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    0:00 - Intro
    0:15 - Rubi Rose Says She Is Single
    5:01 - Mcqueen VS Miky

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    1. Kiara Shanay

      My intro/outro song 🎶

      1. Kiara Shanay

        Mbasa Banzi whoops

      2. Mbasa Banzi

        Eyy you did not have a spam da chat 😔

    2. 1 Subscriber by 2021 please?

      Read the bible get in touch with god big changes are happening and some people are distracting you from the real world “get woke” , “stay woke” much love💕

    3. Bag Chaser !!

      Miky speaking facts doe I don’t like fredo and his homies but I don’t like McQueen ether but he telling the truth

    4. MYSTERY_3

      Clickbait it’s no new tea

    5. Earl Cabbel

      You’re so right about not beefing with a comedian. I remember growing up in Brooklyn how the neighbor clown would embarrass all comers during arguments. It was an humiliating to all of us on the receiving end of his funny verbal insults.

    6. edot

      Miky look like shrek ugly ah boy

    7. La Cassie

      That smile to me look like some petty “I see you” talking bout get head & bread just to leave lol 🤷🏾‍♀️

    8. Ricky P

      DDg lame asf he needs to go back to Kennedy because Rubi all for money & the streets...Kennedy was wayyyyy loyal 🤷🏾‍♂️

    9. L Nixon

      Fredo trolls so he shouldn't be sensitive come on now!

    10. Setera Lockley

      First of all, why Mikey talk like that?? Lol

    11. Suava jac

      Fredo do got yes men

    12. Brandon Wilder

      He a grown ass man he can do what da he'll he wanna do damn!

    13. Taylor Squad

      No it wasn’t that live, it was the live about Ashley Ortega

    14. Drea

      Skully gang and D’Angelo Russell both need therapy

    15. Jasmine Mccone


    16. Jashaun Harris

      It’s the last part fa me

    17. Ismael Granillo

      Ddg fucking lala

      1. I want to tell you:

        Sym Taylor at the end of the day it his decisions so if he gets fucked over cuz of it it’s all on him

      2. Sym Taylor

        @I want to tell you: Men like a challenge, he change it up a little. Grils like Kennedy didn't work either so, he wanted something different. It's his choice, boy getting them feets done at the moment. 😂😂😂

      3. I want to tell you:

        Sym Taylor “she needs to be put in her place” he should leave those type of women alone they won’t do him no good

      4. Sym Taylor

        @I want to tell you: I want say he a "simp" but he just don't know how to handle certain situation. Especially with a girl like Rubi, she needs to be put on her place every now/again.

      5. I want to tell you:

        Sym Taylor yup rubi is the type to take advantage of simp DDG it is what it is tho

    18. Boards Lmao


    19. Money Mario

      Miky is right nbs ‼️

    20. Strayaa Onee💜💚


    21. kxng Lyrics

      McQueen don't care he says whatever 😂


      Miky one ugly fat fridge protector

    23. CINCO

      Here comes D’Angelo with his 20 DDG hate comments

    24. Renay Phillips

      No prettyboy got mad because he was losing

    25. T sin

      Stop connecting rubi with a KGup rapper

    26. Mo_ Beezes

      Clearly fredo ain’t feeding you right tubby “💀 McQueen funny asf 🤣

    27. SavageBeauty Ways

      Naw i think McQueen n dgg fell off cause McQueen isn't a yes man

      1. antoine higgins

        That's the truth

    28. Ashley York

      Kiara, Fredo been said McQueen was the problem that day. It was never about DDG at first.

    29. K love

      McQueen is funny I like him he wear his feelings on his sleeve

    30. K love

      I think ddg and rubi will try to keep they relationship private but they still talk but ddg can't have his fans bashing her for no reason so they will keep it private

      1. Elijah Ussery

        I think they still together

    31. Gaming With Dee

      Ddg dumb as hell

    32. Gaming With Dee

      DDG is a super simp

    33. Simone Addo

      These comments sound salty af. Ddg done a lot for KGup and us this man used to be uploading 3 videos a day never taking breaks and now he wanna chase his dream and y’all mad for what. Niggas always gonna say you changed when you tryna level up. Ddg and Rubi is none of our business hé a grown mans whatever he wanna put his dick in should not concern u.

