Kiara Shanay

21 миӊ. көрүүлөр8

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    1. Kiara Shanay

      Round 2 may be coming soon 🥊 Who you got money on? 💰

      1. The Numbanine

        Taettachip McClain it’s not about believing them it’s about not believing shit you see on the Internet some niggas might seem weak online but I bet money there’s some that’ll pop yo ass 😂 I bet if you didn’t know funny mike background you’d think he ain’t like that too

      2. Taettachip McClain

        @The Numbanine None of thee above... Y'all better stop believing these D list actors... 🤡🤡🤡

      3. The Numbanine

        Or maybe charc ain’t swing cause he was thinking he gone get jumped OR he was ready to air shit out

      4. E&S Boxing lesson

        T.o it’s in the blood ddg will teach him how to box n all

      5. Kiara Shanay

        Nico C. Don’t act like you knew he was strapped! We KNOW now! 😂🥳💯

    2. Jay Morris

      Charc had a gun I don’t think he was being scary

    3. Brandon Hylton


    4. Luis Angel


    5. Malik B

      He didn’t even hit t.o not one time

    6. Malik B

      Da nigga talkin needs fight dub

    7. TTK A1PHA

      How you know about my son jay bucks?

    8. leo.stoopid

      She said who you think won like what

    9. SilentWraith

      He talm they came deep but did u get jumped no so I’m confused

    10. yung ze da scholar

      New York niggas is funny T O got on bra

    11. SetTrender

      It wasn’t Charc fight to fight, it was T.O fight so of rip he not gon right him

    12. Young RomeoVEVO

      charc wouldnt beat his ass becuz he had a glizzy on him

      1. Young RomeoVEVO

        what yall think charc is holding on the frame on 4:18

    13. JANNA DON

      Neither one won ...you crazy if you think hitting someone with your wrist is doing sum ..niggah swung like he tryna swat at a flea..then walked off like he did sum..smh then AFTERjordan walked to the car AFTER standing there wondering why T.o walked off ..then here come t.o with the bird cage showing like he ready to go again ..tell ddg to teach him how to rap and swing ...charcoal tired of getting beat up so he bring the strap for some chaps when it's only 2 of them against all them that was there.

    14. Hes_jus_niceee

      I’ll give t o some cred lol he made an effort to fight 😂😂 but this shit was weak as hell, t o was swinging like a girl and buddy dumb as hell for walking up 😂😂 nigga said I’m big fan, then said you’re actually short in person 😂😂😂

    15. R Durant

      Man charc has da gun

    16. Taettachip McClain

      Kiearra how you gonna say T. O. Won that Fight...?!?! T. O. Threw the most punches but only landed a few. The other guy couldn't throw any punches due to him watching Von walk up on him and T. O. Swung. Actually Von was holding the dudes arms hollering no holding while T. O. Has dude in a half of head lock hollering get this nigga off me... HA! The nigga was never on T. O. That was Von ass... I wish one of dude homeboys would have socked Von weak ass for that.

    17. Yanga Mtwecu


    18. cool cool

      These youtubers think they gangsters... sh.. Is getting to they head ddg dub t.o some lames. Damm boys ain't built like that.

    19. KiingSaySoTv

      reaction video to T.O's fight on my second reaction channel ( KiingSaySoReacts2 )

      1. Kiara Shanay

        I’m about to check it out 🤞🏾

    20. Jay Jones BLM

      Charc was being smart Bc that nigga is not 20 😭😭

    21. Jerrythe Goat

      Jordan thinks those five people did something to him

    22. tee 79

      No charc did the right thing cuz he looks 17 and if he beat the shit out of him he be in jail ...so t.o did it the around the same age

    23. 2Litt Quan

      Lil did he know charc had the strap but we aint gone talk about it watch the video slow

    24. Prime Zelly


    25. Jazmynn Jazlynn

      I clickbated myself lol I thought that was a pic of deshae frost and I thought u were talking bout his girl Jordan .. 😅 idk these people

    26. Karaina Stubbs

      Tio won

    27. Mario R

      Yoooo kiara charc had a gun the whole time look were his left hand the whole time he had his gun.

