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    0:00 - Intro
    0:21 - FTC Is Upset W/ Flight
    5:39 - Ken's Twin Bro Got Robbed
    7:29 - DDG Went To Rubi's Crib & This Happened
    8:28 - Toosii Diamonds Are Real Or Fake?

    күнү жарыяланды 16 күн мурун


    1. Kiara Shanay

      💚 Thanks for watching! Don’t forget to hulk smash the like button 💚

      1. Mzbigbabydeedees Johnson

        He's doing him.💚💚💚💚💚

      2. Sniper Cle

        Kiara Shanay you the best at spilling tea I be seeing some stuff on other people page but wait to see if you gone talk about it keep the grind up 🔥💯

    2. Tay Lo

      Lmaoooo toosii D’s foo👀

    3. Kareem Mills

      Shlong kong 💀

    4. Rayshawn Ward

      Kens brother 🙄the victim role

    5. Teetee Onah

      Flight is so weird and corny 😫

      1. Jahki Murray

        Nah that’s just him explaining or keeping it 💯

    6. Shaun D

      It's not going to work out for flights 😭

    7. Tayja J

      Rubi is literally destroying him 🥺 you can tell he’s hurting !!! He’s doing so good with music but that girl really hurt him 💯 worse than his last . She needs to leave him alone and let him heal frfr

    8. Buccwitblicky

      U know what I mean if ftc ain’t fudging wit flight rn then he might as whole stop recording

    9. Jhemar Tv

      She manipulate tf out of flight

    10. I-Track-Celebrities

      She talking bout who cares if toosi diamonds are fake but if it was ddg woulda been a whole movie

    11. Justin

      The sad thing about kris getting robbed is that it was most likely by a black person sad🤦🏾‍♂️

    12. Virtul

      I just DoorDashed some McDonalds to my crib

    13. ImYoPlug

      Its sad people can't see through the bs Flight know what he doing he puts himself into dumb situations on purpose it's all for for fking youtube.

    14. Baby Milk

      Lmfao those people comments they fried 🤣🤣🤣

    15. Nemsz

      Flight a simp

    16. Zakariah Borenyi

      At the end of the day everyone is free to make their own choices but Flight just looks like a hypocrite at this point.

    17. MoorOma

      Lol these dumbass chains ⛓

    18. boknows 83

      What the point of going straight to Instagram instead of calling the police🤦🏾‍♂️??

    19. YoBoy SPADE

      I doubt she got that WAP but she does look like ALOT of fun...😳😍 #No_Cappity

    20. YoBoy SPADE

      ...and when she cheated, it wasn't with Trey, it was with Dae Dae. Don't Get It 'twisted'...😳

      1. Jahki Murray

        She was entertaining trey and a lot of people would say that’s cheating

    21. YoBoy SPADE

      Did you NOT see the 'smirk' on Ti's face after she said that?? 😳

    22. YoBoy SPADE

      Flight Smokes Marijuana regularly...which is why he doesn't Keep It REAL! He doesn't live realistic...

    23. Jamela wilkins

      those diamond testers are fake lol

    24. Victoria Henry

      Lmao Toosie ish fake his whole demeanor told on em lmao 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 I'm mad as hell Haha Haha 😁

    25. Imtithal Dahir

      AYO DDG A DAD!!

    26. Makeda Keen

      Flight nobody cares 😂🤣

    27. Candis Phillip

      What flight said is just disrespectful, he should be greatful that he has people that watch him. We are the ones giving you the views so he should be lucky,us views should take a name for ourselves because without us there is no him.

      1. Jahki Murray

        He’s talking about the trolls 🤦🏾‍♂️

    28. tommy blaze

      She going to trap that nigga with a baby

    29. Lisa Brown

      Thats why i keep a card


      This nigga weird for posting that shit all on Twitter like that. I’m mad, that I look at him different now 🤦🏽😂damn, bro.

