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    0:00 - Intro
    0:21 - Carmen & Corey Having Issues
    7:02 - Rubi Rose Supports D4R Explained

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    1. Kiara Shanay

      Which feature are you more excited for? 🎶 🔥 #D4R 🗡

      1. Keke Renee

        Did you use to have another channel

      2. Nadia Belizaire

        Yb, coi leray and pnb rock🔥

      3. youngkhaleefa wolf


      4. matijabi.

        Pnb Rock, FS

      5. nate higga


    2. Malliena Lewis

      Sounds like Carmen and corstupid is not only having commitment issues but power struggle issues . In a relationship you have to compromise- relationships are a solidified bond based off of how two totally different human beings despite their differences come together if your partner doesn’t understand you or isn’t hearing you I don’t think you should be with them - and since he’s the one who cheated I don’t feel Carmen is the problem- but if she continues to stay she’ll be the one to blame because a person can only do what you allow -

    3. Crispy King

      It was Diss god bruh

    4. MoToThe Nique

      I cant stand corey like seriously like I find it funny he decided to only work on his channel after the carmen helping him cheat went viral like boy shut tf up u look and sound dumb asf

    5. DeAsia Louder

      who made this diss track?

    6. JJ__ Gamez

      Who dissed ddg??

    7. ᄂӨVΣЯBӨI_KIПG ꪜ

      Brooo D4R finna be fyeeee

    8. BigTankTelevision

      Who the fuck is Big Rubi🤨😴😴😴


      The diss rapper back imagine a whole 3 years later. Ddg is much more mature since them diss track days. And his music is better than the old stuff.

    10. THATS_NIKA

      Ddg not makin no diss track for nobody thats not already on lol thats not gone benefit him only the other person

    11. THATS_NIKA

      Whew chile these ppl do not need to bring another baby into this mess he not doin nothin but stressin her out and she need to understand a baby is not gone make him act right

    12. Styling 4life

      Yb 😜✋🏾

    13. GildedWarrior331

      I feel corey on his point . Damned if you do ,damned if you don't 🤣

    14. Sabrina Efrem

      Who thinks rubi and ddg are gonna get back together? I really wouldn’t be surprised at this point lol

    15. Freedom

      😂😂😂🤌🏾they just pregnant they make it through

    16. Keke Renee

      @kiarashanay did you used to have another channel?

    17. Ravenn Alexiss

      If Corey can post everything else why can’t he post his girl he built his empire with🧐.. I agree he could’ve posted something about the baby or her.. It would be different if he was a private person but he isn’t..

      1. Nate Smith

        He do post her

    18. Darlene printup

      Corey is where he wants to be. Sad to say but Carmen needs to except it at this point cause she has let Corey know he can get away with the dirt he does by taking him back over n over again! Smh 😞 I feel bad for Carmen cause I used to be that same way with my ex. You will learn that loving yourself is better then any man can give to you. Self love is the best love!

    19. Bree

      Corey should be home with Carmen after she almost lost the baby. She needs less stress frfr

    20. Bree

      Your voice is so similar to 4 the love of juice

    21. Nadia Belizaire

      Nah ddg better not make another diss track song.

    22. sickwitit_re

      I want that 2k baby joint no cap

    23. Devo Body

      Nah she tryna reattach ha name to his clout. Tryna use his fan fa extra numbers 🤷🏽‍♂️just smart how she do it

    24. Christopher Pettway

      Need to borrow some nba young boy swag 😎💯👌 just a little bit

    25. Kary Prescod

      I find ddg's views are dropping because ppl getting bored of him and rubi

    26. Kary Prescod

      If ddg don't be careful his career will be over before it even begin

    27. kamarion gaming channel

      Let’s gooo he made a song wii yb

    28. Honey Bee

      9:40 omg 😭😭😭 imma need a link or sumn for this meme/clip ... for .. personal use 😐😭😂😭

    29. ITS TOMATO


    30. Tara Patrice

      Social media is not your diary. If you want to talk about your business talk to a friend or put that in a journal

      1. Elias Sancho

        🤣🤣 facts


      It’s no longer ddg tape it’s youngboys 😂

    32. Princess

      Who cares about Rubi & DDG tho 🤔 they jokes on them at this point 🤣

    33. it's shipstar

      OBVIOUSLY NBA YOUNG BOY 🙌 that's go be a heat.

