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    0:00 - Intro
    0:15 - ZO Called DDG "CLOUT CHASER
    5:44 - DDG & Rubi Rose In The Studio?
    8:29 - PrettyBoyFredo Clears The Air W/ Jabare
    11:07 - SoLLUMINATI Breaks His Silence

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    1. Kiara Shanay

      My intro/outro song: 🎶 Secret membership 🤫 m.kgup.info_channel/UCOT6n_JNK6gxK2aQ3TrtBdw?noapp=1

      1. Leerically Speaking

        Kiara Shanay You can still hang together and not be together. Maybe they are better off as friends... OR just maybe they want to try keep people away from their business as much as possible

    2. XE IZIK

      Bru y'all stfu talkin bout ddg and so tf yeah he dissed soluminati cuz they don't fw eachother so can man tf up pull up were ddg works out bc he knows were

    3. VyroIsGarbo

      Lmao y do zoie makes videos about ddg I’m pretty sure she dose not do it foh y’all she do it foh da clout👁👄👁

    4. Alexis Vibe

      Frfr so is right 💯

    5. Bag Chaser !!

      Broooo What y’all don’t understand is DDG is Clout he don’t need to do anything else for Clout He is Clout Come on Now stop with that Convo Now !!! Every one brings he’s name up for Clout and That’s a fact Tell me if I’m lying or not

    6. Ninasky Antonioli

      SOulLess is a fraud. Only gullible tweens believe him. His content was all about hate and bullying. Because KGup demonized his channel due to hateful content, he stole Ash whole spiritiual vibe. DDG is highly favored, God loves him. He is a good person and that is a verifiable fact.

    7. Lorraine Hanks

      Kiara how they messy and you sharing the video🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 you hella funny🤣🤣🤣🤣

    8. Los1k_

      I’m a DDG subscriber and fan but shit SO was right. I feel like DDG fell off after Kennedy, we all know this.

    9. Rukaya Moro

      At this point, DDG needs someone like Kennedy! Fr...

    10. Grue Grozav


    11. idk ismynamejohn

      I miss the old DDG with Essence, obviously everyone grow from our high school/college crushes or whatever but that was my favourite DDG

    12. boss mike2


    13. Afro Libertarian

      Zoe basically saying DDG is clout chasing himself

    14. sugagal1987

      I think Ddg needs to leave Rubi alone in that way. Seems like Rubi has to many distractions to be wifed up. If he continues to pursue her he is going to be extremely hurt. Its not really that Rubi is a thot its that the same passion he has to be a rapper and is willing to do almost anything to be one she has that passion.the difference is Rubi doesn't have all the money that he has to invest in her rap dreams like him and in a predominantly male industry like alot of other females in the rap game she is willing to do thotiana things and date whoever to accomplish them.

    15. Santos Plays 2k


    16. IamStorm

      DDG is becoming a weirdo might just unsubscribe thought he was just going through something but man is really a Dayroom

    17. Roy Vaughn

      Ddg forever be mad at So because he try to hop on Kennedy. But ddg need to let that go

    18. NaturalBe-YOU-tiful

      I think DDG is making a big mistake trying to become a rapper. For one he is a entertainer but hes not a rapper.🤦🏽‍♀️ If he leaves youtube he better not stay gone long because he will lose most of his fan base. These kids are not going to pay for that only fans but so long. He needs to do something other than “Be A Rapper”.

    19. Tyrone Thompson

      Zo is a damn gay he just need to mind his damn business

    20. jh1 25

      Soilluminati is just lower level Polight; who makes seemingly sapient statements, without anything truly substantive. Colossians 2:8 [8]Beware lest any man spoil you through philosophy and vain deceit, after the tradition of men, after the rudiments of the world, and not after Christ.

      1. Essential Videos

        But yet you quote the Bible which has no other sources but the scripture...ok

    21. JuzDeez

      Again.. I don't think DDG was ever w/ Rubi Rose in a "relationship" (maybe situationship) I think it has always been about business, bag related, clout like, trolling, social media, or on music type sh*t. And no🧢 he does seem to be sensitive & whining a lot lately🤦🏽‍♀️

    22. Roweena Lita


    23. Drip boy Risky

      Free the vlogs

    24. Charles White

      You know it’s bad when a gay guy tells you to man up😂😂😂

    25. Life With Elisabeth

      He didn’t care about the fact that he’s supposedly quitting KGup If you listen to Moonwalkin in the Calabasas or whatever the song is called he dissed Soullumanati If you listen to the lyrics he said a part and he said So-So Talking about him and he also said I don’t know if it was him or blue face but one of them said that’s tough that’s tough and if you’re a real fan of him everybody knows that so Solluminati says that all the time is his favorite line

    26. Shawntae Lanase

      So was speaking facts

    27. Life With Elisabeth

      I agree with Sollumanati DDG Is becoming and has always been arrogant to me

    28. Latoya Rose

      I used to pick up for ddg but rn idc *dearra voice*

    29. EyeBrxck.

      These nigga DDG gone get fed up soon 💀

    30. Yafet Yihdego

      Itz not tha same pool.

