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    0:00 - Intro
    0:21 - Lil Tjay & Lala Shocked Us All
    1:54 - Tory Lanez Breaks His Silence
    6:00 - DDG & Rubi Rose Back At It

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    1. Ahmad Abdulrasheed

      In today’s video 😂😂😂😂

    2. Stephanie Williamson

      Lala shouldn’t have associated with tjay after he tried to publicly embarrass Rubi. Some of y’all way too deep up in lala coochie 😂

    3. Kiara Damases

      Everyone go unsubscribe from lala yt channel

    4. Heat Lyrics

      ddg is the BIGGEST simp bruh 😂

    5. FL3X PAD

      Ima be real with y’all, I’m from Houston and I believe Tory side without a doubt! I’ve had many friends set up to be robbed and killed by females from my city 💯

    6. Fizzley

      DDG is the biggest simp on KGup and LaLa is a Snake and Punkway T.O cant fight missed all his swings on NY kid and ran away from him saying knocked him out when the guy FELL and got back up in 2 seconds🤦🏾‍♂️ everybody in DDG circle are pussies seven is one of the only real people in Zooted.

    7. KiingSaySoTv

      LaLa looking real desperate for "Love" 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

    8. younglonie

      its crazy how lame ddg is lol i use to fw dude but he really a simp now, no matter how much money you got it dont make a nigga cool, he lame

    9. Princess Diva

      So we just going to forget that Rubi was going back and forth between Tjay and Ddg there's this thing called karma and Rubi feeling it now #period 💅

    10. Santana M

      They both lying

    11. Tierrikk Black


    12. Zariah Rose TV

      I heard through the great vine that LALA is an escort 🥴

    13. Bimbola Salami

      Y'all....something don't sound right. Lala and Rubi been friends for YEARS..Lala knows Rubi's history with liltjay and yet she's"smashing" him? I think we should wait and see what all this is really about and stop spreading hate to Lala.. It can be a publicy stunt for all I care?!!!

    14. Teeh Taylor

      Oh well life goes on. Lala is wrong but birds of a feather flock together They both for the streets

    15. Zach Billy

      The real winner is lil tjay who woulda known a lil nigga from the Bronx could finesse these scandalous women I love Hollywood

    16. Savion_2k

      Nah there 4 sides to Tory and Meghan story it’s Tory hers and Meghan friend then the truth

    17. Silbourne Reid

      Its definitely a publicity stunt

    18. Mosthated.

      I feel like this is a prank... lala can’t be this stupid.

      1. BuBu

        Ik i still cant believe all of this

    19. kyeem edwards

      He took her to his house and his mom was there

    20. Yohans Tewolde

      Tory ain’t shoot her she a set up ting

    21. Leerically Speaking

      Why does Rubi’s video of the flowers also looks like she might be in NY because she did a quick window scan and that definitely doesn’t look like ATL or LA. IJS

    22. thatgirl maj

      how tf you call someone ya sister than start fucking a guy she fucked????

    23. Santana Season

      Lala said she gone live her life lmao

    24. Santana Season

      If y’all think ddg didn’t clap Lala y’all ass crazy 🤣

    25. Jas Williams

      Ddg took her to his old apartment his mom was at cleaning not her house

    26. Dj Thomas

      This girl so biased towards rubi lol and screen shot don’t got boys number in it anyone coulda made also song coulda been made 6 months 1 or 2 years ago only one know is ddg not us

    27. Diana R

      Kiara go lookkkk at lil tjay Instagram!!!!

    28. Flauney gang Gang4life

      I believe tory

    29. CN_CHRIS

      Next video lil tjay posted lala !😂😂

    30. Ariann Campbell

      What's lala snap

    31. Roger Lima

      lil tjay must be doing something right🤔🤔

    32. Earthツ

      Lol lil tjay be hitting the baddest females I swear

    33. Jude Okoukpai

      Who else sings the intro

    34. King Scarlett News

      Don’t come for Megan that’s my girl ... lol DDG is looking like a junky - sorry ! But I don’t think the rapper life is doing him good ... Rubi is for the streets and she gonna drag that man there. 🤨 LaLa is giving Rubi a run for her money - I ain’t even mad 😂😂

    35. latonia reid

      I swear ddg mad stupid that girl don’t want u she mad at Lala for being with liltjay lol bwoy u mad stupid

      1. De'mondre Murphy

        😮That's a good point bruh. Lmao

    36. Unityyy

      Rubi was the one messing with lil tjay while she was talking to DDG. And ik they was friends but if she still talking to DDG it shouldn't matter to her tbh

      1. Unityyy

        I've had friends do it to me, some I'm still cool with some I'm not. Depends on how mature you are & how u handle the situation. My opinion.

    37. No name

      Again, welcome to Hollywood where everyone sleeps with each other.