    34. francis tuuga

      Diss god actually a goat he a real goofy but he funny af he boys with Zias and rage

    35. Yaton Amoorayel

      Nba youngboy

    36. Wolf7 El

      Corey has the mentality of a 12 year old. He's truly a child.

    37. jasmine mitchell

      💓 Jesus loves you all and he's coming soon 💓

    38. brandon Brown

      No matter the features I know DDG tape is gonna be 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 , imma always support his music , the brother is talented , I hope this tape proves all the haters wrong 💪🏽🔥

    39. Micah Ivey

      Its crazy y'all watchba 10-15 min video abt somebody and swear you know they whole life story afterwards like shii mad annoying and it ain't even me 😭😂

    40. Vel 1hunnid

      Everybody wannabe famous UNTIL.......😸

    41. Justy Busty

      The intro

    42. L Nixon

      KGuprs just eat nasty like why we gotta hear a whole ASMR effect.

    43. Trill Ink Tattoos

      Nah DDG cant respond to that weak ass diss track, homeboy just riding his coat tail. Literally came back to youtube to clout chase

    44. TPY

      The dude that was screen recording told him to breathe 😂😂😂.

    45. Kxng lyrics karaoke

      Seen ma comment on da live

    46. Kori Sean- Andrew My babies i love you

      Corey just made a whole lotta money off that car raffle so he anit gonna need Carmen and the couple channel until he trick all that money off oops🤗🤔

    47. Love V

      When I see this man talking I feel 😷 I just don’t like him and I don’t understand what the hell he’s saying I don’t know why she with him something is wrong with the girl can I finish this video do stop talking you nasty I don’t like his voice just shut up stop talking

    48. Juvenile Xay


    49. Tayja J

      i'm so proud of ddg with this music shii, but with rubi cmon .. he's so much smarter than what he lets himself get treated its crazy 🥺he'll learn eventually

      1. Tayja J

        @Ray Kim your right 🤷🏽‍♀️ he just gotta learn for himself that’s all

      2. Ray Kim

        At this point, he doesn't deserve any sympathy whatsoever. He deserves everything that comes his way for continuing to deal with her. He should know better.

    50. I SNAGGVC

      I fill like Yb going to have a short verse like dugg🤷🏾‍♂️

    51. DatsAyK

      Lmaoooo 🤣🤣 when DDG " Dusty Nike" only the OG's know

    52. JSC Tv

      Don’t wanna hear no singing shit from yb and DDG

    53. Shantesha Bailey

      Love can make you do some crazy things 🤷🏽‍♀️

    54. Jose Vazquez

      Girls ain’t worth the time

    55. BJ Turner

      Who’s big Rubi

    56. Antony M

      Everyone complain when Corey on social media, when he get off they get mad.

    57. Arielle Fields

      I’m no longer taking ddg seriously he wants to be a “rapper” and wants people to take him seriously yet he lets this girl seemingly manipulate him back to her he’s never going to get taken seriously as a rapper bc he keeps looking stupid asf🤷🏾‍♀️

      1. Arielle Fields

        @Ray Kim right!

      2. Ray Kim

        @The3Kings I'm talking about as far as tarnishing their image and reputation and bringing hella hate towards them. That's what she's all but done to him already. He's not helping himself by still choosing to continue to deal with her.

      3. The3Kings

        @Ray Kim Swae Lee, Tyga, Chris Brown(even though he a singer). Shit If you even look at the female rappers, Cardi B got relationship drama every other week.

      4. Ray Kim

        @The3Kings What rappers y’all know that’s been consistently embarrassed and humiliated by they girl over and over publicly and still continues to deal with her, just saying.

      5. Nathan Harvey

        Bro wtf are you talkin about. What does relationships have to do with rapping

    58. Trillskii Vu

      Is he talking about lil yatchy 😳👀👀👀👀

    59. J.T. Lynch

      NBA Youngboy, finna be 🐐

    60. Triniti J

      When he get lil baby on a song that is when I will turn up

    61. GamingwithKay !

      Cory need to man up when it comes to women .

    62. Triniti J

      Well Carmen is pregnant that have there hormones all over the place. Corey should have never brought this to live. Acting as she is wrong.