    31. Tu Big

      Put it on him make him wanna marry her lmao


      If you look closely it did hit red when he was asking him to press down harder

    33. PJ TV

      He was coming at FTC because mostly it was us who were telling him that Lreyah is manipulating him but he wants to come at us like we hating

    34. Priece_ 1

      Flight is just saying he’s the problem🥱

    35. GH Sense

      Toosi career over now lmao. Ace hood fell off fo less 🤣

    36. Big E

      Ken brother just need to make a channel. I’m sure he’ll make money

    37. Louis Williams

      The diamond tester is supposed to turn red

    38. Brandon Scott

      This is what throws me off about flight this man was asking fans while he was live what should I do should I answer the phone? now he sayin fuck them for not understanding this corny shii he doing😂 flights a goofy bruh

    39. Chicho Johnson

      If I'm worth millions I wud give a fuck about diamonds 💎I be google my net worth broke ass.Tryin to play me🤣🤣🤣

    40. vinkeyla23


    41. vinkeyla23

      Flight is brainwashed and abused

    42. Teenage Star

      Flight is a straight up beta

    43. Sauce Twin

      Toosi shit real

    44. Unwanted_ KingKev

      How much subs do you have?

    45. Just Jordan

      Personally I’d never do one of those diamond test videos for KGup you’re making yourself a target niggas hate

    46. Da Don

      Lmao his shit real now tho 😭can’t even say nun

    47. Striker

      DDG, I KNOW THE WAP IS THE BEST YOU EVER HAD, BUT YOU GOT TO LET IT GO BRO. We all saw Rubi Rose videos, so we know what she is capable of doing to a dick. There are other good fishes in the sea. You got to let this one go bro.

    48. Shebo

      please stop posting about ddg and rubi at this point

      1. Marian Barker

        @Shebo why do you care this shit for entertainment

      2. Shebo

        All I'm saying is this is just enabling their toxic behavior, so it's beneficial for everyone

      3. Marian Barker

        Stop watching you saw the title

    49. DDG Burner


    50. Shawn Murray

      Only in Florida does a fool put up with an imbalanced chick. I watched that video when he put his live stream up and she was telling him how to think 😂😂😂 straight beta. Fool was happy she was rubbing up on him.

    51. Alexis Vibe

      Tootsie booty broke boy

    52. Wendy Hicks

      Kinda odd how you just left best friend you get robbed

    53. Kanyin’s Tv

      Quick inspiration for you all - Remember that God placed you where you are at this exact moment for a reason. Your current struggles and challenges mean something. Whatever your going through , God loves you to much for it not to work out🤍💫.

    54. chitownboyz

      Ti never cheated, flight just wanted her to stop communicating with trey because they had history but Ti was Tryna tell flight that trey and armon have been good friends for years so it bigger than just being a ex.

    55. Iconic Pressa

      Damn bro got robbed once and broke😭

    56. N I C K E L S O N

      The problem is yall put yall business out there and expect us to not have an opinion. 😂flight could of ended the live stream the moment she pulled up but he choose to let us see all his business and is now turning around to tell us mind our business😂💀 nigga all i cam for a twitch stream and ended up watching jerry springer

      1. Marian Barker

        Mind your business

    57. Asher Binns

      I unsubscribed from this nigga cant support him

    58. Gnxj

      That’s what his snitch ass get

    59. T Beverything

      I’d be wearing knock off jewelry with all this chain snatching stuff. I ain’t willing to die or get locked up over no material stuff the world thinks I should have💯

    60. 15k Ti

      I hope they keep Ja June away from Dreyah

    61. Quantavious Wheeler

      Toosie get his Shidd from ice box and he already got tested in a video bruh Shidd prolly fucked up

    62. Kingbrad _Yt

      Drea must of give flight a pill💯😂

    63. The BrazyBunch

      😂😂😂😂 Toosii knew his shit was fake that’s why he was chewing on that straw like that

      1. Jaison Ayala


    64. Icey Mele

      It’s a good time to be single 😌

    65. big kj


    66. kxng noah

      why would toosii wear fake jewelry 🥱

      1. jr

        He caught in 4kkk

    67. jr

      Ddg jewelry could never lmao toosil dissing ddg with fake jewelry

    68. MockTie

      Toosii bro 😂😂

    69. rtmdj

      Bro Flight is officially dumb af bro

    70. nijah ray

      Not them tryna do my BD toosie 😂😂

    71. KpTheG

      People rarely change....Flight will see. Drea has a chemical imbalance. She needs medicine & therapy.

