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    OUTRO SONG: Rob Allen “Where Do We Go”
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    0:00 - Intro
    0:15 - Lil Tjay Alleged Boo Trolling
    5:14 - Lil Tjay Liked Lala's Lingerie Pic
    6:29 - Rubi Rose Flew To LA
    9:24 - Celina Powell Is Heartbroken

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    1. HBK Edwin

      can't wife no girl for the highway

    2. Christina Jackson Buchanan

      Rubi be having all these dudes then they embarrass her n record it smh 🤦🏽‍♀️ how bad of a bitch is u n u take Ls like that

    3. Christina Jackson Buchanan

      We might talk about ddg n rubi but the vid says ddg 😒

    4. Ojor Divine

      The girls ain’t do nothing, they don’t even know his playing them, that nigga for the streets, he should get his damnnn life together and stop playing with these girls

    5. King Sheppard

      I have yet to even hear 1 of lil TJay's songs lol what they trippin over cause bruh aint hot shit no cap lol

    6. Jessii Lee

      Idk why they try to portray this good girl image for Lala. Lol just because you try to be private doesn’t mean you good.

    7. vBreezy IQ

      Niggas can’t even like Instagram photos anymore 😂🤦🏻‍♂️

    8. Random Empire

      New intro song 🙏

    9. Kris Dreams

      Maybe it just a modeling job

    10. Ronni

      She’s delusion they never dated

    11. Ariann Campbell

      Lala is in the mood swings video

    12. jh1 25

      Who gonna say it lol she fo....

    13. Branspecialist

      shorty getting pissed on bro would be a fool ong!

    14. Mone't Life

      LaLa low key might be jealous of Rubi, if she trying to get him

      1. Newbii Meshay Tv

        Mone't Life “lets be serious” la la not ugly and she getting to the bag too. I like both of them. I’m not picking sides lbs

      2. Mone't Life

        Newbii Meshay Tv lol what’s lbs

      3. Newbii Meshay Tv

        She not. Ain’t no reason to be jealous lbs 🤷🏾‍♀️

    15. jabien DOCKERY

      Lala kinda nasty if she dating him

    16. Princess Diva

      Ddg a hot mess and Rubi a hotter mess smh neither know their worth and have lots of growing up to do.

      1. Princess Diva

        @Mrs Tee exactly

      2. Mrs Tee

        Right at some point you should be maturing. He's about to be 23, behaving like he's 17 or 18.

    17. GuttaStarrEnt

      Women don't listen to their mans music. She a just fan.

    18. Princess Diva

      Any normal person with a brain wouldn't go back 😂😂 I love Kiara the shade is real😂

    19. Angel Alvarado -_-

      I know they not really dating I know ak just wants to see some coochie if yk yk

    20. Dj Sims

      Rubi about to trap ddg and shit make him a baby daddy

      1. Dj Sims

        @Marian Barker if you want some tea watch this video I am not a tea page pooh ask Kiara shanay questions not ME thank you sweetheart but I am not a tea page period 👌🙄

      2. Dj Sims

        @Marian Barker she took the pic a week ago

      3. Dj Sims

        @Marian Barker I seen it on her story

      4. Marian Barker

        Dj Sims took a pic when

      5. Dj Sims

        @Marian Barker in that was in the past

    21. 2fly Kai

      She talk abt Ddg every video 😭😭

    22. Lone Wolf

      And I keep trying to fight these feelings no sleep keep dreaming where do we go

    23. BJ Turner

      where's the carmen and corey?

    24. Christopher Torres

      Lol y ya read tweets out if sequence.

    25. Christopher Torres

      Lol y ya read tweets out if sequence.

    26. Pleetypus

      Who the hell is celina powell lol

    27. Daiyvon Baron

      Imagine we did not have her I swear your the best

    28. K love

      Ddg and rubi will try to hide the relationship because of the internet and ddg seen how flight hide his relationship and now he going to be a father so I believe that ddg needs to continue to be lo key

      1. Akeilia Gordon

        Marian Barker So why Rubi doesn’t want him?

      2. Marian Barker

        K love she no he’s at the studio and rubi at a unreleased pary

      3. K love

        @Marian Barker that means that rubi sister doesn't know if rubi with ddg smh

      4. Marian Barker

        K love ik that she’s in atl

      5. K love

        @Marian Barker rubi sister is not in l a

    29. Tooskijay Feg

      Just cuz someone. Listen music that don’t mean they like the person so you trying to say I’m gay if i listen my favorite rapper 🙀🙀🙀🙀🙀🙀🙀🙀💀☠️☠️☠️☠️

    30. Rocala Williams

      You inspired me with these tea

    31. Kid Ink_-

      How u gone miss a eater ddg man my guy wake up

    32. Bright Bempong

      When is this song (where do we go )dropping 🤦🏾🤦🏾

      1. Kiara Shanay

    33. Johnny Brown

      Ur voice

    34. Shaun Carelse

      AK have Neva admitted to being in a relationship other than a professional and friends based one with Celina. He gave her a platform that blew her up but he has Neva been serious about her. If a guy did what Celina does to AK....he would be labelled a crazy stalker.

