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    1. Jess Bakre

      Let DDG be happy pls

    2. Jess Bakre

      Y’all don’t wanna see DDG happy

    3. Jordan Garcia

      Taking it easy on ddg. Bro is 23. He a old teenager frl

    4. BigBuzzGamer L

      go an listen to SMTHEWICKED

    5. Alisia Tores

      Ddg is very smart bro he can just fake a break up and get money off it this is how this youtoube sh is

    6. B.a.n Phanzo

      I don’t wanna hear no more news with DDG and Rubi news I’m done with them

      1. Marian Barker


    7. DeVante Lewis

      That white girl got a loooooong ass face 👀

    8. Ms Joseph

      At this point I’m starting to think DGG DONT RESPECT HISSELF AND HE LIKES THE TOXICITY 🥴🥴🥴🥴🤷🏾‍♀️ anyway do you boo but then again he still young

    9. Jay C

      Shorty must got tha WAP cuz dude goin out sad!

    10. Tramayne Harris

      DDG one of them guys he’s has to get in a relationship with anyone no matter how toxic it is he has to continue it but that’s bad tho smh she won’t never respect him as a man from what I’m seeing ...

    11. ZayDaGreat 2k

      Tiana can’t catch a break

    12. Chris H

      Cj so cool is all cap. He stable & got income so no court would keep him from his kids. If he can’t see them that’s his fault.

    13. Bc Dubb

      2020 simp reward goes to DDG🤡lol....bruh we all know rubi fine asf but damn her pu##y must be fantastic🤣🤣

    14. Mieyki K

      As of 11.9.2020 Queens has the #1 R&B album in the country and top 10 Billboard 200. People are such haters.

    15. Setera Lockley

      How could he ask so much of kennedy but let rubi do whatever....he didn't even like kennedy hanging out with her male friends but he allow rubi to be flirty with other men to his face...do stuff like be round her exes....I jus dunno bout ddg anymore

    16. Setera Lockley

      Rubi and ddg literally think they are in competition with eachother rap career wise... She literally told him he need to work on rapping lmao....

    17. 3428 HAVANA

      Tom Brady called Trump last night and said ST🛑P THE COUNT @ Halftime Saints 38 - Bucs 3⚜

    18. How too

      WTF Ddg I finna unfollow him on social media because they were just broken up talking bout they toxic and don't match and now they back together BACK TOGETHER i am done worrying bout them ddg is Kinda a Simp for Rubi but who didn't predict this honestly but Love your video sis you always got good juciy news

    19. Thatkidty

      I’m slowly losing some respect for him. But you can’t hate on DDG🤷🏾‍♂️

    20. Positiv Energi

      Ok know THEY JUST trolin omg HHAHAHA

    21. Unruly_Zay

      I feel like these celebs are still humans u cnt help who u fall inlove with shyt might be toxic but we just gotta let them find out on there own rubi might be for the streets but ddg found a few men's trash an turn it into his treasure .....G.V.O

      1. Unruly_Zay

        Ok fuck boy its a saying 'ones man trash is another man's treasure' an if u was intelligent enough u would know that so before come for me get ur shyt together dumb fuk

      2. Marian Barker

        Sad that you call her trash when you no absolutely noting about her personally just hear say pussy ass nigga

    22. Night Shift

      Nah dont what makes you happy.. do whats right. That relationship is weird

    23. Bob Mcgee

      why cant people be friends?

    24. Mrs Tee

      DDG, that woman is your karma, your poison, your criptonite. Wake up before it's to late.

    25. Dess

      Her album literally #1 on billboard R&B albums... far from flopped 😭

    26. Ozyon A.S.

      Don’t forget he said they’re just friends and if you see them hanging out it’s nothing if you see them hanging out with other people is not clear if that’s one of the only people who know that the party or at the basketball game I should say I’m gonna sit with that person you probably saw that person to

    27. KingLo

      DDG really a simp nigga made a whole video and said he moving on and still ain’t

      1. KingLo

        Marian Barker why do u care Lmaoo worry about you

      2. Marian Barker

        Why do you care. Worry bout you

    28. Jessii Lee

      Queen album was not good. That’s just my opinion. Also, she dropped an album on the same day as MY BITCH ARIANA GRANDE. Ariana album is wayy better.

    29. SheLuvsJohnny s


    30. Amel Marie

      LMAo if you ask Clarence it’s a lie I’m cryingggg I think he a cheater now

      1. Laray Hutton

        He try so hard to act like he ain't do nothing with nobody.

    31. life as germaine

      rubi n ddg weird ash, like wth are y’all.. together or not!!!

