.

    46. Shameka Thompson

      But why would Rubi be in a hotel in ATL when she has her apartment in ATL 🤔

      1. Lulu Nzama

        Shes in LA

    47. Yaboi Mars

      Why she still be at them hotels tho don’t she gotta crib ?

    48. Aaliyah Williams

      Ddg going up form here watch😌 I believe In him ❤️

    49. B Mack

      Hope Asia is recovering well from her car accident, to have life is truly a blessing so I pray she takes that as an opportunity to get right in life because none of us is promised.. Just felt the need to shed a lil more light on the fact she survived what could of been a deadly accident! Von and the other girl along with DDG and Rubi got more screen play than her 20 sec clip, geeesh....

    50. Parrish Moseley

      All this because of Lala😂🤦🏽‍♂️

      1. Shaun Carelse

        Lala just found a new way to fumble the bag....got DDG all entangled and sh!t.lmao🤣

      2. Arianna Amerson


      3. Go_Smd

        Sportz Fanatic01 she introduced them to each other


        Huh ?

      5. Azaria Morris

        What did Lala do

    51. Ree Mariee

      Damn Jania done turned into one of ... “them” 😭😕

    52. Elias Sancho

      This nigga DDG thinks he gonna Transfer his 3+ million SUBSCRIBERS to OnlyFans. Bruh u aint tat slick... aint nobody gon pay and follow u on tat Fraudilent Porn Site. Adios Amigo.

    53. Forever Nonnies world

      It's crazy but I don't know why people in the public eye continue to dm each other knowing damn well eventually it will get leaked or someone will see it.

    54. Elias Sancho

      Now tat DDG is cap Quitin' KGup... how is he gonna support his Zooted members?

    55. fetti fetti

      At least von wasn't in the car🤣🤣

    56. Forever Nonnies world

      I've been meaning to tell you the intro is 🔥

    57. Stephen Timmy

      Rob gotta drop "where do we go" ASAP!!!!!!!!...That jawn fire!!!!

      1. Stephen Timmy

        f k mane shut your ass up!

      2. F K

        please keep it

    58. Tre To Driped

      That nigga ain’t quitting stop tha 🎓

    59. im j

      Who tf is yfn Lucy?

    60. blessing nzerem

      Rubi still in la

    61. Jojo Romos

      yall niggas keeping "troll king and queen at it again" and stuff but, what if DDG and rubi are actually in a toxic relationship and they don't want acknowledge it in front of the world. They probably are going in and out of their relationship over and over because they cannot find a middle ground between each other like all most successful relationships have. For them to "troll" this much is just weird and overplayed by now... don't yall think the same

    62. ZeezDaDemon


    63. Crxzyz

      I just counted that diangelo Russell weirdo fan page of kennedy made 13 hate comments on Ddg lol broski is a weirdo prolly like 6 years old he’s famous for d riding nobody here likes him and he’s always up here he’s a fan 😭

      1. Nathan Slagter


      2. Jupiter Sound

        Fr hes a finger fighter🤦🏾‍♂️

      3. david hutchinson

        Ur weird for counting how many times he commented as well tho. Ur commenting on him commenting other people

    64. Keller Da Truth


    65. im j

      Everybody be fucking yb bm smh

    66. Mone't Life

      It’s crazy because I’m Rubi and my friends new girl is Kennedy in their life. Lol.

    67. Brisca Rubert

      DDG never said he's gonna QUIT youtube, he said he was gonna take a BREAK and that he was gonna explain why later

      1. Smh

        JANNA DON right

      2. JANNA DON

        @Smh right some ppl just cant comprehend ish to save their lives ...lol

      3. Smh

        He said he was gonna quit youtube maybe you should’ve watched his live yesterday or you can simply look at kiara shannay video that was uploaded yesterday she showed the clips

    68. New Szn

      Ddg gone live and fall on that biracial hill. He really use crystal as a token dark skin but everybody else in zoomed is biracial or light. His whole family darkskin but he perpetuate the stereotypes that light/white is better. Also, the new member sounds cool but doesn't have a unique blow me a way voice.