    34. Jezinho

      McQueen ain’t lying tho, all of fredos guys are yes men🤷🏾‍♂️

    35. Lion Ent.

      DDG is a fucking lil boy am done watching this shit


      DDG and Lala would make a cute couple💯🤷🏽‍♂️


        @K love no wonder he left youtube

      2. K love

        Ddg and Tiana would have made a good couple but the internet mess that up too


      I mean No Offense But rubi gon never be in a relationship cause she belongs to the Universe

    38. Ryan Callender

      Change the intro song pls

    39. Riley Smith046

      How do I upgrade my membership

      1. Kiara Shanay

        Level that thang up, lol

    40. Laker Ludz

      DDG a simp

    41. Shane Guappo

      You wrong.... at the end of pbf and Ashley Ortega live stream he called miky and McQueen was calling him a yes man then when fredo called miky after Ashley hung up

    42. Miss K

      McQueen always been a hater! Was always hating on DDG no Cap 🧢

    43. Mati ‘Twas

      Who cares FUCK FREDO

    44. KountryboySave

      Mikey lying bro if u watch that game and if u watch every other game they put camera in everybody face it’s called being camera man😂😂

    45. Smash Coconut

      McQueen annoying as hell da nigga voice even annoying

    46. Major

      I feel This man DDG just be spending on the drip and chains coz in his mind that’s what rappers do.. it’s sad really. He should listen to So gazer gazer


      Thank you for starting with ddg

    48. Rommie Brown

      It really do be the voice, Rubi has a dope voice for rap I can't lie. Honestly that's what turn me off from a lot of female and foreign rappers, the voice or accent man lol I just can't stand it sometimes lol

    49. Made in NoLa

      Still wanna know where this energy was when ddg bitch him during the 1v1

    50. Shuana Joliee

      Fredo been said McQueen instigated his basketball game with DDG which is why they were beefing.

    51. chris blount

      how that miky dude gonna get mad bc mcqueen said the truth 😂😂

    52. king breezii__

      This niggas spiritually broken 😂😂

    53. Kay funmi

      Why was Kennedy touching McQueen chest n body like that

      1. Elijah Ussery

        Kay funmi thanks

      2. Kay funmi


      3. Elijah Ussery

        Time stamp?

    54. Rosemarie Hood

      Miky calling out McQueen for making a vid with Kennedy when fredo made one with both Ddg xs. My point, if it's wing for one its setting for all.

    55. Runitup Mo

      How u edit yo videos

    56. BallOutJ

      miky ugly as heck 😂😂😂

    57. YoBoy SPADE

      DDG will be back soon...

    58. TheRealElite

      Bruh ceomikey is a yes man he kept calling him a old man when him and fredo the same age

    59. Toph Love


    60. Crxzyz

      All I see is diangelo Russell and skully gang at this point this there comment section lol

      1. Olando Davies


    61. YoBoy SPADE

      Fredo was clearly fouling DDG the whooole game....

    62. YoBoy SPADE

      That's not the reason why DDG doesn't like Fredo. McQueen might be keeping it up by reacting to Fredo but he's NOT the reason. DDG had beef strictly from the basketball game. I think they may have played twice but it's from the game/s....

      1. YoBoy SPADE

        @Feyi Diya Right!

      2. Feyi Diya

        Ddg beefed with fredo because fredo was playing like a child but fredo got mad because McQueen kept the camera in his face

    63. Bel Amour

      Lemme find out D'Angelo Russell is really Kennedy on here trolling 😂

      1. Nasha Jlw


    64. Chikeziri Amadi

      DDG slowly not becoming my favorite KGupr no more. Like these KGuprs are losing themselves

      1. Kay funmi

        The Chosen one Every single person I know who smokes weed starts behaving very sluggish and weird.

