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    0:00 - Intro
    0:25 - Lala & Lil Tjay Celebrating
    2:05 - King's Sidechick Confession
    6:37 - YB Bond Denied

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    1. Kiara Shanay

      🎶 🔥 Check Out My New Intro/Outro Song: Rob Allen “Calling My Phone Freestyle” Rob Allen “No More Parties Freestyle”

      1. Quenda French

        Love hearing your comments on Tjay and Lala, they are both mature young adults, They need to make a fairy tale movie( King of New York and His Queen Lala). They are so inspiring🖤🔥🙏🏽

    2. Savion_2k

      Nah tjay said he was single last night in adin Ross live stream


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    4. Greedy Lucas TV

      Lil tjay like a watered down polo g

    5. Kemi116

      Lil Tjay's album is LITTTT!!! Destined 2 Win bangsssss 🔥 🔥 🔥

    6. Kemi116

      Lala is so cute and pretty!! But what they have isn't a real relationship if he isn't claiming her publicly. All the celebrities prasied him on his album release and he re-posted them all, but he never re-posted Lala's. There's not even a single post on his IG of him and Lala together (as he deleted a single post after a day). He has Lala in rotation with multiple other chicks and Lala's decided to accept and take that spot. That's karma for you, one can never be satisfied in a relationship that treats you lowly like that.

      1. Sen Sen

        @Ariann Campbell gurllllll my relationship is just fine and we actually post eachother I’m speaking from past experience my ex ain’t use to post me either and I looked the same way she does rn lmao

      2. Ariann Campbell

        @Sen Sen yall so invested in other ppls relationships and what they post from what they don't post worry bout yall own. Because if they do start posting each other then yall gonna say they doing too much like stfu

      3. Sen Sen

        @Ariann Campbell cause she know she look like a 🤡 since he don’t post her at allll lmao it’s real sad

      4. Ariann Campbell

        @Sen Sen she don't post about him unless it's music she don't even speak on him

      5. Sen Sen

        @Ariann Campbell she post about him but he doesn’t lmao I used to be in that type of relationship and let me just say he’s cheating like a mf lmao

    7. GH Sense

      DDG jealous of Tjay. Tjay album going platinum, DDG going triple cement. And Tjay took all his girls too

    8. Theresa McCray

      So why you are on here publicly saying because he was broke y’all couldn’t go out on dates girl say goodbye 👋🏽 it was good while it lasted side chick Lana ??? No shade

    9. Javionni

      Anyways Free LIL TOP 💚

    10. Daysha Ros

      Girl your a home wrecker, yes it’s true that you can’t help who you fall for but it’s the simple fact you knew he was in a whole relationship with someone else. You could have waited til the relationship was completely done. Sorry but not sorry 🤷🏽‍♀️

    11. Quenda French

      Tjay and Lala are 💯🔥♥️🙏🏽and Tjay is Flawless,

    12. Genny Mariah

      So Basically She Been Knew He Had A Family At Home & Still Continued To Let Herself Fall For Him On The Low & Didn’t Let It Be Known Till Him & Nique Broke Up🥴🥴Home Wreck At Its Finest👎🏼

    13. GuttaStarrEnt

      Roberto be trippin on the track

    14. KeepingupwithNae

      I honestly think he does not feel for nique the same nomore . He just want to live his life

    15. felipe godinez

      tjay went 13/21 lmao

    16. felipe godinez

      tjay album was mid

    17. Java DatNigga

      Song at the end low-key reminds me of Chris Sails

    18. indesal

      Ngl that ALBUM was destine 2 mid

    19. Stone Deuce

      Congrats to Rodwave on his album lol!😂

      1. kxst


      2. Cai Wharton

        @Coumba rod wave

      3. Ariann Campbell

        @Coumba tjay

      4. felipe godinez

        Coumba rod wave lmao no question

      5. Coumba

        Whos album you think was better rod or tjays ?

    20. Ozora

      Bra If you don’t change the intro back to the other song🤣 that was a banger

    21. YoBoy SPADE

      I don't understand how these young dudes make it out the 'hood' but still end up doing 'hood' sh*t and going to jail. Idk YB whole story but that amazes me...smdh 🤦🏿‍♂️

    22. YoBoy SPADE

      Nique been getting 'boned' by Fredo for MONTHS now...

    23. YoBoy SPADE

      It be so funny to listen to people try to go around the REAL issues of a situation...😭🤦🏿‍♂️ @King's side piece

    24. YoBoy SPADE

      I gotta check out his music...@Lil Tjay

      1. felipe godinez


    25. Natalie Hall

      Ain't no one gone mention your name. She full of it and as a older lady she should know not to mess with a man who is taken then expect him to have a relationship with you.