      1. New Szn

        @Jaelin I care about diversity. If they all look and sound the same, then yes ill have a problem. He could have signed savanna to zooted and I wouldn't have a problem because her videos are totally different from what zooted has to offer

      2. Smh

        Makayla Baptiste it’s like everything ddg does you support 🙄sorry we ain’t Dck riders like you

      3. Jaelin

        If he signed straight darkskins would you have a problem...curious question 🤔

    69. Zyasia Covington

      don't quit youtube ddg

    70. Brailennx

      Rubi on a somg with kcamp gone go hard

    71. Dirtbag Squad

      Rubi took ddg energy that but lost.

    72. Dirtbag Squad

      Ddg is L .A.

    73. yo yo

      Im a fan of ddg, but since he told his viewers to stay out of his business i stopped giving any fucks about him and rubi . I knew it wouldn't last

    74. Dirtbag Squad

      Ddg only comes around when he need help with his music.

      1. jfauntl1

        @Dirtbag Squad he is....and he's not smart or intelligent.

      2. Dirtbag Squad

        Haan fire this as to be a hater

      3. Nathan Slagter

        cap. hating ass nigga. how u know ?

      4. Jupiter Sound

        This has to be d'angelo's second account or sumthin🤦🏾‍♂️

      5. Dirtbag Squad

        Makayla Baptiste u a hater tho

    75. work out Walker

      Who cares about what Rubi doing. NEXT!!

      1. keke Kong


    76. work out Walker

      Hey y'all Blessing to y'all

    77. work out Walker

      Don't quit DDG

    78. Lone Wolf

      They are the troll king and queen 😂😂😂

    79. life as germaine

      rubi n ddg relationship jus confused me, istg

    80. Jafta Masemola

      What if DDG and RUBI are just fucking no deep feelings attached, and we be thinking they all lovey dovey and shit..

    81. Sniper Cle

      Don't quit KGup ddg

      1. F K

        he just posted a video

    82. David

      Some of these folks will end up being known more for drama/relationships than their music 🤦🏾‍♂️💀

      1. Ashley Oliver

        Unfortunately, it seems like that’s what they want.

      2. Smh


    83. Blac Deku

      Rubi in La, she was just at Rodeo

      1. Kristina Monay

        Blac Deku ❤️ thanks love

      2. Blac Deku

        @Kristina Monay 🔥🔥🔥 hard!

      3. Kristina Monay

        Blac Deku soundcloud.com/ristinabatt23/conversations-m4a-1 any advice?

    84. Bel Amour

      I do feel like DDG needs to switch it up on who he's signing onto zooted...they all starting too look the same...like I get it you have a type, but it should go beyond that if you really want to target different people

      1. Bel Amour

        @Angel Highlight Unfortunately..it is..we can choose to ignore it, but it's obvious that colorism is a big issue within the black community

      2. Venus Love

        I unfollowed because of that

      3. Nathan Slagter

        LEA 001 is she still talented though

      4. LEA 001

        IKR! I’ve heard way better singers than the new zooted member. He shoulda grabbed someone who did the Queen “pack lite” contest. So much talent from Those people and I’m just not impressed by the new member but my opinion doesn’t matter none of ours do unfortunately. She reminded me of Riley for sure

      5. Angel Highlight

        Everything is not about skin tone y’all should chill

    85. Ajauny moore

      Troll King and Queen at it again 😂😂

      1. Daily pranks & Vlogs

        @derone williams😂😂😂

      2. derone williams

        Them two Fake asses just want the wrong clout 😂. Rubi changed him for the worse .. ddg new name is capGOD

    86. Sym Taylor

      Listen DDG and Rubi going be right back together, if they even broke up. It's just what it is, they got that toxic love. Plus Rubi music going up, she definately don't DDG and visa versa.

      1. Kristina Monay

        Sym Taylor soundcloud.com/ristinabatt23/conversations-m4a-1 any advice?