    32. Flacolivelife YT

      If he happy fucc it

    33. Massiah McGinty

      Stop calling people a simp for treating women with basic respect!

    34. Tyrone Jenkins

      I hate how some of y’all r all in this man relationship like let him be

    35. OG Marko

      It’s not a flop

    36. Keessythegod Moore

      Real ones already knew DDG soft ass was gone go back to Rubi lol 😂 he doesn’t know how to be alone

    37. lor Pete1

      NGL DDG STUPID 😂😂😂

    38. Designer the Don

      It still blows me them ceraadi girls are full blown trump supporters. Weird a55 mfs lol

    39. Mike Vids

      Rubi rose shit fireee😂🤣😂😂🤣😂🤣🤣

    40. Jonshe'A Clemons

      Shorty gotta be doing sun tricks onna kid or sum but broski stuck frfr and she is too🤣🤦🏾‍♂️

    41. Dc Ejay

      I'm getting tired of the ddg and rubi report move on to someone else please 😂😂😂😂

      1. Marian Barker


    42. T Mill

      Clarence looks uncomfortable in that picture. Queen album flopped? I thought albums were a flop when they didn’t crack the top 10. CJ SO Cool is childish for even putting that in a video about court. He be wanting ppl to see him as a good father so bad, like stop speaking on your child mother negatively over the internet knowing she will see it one day. Stop making videos about it knowing your child watches your videos.

    43. Butta Creamcake

      Clarence is a known liar! and Queen believe everything he tells her!

      1. Laray Hutton

        She a liar too tho

    44. Joslyn Coleman

      I see why Kennedy blocked him.. He childish.. I can only imagine the fights and petty arguments they get into.. Just to trash talk, and be BACK. Kennedy said “Aht, Aht.” Not this time. Smh lol. Ddg not a clown, this cat the whole circus.

      1. Joslyn Coleman

        @Marian Barker yet you took the time and replied to this PUBLIC post of my PUBLIC opinion. Shoo fly.

      2. Marian Barker

        Kennedy has nothing to do with this move along

    45. d v

      i'm actually here for ddg and rubi sorryyy

    46. John Aka

      Ddg is the biggest simp of 2020 but I feel him I was in his position I wouldn’t stop fucking rubi‼️😂😂😂

      1. Raymond Kimani

        He could always mess around with her, but not cuff, just saying

    47. miguel Cabrera

      Well ig toxic 2 might come out, might not, it's kinda scared🤭

    48. The Drip Kid

      DDG we couldn’t stop flight from being in his situation but we love you no homo that’s why we trynna help you my nigga you gotta be strong minded and leave Rubi alone my nigga she’s Gonna trap you my nigga LANET did the same thing to flight say you sorry ,say that she Ioves you , say they miss you etc. and reel you back in and then you gotta a baby with a demon. don’t do my nigga we love you no homo. Don’t make the same mistakes flight made.

    49. Bre 4L

      Wtf DDG😕

    50. yNaiPerir Tv

      Can we appreciate CJ So Cools skin care routine cuz it’s working

    51. stephanie49st

      Smh 2 ..Ddg..you should have stand your grounds but I understand.you just looking for true love and looking for someone to be loyal to you whatever happened between you and Kennedy would have been a perfect match but that's life you live you learn you still got time

      1. Marian Barker

        Worried bout another man relationship

    52. Seddy Reese

      Chiiiiiiiiiile, DDG and rubi 😱

    53. It's memecozzer

      Tbh i just want to hear their song together 🤔but ddg a damn clown out here..💀

    54. Random Empire

      To be honest, Rubi n DDG news is just annoying, hearing about those two is sad 😂😂😂😂😂😂 but I am here to support Kiara if it wasn't for her I'd have ignored this video.... Cos Rubi n DDG are kids.

      1. Marian Barker

        Kids that you watching move along oldie

    55. Anise Westbrook


    56. Ton.1k M

      Where the time stamps🤦🏾‍♂️

    57. Vergil Hutson

      Exactly. U be keeping it real. Funny ASF 😄

    58. Just Tay

      DDG is certified SIMP..... My nigga its to many females in the world to be simping over one

    59. FyeKidJay

      we done with that nigga ddg🤦🏽‍♂️

    60. Carlos Smith

      DDG gets back with Rubi and he’s already taking L’s He lost the crew league

    61. JasmineMarie

      I mean hey if ddg likes that toxic shit then 🤷🏾‍♀️ I definitely don’t support it but I support him I’m tired of seeing them break up and get back together tho he just needs to keep it off of the internet

    62. Emmanuel Appiah

      Now i believe people are rubbing rubi's hate on ddg. We seen ddg do about 5 we broke up vids when he was with kennedy and they got back everytime,people didn't diss ddg because they liked kennedy. If ddg got back with kennedy now it would be fine and no one will diss him.