    63. Jalen Thomas

      That YB gone BUSS no cap

    64. Jack Amoussou

      Nah she needs to keep braking DDG heart so we get more lit music 🔥

    65. Tae Burnett

      Sometimes I wish I could sit down and talk some sense into ddg but he's on that real youngin shit

    66. Big Mouse

      The wap makin my boy stay 😭💪🏽💯

    67. Nathania Campbell

      Who is "him" or "old boy" with the DDG situation like he must be really irrelevant cause I'm lost

      1. J 9

        @Damari Rice wish that nigga took music seriously

      2. Damari Rice

        Diss god

    68. Sheila Tabengwa

      Y'all jus need to get used to ddg n rubi relationship. Them niggas survived a lot of relationship problems. What will really be the breaking point? Jus accept the fact tht they are stuck with each other and keep it moving🤝




        Okay so I’m back now let’s read my comment again about me saying they’re going to get back together


        @Marian Barker no I clicked for Cj I don’t click on vids about ddg unless he made them himself Bc it’s all repetitive they argue argue argue argue get together break up again argue and repeat

      3. Marian Barker

        You saw the title but you click anyway

    70. lor Pete1

      DDG my boy but this girl made him look bad on the internet multiple times and he continue to go back... a true simp it’s sad bro 😂😂keep ya head up

      1. Watch Videos

        It’s not simpin it’s being a whole dummy he weak for any female with a pussyfoot

    71. Kay funmi

      I’m sorry but ddg lame now.

      1. Kay funmi

        @Ray Kim I respect him as a money maker and a business man But as a masculine man he really lost me as a fan. That shuts embarrassing as hell how he moves with women like nigga ur freaking rich. If one chick mess up NEXT UP..

      2. Ray Kim

        @Kay funmi We can respect his music if it's good. But he deserves no respect as a rapper, or a man in general. The way he has moved in this relationship is pathetic as hell.

      3. Kay funmi

        @blessing nzerem all them fine Ass women in LA he busy crying over a chick who told her ex boyfriend to come to her momma crib? Like rubi THAT comfortable with Carti? LOL and DDG still get back with her? How can you not think he lame but then wants respect as a rapper, rappers don’t move like pussies

      4. Kay funmi

        @blessing nzerem Has nothing to do with his music or anything. It’s his behavior as a MAN. The over-emotionalism, the crying on Twitter for days only to get back with a disrespectful chick. Rubi legit linked up with her ex boyfriend at her MOMMA crib, level 20/10 of disrespect, he goes on Twitter saying he single only to simp to the bitch again. He has lost my respect as man he’s embarrassing and quite frankly has way too much money to be behaving like a beta male simp. I mean he made an entire KGup video saying he’s done with rubi just to get back with her, it ain’t even about rubi it’s about how emotionally bipolar he is. Shit corny and lame

      5. blessing nzerem

        How all he did was start to do music and he basically still acts the same so....

    72. Brailennx

      Ddg called him a dusty nigga in a nike fit while wearing a nike hoodie😂😂

    73. Jaded Jaderson

      I’d like to see what happens when Rubi return to LA, I wonder if they really back togather.

    74. Nia Thomas

      Not calling the fans retards.

    75. 0nly. Bhadbby

      They so aggy

    76. Butta Creamcake

      Smdh Rubi dont want that man to move on ant no way I'll be fucking with Ddg because everytime they break up he so quick to name drop other girls he use to mess with just to make that gurl mad! at this point Rubi need help tbh!

      1. Genieballs Yah

        @King Cash fr she crazy asf

      2. King Cash

        The things she be doing give me BM vibes! Lool

      3. Genieballs Yah

        Fr just leave him alone she high key be obsessing over her exes she weird as hell

    77. Gamingwithalex

      Dam he came to live in la don't want to say his name D4R🗡️🗡️🗡️🗡️🗡️🗡️

    78. Ray Kim

      These two clowns won’t last a week 😂

    79. nate higga

      I really hope ddg and Tory Lanez make a song together and don't forget about it

      1. baseer ghaznavi

        they got one, but i think he's saving it for the deluxe or maybe the album since this is just the tape

    80. nate higga

      Ddg literally said in a song he do all that tweeting for publicity😂😂🤦 which is Cap but whatever floats his Boutte

      1. Emmanuel Chenny

        @felipe godinez because he admitted on multiple diffferent occasions that he tweets out of emotion. It came out of his own mouth. He contradicted his self multiple times which his why ppl are calling it cap.

