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    0:00 - Intro
    0:21 - DDG Bday Ruined
    2:04 - Rubi Rose Altercation
    11:03 - Chris Sails Got A Baby OTW
    12:45 - Cardi B Celebrates BDAY W/ Offset
    13:28 - DDG Got A Hickey

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    1. SOJ

      First tjay now DDG? Lol if anyone ever asked me do pretty girls get insecure, imma just laugh.

    2. Sui kkitoii

      To the person that's reading this You're a very beautiful and intelligent human and I believe you should follow your dreams! Stay healthy during quarantine 💞 My Dream is to get to 10k. I've been struggling to get there🥺❤️

    3. Rianna Stewart

      DDg and rubi don't match...ever since they both been hanging out ddg be in some drama even his you tube bussniess is falling apart he's not focusing on his music Becaz he's back on you tube rubi is fake since we heard about the scandals with lala ddg and rubi be on amd off and off and on...what's they necessity of having her around? Idk bruh am Worried about ddg health mentally physically emotionally and spiritually

    4. Dorian _hunt2007

      Noti gang

    5. La Cassie

      Its really embarrassing for them girls braggin about **jumping** a girl that was chilling with her man on his at their hotel spot, not cute. lol

    6. Katlego Maakamedi

      DDG wasn’t shy ☺️ he was mad coz he lost his money

    7. Zhane Jay

      I feel sorry for ddg ,honestly !

    8. Elijah Ussery

      I just saw ddg new vid and he was trolling with rubi saying they had a baby and had his brother to be the kid

    9. Ema dsg Young poku dosu

      She didn't delete it

    10. Ema dsg Young poku dosu

      He was mad he lost a lot of money

    11. Jessii Lee

      DDG went to Vegas last year, this time he was dating Kennedy. It was an all guys trip and it was NO DRAMA. Kennedy didn’t get mad because she couldn’t go or anything. This year it’s all this mess. Wow! He needs to drop Rubi.

    12. Paidway Jaylon

      DDG paid for the hotel so they shouldn’t be there🤦🏾‍♂️😂

    13. I2clappzy

      How rubi say he wasn’t the right guy buy wants him when he buy a Lambo and a jet

    14. Von Papi

      “ Chris capalot sails “ 😭

    15. Life w/ Tati

      On camera, he act like he don’t like her forreal 🤦🏾‍♀️. Even though we know he be clapping them cheeks.

    16. Brown Barbie25

      I think rubi a phase for ddg. You can tell when a man is forcing himself to move on.Ever since Kennedy he changed. And maybe it’s a change he needed to make or maybe it’s a change to find himself after being with someone for years. Either way he changed. Then he meets someone like rubi, which is a possibility, a possible relationship, someone to blend with the person you changed into so you can move on. But I can see he isn’t really happy. He knows she not for him. But it’s either be alone or attempt to be happy. Right now he is making an attempt to be happy. When he was with Kennedy you can see that love, that care, those moments. They had time to build. Him and rubi looks like an attraction, lust, someone like he never been with. She just a phase. He’ll move past her when he’s ready.

      1. Marian Barker

        @Brown Barbie25 steady writing paragraphthat I’m not gone read

      2. Brown Barbie25

        @Marian Barker And neither do you. I wrote my opinion on the situation. From my profile on my page. So you took the time to read my so called book and there isn’t no pages for u to flip to. So you had time today. If u don’t like wtf I said. Do me a favor and keep it to yourself. I’ll be damned if I took time to read some shit someone else wrote and comment on it. This must be your free day but I got time to entertain you cuz clearly u don’t have shit to do. This shit from a week ago. COVID must have you loosing your mind. So find you some business and stop commenting on shit u took time to read. Ok sis. Be blessed

      3. Marian Barker

        You wrote a book. For what? You don’t know how he fill about her

    17. Mo_ Beezes

      What’s the theme song artist name again?

    18. Yess Sirrr

      Bro all these girl childish lol. Grow the fuck up. “ Black Lives Matter” tho right. Foh smfh.

