Kiara Shanay

28 миӊ. көрүүлөр6

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    OUTRO SONG: Rob Allen “Where Do We Go”
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    0:00 - Intro
    0:43 - Fredo Clowning CJ
    6:33 - Lala Rockin Tjay's Chain

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    1. Kiara Shanay

      Hit the subscribe button and “like” the video if you enjoyed it 😁 Thanks 👉🏾👈🏾

      1. Devine Feminine

        Kiara Shanay 💕💕💕

      2. Rahshaan Muhammad

        @Kiara Shanay you welcome Kiara. Your appreciated also, keep doing what you do, Sub for life right here 💯✌🏾.

      3. Kiara Shanay

        Rahshaan Muhammad yessir! We appreciate ya’ll 🤞🏾

      4. Kiara Shanay

        Devine Feminine here’s the link to my outro:

      5. Rahshaan Muhammad

        @Devine Feminine that's probably why she got it at the end, she want that ending finishing hard.

    2. yo

      cool content!

    3. Brittany

      Lala most likely jealous of Rubi

      1. Brittany

        0nly. Bhadbby Nah Rubi is actually very smart she’s just trying to find balance

      2. 0nly. Bhadbby

        No she not , Rubi a dummy regardless

    4. Kaelin Jerrick

      That's that act so innocent 🤣🤣

    5. Samuel Ibegbulam

      U lot said lala innocent 😂😂

    6. MzBrown

      maybe lala is becoming an artist

    7. Chris H

      Everything about Fredo says “I like men”


      Nah the other day I followed cj so cool on Twitter & 10mins later he followed me back and just after the cheating drama he unfollowed me or sum 🤷‍♂️

    9. Nathan Slagter

      Fredo is a lame ass nigga. He talks all this shit and then be a bitch when they come on live

    10. Matthew Richardson

      Lala said she has been single and she said she wanted someone so

    11. Chicho Johnson

      Lala and rubi starting to be 4 the streets!The The jump off squad gang gang!

    12. Lone Wolf

      And I keep trying to fight these feelings where do we go wait a minute why the hell is Lala doing this bipolar fredo in the building

    13. The King

      nle the top shotta💙

    14. Ysl Jae

      Rubi and lala been for the skreetsss

    15. delyana

      how is lala gonna mess with tjay even after he messed with rubi ? ... man this jus crazy

    16. Cynthia Valladares

      I’m sorry but that intro song champ pls use another song but I love your videos

    17. Tisch Tay.

      Lala would not do that to Rubi! Y’all need to chillllll

    18. Brunella Karara

      Lol he can't even treat Jasmine right now he wants Royalty, guys be dumb sometimes

    19. Random Empire

      He talking about CJ baby mama, but Fredo keep disrespecting Jasmine like what??

    20. Doovey

      Or maybe she fw one of his friends? DID THAT COME TO YOUR HEAD

    21. Tayja J

      Or maybe she’s talking to one of his friends?? I don’t see her talking to tjay knowing her friend did she don’t seem like that

    22. Melly Rara

      😂 Yall act like yall know rubi dated Lil tjay who told yall that shit

    23. Sauce Twin

      Tjay jus want all da girls around ddg he even tried Kennedy

      1. 999. socks

        they friends too

    24. Farel Martin

      fredo one hating ass nigga

    25. John Wall

      Rubi is prolly talking to him and she's in the cut while lala is wearing the chain cuz thy all friends maybe

    26. sugagal1987

      It could be Rubi's chain

    27. Devine Feminine

      Kiara or some body... can y’all tell me who raps the song at the end of the video ....please

      1. Jahdai Porter

        Can you tell me the song in the intro plz

      2. Devine Feminine

        Thank you girl 💕

      3. Kiara Shanay

    28. ax ax

      Fredo is like a child he reacts to people stuff disses people saying he on that “demon time” then they confront him and he acts the victim

    29. Bitch_ U_Gay

      Royalty wouldve left a long time ago if cj ain't have all that money

    30. Gina LV

      Pussyboy Fredo Talks Shit until he's confronted, like Dub did 🤪🤪🤪

    31. Infamous Yella

      He was engaged to jasmine cheated and exposed her number could have put her in danger og’s remember to when jasmine said Ashley Ortega was one of her fav youtubers and you slept with her embarrassing

      1. Infamous Yella

        Kiara Shanay ☕️

      2. Kiara Shanay

        Dang 🥴🥴

    32. yNaiPerir Tv

      Fredo So Pus** it don’t make no sense. I hope somebody beat the life outta his scary self. (Ex

    33. Chris Wright

      Who the fuck Is Fredo to talk about another dude cheating !! And where the fuck was his Demon time when Dub was talking shit on ig

    34. Truth Serum

      Fredo is lying about CJ likes not being equivalent to his followers means he puchased followers. And his little fan hang on to his every word.