      2. felipe godinez

        how yk it’s cap?🤣🤣you don’t kno nun lol

    81. I'm that Blessed Girl

      Carmen is right about him coming home for support after the scare, and as a husband he should be there to comfort her and be with her during this pregnancy even though it's still early after a scare like that she needs her man's support more than ever... but the posting every anniversary or any new news on social media is unnecessary, its very good to live a very low key life man look at how most celebs hide their pregnancy until its 5/6 months in and they can't hide the stomach anymore... but Corey can't go on and say he doesn't want to bring stuff to social media and proceed to do exactly that by bringing this to social media that tweet was unnecessary for him to make first of all they haven't been posting much on that channel so I'm pretty sure that people noticed he was not interested in that anymore, him making that unnecessary tweet is what led people to make assumptions about their relationship, so if he wants to keep his life low key on social media then he should do that and stop doing things that contradict his statement

    82. khal

      DDG better not make a song

    83. Alderman D

      She's pregnant and hormonal bruh it will pass....🤔

    84. thug8200


    85. Cia Nation

      Comedy at this point😂

    86. Let’s Try Gaming

      3:12 I seen you comment on the live Kiara :)

    87. MyEar IsAlwaysHere

      DDG low key still look like a teenage boy I just dnt see the hype

      1. MyEar IsAlwaysHere

        Nathan Harvey baby I wouldn’t even want him to I dnt look at boys who look like a damn teen 😂

      2. Nathan Harvey

        Good thing he would never look your way

      3. MyEar IsAlwaysHere

        And all you guys are butt hurt because I stayed my opinion 😂 I said what I said now move long no need to go back and forth over something I stand on

      4. Lea Jon

        Girl I know you not even, anybody with eyes can see Ddg is handsome and of course he looks young because he is.. you look about late 20s early 30s so of course he looks like a kid to you

      5. Haitian Jack

        You need to look in the mirror 😂😂😂

    88. Dirtbag Squad

      Carmen doing the most exposing all her business to social media. The man fed up I would leave too.

    89. Dirtbag Squad

      Corey 7 fool social media is a women empowerment movement ish.

    90. Simone Addo

      Let’s stop caring about ddg love Life cause it’s embarrassing. Let him do what he want at the end if the day she not cheating on you it’s him. Imma stay out his life from now on and I’m not defending him on the shade room anymore either he deserves all the hate he gets on tsr

      1. Watch Videos

        It’s so true his music can’t make him look better he look stupid as hell

      2. Dj Goated

        @BlueDevīl !! exactly

      3. BlueDevīl !!

        @Simone Addo he talmbout affecting his life 😂 after thsi video end bro finna go watch a movie or kick it w his family or sum 😂 this shit that Ddg n rubi got going is juss like a vlog if his... entertainment

      4. Simone Addo

        @felipe godinez m’y man u watching a video about they relationship my guy. U care

      5. felipe godinez

        no one cares really that relationship dont effect us lmao

    91. stunna. tyyy

      cuh wasnt him and yachty beefin aint een kno they fuc with eachother

    92. Dirtbag Squad

      Ddg and rubi fake a relationship

      1. blessing nzerem

        Sit this one out...

      2. felipe godinez

        why would ddg fake some if he wants kids he’s smarter than this he wouldn’t waste his time for some money 🤣

      3. nate higga

        That's what I'm starting to think started. To thinking the record label paying them to stay together then he literally said they get an argument on Twitter for publicity

    93. Dirtbag Squad

      Who think ddg rap about the same thing over and over

      1. Ray Kim

        @nate higga For real. Let's see if he can make a banger song that ain't about any of that shit.

      2. felipe godinez

        nate higga you a fan or hater sometimes mostly every rapper do lol

      3. trequan chi

        He got plenty different type songs you just sleep

      4. nate higga

        That's all he talk about is money cars and clothes and a whole bunch of girls that's why we be telling him to rap about other stuff but he don't listen to us😭

      5. felipe godinez

        your only like maybe lol

    94. Shirley Simmons

      Rubi and ddg should support each other, they artists. They need to keep they love life off the internet then people won't have an opinion. Just keep it professional and get rich, what you do otherwise is your business.

      1. Music By LEAK


      2. Becky Boo

        Ion think they care shit about what others think tho. It’s behind the scenes stuff that’s the reason why they haven’t been able to work it out.

    95. shaydaviii _

      lolll kiara said...... "breathe"

    96. Hankin Tv

      I believe I won can’t wait til tomorrow’s vid

    97. Hankin Tv

      Ok y’all I’m out

    98. Hankin Tv

      Damn I was in Cali back in December I should have hit Rob & Kiara up

    99. Hankin Tv

      Chris wasn’t even apart of the tap house they started that after Chris & Queen broke up

    100. Hankin Tv