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    0:00 - Intro
    0:21 - Funny Mike & Jaliyah Broke Up Again
    3:51 - DDG & Rubi Rose Is Back Together
    6:30 - Lil Tjay Seen W/ IG Model

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    1. jh1 25

      We in the matrix everything is scripted that's what it means not to be a bot. When you put things in a proper perspective you'll understand that there is subliminal and supraliminal.

    2. Amaka

      Rubi in ddg mansion

    3. SOV_ l

      I always have to speed up playback cuz sis talks maaaad slow😓

    4. GAGirl B

      For the most part, no one is "Catching" these youtubers in situations that they don't want to be caught in, hence the uploaded photos & vids - especially with DDG, he's a master of knowing how to collect coins, Lol. Any kind of publicity helps their career, their brand...It's entertainment, they are "Entertainers."

    5. Dana M

      KGup is nothing a pass around hall. Nasty

    6. Nate Got Keys


    7. Andrew Wiggins

      The LA youtube/rap community is weird asf

    8. Tiffarella B.

      Lala will leave before DDG drops her from zooted but I don’t think he’s going to get involved with Lala and Rubi drama

    9. Joshua Ogbenna

      Ddg been sleeping with a witch

      1. Joshua Ogbenna

        My New Walk With Jesus it’s a joke I’m playin 😂

      2. My New Walk With Jesus

        Are you Fr or just playing

    10. Daja ASMR

      They all soul-less I ain't worried

    11. KingLo

      Tjay just as wild as lala

    12. Rosemarie Jaggon

      🙄y ddg 🙄

    13. J. Spadez

      Emaza single and he rather have a thorn in his side from a Rose

    14. randomly chillin_

      On ddg story he got jasminejade as his screensaver

    15. sheldon ramlogan

      Yesirr I gave her info for this video

    16. Alieu Barrie

      l'm glad to see them back together

    17. jsc high

      Look ddg n ruby cooling everything y'all see is for entertainment that's y it's so back n forth 1 day w her 1 day they ain't together get a clue he a business dude been said he do stuff like this

    18. Mario Mtho

      Ddg is a grown man. If he does something because some1 told him to............SMH

    19. Maurice Jones

      I wouldn’t blame Jaliyah for wanting everyone out of the house hell I have have a hard time with just one of my cousins coming over 😂😂🤦🏾‍♂️ and plus all the randoms that are there piggybacking off of him that ain’t bout shit and don’t gone no life 😆🤣

      1. Badassbitch Tee

        Exactly he basically turn it into a big kids daycare😂😂😂

    20. 2kaay

      no one: kiara: breaking news i knew its ddg and rubi

    21. Shay P

      Please talk about someone else other than DDG at this point who cares about who he's dating . For all we know he using ole girl for the sex. When some men get played they'll act like they on that I forgive you tip , but really just wanna bone until something better comes along . It's steady sex and covid19 still here nobodies diving n a variety of bodies .

    22. Payton Rylie

      Y’all can leave lala tf alone

    23. abdelhak el hammou

      Ol this is fore the promo day playing you re ol

    24. Daily Updates

      Bro kiara a whole as CIA agent by checking the damn rug and window. 😭😂

      1. Daily Updates

        Kiara Shanay thank you kiara

      2. Kiara Shanay


    25. BigTankTelevision

      Ddg and rubi was also in the same car in their stories

    26. Demont Bates

      Rubi Rose must have the super WAP if my boy DDG is "simping" like this

    27. viral tiktoks

      Can someone pls explain to me what's happening with this whole anthony town aka d'angelo situation

    28. Iamhavinghope

      but that picture of tjay and lala couldve been apart of his new video and purposely posted to kick up drama. him and ddg was cool until rubi decided to run to ddg instead. so tjay showed rubi can play with her friends too. i feel like this was tjay revenge and rubi fell for it.

      1. Tierra Jones

        You sound dumb . Him & t Jay was never cool they both was around cause they cool with polo g . Ddg been having the same friends for years

    29. Sammilee123

      I feel for jaliyah i don’t blame her but i wouldn’t of had a second child with him with all the drama

    30. Aaron YT

      Bubba stacks said they took that girl as a sister but Tjay 10000% smashed. Tjay must be saying ewww cause of that

    31. Envy LurkinFN

      The intro has to be the most aggravating shit ever

    32. TyTooSmooth

      Missed me?

