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    0:00 - Intro
    0:22 - NBA Youngboy Is Free!
    5:17 - Megan Thee Stallion BFF Unfollowed Her
    8:06 - Rubi Rose Marks Her Territory & Exposes LALA
    10:00 - PrettoBoyFredo Accepts DDG's Boxing Challenge

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    1. DMAD1

      If y’all not SUBSCRIBED to this channel your super trippen!!!! SUBSCRIBE NOW!!!! Great premier today Sis👊🏾

      1. G Dinero

        @Handsome With The Handgun ong

      2. DMAD1

        G Dinero yes I am brother

      3. G Dinero

        Are u subscribed😒

      4. Handsome With The Handgun

        @Dre Songs trash

      5. Dre Songs

    2. Sheshe Dog

      I'm from BATON ROUGE police iz so races down here it's a f****** shame that's why Boosie left

    3. lilprettylo

      I knew Tory was telling the truth....I think someone else shot Megan maybe the security

    4. Princess Diva

      Damn so Rubi basically don't like any of the zooted females smh Lord I hope seven speak on this because a lot of idiots was on Rubi side and she's the problem tbh but after Rubi live I think everyones starting to believe LaLa

    5. Princess Diva

      Wait how do you like them together Rubi a hot mess and she has brought nothing but drama for months now its pathetic

    6. Issa Name

      Fredo must not know where seven n her baby daddy from cuz they don't play

    7. Thee.Trinity. Jewel

      Did Fredo say if he wins he wanna run a train on him ?????

    8. Sassy Bre

      YoungBoy got released from jail the other day

    9. That Dude

      How was they targeting him when he riding around on live with pipes hanging out the window...If you gonna report teach people what not to do thats whats wrong with these fan out pages they dont do real reporting to help the people. So let me tell you brothers and sisters the truth, we are already targets so if you spending through neighborhoods hanging out the window with sticks they will pull you over thats just the honest truth...

    10. Asma Muhammad

      Jania is yb #1 baby mama the love of his life 😍💕❤

    11. Brittany N

      Tory ain't even that successful to get his album stopped. 4 people in a car 1 gets shot. She was obviously shot by someone in that car.

    12. Jayvee Shar

      Ya ya

    13. Chris Jonesj

      Does DDG have you on payroll ?

    14. Ree Mariee

      Tory told his story in details. Megan only said “he shot me”. Then was dancing in heels the next day. Torys innocent. Period.

    15. jh1 25

      See, I'm gonna hip y'all to what's really going on between Meg and Tory! What many people, don't realize is this industry called, entertainment is predicated on ritualistic practices. One of the main rituals orchestrated in Hollyweird is shaming rituals, which involves character assasination, as well as other forms of humiliation tactics. And, in this particular case Meg is playing the Mother Goddess Isis and Tory is playing the enlightened one Daystar. And, Daystar aka Tory is playing the proverbial son/Christ figure, hence why his album is all about revealing the truth and believing in TMH when all actuality, he only believes in himself. See, Satan knows he only has a short time, and we are in the year 2020 which is the time of clarity, and truly great revealing on the left and ride hand side. Ultimately, all I can tell y'all is to repent and sin less bc this is all a big distraction and major facade called reality. Job 10:22 [22]A land of darkness, as darkness itself; and of the shadow of death, without any order, and where the light is as darkness.

    16. GAGirl B

      Fredo such a cornball.🤦🏽‍♀️😂😂

    17. Shebo

      that lawyer dumb af

    18. YvngB Tv

      Ight ima need fredo to not go mentioning seven again if u in dc u know tht nigga Taliban dont do tht social media back nd forth slim

    19. Perfect TroLLing

      Ddg a lame and he only wants to fight Fredo because Fredo soft. Real man would fight anybody, he only quit KGup because the bumps on his face and he insecure. He will never be took serious in the rap game because he too desperate. The kid is a loser who hasn’t been the same since Kennedy left

      1. 盤Mнร盤REEK

        Boy STFU

      2. STACIE


    20. Leo got Hopes

      Yo wtf Ik I’m not the only one when she said and prettyboyfredo responded my heart rate jump

    21. KiingSaySoTv

      I said the same thing about Tory I’m my Reaction video to his new song “Most High” ( KiingSaySoReacts )

    22. Frosty J

      I don’t think you guys know what scary means in dc

    23. Fatimah Nabie

      Bruh fredo better watch himself , taliban don’t play 😭😭😭😭

    24. CvilleMade Kam


    25. Kids Club - Let’s Play

      Who is DDG ?

    26. Traumatixe

      Wait so out of all things to put on the line you say if you win you wanna run a train on his girl? Now what if ddg would of said if I win I get to spit on your daughter then what?

