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    0:00 - Intro
    0:21 - Flight & Dreyah Back Together?!
    6:21 - Jaliyah's Old Video Resurface

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    1. Abel Cast

      whoever called flight is a bitch

    2. Abel Cast

      who ever snitched is a bitch

    3. Jesse

      this aged well

    4. Omar Savage

      Well Flightreacts just dropped the video

    5. lI Unknown Il

      I remember when snoop dog forgot to end his stream for like 8 hours and people actually stayed💀💀

    6. PkmnTrainerCam

      The Walking L part 3?

    7. Lisa Brown

      Only reason they back together is cuz Lrea has Dirt on him that Flight don want us to see

    8. Elie

      Have a great day god love y’all

    9. Juan Lima

      It’s his life but from now on, when it comes to relationships, I won’t take him seriously 😂

    10. Eli Scott 0

      flight cmon bro 🤦🏾‍♂️

    11. CM Gxming

      5:15 I feel like that second phone call that flight did was gonna be drea

    12. Eboy Slat

      Flight lied to us saying he never getting back

      1. Omar Savage

        He just dropped the video

      2. Sinister99

        yeah he a beta male at this point

    13. No Limit Zaidan

      Flight is single but them photos are old

      1. Santino Plays

        welp go look at his new vid 😐

    14. Zanes Burner

      SSB ON TOP

    15. xoDonny



      They never unfollowed each other tho 😂?

      1. MOD Flex x3

        For like 1-2 days

      2. MOD Flex x3

        They did

    17. Indra’s Reincarnation

      Imagine being a young successful clouted up millionaire and simping over ONE BITCH after putting you through even the slightest toxic shit. Idk who’s in flight and ddgs circle but they gotta bunch of yes men around them cause I would’ve told my boys wassup lol

    18. Flookie Young

      but even if flight n drea back she didnt cheat it was her behaviour so dont see nothing wrong tryna work things out again

      1. Noah Brown

        He’s single I doubt he’s getting back with her

    19. DXQUAN

      flight still a walking L in 2021 what a shame

      1. Jahki Murray

        Y’all think everything he do or controls is a walking L 🤦🏾‍♂️ and bet you still gonna watch him y’all weird asf

    20. Kat Townw

      Flight is down bad he’s a fucking loser if he’s with her

      1. Jahki Murray

        @Kat Townw who ever said he went back with her I swear y’all so quick to assume stuff just because he followed her back and deleted the single video don’t mean nothing flight ain’t come out and say anything and he said in his stream they can still talk but not go back out

      2. Kat Townw

        @Jahki Murray but why would he go back with her and if he faked it he is money hungry tbh

      3. Jahki Murray

        @Kat Townw Ik and I’m proud but you acting like you not

      4. Kat Townw

        @Jahki Murray you sitting on the bleachers too f you mean

      5. Jahki Murray

        He ain’t down bad he know what he doing just sit on the bleachers and watch like how you been doing

    21. Beautiful Watkins

      Lets not lie that girl was big

    22. kamarion gaming channel

      Damn she jus hang up on em like dat😂😭😭

      1. Noah Brown

        Flight is single he said that

    23. KiingSaySoTv

      yall really thought flight was gonna walk away that easy 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

      1. Noah Brown

        He did flight ain’t dating any females rn he’s single if you didn’t know

    24. KingDior

      6:06 it’s fredo don’t act like u don’t know 😂

    25. YoBoy SPADE

      I don't know why everyone acts SURPRISED! So many people do this SAME sh*t today and act as if it's NORMAL @ breakup and get rite back together. It's ONLY because they be smoking dem 'tweeds'. People CONSTANTLY overlook that...🤦🏿‍♂️

    26. Artist DTB4L

      Fight is the nicest niggga out their I hope he finds a girl that can make him happy

    27. Dime

      La the simp squad

      1. Noah Brown

        Flight is single and that’s his baby mama he gotta stay in contact with her

      2. Ray Kim

        All them dudes some suckers for real smh

    28. Craig Thomas

      This is why people like Flight and Dreyahh, DDG and Rubi should not post their breakups on social media, because they look stupid when they end up getting back together.

      1. flymingo the fittest

        It's all for views

      2. Cool Kid

        @Chris OG the way he acts lol. Flight slow as hell

      3. Chris OG

        @Suave_Cxsh she must be😭

      4. Suave_Cxsh

        @Chris OG she mad he’s more Successful than the last 10 generations of her family

      5. Chris OG

        @Rita Safari how is he stupid ?

    29. big kj

      Damn flight

      1. Noah Brown

        Do you know he’s still single right lol he ain’t get back together with her

    30. Slim

      Didnt she have a baby for flight reacts.....or is it another girl pregnant for him?????????..i'm confuse

      1. D E S I

        Both girls kinda look alike

    31. COD Mobile everyday

      flight and his gf are the next rubi and ddg 🤣

    32. D Cabral

      Whether they got back together or not, they should have kept that aspect of their lives in private.