    33. Gaming 03

      In Chino's latested video rubi and ddg where there together

      1. llII

        Gaming 03 that video was recorded long time ago

      2. Gaming 03

        Go kart video

      3. llII

        Which video

    34. J Mo

      Kiara Shanay obsession with DDG love life is becoming a little scary

      1. Kiara Shanay


    35. sechaba chalale

      Out here trying to get a like so slick

    36. Mpho Motsoane

      "I guess they thought the industry was peaches & cream" lmaooo

    37. Diorr Marr

      Lil tjay for the street he for everybody lmao 😂😂😂😂😂

    38. jabien DOCKERY

      😭yall lil kids don't know that lala been around Hollywood for a minute

    39. NicTheGoat

      I always say the intro with you 🤣😭😭

      1. Kiara Shanay


    40. Matthew Richardson

      Ddg need to take the l from fredo

    41. Samantha Ramnath

      Rubi and ddg were both in the same car

    42. Samantha Ramnath

      Rubi was in ddg car yesterday

    43. young patrick21

      😭😭 Cap

    44. Anise Westbrook

      😂😂😂 KI THE GOAT 🤣🥰♥️♥️

    45. Bad B

      Ddg just an idiot should of put some upcoming rappers that could be good you tubers aswell instead of getting lala the other girls in zooted because there content is shit he literally prolly put them in zooted because they have good looks🤣

    46. Breanna Howe

      I really donr think rubi is fhat hot i dont get it. Yeah shes skinny and got a nice ass. But her attitude makes her look ugly af

    47. Shaun Carelse

      Please don't mind me....up just here to give KS her applause 👏👏👏

      1. Kiara Shanay

        🥳 thanks


      Lala force ddg and rubi together to get with lil tee jay 😂😂😂

      1. Cathy SavCamuzeri

        Nah fr though 😂

      2. Ashley York


    49. JBreezy51

      DDG just want to be seen as a rapper. Rubi is good for his Rap lifestyle. The second he get rap respect, Rubi gone.

    50. YoBoy SPADE

      I ain't even concerned about him actually being with Rubi cause that could be on again or off again, im MORE concerned with what the n*gga is actually doing since he got with Rubi...😳

    51. YoBoy SPADE

      It's Official! Rubi Rose made that n*gga QUIT KGup...😂🤣😭

    52. Zaysha Brown

      Not toot 😂😭😭😭 lmao he said he didn’t want to be on here lol

    53. Roberty Jones

      Listen to me bruh LIL TJAY IS THE FUCKING 🐐🐐🐐

    54. Ayuub

      Ddg doesn’t really care about his fans. If he did he wouldn’t scam on his onlyfans 💯

      1. 42 Dugg’s Whistle

        Thought u was blocked

      2. Imsunset 21

        Wait he back 😂

      3. T

        No cappa, cappity.

    55. Ayuub

      Ddg finna be in his feeling on Twitter after Rubi uses him again 😂

      1. A M A R A

        Ong 😂😂🤦🏽‍♀️💯

      2. Elijah Ussery


      3. Norap Cap

        Get yo as outta here

      4. C-money4x

        No 🧢

      5. Olando Davies

        Why are u here🤦🏿‍♂️

    56. gns freaky

      Lala if followers sky rocketed

    57. Era X

      Bro idk how ddg can get back with rubi like bro

    58. Romario Isaac

      D'angelo russell we all know you're Karl Anthony Towns...you ain't slick

      1. Elijah Ussery


    59. Ugo Uchiha

      DDGs gonna distance himself from Lala per Rubis orders. Zooted will slowly fall by the end of the yr. DDG and Rubi will continue their on and off toxic relationship. Just my predictions lol.

      1. Asma Muhammad

        Rubi is toxic and ddg is desperate

      2. Malachi Tinyxbonce

        i agree cause zooted is a youtube page basically and the ddg the owner aint even posted youtube videos no more or ddg gonna leave the zooted himself cause of how the industry is... but nobody knows

      3. Patrick Da don

        @Jim Jones him signing females only doesn’t give zooted range it just shows that ddg only signing for more money and not for exposure and range

      4. Patrick Da don

        @Jim Jones nah he should sign male content creators that are actually talented though like team 10 back in 2017-2018

      5. Jim Jones

        @Patrick Da don he should only sign pretty females. Only lala and seven gets consistent views.