    63. Kisha Sowell

      This Nikee girl needs to grow up, I never understand how some women keep their children away from active fathers. This only hurts the child in the end

    64. Ti'Ti Brown

      wtf is DDG doing 😭😭



    66. ThePickupbrothers

      that rubi cat must be fire :O

    67. K love

      I hope they work it out now that rubi stays in LA so now that they might have a real shot of being in a relationship ddg did say he loves rubi and rubi claim ddg as his husband so let's see if they communication gets better and they relationship gets more stable

      1. K love

        @John Stegall jr yes

      2. John Stegall jr

        @Marian Barker but did you see ddg and rubi post they were at the game together and sitting next to each other

      3. Marian Barker

        @John Stegall jr he did a interview and he said he single and not worried bout no relationship

      4. John Stegall jr

        @Marian Barker let's just see how this all plays out

      5. John Stegall jr

        @Marian Barker I already did

    68. Denise D. Stone

      I'm a fan of ddg regardless and will contine to be even if he's with rubi or not I just need him to drop the damn mixtape or give us a release date

    69. Micah Hill

      FUUUUUCCCK cmon Ddg stay strong

    70. PressureKid KE

      At this point ddg just be doing shit for content


      ddg aint no simp its call being a man. if rubi aint fucking another nigga while trying to get back with ddg then i would have done the same ddg doing. cheating is something i wont tolerate at all.

    72. Zyflucx

      Motherfukas that be #1 on other people Business need to get a life ddg is happy with rubi now who ever does like it can kiss my ass or rubis ass dang let them be happy

    73. KpTheG

      Rubi & DDG ain’t gone last. They average like 2-3 breakups a month. Time to hang it up or just don’t call it a relationship. Speaking from experience.....

    74. Rodney Kelly

      I dont fw ddg anymore since he became a simp i miss the old ddg

      1. Marian Barker


    75. Laquisha young

      I just feel like everybody need to get over ddg and Rubi being together at this point, maybe they are really feeling each other regardless of the toxicity, I don’t think it’s manipulation on rubis behalf because they both can get anybody they want and they choose to still fw each other regardless so obviously it’s something real there lowkey y’all have to admit whether y’all like it or not 🙄

    76. Baba Zuleh

      Who’s the guy wearing Blue with Rubi rose

      1. Designer the Don

        Her best male close family friend, she’s known him since Louisville, it’s like her brother

    77. Monique Sanders

      DDG skin just stared to clear up.. Anyways Queen's album is great and congratulations to her..

    78. Divine

      I just want to understand why rubi a nd ddg show the most random things as clues they're talking back up. like they must really be cheesing like I want the world to know (but they don't want to admit they want the worlds attention about their love).

    79. Charlene Coleman

      all of these ppl are all about their$$ so they can careless about what ya"ll say they are going to continue to do them and keep making their $$ any means necessary it is what it is 4reallllllllll no capppppp PERIODTTTTTT on that!

    80. Dana Williams

      I think Rubi Rose and DDG are a marketing relationship being forced and paid for by their labels

      1. Laay 2Federaal

        @D Price say it again for the people in the back

      2. D Price

        @Rashanda Hayes him and kennedy been broken up for almost a year now, that nigga is not trying to heal from nothing

      3. Rashanda Hayes

        You right Queen. Everybody know DDG in love with Kennedy. If Kennedy would of wanted to work things out with him that’s where he would be. He trying to use Rubi to heal over the hurt from him and Kennedy relationship.

    81. Charlene Coleman

      ppl alwaysssss remember when these ppl on yt say that they are done with one another don't you believe it they all are nothing but capppppp,cappppp 4reallllllllll no capppppp PERIODTTTTTT on that!

    82. Divine

      can someone even explain to me what a physical copy would even be? and where you'd ever be able to get a physical copy of the album? is it a CD or something like..? :/

      1. Monique Sanders

        I think it means when you download and purchase the whole album, not just stream.

    83. Divine

      I may sound hella young saying this but how do you even buy physical copies of a new artists music? take away the Justin bribers and Ariana grande's. What does it even mean to buy a physical copy? CD's? Vinyl's? why in the world would you expect Queen's base to even want access to that. id think white people are the one's to be sentimental enough to want a physical copy which I find redundant. when an artist advertises they encourage streams so no if Queen wasn't ever focused on it and there are probably many like me confused on even how to support her in that way there is no way you can even utter hr to be a failure

    84. Lorraine Hanks

      They grown, DDG mad because no one likes her🤣🤣🤣

    85. Goldeymenz04 Yt

      I swear I predicted this video after seeing both of their stor

    86. Kayla D

      At this point ddg annoying af... starting to think he the toxic 1

    87. BABY RNG


    88. Melly Rara

      Love really blinds a nigga huh!!??

