Kiara Shanay

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    1. Kiara Shanay

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    2. Sammy Duran


    3. Dsavage Gaming

      He told me everything I needed to know when he said bow ! 🤣

      1. Kiara Shanay


    4. xKingSavagz

      If u did positive vibes u wouldn’t of even did that shit tht was petty asf 🤣🤣 that’s like ddg doing a smash or pass doing on jasmine out of all the females n the world

    5. xKingSavagz

      Come on now out of all the bitches n the world he pics her 🧢 big cap

    6. Sports Compilations

      Ddg does that for clout

    7. SDSen

      Ain't noway Zias is 6ft+, he's 5'10 at most

    8. Paradox R.N.O

      Zias is a monster he definetly smashing her

    9. Paradox R.N.O

      Ashley for the streets

    10. Byron

      We all knew what time it was when he said "BOW" sht had me in tears crying

    11. Miah Bee

      Zias would mop DDG no offense lol

    12. Donna Williams

      Kiara shanay you don't post pi c with u dress up on ig?

    13. Samuel Onabanjo

      Poudii on here for straight content reasons on drama is legendary

    14. Phil Rockwell

      👋 Hello

    15. A Mason

      Is Robs music on spotify?

    16. King Darius

      Pussyboyfardo cappin his ass off again

    17. Troll Alert

      Am i the only one who never on time for the live

    18. khal


    19. FlightKing _05


    20. WTF PUBG

      THEY go unsub from ddg are maybe dub could post on it

    21. Sperm Dealer

      Thank God he's quitting youtube .....i pray he doesn't come back with his simpy arrogant ass

    22. Jonathan Cunningham

      Only time you see zias on social media is when bout to break someone back or already done did that shit😂😂

    23. Reece

      It’s rubi bro

    24. Marquis Harrell

      Fredo looks like he’s seen 1 up close.

    25. Ree Mariee

      It’s not an official video till you hear Kayleigh 🥺

    26. Charles White

      Fredo looks like he likes men

    27. Devron Rodgers

      Pause zo tripping

    28. CLXPPED

      Zias and blou react to the song with her they did it with other rappers too

    29. uchenna falconer

      Ddg quitting or wateva he said don’t care there too many lit youtubers out rn people are gonna get pass it but amma support him highly wid what he’s doing cuz I’m his biggest fan 🚫🧢✌🏽🔥❤️

    30. TWill TV

      Zias and Ashley definitely took a trip to Poundtown

    31. Been Getguap

      Bro Germany girl had 800 followers fredo knew her and ddg was cool fredo just want to say sum

    32. Jaivon Thornton

      Fredo really fried

    33. Tedrick Joseph


    34. Rave Kingdom

      nah , fuck that,fredo putting kennedy dm in thumbnail,and savannah in dm, fredo not slick,fredo not talkin shit but he pushing fucking buttons.

    35. Anise Westbrook

      THIS TEA IS VERY SWEET!!! 😂😂 GOD BLESS!!! 🙏🏽👨‍👩‍👦♥️

    36. Deelive601

      it’s millions of women . why would he want both of them

    37. Deelive601

      how is ddg hating lmao

    38. Pablo Gudo


    39. Shadow{Leader of Sega Squad}

      We all know DDG ain’t gonna quit but there will be a day that DDG will upload his final video forever the end of an era is coming to a close

    40. SlimeBall Ty

      Zias and B.Lou always do reaction videos with the artists to their song

    41. Bigga BlacksTv

      Fredo is weird ash frr😂

    42. S E 9

      Poudi makes the best videos no 🧢

    43. KahhBmO -

      It’s aii we still got coryxkenshin

    44. Marcus Luke

      I really fuck with your husbands song that you got in the intro. I be singing along. 😂😂

    45. Stephanie Carrillo

      DDG say he quitting till then big ass checks QUIT coming then his ass be right back on here

    46. josh wilson

      This is the perfect time for the Zooted members to do some collabs with DDG because their views will go up because the DDG squad wants to see him on the Tube!!

    47. 4k Studios

      His music not big enough to stop KGup

    48. 4k Studios

      This is why I stick with flight😂He might be crazy but he don’t be in drama like this

    49. Divine

      This is the time Libra’s are just going to be in their feelings. Letting go and revising I realize

    50. 1 sub before 2021

      I Won’t Breath Until Kiara Replies To My Comment. 😰 RIP TO ME. ⚰️

      1. Charles White

        R.I.P to you😂😂

    51. GunStreets

      Ashley on her ''Black Man'' Tour

    52. JayRonDaDon

      Fredo always claiming how big of a you tuber he is, how many subs he have, all that but steady attacking my bro DDG.

      1. JayRonDaDon

        Tre Dow if DDG never introduced savanah to youtube, fredo wouldn’t know her. Last week or a few weeks ago it was the same thing with fredo but Kennedy was the female. After that it was Rubi, now Savanah. Lol you do the math. That shit lame af

      2. Tre Dow

        JayRon actually other way around ddg is just not a good person always hatin for no damn reason

    53. just marc

      Ik he wasn’t coming bk so...💀🤷🏽‍♂️ when his music flop n ain’t no one gone watch his shit nm💀

    54. Dewayne Tv

      Zias clapped them cheeks

    55. Cordero Shelton

      Yooo kiara Rob song sounds horrible ... he needs to keep writing n develop a more consistent sound ....

    56. Random Empire

      To be honest DDG been slacking so him quitting is no different than what's currently happening. I am certain he won't quit that cheques 😅

      1. Random Empire

        @john jones you really love DDG. Apologies if my opinions offend you personally.