    26. Tina Lifestyles

      This world is messy, nothing scary than a snake under glass friend but for a friend to go for an ex of her “best friend” is such a betrayal, LALA notched TJay at the end, so when we were all rooting for her and DDG, she was working on Rubi Leaving TJAY to DDG so she can get to her main target. I know Rubi is more care free and will be open about what she likes, how she wants something and so on. But LALA kind of the sweetest girl in the room and those people are the scariest but Karma is real, Rubi said LALA talked bad about Tjay all the time when they always have conversations about him, I know that is true because it is a bitchy attitude. TJay the type who will spend money on you everyday and shower you will lots of gifts probably give you more that she can invest in her clothing line (beware of how much you praise your partners to your close friends or people because 90% wish they were in your shoes) cos he is still young but DDG more like a person who is family oriented and want to build with you cos he always says a women who works hard is sexy a. She knew what she was doing all along but karma is real. I don’t like to question people’s attitudes because I am not perfect but I know there is truth to what I am saying. And anytime I see her I think of her as “ how can you do this” so sad in our world that we glorify all the bad deeds and shorn the good deeds . What is good in this. I know people in this comment will come for me but y’all sit down and analyse the situation both ;(ladies and gents), will you be happy to see a friend or “best friend “ do this to you? How pathetic.

      1. Tina Lifestyles

        @Ariann Campbell somehow

      2. Ariann Campbell

        @Tina Lifestyles but look at rubi no jumper interview. rubi said in the jumper interview if it was kept on the low and not posted then she wouldn't have cared. She and she knew weeks before that picture was out, she just used it to look like she was hurt 🤡

      3. Ariann Campbell

        @Davonie Mcf 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

      4. Tina Lifestyles

        @Davonie McfI took my time to analyse it and why not 😂 such a world we live in

      5. Davonie Mcf

        YoU Take your time out to type all of this-😂😂

    27. Simeon

      Lil tjay be thinking he like pop smoke or sumthn...but not w/ that annoying ass voice smh

      1. Forverpop LLW


    28. Craig Thomas

      King definitely has a type when it comes to women

    29. Jaylen Cooper

      FreeTop 💚🤙🏾

    30. Maserati Holly

      FREE LIL TOP ‼️4KT ‼️

    31. Maserati Holly

      she kinda do look like Nique. Bruh got a type

    32. TONYBOYY1

      Lol what real one don't tell the side chic after he get his smash anytime privileges... " I want to do that for you... but my money tight right now " 😂😂😂🤦🏿‍♂️ so just cause a side chic say he got money problem don't mean it's true... Maybe that's what he wanted her to think 🤔🤣

      1. PhaTxMuff

        Facts 😂

    33. Go_Smd

      Congrats to tjay on his album straight 🔥

      1. PłàýBói Bïgğ ś


    34. Go_Smd

      Lala and tjay make a strong couple no cap. I like how they lowkey with their relationship instead of having it so public.

      1. Jarod Wilson

        @GrXmey stfu 🤡 may be I do, because I was following lala before that little boy even knew who she was, I was following lala before ddg met in a

      2. GrXmey

        @Jarod Wilson ngl you one weird ass nigga talm bout “if you really follow someone closely” nigga prolly kno more about lala thken tjay know bout hker 😭

      3. Jarod Wilson

        @Ariann Campbell lala will post a picture and her crush will say, damn you look good, and kala will say, well come over and see me then, or you might see them sitting down hugging with their legs over each others legs and stuff like that,

      4. Jarod Wilson

        @Ariann Campbell first of all 🤡 you know damn well y'all girls be having girl crushes, when lala was younger, she did a interview, and the person interviewing her ask her who her celebrity crush was, and lala named all girls, so he asked her do you have any men, and lala said no, lala wasn't being g*y she was just naming girl crushes, example, lala will post a picture and her girl crush will say, damn

      5. Ariann Campbell

        @Jarod Wilson girl crush, r u ok 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤡

    35. Go_Smd

      Lil tjay album was straight fye 🔥. He didn’t miss, he had bangers after bangers. A lot of those tracks finna go viral. He went dummy crazy on em & didn’t disappoint. “Calling my phone”(already went viral: 40M in 1 month). His album fasho a BIG W 🎉.

      1. GH Sense

        Tjay keep outclassing DDG and taking all his females too

      2. Quenda French

        @DaQuavius not and take notes, while you Tjay Run it Up!