    89. Natalie Castano

      Bruh this doesn't make sense!!! Rubi for the streets sorry rubi but she is I think ddg needs someone that is going to be right by his side and I kinda miss the old ddg but I still love his music!!!🔥💯

    90. Playboy Drippa

      DDG such a fucking simp 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️


      DDG never gon learn lol

    92. tbhidgaf

      Ddg and rubi whatever. Leslie girl he had other girls not just queen girl!!

    93. TheBine5150

      Ddg its not too late for you to get simp of the year........you and Chris Sails neck and neck.......leave that bish alone dont be a beta male my guy

    94. Young Twon

      It getting to the point where if ddg an rubi say they single we know its 🧢 so if yall see them say they single don’t believe

      1. Designer the Don

        I thought people been knew that but that’s true though 😂. Although they did legit breakup this last time but eventually feelings prevail I guess

    95. Deejayflyfree

      I’m not gonna name call because I’m not that much invested in there relationship I am gonna say this shit is toxic this breaking up getting back together I’m single then I’m not that shit is weird they been together like 4-5 months and they don’t broke up like 4 times now that shit not normal it’s toxic they need to leave each other alone because a baby gets involved

    96. Junior Reid

      Clearly DDG like a challenge. But I think thats why he keeps coming back. If Rubi was boring and basic he would drop her with the quickness. A man likes to hunt his prey. Its natural.

      1. Raymond Kimani

        @John Stegall jr Yeah that's all true as well

      2. John Stegall jr

        @Raymond Kimani I don't think him and Savannah would work out because they live so far away from each other and live in completely different countries and tiana parents were racist so I don't think it would work out for either of them

      3. Raymond Kimani

        Yeah, that's why he ain't get with Tiana or Savannah cause their not problematic at all and they would damn near be the perfect girlfriend if in a relationship. He wants someone he can fight and go back and forth with from time to time.

      4. Junior Reid

        @Emmanuel Chenny okay they're both crazy , lol

      5. Emmanuel Chenny

        What u said doesn’t apply because That’s already his girl. The challenge should be trying to get the girl, but once u get her, there should be anymore challenges

    97. HOFwiththaSAUCE

      Half the people who chose to hate rubi only do it because it’s popular to hate her. Nobody has their own mind. The BOTH have their flaws

      1. Star I.

        FRR !

      2. Tøñÿ ß

        @KCG Deshon No Chris Sails actually be on some otha shit, dude be wildin on the internet disrespecting his babymomma and her new family. He give you reasons to hate him. Rubi doesn’t really do much to hate her it’s just popular to hate her.

      3. KCG Deshon

        Same wit Chris sails 🤷🏽‍♂️

    98. Poca Latte

      DDG & Rubi have good hearts and a good foundation. They just need COUPLES COUNSELING to learn how to communicate to listen n understand instead of being angry.n defensive. It makes a huge difference because many of us don’t grow up with healthy examples 💯💯💯

      1. Poca Latte

        @Meka & Havy BM Getting counseling to work on the toxic stuff was my point.

      2. Marian Barker

        @Meka & Havy BM they life not yours why worry out grown ppl relationship your weird

      3. Meka & Havy BM

        No they need to be alone and not be toegether cause they scare everyone when they get into fights hey need to be friends but not toegether cause it’s gonna be toxic and the longer they be toegether it’s gonna be bad

      4. Tiara bee

        I agree

    99. Excuse my Beauty

      Why y’all always blame everything on Rubi there is two people in a relationship 🤦🏽‍♀️ and neither of them is perfect 💯

      1. Jess Bakre

        @optimisticescape1523 she isn’t playing him🙄

      2. FyeKidJay

        @Dj Sims dated not fucked😂😂and that’s the ppl she dated that you know

      3. Excuse my Beauty

        optimisticescape1523 the video a stage Lala said it

      4. optimisticescape1523

        Because Rubi is CLEARLY playing him😂😂 be real. She even curved him in the beginning so she clearly not truly attracted to him. If tjay or carti or somebody like that wanted her back, she’ll leave ddg in the mfn wind just like she did when she started back fw tjay💀💀

      5. Dj Sims

        @FyeKidJay she only dated 4 people

    100. Arnold Jacques

      did durk play in the basketball game??