    19. Mishon White

      I like Rubi Rose but I think she's drifting down the wrong path

    20. street kid

      this coming from a dd g squad member stop bashing him please

    21. King Vic

      That’s tuff

    22. SHXRM-

      All DDG did was stare, she actin like he was throwin money at em🤦🏽‍♂️

    23. Jay-Z Twin

      Hello it's been a while

    24. Killakam1007

      Makeup can do a lot of things

    25. King Wize

      Rubi running his shit lol

    26. EzohSZN


    27. Huncho Grinding

      8:53 , when you know she for the streets 😂😂

    28. Trish 101

      This proves what la la was saying about rubi being intimidated by other pretty females smh

    29. Life With Elisabeth

      I agree Kiara Every single time she start recording him he looks so uncomfortable like in that video you were talking about and she was like bae Tell them to stop playing he wasn’t even saying anything and he literally never calls her bae Not that that matters but like I also watched his KGup video on his channel he looked very uncomfortable and wasn’t even acknowledging her

      1. Louis Williams

        Don’t forget about the trolls online always harassing him

      2. Life With Elisabeth

        0nly. Bhadbby facts😭😭 not the jumpsuit

      3. 0nly. Bhadbby

        Right , only god knows how REAL LIFE is for them . Rubi seem like she be wearing the same jumpsuit

    30. DatwayClay

      How he gotta do all this to make his 33k back, but he kept sayin 50k is nothing

      1. Quadro Dinero

        Rite nigga do to much stuntin like he the richest in california to much 🧢 4 me

    31. Priece_ 1

      Lmfao run I said "WE" 😂😂😂😂😂🏃🏿‍♂️🏃🏿‍♂️🏃🏿‍♂️🏃🏿‍♂️🏃🏿‍♂️

    32. Angela M

      Bad fibes and reputation whenever Ruby is around just like she damaged DDG front door and had to pay him for the door. He looks pissed and not too happy. Birthday weekend ruined Period.

    33. Nemesha Smith

      Going to the casino with bare ppl is just bad luck ... go alone lol no bad mind around or preeing every move

    34. BigTankTelevision

      🤣🤣 I guess he got stung by a mosquito or sumn cause I know ruby ain’t put it there I’m dead 💀😂😂

    35. stephanie49st

      Ddg. Always look high or drunk. When he's around Rubi🤣🤣🤣🤣 its like. Ddg like her aalot. But he knows she's a problem

    36. Kibo Official

      That bitch Yanna from Sparta, IL lmaooooo. What a small world

    37. Vel 1hunnid

      So what lala was sayin must be true

    38. AstRo Bandit


    39. Samiyah Stamps

      I’m sorry but come on now.. rubi can’t fight. She tries to act sooo hood!! It’s saddd

    40. avalon london

      Click bait with Chris and that imaginary baby

    41. Rodney Bean

      The girl is from nyc

    42. Noah Philip

      1:38 I quit my 9-5 because of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*

    43. Ceejay

      Ddg must be giving Rubi that bomb bomb...she crazy over that D 😭😭😭

    44. Crxzyz

      I wanna fight on my bday shoot big fight

    45. Jada Smith

      What made me laugh is how rubi was talking about ‘we’ are not spending 40k like it’s her money 😭😭😭

    46. Yur Nathan

      KGup is that bad bitch DDG know bad for him but can’t get rid of 😂

    47. rodney chard

      No it's on her story

    48. Mo Mo

      The girl yanajanea got the story on her ig of some of the fight and police 😩😩

    49. jr

      Ik I'm not the only one who realise rubi lowkey did the l.a crew wrong 😭😭 she called them ddg entourage🤦🏽‍♂️🤣

      1. Jay Slapit


    50. Jackie Brockington

      My neighbor got into a fight last week, right, the fight happened cause my neighbor posted a picture of her being 5 months pregnant. BUT THE FUNNY THING ABOUT IS THE PICTURE WAS TAKEN LAST YEAR... So the girl drove 1 hour to get on her ass about creepin with her bm and lying about the pregnancy. I HOPE I EXPLAINED THAT GOOD ENOUGH.. YALL GET WHAT IM SAYIN??

    51. JamesD Yt

      Wait a min she got 23mil subs?


      Rubi must have PTSD or sum she insecure asf. 😂

    53. Ronald Thagalani

      These broads are just trying to get clout

    54. Quentin Dickerson

      Dawg I'm from Vegas I Kno yanna😂😂

    55. NOEL 4L

      Rubi warming up to face her final boss lala

      1. Justin Quick


    56. Everything Erika

      Rubi bad luck

    57. Baldah Raster

      I think this whole fight in Vegas was a stunt it's planned to make their trip relevant I don't believe it

    58. Neissa Germain

      Not to be rude but you talk sooo slow 🤦🏾‍♀️

    59. Cassie Sandra

      Lol Chris plays too much

    60. Cassie Sandra

      I stun their relationship. Nobody wants a stale boring relationship. She brings the fire and he loves it lol. They are perfect for each other