      1. KpTheG

        @Keionna Watson facts

      2. Keionna Watson

        They both do

    72. Bee Blanco

      Stop playing with my boy toosi

    73. uchenna falconer

      The flight situation here’s why ftc mad at him basically he gave us the word to flame her ass started flaming her ass with us and den decided to get back together and now he bashing his fans when he was bashing her with us its like u stealing something with your friend u get caught up and your friend is like Yh it was him I wasn’t there lmao 🤣💀🤦🏽‍♂️😭

      1. Boom Boom Boom Boom

        Frrr, he was the one who put his relationship on blast in the first place, telling us stuff we never even knew....and supplying never before seen behind the scenes footage 😂😭😭, man flight wildin

    74. Only1Doobie

      Toosii ain’t wearing fake shit his jeweler literally posted it an it’s a popular jeweler

    75. Only1Doobie

      He ran to the internet afte he got robbed😂😂😂 ion even feel bad

    76. Pleetypus

      Flight gotta point give her another chance but man she do sum else it's over. And yeah he don't gotta right to care about his fans but he should anyways cuz we made him

    77. JS

      He’s in the sunken place... 😔

    78. Aaron

      Uh yea

    79. Peterjeffson Armah


    80. Jeremy Fermin

      What’s good with the clown circus music in the background

    81. Lumnii

      flight is a CERTIFIED TWEAKER

    82. naquan london

      Have A Cute Lil Voice

    83. SL1TFACE

      9:30 , dude was putting the tester on the diamond. So that mean his diamond chain is fugazzy

    84. Trevel Francis

      So him posting on ig saying that he got robbed suppose to give him sympathy?

      1. Trevel Francis

        @Florence Morale thats exactly why

      2. Florence Morale

        I think he wants sympathy, but I also think he may want his followers to bring the info to his brother to try to make him feel guilty, and "help" him.

    85. Dirtbag Squad

      I guess ddg gets stuck on any female that he comes across so that means Kennedy was nothing special cause he’s stuck on everyone that he’s smashing

    86. Ja Mo

      That's crazy ken got his twin brother out here struggling

      1. Buccwitblicky

        @anthony pickens I was gonna say his brother tried to expose him but yea I right

      2. anthony pickens

        @bella personal business in the air, with dearra and ken

      3. bella

        @anthony pickens in what way?

      4. anthony pickens

        Naaw his twin did him wrong too

    87. Dirtbag Squad

      Flight said we are nobodies smh. Let’s cancel him and see what he gonna say. The same female that said u abuse her and don’t respect your personal properties that’s crazy then u shame your supporters cause they are checking for u.

      1. felipe godinez


    88. Wavy The Don

      Yeah I don’t trust that talking to ex while in a relationship there could still be under cover feelings or even more

    89. Blizzy World

      its plenty videos of toosi getting tested snd it rings

    90. NOLAliving

      Ik “ being a forgiving n caring person “ not coming from the person that preached about 5-6 day contracts yea Ight flight

    91. Alpha Dub

      That’s why I never carry money on me

    92. Chrono Cross

      Quavo and Saweete seems toxic. I meant DDG and Rubi 😎

    93. the lifeofRome

      Flight is being fed broken promises by a shorty who finna manipulate this shit outta his duck ass

    94. Tristan Triton

      This man talking in 3rd person like Derrick Jaxn. KGup stay producing narcissism in folks.

    95. j rolexx

      Bro these titles creative asf 😭They make sense 😂

    96. I'm that Blessed Girl

      Flight needs to understand that not all break ups are caused by cheating so him saying he is working things out with her because she never cheated on him sounds stupid, he needs to think about more than just cheating that relationship is unhealthy for both of them, it is beyond toxic and if he is gonna spend the rest of his life with her he needs to think about his daughter being young and surrounded by such, he should at least lead by example and be the better parent both parents can't be messed up bra the baby mamma is psycho, the step mom is worse than the mom and the dad is like as long as you don't cheat on me we are gonna stay together 🤦‍♀️ both those girls need help not a relationship

    97. kidtherell 22

      they tryna play whith my boy toosii2x

    98. Ruby Kelly

      The boy has a valid point. I will never understand why people are so vested in other peoples lives in such that they think the person or persons should do what they ie: the public wants. Just watch be entertained and go on about your day.

      1. 4shades of.a

        @Ruby Kelly when he pop up with a domestic violence and abuse charge good luck finding sum else to watch cuz she got the pics to prove once they brake up again . SHES FKN CRAZY

      2. Ruby Kelly

        @MANMAN why do I need too? I just enjoy what he puts out, slap the like button and go on about MY life.

      3. MANMAN

        Buddy name flight Yk his name 💀😭

    99. Jasmine Jones

      They ain't never leaving eachother alone atp. Now when ever they broke up they bet not come to social media with it

    100. Bag Chaser !!

      My boy Toosii got fake jewelry 🤦🏾‍♀️