      1. Bootybandit

        U just a fan lol

    35. corey gaming

      Rub is for the street 💯💯

    36. corey gaming

      Lala for the street

    37. Laquisha young

      Imo it’s a reach, maybe it’s for a music video, or one of his homies, yeah Lala ain’t all innocent but she wouldn’t stoop that low like cmon it’s fucking Lala 😂😩 she don’t have the balls to do that

    38. Tray Little

      7:43 what language they speaking?🤣

    39. shannon h

      please tell me Lala isn't that petty there has to be some other explanation. But I wouldn't be surprised because she's right back under Kennedy's pics again that's weird af to me. I get that they met before but how would you feel if your best friend was under your man's ex girlfriend's pics? ddg's face when she brought up Kennedy in the video she just posted says it all Lala is the last person lil tjay followed and he's the last person she followed i'm just saying this seems very fishy but clearly Rubi doesn't care so eh

    40. Spritual Ant

      He cheated once but yea he a hypocrite

    41. Mcqueen Hardest Nigga In L.A

      LaLa is for the streets she's just knows how to blend in. All these millionaire boyfriends she's had who had baby mommas.. Dated a 30 year old baseball player with kids.. She was in a relationship but was on youtube posing damn near naked infront of DDG... Speaking of DDG you'd swear Lala is the only zooted member he signed.. I swear she's the only one he promotes to this day & I wonder why lol. Shit is crazy

      1. Quazy Got Bangers

        That's big cap.Seven gets the most attention.

      2. Domi Alexus

        Doing a try on haul doesn’t make her for the streets. You have little kid mindset.

      3. yb kid

        Hes been promoting autumn and seven sometime

    42. Katsiyah Colessa

      Everytime frado wanna bash someone he come out talking about he's on demon time

    43. Alonzo

      Fredo is so stupid bruh

    44. Felicia Garrett

      proud of her i actually know her great person

    45. go trazzy

      Kiara must not know fredo like we do

    46. Bethannie Shields

      Maybe she buy one for herself 🤔

      1. Eddie Marx

        @Bethannie Shields So why you say it dumbass.

      2. Bethannie Shields

        @Jay Slapit I don't know

      3. Jay Slapit

        @Bethannie Shields why would lala buy herself a trench kid chain that’s lil tjay brand

      4. Bethannie Shields

        @Noaha TBG24K dumb ass am talking about lala

      5. Noaha TBG24K

        Cap ur really dumb jasmine we’ll never and plus don’t want to get Royalty mad again😂😂. Jasmine smarter that





    49. blessing nzerem

      Fredo copied ddg talkin bout some she not my type but I’ll treat her good ole copying ass💀

    50. scottlo211

      Whaaaaaat?!?! No DDG news. I almost passed out lol.

      1. Kaila Moore

        BOOKDEX but her main focus is ddg so this is kind of a shocker

      2. BOOKDEX

        still ddg cause lala is zooted which is ddg so yea

    51. That_Guy_ Milly

      It depends on how many trench kid chains tJ gives he’s niggas. Maybe she mess with a dude in his camp that got a chain?

    52. AIBeenThuggin38

      Or maybe she fw his homie 😂😂😂

    53. Pretty Ciaaa

      She can’t be with lil tjay that’s rubi ex

    54. Crown Ether

      Lala and lil Tjay would be a cute couple though

      1. KingLo

        REDRUM OFFICIAL exactly wtf


        U trippin 😭🤦🏽‍♂️ I couldn’t even imagine them being any type of couple 🤦🏽‍♂️🤣

    55. Jaiani Hammons04

      What yg. Video has she been in

    56. Tristan Morales

      these girls don't realize they look like robots twisting their necks back and forth in front a camera. Damn jetsons

    57. Iso ‘

      damn lala that’s dirty asf 😂

    58. Flyku & Princess Gloria

      You always keep us updated !