    33. Tony Calhoun

      When is people gonna realize this is entertainment. It’s all fake

    34. THE ACE

      Dreyah called it anyways 😂😂 she said they gonna fight and get back together sooo

      1. Dee_G 94

        He said that was his baby mama so just give him the benefit of doubt

      2. Jamario Merzon

        @Noah Brown i want to believe you but it's being confirm that they back together

      3. Noah Brown

        Flight is single what are y’all talking bout he didn’t get back together with her

      4. SimplyJay0

        Flight has no backbone dude let's girls push him around 😂

    35. babydoll17x

      That whole flight “hostage” video was fake

    36. Prince Of R&B

      He never unfollowed her off Twitter tho y’all 😂

      1. Joshua Miller

        He did


        Or on IG 😭

    37. Jane Sionelua

      She probs wanted 2 get back with him sinces she herd ti and him mite get back🤣🤣my opinion

    38. Ashley York

      That Flight drama was fake/scripted. Y'all just gullible 😂😂

      1. Sur Rotten

        @Mike Harris I hate people who say dumb stuff like that

      2. Ray Kim

        Right, the police was called 🤷🏾‍♂️.

      3. Mike Harris

        How would u know??The police was there. How tf would it be fake

    39. Lisa Brown

      She almost got him put out because someone called the police because she was banging on his door shes gonna have him loose everything he's ever worked for

      1. lI Unknown Il

        @Ray Kim give a hint

      2. Noah Brown

        Yeah flight still single they ain’t get back together

      3. Se Ba

        For real

      4. Ray Kim

        Right, she'll do him like a certain other female who shall not be named

    40. Ebenezer Amoateng

      Flight pulled a DDG??

      1. Florence Morale

        He got about 3,477 more times to go before it can be called a DDG.

    41. kelden robertson

      So he called the mother of his child . Who cares.

    42. Jeremy Hodge

      Flight weak as hellll

      1. Jahki Murray

        @Ray Kim nah she went back to him kept popping up to his house he even said I don’t want nothing to do with you

      2. Noah Brown

        Bro y’all know he’s single right and you talking his baby mama of course he gotta stay in contact with her

      3. Khalifacoe Games

        @Ray Kim he really needs to learn man, it's actually sad

      4. Tyler Hale

        He ain’t even go back to Janet,man got a kid is he not allowed to talk to her??

      5. Ray Kim

        @Jahki Murray This the same nigga who went back to Janet hella times til she trapped him

    43. Ray Kim

      As Solluminati calls him, fLight L reacts

      1. Nate Smith

        @hunchoz t what?

      2. Dee_G 94

        Solluminati gave his energy to a low vibrational female and got her pregnant and she a stripper but he be telling us to not give our energy to low vibrational women.

      3. Noah Brown

        Flight is single if y’all didn’t know

      4. Jahki Murray

        @hunchoz t so you basically saying he’s to old for social media/KGup 🤦🏾‍♂️ re read what you just said bruh ain’t nobody gotta be old for nothing it’s how you choose like I know a lot of old heads that use or do KGup or social media if cj so cool,prettyboyfredo and even flight that’s 25 or past 25 they still do KGup KGup is for everybody

      5. Jahki Murray

        @Ray Kim I’m saying like his prime years were 2017-2018 when he was roasting niggas and having fun now he barely post uses flight name to get a lot of views and his content now is only entertaining to little kids it’s not always about views and I ain’t got nothing against him just speaking my opinion and that’s obviously not bothering flight you deal with toxic people cause he know at the end he gonna be straight inplus he likes it

    44. Kailynn Love

      Please put ddg back in your intro 😀😀

      1. Sheila Tabengwa

        Yes yes plzzz

    45. DatsAyK

      6:16 only 2K players now who it was 🤣

      1. TydaGoat


      2. Draco.Capalot

        Og 2k players

    46. Rommie Brown

      Shawty right up Flight alley. It's kinda crazy that Flight be the first one to run to social media when summin go down. He got a part to play in the toxicity

      1. Rommie Brown

        @NotYourAveragePlug Bringing it to social media is never the answer. Cause now look he's back with her and telling us to mind our own business lol. N then He pretty much said some of what I said. About Him being crazy too, the spazzing n spitting lol and nobody else was bringing up that point 👀. My main point was he's crazy himself and she's right up his alley

      2. NotYourAveragePlug

        @Rommie Brown You’re a dumb af . He clearly said that she pushed him to that point .

      3. Rommie Brown

        @Nupie Sanders Oh yeah I forgot she was tripping on that lol. But he brings it to social media still. I believe what she said about this is how they are irl. I still believe Flight play a part in the toxic mix

      4. Nupie Sanders

        @Rommie Brown it started from drew thought he was lookin at girls

      5. Noah Brown

        They ain’t get back together yet flight still single

    47. So Littt

      😭😭see that’s why I keep my mouth shut in comment section 😂they gon be the next ddg and rubi don’t get me wrong I love ddg and rubi

      1. Noah Brown

        Flights is single if you didn’t know those pictures were before they broke

    48. Ray Kim

      This nigga really a Walking L. Won't ever change.