    31. sirlanzay 6

      ngl zoie make a nigga not hate gay ppl...i don’t fw wit gay ppl but apparently i need to change that

    32. DizzyTv

      Take in how we support ddg and all he does is use us for money and basically tell us it in his vlogs in different ways

    33. DizzyTv

      I called it I knew ddg was going to do that 🤦🏾‍♂️ just using us for money he put the vlogs on onlyfans because he knows that we like the vlogs. He is trying to get us to buy his onlyfan And then when he gets enough money of onlyfans how much u want to bet he is coming back to KGup

    34. Henry Young

      Ummm DDG has a MANSION 3 CARS should I go own

    35. Lester Spriggs jr

      Ashley was the one that said he bussed in her mouth

    36. Jessii Lee

      Lmboo!! I agree with Zo. He keep it 💯.

    37. thomas getter

      Ddg in his mind is looking for a relationship that he can have forever. You can tell he’s genuinely happy when he has his friends and family over at his house. His perfect life is him flourishing making money doing music with love all around him. He has the money, he has the family and friends, now all he’s missing is the girl.

    38. GTB Tae

      Niggas always hatin on DDG🤦🏾‍♂️ clearly the rubi situation is an industry every rappers goes thru it how ddg cloud chasing wen he is clout literally

      1. New Szn

        He ain't clout. Do u understand he ain't widely known in hip hop and more known to ppl21 and under.

    39. ickyjess

      DDG u real name is Darryl calm down

    40. Tiara

      So been my nigga. More than ddg . So just naturally funny asf lol

    41. FastCash Kj

      the DDG in 2016 in his first apartment was OG DDG the best now its all fake

      1. FastCash Kj

        Nadia Belizaire no 2016 that ddg was in his prime

      2. Nadia Belizaire

        U mean 2017

    42. A'mae Jewel

      Ddg is going to fuck around and lose his supporters. He's out here acting like a ennuch

    43. Tracy Boss

      DDG is still young with a WHOLE LOT to still learn in life..Congratulation on his success, but he is big headed and a show off thats whats make him ugly far as his relationship growth will help with his CHOICES in EVERYTHING IN LIFE..

    44. Marquez Howard

      yoo i hear cocomelon

    45. K T

      You can’t be a clout chaser when u got all the clout and I write music so some times shit just flow off the top of your head without you even realizing what or who you’re throwing shots at but so was speaking facts but this Zo kid been clout chasing

    46. DeAndre Sisson

      KGup war zone 😭

    47. Wavy. Solo

      Free the vlogs

    48. kxng Lyrics

      They low-key thrashed Solluminati💯

    49. KxngKeto

      Free the vlogs!!!

    50. sterling young

      I understand what so saying but so been on videos hating and beefing with youtubers to gain videos let be honest

    51. Shadow{Leader of Sega Squad}

      Solluminati said nothing but facts the entire video DDG can’t even comeback from that all that stuff about jewels and even rubi was all facts

    52. Cristian Ondablock

      DDG got more clout than all the people in the thumbnail 😂😂 cus he actually put effort and worked hard for were he is‼️

    53. Leona Williams

      At this point DDG coming off pathetic tbh nothing real everything fake as hell

    54. CTG

      He said you simp ass niggga but that's true tho 🤣🤣

    55. Renay Phillips

      Whoever said ddg was talking about so smh..... And he didn't fly ash out she was already in L.A

    56. Mishael

      Fredo is hella disrespectful and he don’t care about his supporters nigga out here scamming people too.. ion fw the guy

    57. TJB 123

      I don’t think Zo gets DDGs sense of humor lol.

    58. CltMade ManBaby

      DDG shouldn’t and hopefully isn’t gone drop anything else on SO DDG squad leaving dat lame ass nigga in 2016-17 where he needa stay he just tryna hit that one mill mark that’s all 🤷🏾‍♂️ That’s tuff

    59. Kris

      i understand where zo is coming from but.... why would ddg want clout from someone who’s smaller than he is

    60. CltMade ManBaby

      Yea imma send my nigga this video tf man really said he clout chasing but if I’m correct this nigga DDG more poppin than him on all platforms I don’t get it how tf is he the one clout chasing rn when He keep making video on dawg like what ????

    61. Kgosi Mmema

      Free the vlogs

    62. Jai Taylor

      I like DDG but I’m not going to lie his personality has been off lately. Maybe this situation will help humble him again before the relationship between him an his fan base is fcked up.

    63. Shemol Jackson

      So afraid of ddg that's why he waited for ddg to quit KGup then make that video.THATS TUFF

    64. Dihanna Rodrigues

      Straight up ddg cool. But he's looking for real love in the wrong place. Also Savvanah was good choice ......BUt he didn't like her in that way. Should've given her a chance and try the long distance relationship ...It may hve worked out better than he expected.