    59. Naira Gatsby

      Lala and Rubi must have a weird friendship smh

      1. TikTok Thots


    60. WoahTerence Reacts

      Fredo tryna be like DDG when DDG tweet about his babymama jasmine

      1. Quazy Got Bangers

        @Nick B Damn what that nigga do to u lol relax

      2. WoahTerence Reacts

        Nick Gad you must not know or seen ddg tweet about fredo babymama ddg was saying that now fredo saying the same thing plus ddg is living rent free in fredo head rn dummy

      3. Nick B

        Nobody wants to be like ddg common who tf is ddg for Fredo wanting to be like

    61. wheww chileYouStooopid

      Rubi had him first and they homegirls smh no respect for themselves flat chested ass

    62. Raya Too Lit

      Y’all surprised at lala?😂😂😂 I’m not she did say she would smash playboicarti in a video

      1. Raya Too Lit

        droid Astros Rt that’s weird


      if lala dating lil tjay that's just nasty af because he used to date rubi if thats what they do where's the girl code like wtf

      1. ashley rodriguez

        i think they both dated playboi carti too 😺

    64. Skip McNeil

      When a man begs for a ass whooping eventually hell get one freado time has come.

    65. Aaliyah Williams

      Bro not lala 😂😂😂

    66. Jai A.

      Wen i get rich i promise to buy kiara a mic n donate all that saliva to science 🤣🙏

      1. Kiara Shanay

        😂 😂

    67. Only1Doobie

      She probably boutta be in one of his videos

    68. SouthfieldMadeJd

      Lala getting passed

    69. CTM Plug

      Fredo is going to end up ruining his image and career and eventually fall off bad .

      1. Bootybandit

        Boi hell naw it ain’t workin if he still got attention

      2. Rayshawn Ward

        Already in the making 💪🏽

    70. Sym Taylor

      Fredo a clown worrying about what cj doing with his girl when he did the same to jasmine. No idt lala and tjay have something, I think tjay will use her to help him get back with Rubi tho. Lala a lame since she the one that hook DDG up with Rubi.

      1. Jay Slapit

        @Sym Taylor she used a filter so it made the chain look like a different colour

      2. Sym Taylor

        @Jay Slapit Its two diffrent chain. Tjay one is white/yellow gold diamond. While the one lala have on is just white diamond

      3. Jay Slapit

        I’m not sure about that theory because If that’s the case why would she be wearing his chain proudly

    71. CTM Plug

      Fredo is just all talk , he will never fight CJ so cool or DDG . Ddg already said pull up to Cali and fight him and Fredo said “ I have no beef with you , I wish the best for you “ , the only way he’ll probally fight ddg is if he pulls up to Cali for business or something and ddg sees him by accident then it’s on sight . And he was trying to clown CJ so cool for copying him and being jealous of him but he never brought up addy’s or anything he was just talking about him 😂 💀.

    72. Joshua Hecharr00

      Fredo accusations of Cj buying IG followers makes no sense. Flight has less followers than Cj, Ddg, etc and gets more likes than every big black KGupr but has less followers than most. Likes/followers just depends on loyal fans

      1. PlainJane Dough

        This is facts. Engagement comes from consistency & content. I have hella followers, and my engagement was up when I was consistent. I lost my engagement after I got of IG for a while 🤷🏽‍♀️💯 it happens.

      2. Joshua Hecharr00

        @Jay Slapit right, some people have great engagement 😂🤷🏽‍♂️

      3. Jay Slapit

        @Joshua Hecharr00 Yh it depends on ur engagement

      4. Joshua Hecharr00

        Flight has 2.2Mill followers and averages over 600k likes, Fredo has almost 2mill followers and averages 200k likes

    73. Dorian _hunt2007

      Dang lala Noti gang

    74. Only1Doobie

      Fredo broke up with jasmine tho an she wanted to stay it’s the same but different at the same time

    75. CTM Plug

      Fredo wasn’t even making sense with the whole “ Cj so cool buys followers “ . Cj so cool doesn’t buy followers he just has bad engagement. Thats like me saying Fredo has almost 7 million subscribers and he gets 1 million views a video so he buys subscribers because he doesn’t get the same views as his subscribers , ( NO ) there’s no youtubers out there that have 100% engagement that’s just impossible .