    38. Yurrr

      “Who’s been a TRUE fan of “Kiara Shanay” for OVER a year”😇” “𝗶ᴍ ɢɪғT̶ɪɴɢ ᴇᴠᴇʀʏ✪ɴᴇ ᴡʜᴏ ʟɪᴋᴇs ᴀɴᴅ sᴜʙs ᴛᴏ ᴍᴇ" 😄🌹

    39. Life w/ Tati

      I dunno who to believe buuut Tory Lanez album is fiiiiire 🔥

    40. life with morra

      Ddg just love this rubi girl he acting like she better then kennedy

    41. Critzal Diaz

      I believe she messed with one of rubi’s ex in the past also

    42. Life with Aaryn

      It could be about Kennedy or rubi we don’t know but feel like it about rubi

    43. Ajauny moore

      The streets are too hot rn.. These people are the definition of deception!!.

    44. LaTaija H

      That’s so messy of Lala

    45. Angie Ussery

      Why all these comments bout lala and tjay

    46. Lexi Chavez

      I think lala should do her how when rubi was all up ddgs ass she left lala all alone in la tf rubi gotta stop being a bitch bout it

    47. x slimey

      lilt jay is a goat 😂😂💯

    48. Billy Bivens

      Lala ass asf😭💯

    49. rxxdrip

      y'all cant lie, dat tory album fire doeeee 🔥🔥

    50. Brookelynn Harris

      TheThey don’t even follow each other anymore either

    51. Kay Sayss

      Yeah something definitely happened with that friendship bc they were bffs & now they don't follow each other & Rubi not commenting on her posts anymore

    52. delyana

      broo what lala did was messed up 🤦🏾‍♀️ like u really gonna mess with tjay even after the history he has with your best friend, lame ash

    53. Realest State Boyzss

      I believe he was framed because the music industry would do u fucked up especially if they cant own you nd control you like everyone else thats signed

    54. finesse kid Jay

      Tory telling the truth in my opinion

    55. Shugg Drake 2.0 Thorne

      How she get shot but didn’t have a broken bone and she was healed in two weeks

    56. L.Moore

      She’s not dating him. It’s for promo

    57. Ataveon Gordon


    58. Tai Johnson

      They don’t follow each other on ig no more (Lala and rubi)

    59. Adean Bauld

      Bro some of y’all wasting y’all talent 😂😭 lil ass detectives

    60. Bright Meme

      It’s so many man out here and yall want to fuck the same man they all gone catch something

    61. King Sheppard

      Megan all day. Ninjas do this ish AAALLLL the time.. LITERALLY. Thats y they rarely get away with ish, BUT GET AWAY WITH THE ISH smh anybody that can read between the lines can see he shot shorti

    62. Evie

      I believe MEGAN periodt don't nobody want Tory ass she dissed his ass and he don't handle rejection easy

    63. jabien DOCKERY

      Damn lala

    64. Deshawn Rose

      Lala - for the streets Ddg - simp of the year Rubi - 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

    65. Mark Cms

      Didn't take a rocket scientist to figure out how she was from the get-go. I know girls that act like her you could tell even by how she was treating her mom on the video she did with her, cutting her off and wouldn't let her speak much smh.

    66. Life of KirlyLoxs

      Megan .

    67. I'll let you know if Shes For The Streets

      Plot twist: the song's about Kennedy

    68. giovanni Fleurant

      Fuck rubi

    69. I'll let you know if Shes For The Streets

      Lala getting passed around by every rapper

    70. simplyy.ashleyy

      That’s really some weirdo shit to do to your best friend.

    71. Christian Sorto

      Simp with money

    72. ScopedOutTV

      Lol LaLa Jamaican they be getting downnn

    73. Sick Individuaal

      And all ima say is someone pointed out it’s possible lala and ddg smashed or got intimate in some way because he only promotes her from zooted. They’re the closest

    74. Anise Westbrook


    75. Sinead Brown

      Didn’t expect that from Lala..

    76. kxng Lyrics

      In today's video......we got alot to talk about after the intro

    77. Grant Ford

      Idk why y'all are so lost. These people in the industry toss eachother around like a damn salad. Most of them be sharing like there's no one else out there. Like it's just the same few people in this small little world!! And these girls get disrespected and never learn their lesson. Im beginning to think they like it!! If you like it I love it!! Your life not mine 🤷🤷 be careful of them snakes

      1. Mark Cms

        Of course, they like it we talked about that yesterday they like toxic relationships. Some will tell you they like it, it's a thrill to them till something happen to them.

    78. Flex1 Mecca

      The Daystar album is dope. And I don’t even like Tory lanez like that but this joint gets play

    79. Kid Ink_-

      My problem is u was never cuffed By tjay u was just a one night stand so y u mad gtfoh 🤦🏾‍♂️😂and somebody get him his simp sauce

      1. Tierra Jones

        It was never a one night stand Rubi and tjay admitted they were on and off talking for a year. That was just the first time it’ went public know your facts or stfu

    80. Ashantay Lindo

      kiara listen d full album, he's saying she was too drunk to understand so she's listening to people who were there

    81. Kyree Robinson

      Didn’t lala say ddg was too young or sum a long time ago??