    27. YoBoy SPADE

      How you become a famous 'celebrity' and still get caught doing dumb sh*t...smdh 🤦🏿‍♂️ They watching celebrities harder than regular citizens. Celebrities have 💸💵 💰...

    28. Yaqub Freeland

      Ddg said he goon slap fredo for free 😂😂😂😂😂 I'm dead 💀💀💀

    29. Just Tay

      Its funny how this beef started over a basketball game LMAO

    30. Brenda benie

      we barely know fredo , I never knew he til this video lmaoo

    31. Mottley

      Becareful DDG crackheads have special powers lol !!

    32. Javonna Dixon

      This youngboy and Jania is childish. Commentary. Jania is not the favorite or The number one. Because she's not his Wife he didn't wife her or put No ring on her finger so she just another one of his baby mama. 🤷🏾🙄🤔😂💯

    33. 1millymir

      He stayed that bc he really don’t wanna fight he kno ddg not gonna let them run a train

      1. 1millymir

        STACIE rubi rose

      2. STACIE

        On who? Rubi

    34. Rocala Williams


    35. Teetee Williams

      Taliban gone pull out the keltec on freddo😂😂 ifykyk lmao I hope ddg whoop his ass😂🤷🏽‍♀️

    36. Jay2Saucy Yt

      Ddg goin out sad🤦🏾‍♂️.

    37. Malik Life

      Him and 15 other people got arrested

    38. imdatchiq

      that whole nba baby momma situation is crazy... sheeshhhhhhhh my brain cells

    39. Iman ZaireTV

      Let me get that lawyer contact Information 🥴

    40. Jeremiah Jordan

      We gotta remember DDG used to box

    41. Jeremiah Jordan

      Fredo finna get dropped

    42. Dahzane Brown

      Aawwwee that’s why them females he dealing with is slow because he put them on that coke game.... better stay off that stuff 🤦🏽‍♀️

    43. LilMr313deejay Broadcast


    44. nigga i aint gay

      Yall think jasmine would whoop seven ?

    45. Leroy

      Ddg gonna bust his ass 💀💀💀💀

    46. ツIIflixkz

      Let’s be real...fredo don’t want taliban getting into this 😂

    47. Shay P

      ya some suckers if ya don't realize ddg and rubi are playing ya'll this is all about money , Lala and Rubi only fans is the reason this drama is going on and DDG not on youtube so he gotta keep his name mentioned in one way or another but watch it backfire . All publicity isn't good publicity .Attention hoes Fredo too

    48. MDR GAMER


    49. Kizzy Hollman

      Nene nene is his favorite one believe that to me I don't know if I want nobody else say

    50. EzohSZN

      whats happening next is. fredo gets his face punched in. DDG has kids with rubi rose. flight has his kid. LaLa gets an std


      Fredo not finna fight Ddg bcuz he making all type of ultimatums in order to fight him....."Run A Train On Rubi" 😂😂😂 (What Nigga going Agree Too That)

    52. It's Teyoncé

      Y'all ever think that them is old pics of Rubi in DDG mansion like come on now!!!!!

    53. Lewis Turner

      Taliban gone get the keltec 😂

    54. Aaron YT

      Is it me or is Fredo tryna be like Solluminati???

    55. Skye Dopa

      If ddg loose..he not a human nomo.. he an actual L

    56. Aaron YT

      Fredo weird for wanting to run a train lol. Gay behaviour. I hope Rubi set him up

    57. Aaron YT

      Taliban keltec ready 25/8

    58. Wilciad Gafford

      The song at the end kinda hard

    59. [ Richyrichhi

      Fredo scared that’s why he bringing his crew cuz he know he finna get beat up

    60. Antwon Kole

      Ofc fredo gon accept.

    61. he.cappalot

      people don’t use props in br but they said he had 14 stolen guns and drugs or something like that

      1. he.cappalot

        STACIE the system dirty in louisiana…even if u around it or with it then u get charged

      2. STACIE

        What the stuff goin on where did they think they were goin let nba walk away

    62. Youri Celestin


    63. Olando Davies

      Fredo Bette chill before taliban turn him into smoke😂

    64. RastaImposter

      Y’all be acting like youngboy innocent all the time. Them folks ain’t gotta showall them guns. All they asking for is a big ass indictment. He keep that shit up the feds gone come in and they gone give him Rico. When you get to a certain point of your career flashing all them guns is not a good look.

    65. Ashley York

      Why does it have to be a boxing match? Why they just can't fight?

    66. Anise Westbrook


    67. Justin Quick

      Those are the worst conditions ever, if I was DDG I would just jump him for even saying that

    68. SOV_ l


    69. A L

      Fredo has an azz whoppin coming! Fredo is a line stepper.