      1. Rianna Stewart


      2. Sheila Tabengwa

        I agree

      3. K love

        Both libras

    61. Major

      Rubi aint got a single scratch on her lol.also i lowkey fuck with rubi. yall judge people off social media lol. Kennedy was aa sweetheart but turns out that whole shit was toxic as hell lol. im saying this to say yall dont know who these people really are

    62. KAZE

      Chris is a strange individual

    63. Mynk Iv

      I love rubi but this relationship aint it... I keep reminiscing bout Kennedy 💔😢

    64. Kadisha tianna

      I mean Rudy don’t want ddg around pretty females so I definitely believe she was jelly

      1. marty chambers

        Another Kennedy in that way. That why I say they not together they won't last if they are

    65. D Wall

      Security will take your phone If you with celebrities ... Don't want you giving out they location or setting them know

      1. Carlos Smith

        Exactly that’s what they supposed to do

    66. V!lle Shyt

      Entertainment 🤦🏽

    67. Jay Yessuh

      Y’all give too much of a fck 😂😂 it’s entertaining tho

    68. Young Skrilla

      Bro the intro so cringey

    69. shannon h

      Rubi is too pretty to be fighting. The day a girl gets me to fight her would be never I ain’t fighting nobody

      1. Eddie Marx

        @BriaGabe Vlogsfighting charges.😂 its a misdemeanor. Nothing to fight. Get a lawyer. Go to court and get it thrown out. But hey, do you.

      2. BriaGabe Vlogs

        Eddie Marx because she’s a public figure, someone will find out who it was. Like how we all know who it was now. Believe me, someone fighting charges is worth more to me than fighting back.

      3. Eddie Marx

        @BriaGabe Vlogs in the mean time she got her ass kicked and is in pain and the police might not ever find the person responsible.

      4. BriaGabe Vlogs

        Eddie Marx she doesn’t have to. If there’s any type of evidence or anyone else confirming what happened, then all she had to do is call the police to start the police report 🤗

      5. Eddie Marx

        @BriaGabe Vlogs like she gone stay till the cops come.

    70. Lorraine Hanks

      La La and Seven was so right about her, she so jealous 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    71. k Watkins

      Pls keep it a buck he isback cause list n wanna make it back

    72. Aaliyah Williams

      Ion think Ddg care about rubi record she just always catch him when he not in the mood

      1. Elijah Ussery


      2. Nicole Jonelle

        All the time? 😂😂😂😂 Just playing!

    73. Iftikhaar 19

      Polo g be od staying out of trouble you have never posted that nigga😂😂😂

    74. It’s Lex

      That’s definitely a fake belly 😂😂

    75. Slice

      lol this a clout situation like you bragging you jumped rubi rose wtf

    76. Kyng David

      *Is it just me, or is DGG a whole different person since Kennedy left the’s like he’s changing for the worse!! Like I barely recognize brah ONG!!*

      1. Quadro Dinero


      2. Quadro Dinero

        Rite it's like he tryna be someone that he's.

      3. Yousaidwhatnow

        @Aaliyah Williams if you not a kid, than you clearly fall under the "enjoy the drama/toxic" category. so enjoy.

      4. K love

        @Clayton Bigsby I agree because it seems that people are stuck in the past Kennedy is the past and they had there Toxicity also but that chapter is closed

      5. Clayton Bigsby

        Imagine holding onto a person from the past an not letting them grow....if your any type of mature you’ll understand PEOPLE GROW UP! the fact that you think Kennedy completed him as a man shows how immature you are.

    77. Life with Crystal

      That stomach looks so fake. He stay trolling!!!!

    78. Tiana Mina

      I love DDG and Rubi together idc what y’all say 😆

    79. Ashley A.

      Well Lala and Seven Both Said Rubi Was Insecure so I wouldn't be surprised if she got upset because he was watching the girls dance

      1. 0nly. Bhadbby

        Major & in reality if u don’t know Rubi don’t pick a side

      2. 0nly. Bhadbby

        Major what seven does know Rubi. Shut up u don’t even know the real beef

      3. Tati A

        Major but seven also talked about how rubi wouldnt let her film with ddg when she was around, so clearly rubi is a little insecure

      4. Ashley A.

        @Major first of all seven never said who told her your assuming it was lala but ok I said what I said regardless of what you think

      5. Major

        Ashley A. Seven don’t know Rubi never met her.. she said she Hurd.... and she Hurd from lala duh lol.. she said it in the video clearly u wasn’t paying attention

    80. 2strng_vision

      Guys let's admit it no one does SIMP news better than KIARA SHANAY... do let's give it up for her and continue to support her.