    82. K love

      And liltjay just did that because of he is hurt that ddg took rubi and really liked each other he thought that ddg was going to hit it and guit it smh he hurt that rubi is choosing ddg not him

      1. Go_Smd

        K love I mean you could be right about tjay messing with lala just to get back at rubi. But ain’t nobody know the truth yet , but I ain’t gonna hold you for your thoughts & opinions

      2. K love

        @Go_Smd hey I don't have to cap liltjay even try to come for Kennedy smh just because he was hurt by rubi liltjay is not into lala its just to hurt rubi and that why he went on video when rubi wanted a flight back home after she found text messages from Chinese kitty in his phone liltjay except people to stay around when he is a player smh but he just wanted to seem like rubi was the bad one when it was liltjay all along

      3. Go_Smd

        K love lmfao tjay never tried stop the cap. You assumed. Rubi went to tjay for a song and then went back to ddg. 😂 tjay never tried to get back with her during that time

      4. K love

        @Go_Smd naw last time he tried and rubi chosen ddg and liltjay was in his feelings and said let them be in love and he was just the homie because rubi made a video claiming ddg as her guy

      5. Go_Smd

        K love nigga if tjay wants rubi he can easily have her 😂.

    83. K love

      My opinion lala liked ddg low key and now that rubi rose got ddg and they both really liked each other smh lala got jealous and started liking alot of ddg ex pictures that was shad towards their relationship and now the biggest shad she can do is mess around with rubi ex smh lala when ddg said he still had feelings for rubi rose lala got more jealous because she thought that was finished smh I liked lala at first but what she did was messy and un called for

    84. EzohSZN

      "When a nigga know he done fucked up 😌" rubi bout to fuck the shii outta him 😂🤣😂🤣🤩

    85. KaleenaJean -BEAUTY

      Lala a dirty bitch. Lol wow. 🎶 friends!!.. how many of us have them? Friends.. the ones we can depend on 🎵 She is clearly a jealous bitch. Been a jealous/envious bitch. Period. aye, we all have to learn. Everybody ain’t your friend. And everybody can’t be your best friend.

    86. E dub

      He took Rubi to his old Apartment, his mom was there cleaning or doing something else, the only one that’s been to his momma house is Kennedy and Tiana

      1. freejdc1

        How do you know. They most likely went off camera.

    87. Manhimself_ MVP

      Still believe la la an lil tjay doin this for promo

    88. JBoogie Beatz

      Damn lala that’s low 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

    89. Dayne Roberts

      Lala really shocked me

    90. Dayne Roberts

      LalA is the biggest snake of the year

    91. Major

      I’m hearing Meg was drunk as hell as always. She don’t even know what happened

    92. Major

      Tory is innocent. The tape was a genius move. Until he get arrested or charged with something then he innocent..

      1. Annie Babalola

        Guess Breonna's Killers are innocent too since they werent charged or arrested. See how slow you sound?

    93. Tayja J

      I feel for ddg ..like honestly !! He needs real love and this is coming from a true supporter.. rubi always trying to diss him in captions making him look like a simp when he’s really a good guy and she knows it and takes advantage making him feel wrong 💯 that’s just my opinion. If i ever had the chance i would so treat him better

      1. Gang Music

        Good guy finish last

    94. GokuHitEm

      My boy ddg really came a long way where my ogs at What's smackin against the wall?

    95. dook ee

      We need a link to the outro not the intro 😩

    96. Theysay AL

      DDG is fuckin simp ,makes no damn sense 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️😭😭

    97. bloop

      DDG didn’t take rubi to his mama house, at least not on camera, the vlog was when they went to DDG apartment when he was moving his things

    98. Carlos Villanueva

      Look at it scientifically.. a foot shot lots of nerves in the feet and hands and lots of things like bones to hit so it woulda been a long recovery for a shot to the foot she. Not tryna assume but I don’t think Megan was ever shot cuz trust dat shyt woulda hurted

    99. Bm Muchegwa

      Lala is the biggest capper she said she would never mess with guys who her friends missed with and she likes mature guys but he isn’t mature and he 20

      1. Game Changer

        He 19 😂

      2. Gang Music

        Anesu Muchegwa don’t believe any shit a women say . Just watch her action . It will tell your who they really are.

      3. Bm Muchegwa

        Gang Music true true

      4. Gang Music

        You Don’t know women never tell the truth?

    100. manny truth

      Stop believing this bullshit who cares they all make money of this fake stories even her that gossip about it they fooling the masses get over this nonsense pay attebtion to what going on in the world