    70. Brooklyn Experiences

      They said that megan was so drunk she doesn't know what happened but her maganment keeps saying he shot her but they weren't their

      1. C-money4x

        Dis why nobody should be drinking tf

    71. Jack Scott

      Smoking on the pussyboyfredo pack


      How r the rules fair 😭 what does ddg truly gain 😂

    73. KAZE

      watch prettyboycrackhead drop out midway..

    74. Xerlocke

      Sis that “lawyer” doesn’t know wtf he’s talking about. He’s a bozo

      1. Xerlocke

        Just Tay Nah that’s the same guy that kept talking about 6ix9ine’s case and had no idea what he was talking about

      2. Just Tay

        We got a feminist

      3. Duce2x x

        And the lawyer got him out

    75. WHAT UMEAN

      DDG not winning he barley beat deshae and he was what 17 or 18 and that was his first time fighting.

      1. STACIE

        Naw he fought in atl at one of his shows when dub Nd em jump In

    76. Andrew Wiggins

      All said and done, Lil Tjay the only one taking W's in the whole situation🤣

      1. Princess Diva

        Yes and ddg the biggest idiot and Rubi is a hot mess

    77. K love

      Fredo your beef is not with rubi it with ddg now if ddg would have say if he win he f..k jasmine then what would you do smh Fredo is a scared clown bringing others people in your agreement when they are not apart of it smh Fredo should of say charity or money he claims he has a lot 🤔 so him bringing rubi shows he scared


      Well what’s crazy is he wanna fight ddg and ddg actually was a boxer he actually does the boxing shit he actually has hands

    79. Dayne Roberts

      First to begin why would u want to date ah nigga ,that fuck over yuh sister like that

    80. Darnell Martin

      loooool taliban gone kill prettyboyfredo before he can even fight ddg

    81. WB

      Tory is a liar 🤥, he’s a rapping dude and he’s been rapping this whole situation and y’all are stupid as heck if you guys think he telling the truth cuz dude was apologizing in his NEW MUSIC VIDEOS TALKING ABOUT MEGAN SAYING SORRY AND YOU CAN ALWAYS COME BACK, THIS DUDE IS LYING WHY WOULD YOU Apologize FOR SOMETHING YOU SAID YOU DIDNT DO, Cancel WRACK BLACK MEN 2020 CUZ THEY SOME LAMES FRFR FOR THIS MESS p.s I’m black don’t say no stupid thing to me FrFr or I’m gunning your soul

    82. Instrumental

      This is a sticky situation 🙅🏽

    83. Jose Vazquez

      Seven ain’t lying about slapping all the girls fredo knows😂

      1. Princess Diva

        Seven need to slap Rubi

    84. JxdenSZN

      Pretty boyfredo gangster till taliban pull out the kill tec😂💀

      1. Hunnit Kayy

        @since DDG wont post i WILL ;-; taliban puttin you ona shirt once you do that.


      DDG is gonna beat pretty boy Fredo Ass No Cap

    86. O.T Gang

      INTRO SONG 🔥

    87. Plug Walk

      Hell I think even seven can knock fredo out, ddg stay on vacation and let seven handle yo light weight, seven love fighting bitches and fredo look like a bull dagger

    88. Aliya Mohamed

      Jania the favourite for sure🔥

    89. Plug Walk

      Jania is the favorite BM, mine too shes bad. There will be no boxing match fredo goofy looking ass ain stepping in it. I'd rather see lala and rubi box 🤩

    90. C E N O S H O R T

      I can’t wait for ddg to beat his weird ass the fuck up no cap😂💯

    91. FrostyMusic

      Imagine boxing a crack head 😂

    92. 1,064,444 views

      That Rubi Lala & DDG stuff is fake guys loll it’s all for attention and promo. Everyone equally agreed to to take part in on it. It’s all for entertainment

      1. spaceman46 ratchford

        I think Rubi Lala is all drama. You haven't been seen on KGup since. You looked bad Lala...sorry I'm a fan, but not this one.

      2. Olando Davies

        The lala and rubi beef isn’t bout Ddg😐

      3. 0nly. Bhadbby

        But that shit is cocky, y u starting fake drama u that bored

    93. Claudious Mabhuya

      SSH all the way💪

    94. KpTheG

      Tory shot Meg. He didn’t deny it. He just said it didn’t happen the way she said it. He was vague as hell. I’m tired of mfs making excuses for him.

      1. Destinee Roberts

        He actually said he didn’t do it 🥴

    95. ImTrynnaGoXrazy- DJ

      Been team Tory since

    96. TaiiGuapTV

      Fredo dumb 😭

    97. Supreme Tez VLOGS

      tory lanez sad af

    98. Cyber Bully

      The fight of the century

    99. Jendayi's Finds

      Young ladies, don't be a guys number 1 if it's not " one and only"

    100. Young_C _king Y_C_K

      She don't lie no cap