      2. The Chosen one

        Kay funmi weed ain’t got nothing to do with it lmao 😂

      3. John Stegall jr

        @Kay funmi he needs to stop smoking and start working out because back in 2017 he was really buff

      4. Kay funmi

        It’s the weed.

      5. John Stegall jr

        Same I use to be excited to watch him now he is taking a break and in a hole lot of drama

    65. Reaching Full Potential

      Internet famous dudes sensitive af and act like women. 🤦‍♂️

    66. Craig Thomas

      The reason McQueen did the video with Kennedy is because Mcqueens ex Paula was in DDG's Run It Up video and McQueen got in his feelings and call himself trying to get back at DDG

      1. STACIE

        He is so young minded

      2. F.T.S Goldtron

        Alright they cool now who cares

    67. YoBoy SPADE

      They still together....

      1. YoBoy SPADE

        You have to pay attention to EVERYTHING! You have to pay attention to what the KGupr's LIKE and what they will do to throw the audience off. I mean, the relationship her and him is only TEMPORARY but they ain't stop talking yet...

      2. jim blaze

        How u know?

    68. D.wavy tv

      He hurt because mcqueen right everbody around fredo yes man

    69. Ashley York

      One of these days, Kennedy is going to go tf off..

      1. Ashley York

        @Bigboss 90 It's everyone connected to DDG though. DDG told a fan today that if they get a certain number of likes, he was going to shoot a music video for Toxic.

      2. YoBoy SPADE

        That would be soooo CUTE! 🤣

    70. hamilton

      Well ddg said they did develop a friendship

    71. TikTok Thots

      Lol ddg reposted it because the video that rubi posted was shade towards him... in the caption she put get that bread get that head then leave

      1. K love

        That was the name of the song and it wasn't her song or edit


      Lmao “ ship him a burger “ 😂😂😂😂

    73. Brandon Hunter

      Great video Love your energy I can feel your positive vibes in your voice much love ☺️

    74. By the Seaside

      A lot of theorist in the comments lol

    75. Aaliyah Williams

      I be so ready to go to war for Ddg 😂😂 like ion care if he in the wrong ☺️ that’s what real supporters do 😉

      1. 4k Studios

        Yea but when he doing bad and you keep agreeing with him then your supposed to tell him about it.YOUR A YES MEN😂😂😂If he said he would jump off a cliff you would support him and say yes

      2. Laker Ludz

        Y’all sound so stupid on the internet..the nigga don’t know yo ass smh

      3. NequaOfficial

        Y’all be sounding so damn dumb geesssh

      4. No name

        Does he even know you? Or even care to get to know you? That’s cray cray.

      5. kei bai

        Go to war for a nigga you dont know You better be 12.

    76. m !

      mcqueen is funny asfk

      1. VonnyTrippin


      2. m !

        Angie Ussery yes tf he is

      3. Elijah Ussery

        m ! No tf he’s not

      4. m !

        Flight's Hitman yes tf he is

      5. Stop The Cap

        No tf he not

    77. Tae074

      U finely started the video with them two🔥

    78. Lea Jon

      D’angelo and Skully need to be blocked I’m so sick of them, it really makes no sense to comment this much under one post! They’re ridiculous and annoying af!

      1. Dirtbag Squad

        Canceling me lol 😂 ddg 🦆 riders

      2. Ann Chege

        @Lea Jon that's why her views go up coz of them money in other words can't block them coz some of u feel irritated 😂

      3. Clee D

        Lol they don’t even make sense

      4. Lea Jon

        ZiNeck TV it’s not that damn much to talk about that 99.9 % of the comments are from them tf they are to invested especially D’angelo weird ass , don’t nobody OD In the comment section more than him!! And only 🤡 is you for defending this mess 🗑

      5. ZiNeck TV

        Clown its a comment section on a Video. There is a lot to talk abt

    79. Era X

      Read the bible get in touch with god big changes are happening and some people are distracting you from the real world “get woke” , “stay woke” much love💕

      1. sayoksis


      2. Patrick Da don


    80. Flemingo

      Yall know mcqueen onlyfans got exposed

    81. Smh

      Kiara block d’angelo & skully gang they annoying af

      1. Elijah Ussery

        Only d’angelo skulls fine

      2. Jaybrezzo

        Ann Chege ok and? It’s two less views, wouldn’t make a change at all...