    28. Mark Joesph

      Kiara You said Charc was gonna beat him according to what he said but remember tat nigga had strap on him........Charc know y he didn't scrap with tat nigga

    29. Arianna Amerson

      It’s the “I’m from NY” for me😂 People think just because they say that it’s supposed to scare somebody it don’t phase a soul in the south🤣

      1. Arianna Amerson

        SetTrender stg🤣

      2. SetTrender


    30. Kevin Jones


    31. Its me Kg


    32. K love

      T o got that am sorry that Jordan thought he was ddg and deshae

    33. Darren David

      I mean Paul walk is one of my favorite actor but TO was just using a reference in his song 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️

    34. I'm that Blessed Girl

      I can tell by the responses in the comments that most of y'all here are DDG squad because if we are being honest no one won in that fight because if you actually play the video in slow mo none of them hits connected but with a little sound edit added to that y'all fell for it like y'all fell for the McQueen and charc one, T.O can't fight nigga fights like a girl he was swimming the whole time throwing wild punches, Jordan fell on his own T.O didn't drop him stop lying to this man and hyping him up as if he knocked him out when none of his punches connected nigga was throwing punches like he was in a pool learning how to swim

      1. I'm that Blessed Girl

        @Tetrahedron IX that's the problem with DDG squad y'all lie to them too much its not about if he can fight or not its about the fact that none of his wild hits connected the just added some edits to make it seem like they did and y'all fell for it watch the video in slow mo

      2. Tetrahedron IX

        It was a weak fight but still T.O. handle business and showed he was about action, give the man his dues. Just because neither can fight doesn't mean T.O. didn't win. Plus DDGsquad fans are suppose to hype him up that's how the game works.

    35. Rasheed D

      T.O hit that boy before he could react the second time nigga got stuck😂

    36. YNM Lul P-Nut

      Use my song for a outro song 🗣💯 YNM Lul P-Nut

    37. m018264808888

      What part of NY is he from? He's standing inside another man's reach, with his arms down, and doesn't see that pistol charc is holding. He should have stayed at home.

    38. kiingjdk

      you dumb charc had it on em what you think he holdin?😭

    39. IAMGHOST

      Kiara why you hurt Rob bad like that?

    40. Charles Eskridge

      He gotta change his name Jordan gotta go he got his fro punched back ass got whip how you fly to LA to get your ass whip 😂😂😂

    41. Zy Guy

      Did anybody else peep the strap on charc’s hip

    42. Lisa

      This shit is jokes😂😂😂

    43. Nathania Campbell

      4:37 Girllllllll why Charc going waste his time fighting when he got the strap on him PLUS he know T.O goin whoop his ass anyway so thats why didnt even have to fight

    44. Tasharra_ to_cute

      T.o one that shit

    45. junebug perkins

      But look close he got that pole on him

    46. YvngB Tv

      Charc man😂

    47. Tre To Driped

      Charc did not care to fight dude charc had a gun if you can see

    48. BTL

      Ik this bih ain’t just ask who won. Not like Jordan ain’t land one punch😶💀. Jordan ain’t brave maam he a thirsty ass clout chaser that doesn’t understand consequences

    49. Skip McNeil

      I guess you not going to mention that Charc had a strap in his waist

    50. Jordan Powell

      Charc had a gun on him that's why charc really wasn't trying to fight

    51. Glock Zay


    52. Lorraine Hanks

      T.O. Kicked his assnic.......

    53. Gucci Drip

      Charc got the glock on him, what he gone fight for???😂😂😂

    54. Jaiquan Waller

      Kiara I ain’t gone lie. You catfished the shit outta me when you posted the first part of the fight. That first punch looked vicious

    55. Daboiii

      Jordan thought shit was sweet nigga dissin T.O he lucky he didn’t get put on a t shirt

    56. Yung Kirk

      T.O telling somebody he broke

    57. Yung Kirk

      Both em dont know how to fight t.o was just throwing his hands😂😂😂

    58. ReiWYD

      Why charc holding his gun the whole time?

    59. Craig Thomas

      These fools better start putting some "respeck" on T.O.'s name...lol! Jordan said he from NY, but he forgot T.O. from Pontiac, MI.