    60. Niya Girl 2

      It obvious she doing this for clout because Lala got a clothing brand coming out and it would make since to do this

    61. Adam Man

      DDG is irrelevant. He just uses youtube for clout

      1. Lulu Nzama

        @Adam Man you must 12 yrs old or 14

      2. Adam Man

        @Ayuub Imagine Kennedy Cymone, fake hair, fake butt, no makeup, she looks like i just took a fat dump

      3. Adam Man

        @Ayuub Don't forget, he be sucking Tjay's sloppy toppy too. Matter of fact, he passes her back to TJay to get more of his sloppy toppy.

      4. SydDaKyd

        Imagine calling ddg irrelevant when hes literally the only reason this channel exist

      5. Ayuub

        Ong dude likes flexing his money like his fans didn’t make him. Bro a whole scammer onlyfans for KGup tips 🖕🏾

    62. The Heni Family

      They know what they doing lol

    63. Cassie Sandra

      People always riding ddg D on issues and I get it, you're fans but you also have to hold him accountable for his toxicity in his relationships. So many girls, its always a lot of drama and his the common denominator. On another note, I hope he starts to act more mature and I wish them well.

    64. crystal allen

      Honestly I don’t see nothing wrong with Rubi she’s just in the open eye where she’s getting played by niggas and her own friends, shit like that happens to people we just don’t see it every time I know she’s going to grow from all these negativity. I guess this is a learning process for her.

    65. YGG Ghost

      Kiara squad 🔥🔥🔥

    66. Santana Golden

      Ddg she is thtoing you

    67. Ozioma Emecheta

      Look at rubis Instagram story she in Ddg’s i8

    68. earl rainey

      LALA tryna stay Relevant she had all these standards about a dude then say she date the wrong ones but she turned around and date her friend baggage no this ain’t the plan it’s weird

    69. ReiWYD

      Imagine playing Amon us w/ Kiara Shanay 🤕

    70. Sheila Tabengwa

      See me i dont judge, if rubi and ddg find happiness in each other let them be happy. I dont get the concept of making ideas on other ppl's business when u only know what you are shown. It dont make sense to me. Ima support and wish the best for them😜

      1. Sheila Tabengwa

        @Ayuub so what? It ain't nun ur business or mine Let him make his own mistakes and learn from them, but hopefully its not

      2. Ashley York

        Okay that's fine but don't have a public dispute and think that people aren't going to talk about it.

      3. Ayuub

        She’s just using him to get back at Tjay but Simpmadeddg can’t see that 🤦🏽‍♂️

    71. just Robin

      Just finally figured out that DDG and Rubi love leaving bread crumbs for us. I'm over it.

    72. NOEL 4L

      When toosii said I got to to stay out the mix I felt that 😂

    73. Juu_400 YT

      He said don’t post what he said lol

    74. kjnjun edwed

      Lala is officially for the highway. She no different from rubi

    75. B R

      Can someone tell me what’s going on w the Karl Anthony Towns comments? 😭 how is he broke ??

      1. De'mondre Murphy

        They not talking bout the real KAT, there's a person here who trolls DDG here. He used to use the acount D'Angelo Russell but it got banned. So he switch to a Karl-Anthony Towns account.😄

    76. Youri Celestin

      Hol up still unfollowed each other

    77. Zontz

      Go on they stories

    78. Zontz

      Rubi was in his car

    79. Zontz

      Did yall see the car part

    80. SpraggieEdits


    81. Mikhail Gaming

      991 check rubi story

    82. Sidney Lewis

      I think DDG and RUBI Rose has a strategy.a pact.whoever makes it to the top in the industry first then they'll help the other up.they smart they know exactly what they doing.

    83. T-Raw 2lit

      My boy toosii made it in the video ❤️💪🏾

    84. BDB CHAŻŻ

      Literally to the 1% who’s reading this, God bless you, stay safe and have a wonderful day.❤️(my dream is to become a famous youtuber) thanks

    85. Marks man

      Like Solluminati said "SIMP ASS NIGGA"

    86. princess naraih

      wait so how do we know if that picture is for promotion? it could be in the music video . they never really came out saying they were dating so we should not go off assumption .