      3. Quenda French

        @aj loc what you tryna say, haven’t you been taught.. bottom line LilTjay is Flawless, watch him take over the game with his rap lyrics and charismatic, personality, and He’s young, but got wisdom like a grown person, he has one of the basest girls, who is beautiful, a little socially awkward, which makes her a true princess, I can go on and In-N-Out ima leave it here, watch and take notes, learn something...Tjay Flawless🔥

      4. Khalil Ftb

        He def had 4-5 misses the album was fire but u d riding

      5. aj loc

        DaQuavius exactly lol

    36. Islandjewel Crystal

      Tell me you knew you was a home wrecker without telling you knew you was a home wrecker

    37. Shirley Simmons

      Well, you can't feel sorry for Ley, ladies kill me, you no the guy is with someone but you gonna talk to him anyway. You deserve the title as side chick and that's why he have to hide you and see you on the low because he got a woman and he ain't messing it up. Ladies, you don't have to be a side chick. Tell Rob the music is fire 🔥🔥

    38. The Anoying Troll

      TJay took all of DDGs girls

      1. Go_Smd

        @The Anoying Troll he flew her out so he could smash her on his birthday and that was it. They was just friends with benefits. Did you not hear about the situation? It was literally all over tea/drama pages and stuff and how she called the police cause he didn’t pay for her flight back. But they forgave each other and were friends until later on tjay went with lala. So him & rubi ain’t close no more.

      2. The Anoying Troll

        @Go_Smd So basically, TJay was smutting her out, then he tossed her back to the streets which she came from.....THEN DDG wifed her?????? nahhhhh lmfao Rubi was on AK's stream years ago admitting to all the niggas she smashed in the industry lmao DDG going out sad

      3. Go_Smd

        @Deborah Johnson rubi & tjay didn’t date they was just friends with “benefits” basically.

      4. Deborah Johnson

        You know your account ne is true but should be named dumb ass troll

      5. Deborah Johnson

        really didn't rubi dated tjay first and him and lala only kissed

    39. Chrono Cross

      NBA young boy avoiding paying child support.

    40. Cassie Sandra

      People always act like the other woman/person in the relationship's feelings don't matter until they get themselves in the same situation. If someone manipulates and uses you ofcourse you're gonna hurt. Thats to say, king's girlfriend's feelings matter too. And yes she couldn't post shit because nique and king were fronting for the public like they were still together. Of course he's gonna ask her not to post

      1. Cassie Sandra

        @nijah ray been there too and you grow to genuinely care about the person

      2. nijah ray

        Truuuue. I’ve been that person & you never know what he was tellin her 🤷🏾‍♀️

    41. Tety Koese

      Just love me some Lala

    42. Kensia C

      Still weird how he never claims LaLa at all.. I remember in his interview with 6lack him saying he hasn’t been in a real commited relationship since grade school or something like that. But whatever floats her boat I suppose lol they gotta a situationship understanding.

      1. Sen Sen

        @Quenda French Lmao he cheats on her tho 😂😂

      2. Sen Sen

        @Go_Smd nah he’s cheating lol he half way claim her and barely at all lol she looks goofy lol

      3. Eghe’s World

        @Go_Smd Yes it is. If you think that’s claming her you’re dumb

      4. Ariann Campbell

        @Buxkz ‘ exactly 💯

      5. Buxkz ‘

        why post each other when they know comments gon be negative

    43. Hoodie Mask

      I don’t even think she was a side chick just a hook up that got caught in her fellings

    44. Dirtbag Squad

      Clout chasing on king name lol.

    45. Dirtbag Squad

      Ddg had number 1

    46. Sinovuyo Makaluza

      Lana said:“ my relationship is private ” periodddd, that’s how you do it✨

      1. Forverpop LLW


      2. Trevel Francis

        No cap

    47. nate higga

      But then again I see why the judge denied his bond cuz clearly YB do not follow rules or listen and they feel like if you go to jail this might teach him I just hope it's not a lot of time cuz then again he still got kids to look at after

      1. louana albert

        He know he got lkids and he still committing crimes so yall using that excuse that he got kids he die the crime he spend the time because there are ppl who never get to even see their kids so if he really cared about his kids ik he do but he would try to avoid illegal stuff to set the example for them and also avoid them to make sure hes there to see them grow up because ik for a fact a point of time yb gonna get a long sentence because he dont listen

    48. Ingrid Hinds

      To me it look like king used to tell her what was going on with him an nique an by them talking to each other they started to build a relationship together an could see she was there for him i dont blame her because it could happen to anyone we all are human an that's part of life the way she talk like she nos are lot about him an nique because he use to tell her king look like he was going threw something with nique an wanted out

    49. nate higga

      Freetop hope hope it's only 5 to 8 years I pray they don't try to give them more than that🙏

    50. khadijah kane

      The side chick mad cause nique and king are on good terms 😐

    51. TWIY TAE

      Free young Boy until it backwards why can’t we all just have fun and support each other 🥺

      1. big kj

        FB yb

    52. Alreseea Johnson

      Lil tjay album is straight fye❤🔥

      1. Go_Smd

        no cap! That shit went dummy crazy 🔥

    53. 0nly. Bhadbby

      Can u use a different photo of lala? In the thumbnail

    54. Jaylen Walker

      7 years in jail

    55. Golden Gucci

      So Basically king left nique then when he started struggling he came back🥴

      1. Chrono Cross

        Naw she wants a baby and he didn't give her one.

    56. Flexunivers3

      kiara shanay with the best tea🥶🥶🥶🥶🔥🔥🔥