      1. Blue Dexx

        Facts, same with pewdiepie

      2. Truth Serum


    76. Hoodie Mask

      I wouldn’t be surprised the prettiest females (in the industry) be the most messy...🤷🏾‍♂️

      1. Nemesha Smith

        Its like high-school... think of the world like a giant high-school... its like we will never leave!! And I couldn't wait to lol im on the wrong planet

      2. Rashad Cornileus

        Sad that they like these type niggas

      3. Jay Slapit

        @Tee Jay youtuber and a ig influencer

      4. Tee Jay

        for a living

      5. Tee Jay

        what lala do

    77. Jay Slapit

      Damn these girls got no morals how lala gonna mess wid lil tjay after everything that happened wid rubi that’s supposed to be her best friend

      1. PlainJane Dough

        This was my exact thought. This can’t be true 🤦🏽‍♀️💯

    78. Dirtbag Squad

      A rich black man hating on another black rich man that’s crazy .

      1. JustLikeFazzo

        criptik Jigglypuff rich white ppl help each other, we just bring down ppl

      2. criptik Jigglypuff

        So what jus cause there black they have to love each other

      3. Trill Ink Tattoos

        fr, fredo dont wanna see nobody win but himself, that hatred something he needs to fix within.

    79. Dirtbag Squad

      Bipolar fredo in the building

    80. Dirtbag Squad

      Fredo if u can’t keep your baby mother, what make u think u can treat a women with 6 kids good.

    81. Dirtbag Squad

      Fredo really disrespecting cj like that, cj don’t even diss this fool fredo. Clout chasing fredo.

    82. Jay Slapit

      Why Fredo acting like he never cheated on his bm



    83. Kid Ink_-

      New eater elert

    84. Dirtbag Squad

      People dangelo Russell is gay, I found out last night from His sister, she told ,me and he’s Kennedy’s personal fan.

      1. akamouse100

        That nigga have to be gay frfr, only vids he comment on is DDG. Dude gets a hard on when he see DDG and go off lmao

      2. kylvn

        Dirtbag Squad that almost was funny man good try

      3. Justin Quick


      4. Dirtbag Squad

        kylvn as much time u mother give me head

      5. kylvn

        how many times you gon comment bruh

    85. Travis Ofori

      How did I comment before the video started

    86. Famous lives

      Hey kiaraaa🥺🌚

      1. Kiara Shanay

        Hey hey ❤️

    87. Jay Slapit

      Lala has been passed around by a lot of ppl she just not public about her relationship

      1. Kaila Moore

        Sym Taylor now I’m not saying that she hasn’t been passed around nor am I saying that she did, but how do y’all know?

      2. Kaila Moore

        Dirtbag Squad who did she mess with?

      3. XSG

        @Jay Slapit the quiet ones be the wildest, I know from my experience

      4. Joshua Everett

        Im not surprised. Like look who her bestfriend is 😂. Its a reason y they click

      5. Dirtbag Squad

        Dumb_ass Kennedy is a pass around too lol 😂

    88. keke Kong


    89. Dirtbag Squad

      Dangelo Russell, u see Kennedy with Her old friend djbj. Plus she’s going back to all her old friends now lol the ones that will kiss her ass. If Kennedy was real why she throw her old friends away? I wouldn’t

      1. Dirtbag Squad

        Ashley Oliver dummy if u knew she dash away her close friends then made an apology after her situationship didn’t work out. If u have family and friends willing to throw u away to be in a better position u fake.

      2. Ashley Oliver

        You don’t even know Kennedy’s friends, her real friends are not KGuprs so you are just lying. She is still friends with DJ but they stop following each other after he defended her and called DDG out. Kennedy knew BJ before DDG but he was wrong for speaking on her relationships even tho it was good intentions. You know nothing about Kennedy’s real friends so stop hating. Bj loves Kennedy, he won’t betray her.

      3. Go_Smd

        Dirtbag Squad How did I lose? but you the one who wrote a whole paragraph and then deleted it just cause I said I wouldn’t read it. 😂

      4. Dirtbag Squad

        Dumb_ass u lost

      5. Go_Smd

        Dirtbag Squad nigga I’m not gonna reading anything you say 😂. You typed a whole paragraph for what? Like I said you constantly mention her for no reason move on

    90. Jay Slapit

      Fredo talking about come fw a real nigga like he didn’t cheat on his bm

    91. Jay Slapit

      Fredo is a clown all he does is talk sh*t about ppl on ig live but never wants to fight

    92. Dirtbag Squad

      In today’s life ,ever boy men paying for th3 wap, u buying her lunch dinner or anything u paying.

    93. Dirtbag Squad

      Cj so cool should dm fredo babu mother

    94. Dirtbag Squad

      I personally think cj will bang out fredo, why fredo in his business anyways? Clout chasing.

      1. Kboogie ひ

        Fredo want smoke on the Internet not in person💀

      2. orane ford

        No cap