        Nah bruh they funny as hell

      4. Ann Chege

        U do know they give her views n comment n that's money in her pocket ...u kids are so ridiculous

      5. Lea Jon

        Yes please do, they’re beyond irking at this point

    82. Ceejay

      Lmao McQueen is a tripppppp

    83. JhitGoated

      It was when he was reacting to Ashley Ortega and Fredo on live and after it was over Fredo put Miky on the live for a vouch

    84. Tooskijay Feg

      You make the best video

    85. Davyona Beatty

      It's you tryna to take @forever ki3rra's intro saying🤔🤔😂

      1. life with morra

        U watch her too

    86. dagreatmclovin

      I still don't understand why DDG cuffed her. Her image is bad on some thot sh** then his homeboy lil TJ smuts her out and this dude DDG turns around and puts her on camera to his audience after n***@$ know she's a good digger. I like DDG put he is a groupie for IG famous girls.

      1. antoine higgins

        She barely post

      2. antoine higgins

        @dagreatmclovin facts Savannah lit

      3. dagreatmclovin

        @antoine higgins tianna was with him for clout too but I feel like she wouldn't be toxic in a relationship though. German girl was a cute low-key girl that would've been good for him.

      4. antoine higgins

        @dagreatmclovin he wants thots nowadays... Tiana or Savannah would've been cool for him

      5. dagreatmclovin

        He's gonna have to get a female that doesn't know who he is because I believe his ex ( the one who's name starts with a K.) chose up on him because he was already established virally so it was easy for her to say, "Ok I'll entertain it."

    87. Me Mine

      Kiara research so trash lol, Miky was the reason the Ashley Ortega argument the full live

      1. Feyi Diya

        Kiara Shanay he was the reason because he was on live earlier talking about the situation Nd added a bunch of other things that made Ashley to come out and clear the air

      2. Shanida 777

        Kiara Shanay that’s not cap. Miky is the reason the argument started with Ashley.

      3. MALIK

        f k fr 😂😂

      4. F K

        @Kiara Shanay i dont blame you all your research comes from your fans

      5. Kiara Shanay

        Me Mine 🧢

    88. Evie

      McQueen wack periodt 😴

    89. jasmine mitchell

      ❤ Hey you, Jesus loves you ❤ You deserve to be happy ❤ You deserve to be free, mentally, physicslly, emotionally, spiritually ❤ Jesus Christ died so you could be ❤ Here because of Jesus Christ for you ❤ Happiness is yours ❤ Go talk to him ❤

    90. Day As Qay

      I believe DDG has to be apart of the issue in his relationships, cause this shit is going just like his relationship with Kennedy

    91. Dirtbag Squad

      Rubi said she got out of a toxic relationship when she’s and ddg toxic clout demons lol.

      1. Elijah Ussery

        Jasalia Ale'maahh nigga I also a want too know what you said before

      2. Jasalia Ale'maahh

        John Doe the reason I said that I cause of the way they was acting they was trying so hard to let people know they was together. They also both drop singles🤔🤔🙄

      3. John Doe

        Jasalia Ale'maahh I don’t think it was for clout but I do agree ppl use toxic loosely they don’t know what an actual toxic relationship is

      4. Jasalia Ale'maahh

        Angie Ussery no they wasn’t it was for CLOUT!!! She and him never really dated y’all stupid y’all gonna be looking dumb when she admits that it was for clout if she ever gets bigger as a artist 🙄🙄🙄

      5. Elijah Ussery

        Jasalia Ale'maahh they where together and what the fuck did you say before

    92. Ashley Oliver

      Weird assumption. McQueen told a story a long time ago that the first time they all went to Hawaii Kennedy was the one who held the group together. The first night they all had to share a room, he said Kennedy was the one who designated a space on the bed so everyone could sleep for the night. McQueen was Kennedy’s friend boyfriend/lover. Everyone knows Kennedy has male friends, she is comfortable around her friends without crossing that line.