    81. De'mondre Murphy

      Whenever Rubi posts DDG be acting like she got him at gunpoint😄

      1. Mizz Mimi


      2. Life with Aaryn

        @Lorraine Hanks facts 💯

      3. KaleenaJean -BEAUTY

        De'mondre Murphy yet he post her on his channel. He was shitty he lost that money.

      4. Lorraine Hanks

        🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 he be looking spooked 😳 now if that was Kennedy, he would have been all over her💕

      5. RGE DopeBoy


    82. Bethannie Shields

      8:50 kiara third time now in his car on the bed and now on the jet 😂😂

    83. Nicole Jonelle

      I know that there's no more ddg and Kennedy but I feel like when he was with her he just always seem happy to be around her but when he around rubi he never seems happy. I think he is in a sexual relationship with rubi and what it on the down low until he really can see if he has real feeling towards her like she's does with him.That if she really is feeling him.

      1. Dirtbag Squad

        @Yousaidwhatnow the hate for me is real huh? Cause I’m exposing your leader lol

      2. Yousaidwhatnow

        @Dirtbag Squad can't be, you embody hatred. work on that

      3. Dirtbag Squad

        Truthteller Noliestold my life fine baby u just a straight hater hating on me

      4. Yousaidwhatnow

        @Dirtbag Squad take the time out to read your own message and than apply it to your life. cause you clearly describe yourself and your actions. please, do some inner work, you definitely need it.

      5. Dirtbag Squad

        Truthteller Noliestold the fact that your miserable hate on ddg to raise a person up is funny remember this she wouldn’t be we she is now without the help of ddg, two you idolize a person that turn on a camera to edit and not show u any insite or any motivation than take half naked pics shit there and get make up dome to her face and y’all call that work? A person that shows u the upsinlife but not the downs, only when ddg as to expose her flaws . Y’all are bums blinded by fakes and pretenders that real people that actually worked there ass off to get where they are.kennedy Ass no talent than a pretty face, u probably worked ten times harder than her but belittle yourself cause she as the fame get real.

    84. Yalon Mishaél

      smh how you go to Vegas for your niggas birthday and end up having to fight bitches

    85. Jayyk Morfans

      This channel should be called ddg and kiara 4 life

    86. lateviamincey

      Rubi’s vid with DDG is still in her story

      1. lateviamincey

        Jae DAE oooh ok

      2. Jae DAE

        lateviamincey she put I back up ...she deleted it the first time

    87. Petty Wap

      Rubi smelled that money and popped up out of nowhere.. Talking about “WE not spending anymore money WE can make it back slowly” 🤦🏾‍♂️ bihh that’s Ddg money gtfoh

    88. Slimy Si


      1. Mark Cms

        @Slimy Si there you go what I was getting at you dont need a book to know the book is you it was written in us it was for the other nations because they didn't know how to live because it wasn't written in them we was protectors of the planet until we fell i was just picking your brain i put the book down and studied other religions and books now you can decode the Bible what it really is its a math book history book astrology and full of symbols so wasnt trying to go back and forward i understand the book its just when people point to verses when people ask for proof you should know inside you where you don't have to point at the book as your proof you already lived the proof by being saved you didn't need the book to know who save you👍👍👍

      2. Slimy Si

        @Mark Cms Yeah but this bible that im talking about for our own good and by proof is us God saved my life a couple of times so that's the proof.

      3. Mark Cms

        @Slimy Si I didnt even say that I said the same people that prints the Bible prints the satanic Bible so how does that looks for the credibility of the Bible when the same people print the satanic Bible there is a such thing called the satanic bible look it up

      4. Slimy Si

        @Mark Cms How is it satanic when it's talking about good and evil.

      5. Jonathan Mackey

        Amen my brother🙏🙏

    89. Ashley York

      I try to give Chris the benefit of the doubt but he always does something stupid. 😂😂 That girl's pregnancy stomach looks fake af!

    90. Latasha Monique

      If y’all jumped rubi and “beat her ass” why y’all still trying to fight her again? 🤔. Y’all won right 🤣🤣🤣 cap

      1. Emmanuel Appiah

        @0nly. Bhadbby still don't matter dhe not suppose to whoop nobody asd if she grtting jumped by three girls.

      2. 0nly. Bhadbby

        U know there was three girls vs Rubi so it depends which girl said it . Pay attention

      3. Charles Eskridge


      4. Elijah Ussery

        Ikr and she had no marks on her face

      5. Emmanuel Appiah

        Thats what i keep saying!