    49. Capalot Reese

      That cuffem dude sound like yourrage a lil bit

    50. SneakedUp Gaming

      If "Really Bruh?!" was a person.

      1. Aspect


    51. Java DatNigga

      What's with the Christmas background music?

      1. Kiara Shanay

        I wanted to catch your attention 🎅🏽

    52. Ray Kim

      Whose the bigger clown? This nigga, or Ddg?

    53. Cedric Thomas

      Him and Janet got a whole kid together they allowed to still be in contact he ain’t say anything wrong

      1. HoodieVibesonly

        @Z I M E R E she literally said he thought he ended the stream and called janet

      2. Nate G

        @TheUndefeatedOfTheEast he obviously watched because of flight and dreyahh.. not the other jaunt. and you're calling him and idiot lol

      3. TheUndefeatedOfTheEast

        @Benjamin D so why are you watching the video? It ain't that serious they were correcting the other person not giving proper info, idiot.

      4. Nate Cofer


      5. Al Griffin

        @Z I M E R E 😂😂😂

    54. Hip Hop Head

      Will yall relax in the comments section, this man aint back together with this girl they're probably just going to be friends. Y'all reading this situation wrong af.

      1. Tyler Hale

        @Finesse Wrld it’s happened multiple times what u on🤣

      2. Sur Rotten

        @Finesse Wrld You can to be friends with your ex... what planet you living on?!??

      3. Jahki Murray

        @Finesse Wrld him and ti became friends

      4. Finesse Wrld

        Bro u can’t be friends wit ur ex like wen tf is ex’s just friends like that’s just not gon happen 🤦🏻‍♂️

      5. Marian Barker

        Hth you kno you don’t kno him personally

    55. DaeQuan May

      Flight down bad🤦‍♂️

      1. Lebron James

        @Trxpfiji VEVO i think you're the dumbass you can't spell

      2. Trxpfiji VEVO

        It was his Janet dumb ass

    56. Ray Kim

      Dreah better go super crazy the next time something happens. He'll deserve it.

      1. Sinister99


      2. Michael Mosley

        @Richard The then u arent a fan if ur wishing smth bad to happen to him shut ur ass up

      3. Richard The

        @ITS DOOBIE i have a lot of love for flight but if she wrecks his car or something I'm here for it. He needs to grow up

      4. ITS DOOBIE

        And why would you wish something like that on someone

      5. ITS DOOBIE

        It’s called forgiving someone idiot

    57. ł Kxngg ł

      Bruh im glad they back together i think they should try to work it out bc if there isnt any problems then there isnt no reason for them to be together relationship is so you guys can get thru the tough times together and make it easier for each other its never gonna be perfect but they do have to learn to make it easier


        no sometimes it’s not gunna work obviously it’s been toxic and will dry toxic

      2. Noah Brown

        Flight is single he’s not dating any females what are you talking about lol

      3. Unknown Zay

        @ł Kxngg ł she’s not going to give that up

      4. ł Kxngg ł

        That only fans shit has to stop tho thats not acceptable

    58. GH Sense

      I'm tired of these Janias and Jaliyahs of this world

    59. Alreseea Johnson

      It is his life he does what he wants to do with it But I expect better from him

      1. Sinister99

        facts he the biggest simp i lost respect

    60. Ray Kim

      Flight, come on bruh 🤦🏾. Lost a whole lot of respect for him for this.

      1. Jahki Murray

        @Noah Brown exactly it’s just little kids believing in everything

      2. Noah Brown

        Flight is still single he said that already those pictures are old before they broke up

      3. Jahki Murray

        @Goons202 you know they took a lot of pictures and videos together that could be old

      4. Goons202

        @Jahki Murray dreyah Snapchat story says other wise 😂

      5. Jahki Murray

        @Finesse Wrld but whoever said they were back together flight never said nothing just because they went back and followed each other don’t mean nothing inplus he said on stream they can talk but not get back together

    61. Jayzino

      I was wandering why the video wasn’t there anymore damn 🤦🏾‍♂️🤣

    62. Jayzino

      Come on Flight 🤦🏾‍♂️

      1. Trxpfiji VEVO

        It was Janet dumb ass

    63. Draco.Capalot

      Drea must’ve gave him dat double hand twist vacuum seal gawk gawk combo 3000

      1. Kota The Tragíc

        @KpTheG You must be around alot of weird niggas that like that throat shi no cap😭

      2. Jesse Gales


      3. Dee_G 94

        He said that was his baby mama

      4. Pressured Diamond

        Lmfao man gone 🤣🤣💀

      5. Yeliah Thompson


    64. Yungstunna. 6

      Cmon flight 🤦🏽‍♂️

      1. Dee_G 94

        He said that was his baby mama so just give he the benefit of doubt

      2. Noah Brown

        They aint get back together yet

      3. Noah Brown

        Flight single what you talking about

    65. Ellis Sutherland

      That was not dreyah he was talking to it was janet

      1. KingDior

        No shit he literally said that was my babymomma

    66. Ellis Sutherland


    67. Travis Ofori


      1. Travis Ofori

        @getraxkz! nice

      2. getraxkz!

        nobody cares