      2. marty chambers

        @jae26hoodddg don't care he just having fun clapping cheeks

      3. marty chambers

        @jae26hood that a big if she whack

      4. marty chambers

        @Sym Taylor his fans don't help

      5. Smh

        jae26hood agreed

    87. Dorian _hunt2007

      Noti gang Im ganna join yo membership @kiarashanay

    88. just marc

      Like if u watched the premier

    89. Jeremiah Artis

      “Everything wet” 😂

    90. King Camp

      And I keep trying to fight these feeeeellllllllllllliiiiiiiinnnnnnggggggssssss

    91. Smh

      Ddg did not block rubi if you scroll a little bit down on his Instagram posts some of them are liked by rubi. But Rubi did deleted her comments and unliked some of his Instagram posts.

      1. Smh

        Jay DaBarbie right 💯

      2. Jay DaBarbie

        Smh Oh wowww lol. Idk what’s going on atp. They prolly gonna get back together.😭

      3. Smh

        Jay DaBarbie well that just took a turn she just tweeted she’s single. I wouldn’t be suprised if they got back together tho.

      4. Jay DaBarbie

        Smh obviously not rn, but whenever in the near future. It could be a possibility. She did say she can’t wait to have a baby, but I don’t see it happening rn. Hoping DDG don’t mess up😭

      5. Smh

        Jay DaBarbie you think rubi wants to get pregnant ? In my opinion I feel like she don’t want to get pregnant yet cause she still trying to blow up in her career before having any kids.

    92. kso

      Ay D’Angelo Russell what’s ur socials mane😂 u really be mad annoying on yt I just wanna see how goofy u are on other socials😂😭

      1. Saffia Gigo

        Me tooo

      2. Jupiter Sound

        @F K keyboard warrior?!😭

      3. F K

        @AbeGotBeatz fax he a keyboard warrior

      4. Nadia Belizaire

        Exactly bro smh

      5. AbeGotBeatz

        Facts boul doin to much typing 💯💯


      kiara im a big fan

    94. theedollèmss

      At this point is it just me that’s confused with ddg and rubi’s relationship like and subscribe if you think so too!🤦🏾‍♀️

      1. Aquil Stephens

        @droid Astros exactly a roller coaster that never ends

      2. Smh

        Aquil Stephens ong right 😂

      3. Aquil Stephens

        @Smh i just saw that lol tomorrow they will be right back together the back and fourth is tiring lol

      4. I want to tell you:

        Smh I saw😂

      5. Smh

        Aquil Stephens she’s single she tweeted 😂 ig they broke up

    95. I want to tell you:

      “I’m done fucking with these industry girls, where the girls with morals at”- DDG


      kiara shanay you are the best it no one stop ok love you by Ramon

    97. Ashley York

      DDG and Rubi are still together

      1. Jekeira Jackson

        Exactly. They acting like they broke up for clout

      2. Smh

        Almighty Sosa she’s single she tweeted rn. 😂

      3. Jay DaBarbie

        Almighty Sosa Omg really?😂😂😂I didn’t even know. How you know?

      4. Almighty Sosa

        Jay DaBarbie she been had a hotel since she came bacc to LA , she prolly was just going bacC and forth from his house to the hotel 😂

      5. Jay DaBarbie

        Naruto Uzumaki idk😭😭🤣🤣I want them to work things out.🥺I feel like they’re separated from each other rn. Cause like why is she in a hotel when the whole time she was sleeping in his house...?

    98. Smh

      Ddg and rubi confuse me in their relationship istg.

      1. Kerry Iyamu

        Not hating is the truth

      2. Kerry Iyamu

        He a simp simple

      3. Kerry Iyamu

        Listen he got played again

      4. Akeilia Gordon

        MJ23GOAT IDK I’m just not getting fake vibes

      5. GuttaStarrEnt

        The stuff they do is a distraction that gets hella views

    99. Wyquanza Jordan

      I’m first pin this comment kiara shanay plz and like if you want kiara to to move her at on the screen to somewhere else 😂😂