    91. SugaBear Parks

      Sooo Rubi got jumped but she don’t have any marks on her face. Damn that was a weak ass fight. Lol 😂

      1. Simply Pauline

        Mrs Tee 😭

      2. Flaco React

        JANNA DON doesn’t matter a fight a fight simple as long as she did something she good on my side 🤷‍♂️

      3. Elijah Ussery

        Mrs Tee if she pulled hair she would be bald at that point of time

      4. Chinaza Izuakor

        they probably stop that fight asf

      5. JANNA DON

        But yet she tells them shes too rich to fight but was gang gang mov mob for lala? Make it make sense.... she is not about that life frfr

    92. Ashley York

      DDG does an all guys trip to Vegas every year with only friends. She should've waited until he got back to LA to celebrate with him. 🤦🏽‍♀️

      1. Jay Slapit

        De'mondre Murphy or ddg told both of them to shut up

      2. De'mondre Murphy

        @Ashley Oliver I lowkey noticed Rubi ain't say shit after Lala said that. Lala put her on hush-mode with that one.😭

      3. Ashley Oliver

        Rubi is a rapper too. I don’t know why y’all forget that Rubi is about clout just as much as DDG is. Lala told y’all she can say a lot to destroy her.

    93. J`Vaune Dobbins

      he did that for veiws

    94. KaleenaJean -BEAUTY

      I don’t blame her. Keep respect. These women really get out of pocket. they do it on purpose bc they miserable and ain’t got nobody. What they got to lose?

      1. marty chambers

        @Tati A cause he not in one he don't claim rubi that why

      2. KaleenaJean -BEAUTY

        Tati A he is a man and it’s a free world. And alcohol is involved. You can’t control eyeballs. Out of pocket is him getting a number or going to dance with them. Goodluck on controlling eyes. Y’all must be lil kids I’m Thinking.

      3. KaleenaJean -BEAUTY

        Jae DAE beat up? Knaw. My mouth works just fine. You put your hands on me I will defend myself. And for two, Idgaf about any of y’all opinions lmfao. Until you’ve dated an entertainer or a bball player, please please don’t speak on what you don’t know. Y’all can sit and act like it’s not happening but your average person isn’t. And I’m talking about blatant disrespect. Some shit can be blown off. I’ve done it. -I’ve had a chick say in my face that she didn’t care that I was there. Right next to me. Or try and grab on or show her tittles right in front of him. Lol I’ll be damned if I just sit and not say anything. Ain’t shot weak about me. . So with that said ✌🏽

      4. KaleenaJean -BEAUTY

        Ashley York ..I wasn’t there to comment on that. First off, that theory doesn’t make sense. It sounds like one of the girls got out of pocket at DDG to son Rubi bc they fans and know they history. And how they chiming on DM let’s me know they silly like that. The end.

      5. Tati A

        No cause if ddg in a whole relationship why he looking at them other girls anyway dont try to blame the girls, they were there for the other niggas rubi is insecure asf simple

    95. freejdc1

      Their story doesn’t add up

    96. Jekeira Jackson

      So why would he have her in videos if he didn’t like her posting him 🧐

      1. iAmDCraze

        Cause DDG is single but Rubi is in a relationship with him her mind. 😂

      2. Jekeira Jackson

        Jae DAE ppl are stupid in relationships all the time & he’s still dating her and posting on her social media so I doubt he care what anyone thinks . I don’t think it’s that

      3. Jae DAE

        Jekeira Jackson to keep himself from looking stupid ..they pick and choose when they wanna flaunt each other off after they done looked stupid to everybody and aired all they business out to save face

    97. Kytresha

      Poudii did have a girl on his story cuz I remember the caption “Didn’t even know I posted that”🤷🏽‍♀️

    98. Petty Wap

      This Ddg Rubi relationship seems fake forced and weird asf

      1. Rianna Stewart

        @akamouse100 no he didn't and he's speaking the truth they both been on and off and. Off and on that's toxic one minute they broke up the next he messing with somebody then come back with " bae" move lmao amd what's worst rubi is fake

      2. marty chambers

        @EMANeleVenElevEn he right disagree all you want

      3. Jaquan Seale

        @EMANeleVenElevEn When?

      4. akamouse100

        You made that decision seeing them in 30 sec clips ? Ya'll some weirdos bruh

    99. Ashley York

      Sooooo much drama! 😩

    100. J`Vaune Dobbins

      long story short rubi beat some assssss