      1. princess naraih

        Tareana&Max she told her it was only for the music video . then when rubi seen that she already assumed that they were messing around . but if we are gonna be honest that is rubi’s karma because she wanna mess with tjay then she wanna mess with ddg who is tjay’s friend . so now she lost 2 friends.

      2. Tareana&Max

        If so then why didn’t she tell her friend that ahead of time. She being hella sneaky! Plus she was doing hella inappropriate things with her bf ex dude, that’s hella weird.

    87. Melinda G.

      I really hope DDG & Rubi are together. DDG is so sweet & loyal & IDGAF IF YALL THINK RUBI FOR THE STREETS 😂😂😂 if they make each other happy then I hope they make it work!💕

      1. Melinda G.

        Cam Bam nice comeback Cam Bam

      2. Cam Bam

        Melinda G. If u don’t care then don’t respond......

      3. Melinda G.

        I hope you boys responding to me know I don’t give a fuck about you & y’all need to go get laid instead of getting mad about 2 celebs dating that don’t know your asses either 😂 fuck outta my mentions.

      4. Jay

        Why you hope that what do that do for you they don’t know yo ass

      5. Shay P

        spoken like a young naive girl

    88. Havanna Davis

      It’s crazy how lala did this. Like I guess she thought nobody was gonna care or shit was gonna blow over. Yo men not gonna see her like a wife nor a female they can treat right. If she got no loyalty to her friends then she won’t have any loyalty to a man. She for the industry smh 🤦🏽‍♀️

    89. Bel Bee

      Unpopular opinion: I still like lala We really know nothing about these people. Like lala said, we only know what we are shown. We don’t know what lala and rubi’s relationship is actually like. We don’t know how both ddg, tjay, or others have effected their relationship. As much as people want to act outraged over this I’m sure if we really knew everything we wouldn’t be surprised.

    90. 1k subscriber with no video challenge bossy

      Kiara I be sending you tea on Instagram but u never see it😭😭😂

    91. young mid

      Ddg and rubi was in the car together today

    92. Papa Smurf Jr

      How bout I dislike and go to the comments

    93. Lone Wolf

      Ahhh shit here we go again 👀👀😥 there’s a lot of salt in that water happening rn with them but Ddg and Rubi rose are back together but Lala did her bestie dirty cmon lil tay 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️

    94. Setera Lockley

      DDG must be insecure smh

    95. Ashley York

      I know DDG is grown but I really hope he knows what he's doing by associating himself with Rubi. So much drama has happened between them already & it hasn't been a year.

      1. Ashley York

        @HazelNut Sugar When did I say DDG and Kennedy should get back together?

      2. HazelNut Sugar

        Ashley York but bottom line, it doesn’t matter who’s more toxic. Y’all telling DDG to get back with Kennedy is pointless, when Kennedy has clearly moved on and closed out that chapter. Y’all are toxic fans for even wanting that for them. Let them grow.

      3. HazelNut Sugar

        Ashley York And you only know what’s made known to you. Kennedy could’ve been saying things about the family too.. you just don’t know. Perception.

      4. Ashley York

        @HazelNut Sugar Rubi and DDG are wayyy more toxic than him and Kennedy. Rubi was in a group chat with her fans, talking about DDG's mom staying in an apartment.

      5. HazelNut Sugar

        D’angelo Russell Him and Kennedy had the same toxic relationship what are you talking about!? Y’all act like him and Kennedy were golden, they had more break-ups and public humiliations than anyone on the internet🤦🏾‍♀️

    96. Dirtbag Squad

      Why they delete my comments lol

    97. David Walker

      Ion business About internet Bs but lala got me mess up 😂😂😂 cyah believe she did that to rubi that’s colddt heartedTt

    98. Kashblu

      rubi was in ddg i8 it's on her story

    99. De'mondre Murphy

      Not trying to say nothing but it's cringe how DDG tried to copy TJ and embarrass Rubi, only to turn-around and run back to her🙄. Unlike TJ, DDG can't fight his simp instincts.😄 Meanwhile Rubi still mad and tweeting over a nigga she claim she "didn't care about"..smh