      1. Go_Smd

        Exactly these people dumb in the comments thinking McQueen & kennedy smashed. They really stupid

    93. Dirtbag Squad

      Who think d angel comments waaaaay too much lol 😂

      1. Elijah Ussery

        Your a little better than him but your still weird and needs a life

      2. Brendin Taylor

        You guys some trolls🤣

      3. Smh

        Both of you guys do

      4. Isa Elric

        Like you're any better😂

      5. Makayla Baptiste

        Not he alone u too idiot

    94. Saymya Love

      Scrolling thou the comments and all I see is...u know like damn give somebody else a chance🤦🏽‍♀️

      1. Smh

        Can kiara just block them, they annoying af

    95. Dion Harris

      This nigga d’angelo a menace

    96. Daboiii

      McQueen a snake🤦🏽‍♂️

    97. leurys polanco jr.

      I cant take miky serious that nigga has boobs 🤣🤣

    98. Bill Anon

      Kennedy inserted herself in McQueen's video.

      1. Ashley York

        @Bill Anon You idiot, you don't think they discussed the prank beforehand? McQueen asked her to do that & I'm pretty sure Kennedy didn't see a problem with helping him with a video. DDG wasn't even mad about the video ..he was mad about the thumbnail & title.

      2. Bill Anon

        @Ashley York I saw that video. McQueen was doing his little prank on the girls on the beach when Kennedy came over to him and pulled him away from those girls saying something like he was her man (I don't remember the exact quote), but that was the first time she appeared in the video. She obviously wanted to get back at DDG, and she used McQueen to do it.

      3. Ashley York

        @Bigboss 90 McQueen was definitely being shady towards DDG.. he just don't want to admit it. DDG was in Miami around the same time but McQueen chose to hang out with Kennedy, Abby and Nyree. Also, McQueen didn't have to put Kennedy in the thumbnail and use that title but he did.

      4. Ashley York

        @Bigboss 90 Idiot he filmed the whole thing!

      5. Ashley York

        He told her to get in the video

    99. Sym Taylor

      Rubi been minding her own business, leave sis alone. Whatever she and DDG got going is on them. He was acting childish with her so, I understand why she said what she said. Plus I don't think McQueen and Kennedy did anything wrong. That situation was all DDG fault.

      1. Elijah Ussery


      2. Sur Rotten

        @Sym Taylor also how my mom come up in this 🤣

      3. Sur Rotten

        @Sym Taylor lool 😂

      4. Feyi Diya

        McQueen kept Kennedy as a thumbnail of do u want to bang, of course u would be mad

      5. Trey Pannell

        @Sym Taylor I mean she did play him in the beginning saying she don't date young guys but then she got exposed all of a sudden she all up in ddg face

    100. Dirtbag Squad

      Kennedy was rubbing on McQueen chest and everything.

      1. Go_Smd

        Flight's Hitman as many times of people making false theories .

      2. Stop The Cap

        @Go_Smd how many times are you gonna defend Kennedy

      3. Laray Hutton

        @Legend Ary how is he a simp? She she just a dumb broad

      4. Legend Ary

        @Smh Lil T Jay smashed Rubi and made fun of her all over the internet but he still took her back. He a certified simp

      5. Smh

        Joe Stuehmer but you really think kennedy would allowed McQueen to smash? I don’t think kennedy would mess with ddg ex best friend & Wasn’t McQueen dating Kennedy’s ex friend.