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    0:00 - Intro
    0:15 - DDG & Rubi Sitting In A Tree K I S S I N G
    6:59 - Paidway T.O Argues With A Fan
    12:35 - ImDontai Is Marriedddd
    15:33 - PrettyBoyFredo & Ashley Ortego Linked Up

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    1. Kiara Shanay

      Click the link to see something magical 💫 m.kgup.info_channel/UCOT6n_JNK6gxK2aQ3TrtBdw?noapp=1

      1. isaiah thompson

        People about start hating on ddg & Rubi bc they rather see him f****ng k cymone and plus ddg taking Rubi now so goodbye liltjay👋🏾👋🏾👋🏾👋🏾😆

      2. YRG RealPlug

        Fanum and Agent00 talk about raising a kid👶🏾👇🏽

      3. Tetete Tetete

        am very sure the word you want to use is misconception. You can't have a misrepresentation in that sense. I mean in your statement.

      4. KBTV KBTV

        FINALLY!!! SOMEBODY TOLD HIM SOMETHING REAL,,, BECAUSE ALL T.O SONGS IS TRASH-TRASH!!! I got Jordan whippin t.o ass and probably a waay better rapper also... LMFAO

    2. da hood dolly pardon

      Team rubi & ddg all 20-21

    3. obi gaming

      Let’s all appreciate how fine rubi rose is... if I had dat on my bed, go crazy ahahaha go stupid ahahahah😂🤦🏾‍♂️

    4. cal

      More chemistry with Kennedy

    5. Sean

      Yrgxfng 2nd time meeting


      I like Rubi 5/10 it's just ddg fall in love too quick and gets his heart broken and I don't like the trolling ddg and Rubi do all the time on Twitter, Rubi is beautiful my final words are - you can't turn no hoe into no housewife but if the 🙀 good then it's worth it I guess ☺️

    7. Rxchkid CEEJAY

      Nigga want some little fame set up a boxing match 🤔 T.O ain’t playing with jit


      Can you always start with ddg coz I'm sure almost every body wants ddg news

    9. Brown eyes _ 123

      😘..let him be happy..💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕

    10. Brown eyes _ 123

      😘..let him be happy..💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕

    11. Brown eyes _ 123

      😘..let him be happy..💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕

    12. Reckless Kryx

      Kiara listen to j.i hate it or love it he has some of the same lyrics

    13. anthony standifer

      Didnt ddg say the next girl he go with he going to get her pregnant

    14. Sadie Devenney

      Ddg content is shit since him and Kennedy broke up,

    15. Khamal Pendleton

      Rubi cool but I wouldn’t have wore that outfit to meet momma DDG 🤷🏽‍♀️ but she’s very beautiful.

    16. 407. Zay

      T.o would fold him🔥💯

    17. AQuinn0630

      I’ve watching Dontai for 4 years now

    18. tianarenee

      That loud music in the beginning and end kills me every time.

    19. BanManMuda

      So why dont Jordan tell every other rapper to delete they song for talkin bout dead niggas

    20. G McCoy

      I know you have a man an a kid . But you like DDG ? Cause like almost all of your channel is DDG like it’s looking funny !

    21. Imari Reynolds

      KIARA SHANAY - You should post mine when my videos drop!

    22. Let’s Try Gaming


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    36. Let’s Try Gaming


    37. BJ -

      That’s sad how the, Timeline can literally go from loving a person(DDG) to person to bullying them within a week. Sometimes it’s based on that person’s words or actions. Other times the person didn’t actually do anything wild and it’s all a product of groupthink. One person starts the trend, others follow.

    38. DripMotive

      Bro stop posting ddg and rubi bro

    39. Lee

      Why Dontai so wit the shits

    40. kashthagreat91

      😂😂😂 Yo that edit with the clown gets me every time.. 😂 She was too hype about him smashing

    41. jfauntl1's called JUDGING!!!!

    42. dierich steel

      vibes that talk.

