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    0:00 - Intro
    0:21 - Deshae Frost Is Single, Again
    2:24 - DDG Responds To Cheating Rumors
    6:13 - Chris Sails DNA Test Results
    6:47 - Lil Tjay Linked Up With His Ex (Allegedly)

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    2. ibrahim omar

      Mooo wall the way

    3. Darrion Salery

      Man DDG been Cool Wit Summerella They Got A Video Together and Everything 😂😂😂

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    8. WNU x Ecotic

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    11. Sanny's Journey

      Awesome 👏🏽 video Kiara Gooooo Mooo!!!

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    14. Lilneeqo

      Why u don’t have DDG In the intro no mo 😂

    15. Tiera Reneè

      Lemme find out DDG like dark skins 😳 I’m getting my body done soon too 😂🤷🏾‍♀️

    16. Catherine R

      i didnt hear what chris sails said .. kiara just commmnted thats good news..... so was he the father?

    17. Krypii


    18. Henry Young

      We can try to forget Kennedy but obviously we can’t and if we being honest Kennedy was the best

    19. J. Spadez

      DDG can be with Emaza

    20. Kayla’s Youtube

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    21. Tay Kappalot

      Tiana was da 1

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      Can we take a vote a say no more Chris sails cappalot a** 🤣🤣🤣

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      Talk about Tee Tee Cursing out their aunt I wanna know why they fighting

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    39. Naairah Monay

      We all know that ddg is meant for Kennedy 🤷🏾‍♀️💕,Ain’t nobody gonna have his heart like she do ,

      1. You’re just an Idiot

        Then why aren’t they together?

    40. jasmine mitchell

      ❤ Jesus Christ loves you and he's coming soon ❤ You deserve to be happy and free ❤ Talk to him ❤

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    42. Myah Broadwater

      She may have blocked him cause he was blowing her phone up talkin crazy.

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    44. BJ Turner

      Are you gonna talk about teetee and DDG with all that drama with their aunt from Pontiac

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      Frost dude a nerd fr

    47. KingLo

      I do wanna know what happened to tiana

    48. KingLo

      Deshae and DDG needa keep there relationship of social media

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    50. Petty Wap

      That girl was dm’ing herself with her burner account she obsessed with Tjay just like Rubi my nicca smash game must be crucial (no homo)

    51. Just Being Reef

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    52. Cee Downer

      Ddg should have stuck his ass wit Tiana

    53. Monique Sanders

      Posting "W" just mean your wining, and living your best life.. No big deal.. Summerella looks beautiful in that picture..

    54. Kelvinn Brown

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    55. chantell z

      Lil tjay really be messing around and he doesn't care funny how lala thinks she has found a new one lol clown

    56. Sinickas Davis

      I'm happy DDG moved on from Kennedy, seem they both was trying to hard for something that wasn't working, Ken seems happy and DDG seems happier to me

    57. Yanga Mtwecu

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    59. Tristan Jackson

      everybody got get back together in 2 mis

    60. YoBoy SPADE

      The IRONY and what's really FUNNY about all these KGuprs and their whole goal is pretending, creating false narratives, and just to keep people talking about them but soon as the people began 'popping off' in the comments, they get UPSET and all in their 'feelings'.....😂🤦🏿‍♂️

    61. YoBoy SPADE

      People need to UNDERSTAND that him and Tiana was never 'together'. Not saying he did but he MIGHT'VE 'hit it' but that's about it....

      1. YWTC The Truth

        Yes, he is STILL with Tiana!!! Ya just don’t get it. But you will soon.

    62. Addicted To Giggles

      Wassup Moo

    63. Aaron YT

      Kennedy is gonna get a plaque watch

      1. Ashley York

        He has no way of sending her one, she moved.

      2. Emmanuel Chenny

        @chantell z she was a big part of the creation of the song

      3. chantell z

        For what ? She into music

    64. DDNtv

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    67. STACIE

      He know that was good answer if he wanna respond about von his ass woulda Ben 🧢

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    69. Bigerv Express


    70. John Salary

      No she not. Kennedy was a Gf that's all. I'm sorry but yall don't know the inside. An what I know as a man Kennedy took Ddg as a weak simp during there relationship what true Gf makes you sleep on the foot of the bed on a vacation you paid for ok then. She really was trying Ddg but yall see that as a good Gf. It's a reason why Ddg moved on .She tested his man hood. An for that she better off were she at. Ddg was rt tho . Till this day she hasn't found a man like him. An he been over her. Yall just keep it up. Not kiara but people that does not know the game an how females like Kennedy work.

      1. Go_Smd

        Your a kid if you believe that he actually was sleeping on the foot of the bed. 🤣

      2. Ashley York

        The fact that you really think that DDG slept at the foot of the bed lets me know, you're a child that probably still believe in santa clause.. it's fake sweetie!

      3. Tshepo Ncholo

        Pretty sure its the other way round G... Kennedy walks back into ddgs life anyday but ddg don’t walk into hers

    71. Kim drama

      Kennedy and ddg didn’t like each other

    72. Kim drama


    73. ayana debellotte

      moo the goat

    74. Lesean93

      What people need to understand is that DDG is a criminal mastermind! He knows how his fans tick! He knows that if he comments under a girls picture that his fans are going crazy and all kind of rumors will be on the way! He ain't stupid!

    75. Fadi ali

      The only thing DDG likes it’s a “street sign”.. he have 2 girl he could date as Tiana and Savanah.. but nah he only like/touch street signs.. ffs🤦🏻‍♂️

    76. Maliktoofficial

      Wussup moo , been an og for the longest ask me anything

    77. Maliktoofficial

      If he get with tiana he would of been set , that’s wifey material & would of been had a baby

    78. Katlego Maakamedi

      Tjay doesn’t know what he wants 💔✅🏃‍♀️

    79. Only1Doobie

      He hit Rubi first night she said that out her mouth idk why he thought that was gone last

      1. Only1Doobie

        Carlos Smith either it was on that live about Lala or one of the tweets around that time

      2. Carlos Smith

        When did she say that?

    80. Laquisha young

      I wouldn’t be surprise if deshae get a ig girl or something for his next relationship 😂😂 I like him but he just really tries to emulate ddg

    81. Laquisha young

      Lala did all that just to get played 😂😂😂😂 wow

    82. Laquisha young

      It is true, ddg definitely had a crush on rubi way before, his comments was under all her pics prior to them meeting 😩

      1. Emmanuel Chenny

        That’s probably it’s so hard for him to let go of her, because getting was such a big accomplishment for him in his mind. He achieved what a lot of Guys wanted to

    83. John S

      MOO 🐮

    84. Laquisha young

      Deshae wanna be ddg so bad he even breaking up to make up just like him

    85. Jay Hechar00

      So whenever Youngboy songs go gold/platinum bout his girlfriend, babymothers or multiple. So should Youngboy give them props and stuff too??

    86. sugagal1987

      what ever happens between Tjay and Lala I am glad that Seven has taken her under her wing because I see her being hurt

    87. Quan 21564

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    89. Louis Williams

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      somebody tell Moo to sign me to Zooted Gaming best COD player on the planet

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      He was shook about Tianna😱🤣

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    94. Alisia Tores

      I’m not gonna lie ddg and Chris are winning this month people be talking about them the most

      1. Isaiah Armand

        How? Lol That's really not good a positive thing It just shows that They always in drama

    95. Ataveon Gordon

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      This is definitely karma for Lala tryna date someone rubi messed with 😭

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