    65. LIL JOHN

      How is clout a drug when u were saying his name, this man wasn’t even stunting u Zoe💯😭😂

    66. Nickeem Gollop

      Being round rubi make u get a bad name for yourself now people seeing u as a different person

    67. Misael Flores

      So said you have all this materialistic bs but you broke spiritually that's tufffffff, my guy

    68. OfficialHoodRich

      DDG want money so bad to do all these things 🤦‍♂️

    69. Kay Velli

      I literally know DDG's cousin personally and I smoke with them occasionaly so I know that DDG is just like that he even is that petty with his family to. O in since I know him a little bit more personally than you guys just know that he is not completely over Kennedy either.

      1. Kay Velli

        @Bigboss 90 lol we still live in Michigan where he's from. We lived about 1 and 1/2 away from each other our whole lives lbs.

    70. Kay Velli

      Girl i laughed so fucking hard watching SpiritualSo vid🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣❤

    71. Kay Velli

      I literally love SpiritualSo and DDG both. I just think its funny when two Libras ♎ go at each other like that😂 SpiritualSo just more humbled and mature in my opinion.

    72. Nathan Slagter

      This nigga Zo be tweakin

    73. Nathan Slagter

      Savannah has no clout

    74. Stan Stan

      Dang So is provoking Ddg

    75. TWill TV

      Tbh So was speaking facts the whole video 🤷🏽‍♂️

    76. Mo Mo

      DDG wanna get wifed by Rubi so bad he quit YT. Right now, all DDG exes winning. This that moment when they realize they made the best decision for their life. Facts 💯

    77. Asia Jackson

      Love me some zo


      Bro we get it ddg earn his money but you feel stay humble man you never know

    79. Ida Gigo


    80. 4k Studios

      Zo fruit loop face ass always tryna start shit😂He know what was tryna do.Chris asked him what boys he missed and he gon say “I miss DDG”Knowing that’s gon make DDG look sus.Then he gon start laughing and call him a friend.

    81. Ham the 2nd

      Everybody hating on ddg coz he making money.... In this world ue gotta be smart to get where ue want.... If i can ask why do ue pay for concert of a musician yet ur his fan.... Comeon nigga has served y'all for years,its time for him to get to the top

    82. your mom gey

      Ain't no real grown man hating on another man or dissing him in the comments . I respect so for speaking facts without getting messy

    83. D U U U L

      everything so said was faccs about ddg

    84. 4k Studios

      I like DDG but so was speaking straight facts😭😭😂

    85. Blue Dexx

      All this will literally blow over in a couple days like nothing happened, this won’t affect DDG at all, solluminati was saying some facts but it’s pointless... if anything this will boost DDG confidence and ego even more tbh lmao

    86. jacjun0592

      Some of So shit is CAP. Most niggas don’t fw spiritual so channel. 🧐

    87. jacjun0592

      Damn this nigga gone have to scrap or check someone they jumping this nigga rn 🤦🏾‍♂️

    88. Gerald Jordan

      So was speaking facts

    89. Linette JACKSON

      Maturity doesn't always come with age.DDG is still a young boy inside. Dying to be famous. People can't trust him because he uses every situation to make money. I pray he finds his way out of whatever he's going through....

    90. Darryl Frost


    91. Chocolate Soldier TV

      DDG we used to know and love is gone gone ! This 3 or4 stole his soul, it’s time we forget him and move on

      1. Mo Mo

        Yup. He gone. And this fake shit reeks.

    92. Darryl Frost

      That nigga Zo boutta piss me of !

    93. Samuel Onabanjo

      Why is so even on ddg neck

    94. Darryl Frost

      Zo, wants DDG for himself and DDG ain’t gay.

    95. Darryl Frost

      Tell Rob I said let’s make some hits

    96. Jazzmo Kotzee


    97. Mesiiah E

      DDG is my dude but we not gonna act like his career isn’t made out clout chasing. He was known but he didn’t get real clout until he dissed Lil Yachty on “Big Boat”. I’m sorry to say it, because I been watching this man since 2016 and watching him come up was really inspirational for me, but he’s getting cornier by the day 💯 The industry already sees him as a corny KGup rapper and he doing more corny shit like blaming his fans for his relationship failures while also using drama with Rubi and corny tweets to promote himself.

      1. Afro Libertarian

        @Mesiiah E whatever him and Rubi doing shouldn't concern anyone. So, Zoe or anyone else who has something to say about it are clout chasers...

      2. Afro Libertarian

        @Mesiiah E as of late he's not doing that. Freido and Zoe are...

      3. Mesiiah E

        Afro Libertarian Wtf do you think all clout chasing is? If you’re promoting yourself by using someone else’s clout, yeah, you’re clout chasing. You really thought you did sum huh?

      4. Afro Libertarian

        So promoting yourself is clout chasing

    98. Marissa White

      He just do to much his vlogs got boring, & he charging his fans for vlogs now.🧐

    99. Devoo YT

      11:53 Yessiiirrrr Simp Asss Niggaaaaa

    100. Chris Baker

      Damn Zo more of a man than ddg 😭😭😭😭💯