    43. DekuBash

      SHOUTS OUT TO ImDontai

    44. Mr. ASAP NO ROCKY

      I can this I was actually fucking wit rubie before yall fake niggas haaaaaaaahaaaaa

    45. Mr. ASAP NO ROCKY


    46. Vonnie's Time

      It don't matter how sweet Ruby is she's still scamming her supporters, T.O. crazy to even speak on the dead and the dude Jordan is fried for even entertaining it as if T.O. was talking down on his dead homies or something smh, And T.O. only went off because he thought dude was a KGupr, and the dude Jordan only said something to T.O. for a publicity stunt, watch how Jordan start making KGup videos now, Dontai marry someone he said he been with since they were young, congrats to Dontai his name never in know drama, as for Ashley was just a good girl gone bad smh when she was with NatesLife she was a good girl. But now she just been getting smashed by different KGuprs but why did Ashley get so excited about him smashing her WOW society need to stop normalizing HOES smh🤦🏾‍♂🤦🏾‍♂🤦🏾‍♂😒

    47. KiingSaySoTv

      ddg and rubi do u good together no cap......ashley just a free spirit 😂😂😂😂

    48. Rae Rose

      Jordan look lethal tbh

      1. Namessjordan

        At least you know

    49. ADIII J


    50. John Doe

      Did she ask is caught a word ? 🤨😂

    51. Strange Alternative

      This is lowkey unfortunate but Watch someone make a meme of that vlog with Ddg saying she was on the phone texting lil Tjay while he was trying to freestyle with rubi

    52. Strange Alternative

      Well we already know it might not be a Billy and Shannon 2.0 (see what I did there) lol jk

    53. Panda Ainima


    54. Boards Lmao

      I miss the old intro

    55. Baldah Adamzhb

      No mother will be happy for the son to bring a girl that everyone run through that's facts

    56. ZayTv

      He made the video public for anyone wondering

    57. Quazy Got Bangers

      T.o a hot head..He ain't wit dat fightin shit.

    58. ziddy1don

      @kiara shanay name your channel ddg daily life ddl omg it’s annoying but he’s my fav youtuber

    59. YoBoy SPADE

      These kids gotta learn how to take negative comments....

    60. YoBoy SPADE

      Kiara Shanay for the STREETZ...😂 Got a whole marriage life and kid. That's funny! This sh*t is SERIOUS to these folks. To Me TOO!

    61. YoBoy SPADE

      😂 There You Go! Taking up for people again...smdh lol Well, they not gon take up for YOU! 😐 I don't think people have a 'misreputation' of Rubi Rose. Well, i ain't got no 'misreputation' of her. I think alot of people know of her type. I mean, she's BEEN showed her personality she is in Lala's videos but i guess alot of other people were judging her only by what everyone else ws saying about her. That still doesn't negate the fact that she belongs to the STREET. 😭 Well, she don't so much 'belong' to the STREETZ anymore cause her and Darryl been kicking it pretty tough now but give it some time. The TRUTH gon come out. Either voluntarily or involuntarily...

    62. metaaa. O

      What’s the intro sound ???

    63. Dboux12

      Ddg still take an L for this, your woman had to buy her own plane ticket home after getting serviced🤦🏽‍♂️

    64. Anthony silva power squad

      Kennedy punching the air

    65. GearOnYT

      is this our first time seeing i’mdontais head😭

      1. Kaylee Lewis


    66. CrimsonCapsule Podcast

      Iamdonte girl huge why?? 😳

    67. Reloaded

      Don’t give this lil nigga clout

    68. Aaron YT

      Super happy for Dontai. Hope him and his wife has a great life. FNG 4L

    69. Aaron YT

      That line by TO was out of order

    70. delyana

      peep the way ddg’s mom looked at what rubi was wearing ... she wasn’t for it LMAO 😂😂

    71. Marco Wyngaard

      She didn't claim anything, she is wifey now leave DDG alone we get the point Goshhhh🤦🏽‍♂️

    72. Youngen . sight


    73. Life w/ Tati

      Rubi didn’t have on the appropriate meet the mom outfit. It look like his mom was just caught off guard. & DDG never actually acknowledges Rubi when she says wifey or bae or anything. He need to claim her if they together.