      2. john jones

        u hate ddg dont you

    57. Random Empire

      But it's true though. Fredo made videos of many people's exes. Why should DDG feel it's about him? Like what?? Kennedy and Savannah are their own independent selfs.

      1. Random Empire

        @john jones I am a supporter but not all supporters will like everything he does. I don't hate DDG at all, I actually like him as a person and support him but that doesn't mean i should ignore his wrongs ofcos I have an opinion which won't always be positive.

      2. john jones

        dam why you hate ddg

    58. Daboiii

      But ddg didn’t sneak diss😂

    59. Wyman TheGoat


      1. Wyman TheGoat

        what kiara shanay doing up at 6:37 thanks for the like tho 😂💯

    60. Atlegang

      DDG’s relationships probably fail because his actions never match his words This man said that he’s going to take over YT this month...next thing he’s leaving YT

    61. BucketFam Sah

      Yeah she was trolling they not really together😂 She was playin in character

    62. Lala Eatin’ A Got Damn Burger

      “iOn ThInK iMmA eVeR qUiT yOuTuBe” 😒

    63. BucketFam Sah

      Zias: Bow Me and Everyone: HELLO!!

    64. Boutabag

      Aye the nigga recording fredo live annoying as hell🤦🏾

    65. ImPhilips

      He’s capping 😂

    66. Lesean93

      Poudii doesn't upload a lot on his channel because one video takes like a week to make! He's doing everything himself including editing! In my opinion he deserves more subs than ddg! No disrespect to ddg but poudii really puts effort in his videos!

    67. Leo got Hopes

      Sorry DDG not going to work in rap bc his fan base is not big enough to live off of he going to try to come back to KGup but he not going to get viewers bc he left when he was hot

    68. Brøken Production


    69. Iftikhaar 19


    70. Ouzi Clips

      Lmao kiara said pre-turn up. It’s called a pregame

      1. Kiara Shanay

        Dang 🤦🏾‍♀️ I was close.. 😂

    71. jh1 25

      DDG probably contemplating quitting bc he under love spell from a witch in training 👌🏾 if you know you know.

      1. Kiara Shanay


    72. Jkwon Williams


    73. Luh Eli


    74. YoBoy SPADE

      I hate to see GROWN aghsss n*ggas who making money 💰, all on the videos, shooting birds and sh*t... 🐦🔫

    75. Sauce Twin

      Zias know ash a freak freak

    76. YoBoy SPADE

      He lying! He knew DDG was talking with Rubi Rose so he was tryna be 'funny' and throwing side shots....

    77. joel loforte

      I feel like ddg is quitting because of xxl he is disappointed

    78. Calantha Thompson

      All that weed she got my boy smoking. Lord these libras be naive asf. He wanted to look gangsta asf for Rubi and she saw right through him.. anywho, team Kennedy & DDG 🔥

      1. LetGoOffMyEbbo

        @kenya73 ddg been stuck in the past if U don't think he want Kennedy back ur delusional. He never got over her

      2. kenya73

        Kennedy is gone why you want ddg to be stuck in the past

      3. kenya73

        He was smoking with Kennedy he said it but didn't put it on camera Rubi has nothing to do with his you tube he just wants to be notice for a rapper

    79. Nurse Goals

      Fredo look gay 🤷🏾‍♀️

    80. pine sol

      That nigga poudii is funny af

    81. I'm high bihhh

      Fredo act gay

    82. Ghetto. darius

      Yessir poudii the funniest nigga on KGup nocap.🤣🤟🏾

    83. Cheryl Hicks

      DDG is visionary and men with this characteristic will never be satisfied with the status quo. He just has to find his niche in music. Drake isn't a hood rapper and he is one of the best.

    84. thatgurlG Williams

      He trying he working it out with Kennedy

      1. Smh


    85. Zechariah Ealy

      ddg was literally saving youtube this year

    86. work out Walker

      Hey y'all

    87. Lillandlord702

      if u sad if ddg quitting youtube like

      1. Lillandlord702

        Dumb_ass i. hope so

      2. Go_Smd

        Lillandlord702 he lying he ain’t gonna actually quit youtube

    88. Mstdntply Hoe

      Nobody would know svannnah if it wasn’t for ddg fredo sweet asl

    89. M PJ

      Ssh vs ddg squad that’s a dangerous site


        on my momma ssh a whole 2k group .ssh gay

    90. Major

      Zias and B Lou so reaction of songs with the artists sometimes. Ain’t nothing to it

    91. EJ


    92. April LaRue

      DDG and Ruby aren't together. She posted on her IG story that she was going back to doing her only fans.

      1. April LaRue

        She also posted that she was staying in a hotel by herself.

    93. Errol Moss


    94. TJ JACKSON

      “Talk your shit” talk your shit” lol 😂

    95. Thtkid. kj


    96. ThatRandomB

      Lol who ever recorded Fredo live dicked out.

    97. ThatRandomB

      Zias don’t be postin shit he post like every once in awhile all he do is stream now, and I’m ngl Zias look like he’d destroy some shit, and Ashley was lookin like she would definitely let him smash later.

    98. Dirtbag Squad

      L.A took ddg McQueen was right.

      1. Shadow{Leader of Sega Squad}

        Word 2017 DDG was the best version of DDG the LA lifestyle got to his head

    99. Eli J

      Kiara shanay is young pouddi P promoter

    100. Dirtbag Squad

      How u gonna quit a platform that pays u a hundred k a month lol. Ddg forgot where he came from. At least get your mother a house before u quit lol.