    60. RandomVidz

      T.O. Left that boy dazed

    61. Prince Morris

      Charc have the strap on him

    62. TonioTV

      im glad T.o beat him Jordan was talking and being disrespectful.


      Missed the Premiere but we good

      1. Kiara Shanay

        Yooo 👋🏾 *daps

    64. Tyb Chance


    65. TKyoungdalliø

      Charc had the strap on him the hole time that's why he didn't want to fight jordan

    66. work out Walker

      Nope he wasn't


      Charc had a gun on nem

    68. Ajani tv

      To won

    69. Huey Freeman

      please don’t say “jordan lives in ny” dats a upstate nigga 💯

    70. lordbabytea


    71. King Jamon

      😂t.o or Jordan? I’d beat tf outta both em n Im 5’9 180 play football startin rb from da projects😂

      1. King Jamon

        Jeremiah Artis I was showing how young n small I was n I could still beat the up😂😂but nobody scared of yo big ass “omg ur 6’5”😨face ah 🤣tf outa hear I fear no man nor a catfish 🖕🏿

      2. Jeremiah Artis

        And nigga I'll beat tf outa you I'm 6'5 260 starting tight end from polk county fl.


      She doesn't even know Charc got the glizzy lol

      1. Kiara Shanay

        IKR.. she is so clueless 😆

    73. Joveazy Reacts


    74. Kobe and Turtle


    75. Slizzy Goated

      No one jumped him u got ya ass beat that’s it stop talking and get straight to the action

    76. Ozaay

      “Jordan wasn’t playing no games” 😂nigga what he a pussy he just talking

    77. Kerry_Playz


    78. Ozaay

      Why would charc fight if he got the blicky

      1. Love TAPS

        He can't fight that's why he has the blicky dumbass🤦‍♂️🤣🤣🤣

    79. kso

      Charc had a gun in he’s pants so he couldn’t really fight if he wanted to

    80. hagos tewolde

      This Video could of been a lot longer .. what had let for them too fight from the beginning etc

    81. Westompedemout


    82. Ashaweny lawes


    83. Trill Ink Tattoos

      that jordan guys STUPID, the fact he disrespected T.O and expected some gloves, got ya ass whooped leave it alone guy, you beefin with a nigga over a actor you NEVER KNEW irl lmfao

    84. 386 Jamal

      Did he threaten to leak there addy if everybody didn’t come?

      1. Jeremiah Artis

        Lol dis dude said he was a huge fan so i guess he thought he can just see the whole squad lol nigga thought shit sweet

    85. Ninasky Antonioli

      Jordan bitching about T.O brought L.A people. It don't matter if they were 100 deep. Nobody jumped Jordan. It was one on one. He a sore loser a cry baby.

    86. Xdribblegodx

      T.O of course

    87. Nehemiah Lokko

      Jordan is vaild, New York nigga's don't play

    88. Jamarc 2 fly

      He was clout chasing long story short 😂😂

    89. Veko 1Hundred

      Charc had the 🔫😂😂😂😂

    90. Xdribblegodx

      That’s where ddg was gonna fight james at

    91. Travion Hawkins

      That Jordan nigga ain’t even get a swing in. Nigga was try grab 😂

    92. Kaleaf Ball jr

      The reason why Charc didn’t do nothing because if you go back when they was slapping each other up he had the gun in his pants that’s why he was holding his pants like dat

    93. Supreme Zay

      Charc had a stick on him

    94. Greenlight Ent.

      That nigga not frm ny nomore🚫🧢

    95. Dameisha Harriell

      paidway t.o won that💪🏾💯

    96. Chrisgon mad

      Mans charc had a da heat on him he could’ve turn shit up side down quick🤟🏿😂

    97. Keisean Tucker

      Chart had the glizzy no 🧢

      1. Vinnette Cole

        Repent for your sins because Jesus Christ is coming and it’s not too late to come closer to God

    98. Nebu Wilson

      Ngl t.o would’ve lost if he ain’t hold Jordan 😭

    99. Ninasky Antonioli

      Charc can't fight right now he still recovering from his broken jaw. Leaking people addresses is foul. I underatand why charc would be mad. Jordan a clout chaser.

    100. Sid Da Goat

      Jordan couldn’t mix 😭 shouldn’t have pulled up