      1. Life w/ Tati

        Abb B right we were loving “for the streets DDG” now he gon be a simp again 😩

      2. Abb B

        He don’t want to publicly claim her because he might look dumb if they switch up. But he already putting her in his vloggs so might as well. He should of stayed single longer

    74. KTB Only

      Iamdonti be like norbit 😂😂

    75. Chrisgobrazyy

      Maneee t.o would beat tha lil boy “Jorden” skinless🤣🤣🤣 he was so scary when t.o called him🤣

    76. Timothy

      Man T.O music booty asf

    77. Josue

      T.O talk funny asf Nd gangsta asf Buh we all know he would get smoked by any 15 year old 😭😭 love him doe

      1. Namessjordan

        I’m 20

    78. Treat.

      Clearly DDG just can’t be alone

    79. Ree Mariee

      Kennedy dressed up to meet his mom 😍😌

    80. Louis Williams

      You must didn’t see what Rubi had on Kiara! Hint: Leeloo with the Orange Hair from the Movie “Fifth Element” 🤣

      1. Louis Williams

        Kiara Shanay 🤣 I’m saying! Did you finally see what she had on?

      2. Kiara Shanay

        Yooooooo !!!!😅😅😅

    81. Maurice Thompson

      ha ha keenedy

    82. Matthew Richardson

      no they acting fake ppl just think she a..................

    83. K-L

      Just don’t worry about ddg if you don’t agree with what he does with HIS OWN LIFE!! Leave him alone, he’s grown💯 just let him learn when he needs to and be happy

    84. Che Brathwaite

      T.O a cornball tryna fit in😂

    85. M PJ

      Y’all was dogging our German girl for acting shy but When Rubi act shy she cool now y’all kill me

      1. Kiara Shanay

        We did no such thing. Maybe the comments section was though. They got a mind of their own. 😂😂😂

    86. VibeWithNaj

      The clown sent me because I was thinking the same thing

    87. Haeraid AEK

      Juice wrld once said “if rappers gotta watch what we say what’s the point of it” some of y’all are just to sensitive

    88. Tee Tee

      It was RR outfit. I don’t think you wear that to meet someone’s momma, but hey she’s gotta be herself at all times

    89. Jeremiah Ward

      On da guys once u support somebody u get hate comments cause u happy for someone else in there relationship fake fan love is real💯👹

      1. King Cash

        Mannn 💯💯

      2. F K

        this is the realest comment ive seen all day if they were a true ddg fan for years they would respect him and his lifestyle

    90. Squirt Tez

      Silly TO need to sit his azz all the way tf down 😂💯 tbh silly TO and Dub be acting like they better than ppl when they got handed 100k sub pages by DDG and he doesn't even brag or acts like he better than nobody... Shii crazy

    91. Bag Chaser !!

      Jordan smart he about to get in his bag

      1. Kiara Shanay

        Facts. He know they on lockdown in both their cities so they not about to meet up. 😂🍾

    92. Bag Chaser !!

      I feel like rubi rose put that sexy freaky persona on simply to sell she smart she’s in her bag gotta respected that but she really probably a nice girl but knows what sells so she use that I like her happy for DDG/ The goat 💯

    93. O K

      Rage went dummy at the wedding Shaved his beard and every thing

    94. Edward K Alfred Sr

      T.O still shouldn’t be about shooting a gun or talking about someone still in his room. When T.O. Just got out his moms home and friends house room. It’s never that serious to talk killing

    95. Oakland made mohammed


    96. deyluhraee

      im so happy for Danielle and donati😛


      DDG in it for yet another L, I give them a year.

    98. Vae Mohe

      Who TF is t.o.

    99. 4k Studios

      TO know he not bout it😂

    100. 4k Studios

      So Rubi gon act like she shy and shit so DDG fans could like her😂😂No she still left DDG for Tjay and DDG still took her back like a bitch.And watch how she act on Lala vlog😂Totally different.But DDG know his fans don’t like her so he gon make her seem like a nice shy person.😭That’s Bullshit😂