    35. Shaun Carelse

      Just a lil correction KS...she wasn't knocking on his door...she was banging it like a drum drum drum 🥁 lol

    36. YoBoy SPADE

      Celina = 'streetz'

    37. YoBoy SPADE

      Since JULY?? 🤣😭

    38. masande___

      I swear me and Kiara think alike 😂😂

    39. YoBoy SPADE

      When she said she like that 'crazy sh*t', she definitely wasn't talking about DDG. She had to be talking about the Lil TJay...

    40. YoBoy SPADE

      Oh, LaLa is definitely low-key for the 'streetz' but she does it well....

      1. a student

        @Princess Diva yh but we been knew rubi for the streets

      2. Princess Diva

        So what that make Rubi she was going back and forth sleeping with friends (ddg and tjay) while in an actual relationship with ddg.. At this point I'm loving LaLa lol girl code out the window for this one

      3. Abubakr Barry

        😂😂 she hide it

    41. jelly K

      Rubi seen nobody ain't listening to her music when she ain't with ddg

    42. Lesean93

      I never heard of Celina Powell until Kiara started talking about her...

    43. Juju Pyc

      Buh didn’t rubi have an entanglement wit tjay😂

      1. Princess Diva

        Yessss she wants more with tjay but he got what he wanted from her.. I think if she could have a relationship with him she'd drop ddg like a bad habit thats why it hurts her to see Lala work with tjay 😂

    44. Quazy Got Bangers

      Niggas really give a fuck about this lil tjay shit ? Or is it just a filler.

    45. Jaelin

      DDG hit Lala before, Tjay hit Rubi, DDG hit Rubi, Tjay hit Lala, Lala and Rubi best friends, DDG and Tjay are cool, DDG and Lala are friends, This is what you call a love sqaure.

      1. Jaelin

        @De'mondre Murphy What was that?

      2. Jaelin

        @Sincere Grant You said who was lying?

      3. Sincere Grant

        Y'all just lieing to get likes y'all a bunch of bots.

      4. Emmanuel Chenny

        Jaelin how u know he hit tho 🤔

      5. Jaelin

        @De'mondre Murphy Nah just Lala..not this year tho, back in 2018

    46. N.G.L Temar-topic

      how people say she got no life she got a whole ass child to take care of tf (no simp)

    47. brandon lewis

      Tjay the goat 🐐😂😂😂

    48. Shirley Simmons

      Ddg was in Vegas, maybe Rubi came to LA for business, either way, a video with la la is not gonna make up for him making her paint that door. 😃

    49. Toxic Jay

      Your keyectives or how ever y say it r snitches

      1. Kia’s Life


    50. Popcorn Crew

      Maybe lil t jay liked it because it might be the one that’s dating lala

    51. Jekeira Jackson

      Why would LaLa mess with Rubi Rose ex nigga tho ? That’s breaking the code 🤧 y’all take liking a picture too deep . Homeboy still gonna like the pic . Happens everyday 🙄

    52. Young Twon

      Ddg an rubi date they just go on sm an act single u got to think let this sit in yo head wondering y she go to la

    53. L Nixon

      No she really deserves her ass whooped to be honest, and I'm not advocating it. She keeps flirting with getting hurt physically even though she been threatened she still doesn't learn. The only reason she's safe is because she keeps them receipts! This girl is killing any possible normal future with what she's currently doing. She's going to be undateable!

    54. Young Twon

      U got think DDG was a youtuber he go act like he single on social media but real life he not y u think rubi keep goin to LA she ain’t just seein LALA

      1. Emmanuel Chenny

        Young Twon theres also a lot of business to be done in LA, pretty sure she been traveling to LA before she even met him

    55. Tre To Driped

      DDG Rubi lala tj got them a lil love square goin on 😂😂

      1. Princess Diva

        Ddg want Rubi, Rubi want Tjay, Tjay want LaLa, LaLa want money period 💅

    56. Duce_ 215

      People can’t even like pics no more 😂

    57. Eva Brown

      Them big old juicy lips work pretty good

    58. BucketFam Sah

      Well technically u have a life cuz its a tea page for a reason lol.. Kiara the Goat

    59. Eva Brown

      😂 Kiara

    60. Eva Brown

      How do sleep with a lot of tuber,rapper anyone taking test. has to be something floating around Rubi has been around the block serval time baby !!!!!!! With rapper be for she was old enough be careful

    61. Riley EXTENDØ

      What does wap stand for 🤔

      1. antoine higgins

        Wap= wack ass personality

      2. Rahshaan Muhammad

        How old are you? Cause if you listen to the song it's pretty obvious on what WAP stands for.

    62. Life with Crystal

      I don’t think rubi want ddg anymore 🤷🏾‍♀️. Ddg is toxic and he really embarrassed rubi. I would be dammed if they got back together. They’re relationship is not genuine. Respectfully

      1. Titus Maluleka

        lol....Rubi is not the one to say someone else is toxic though.Respectfully

      2. Meka & Havy BM

        She’s for the streets and need to leav toxic ddg alone she has to be one of the reason he quit KGup man him and Kennedy will make my 2020 better

      3. Anime Nigga

        U act like she wasnt w tjay while inna relationship w Ddg.. why isn’t she toxic for embarrassing him ??😂 tf

      4. Sym Taylor

        @Life with Crystal I hear you. They both need to stop lying and stop moving dirty against one another.

      5. Life with Crystal

        Sym Taylor they both just...idek atp. They need to act like they never met cause I don’t think it’s gonna work out...

    63. April LaRue

      On Rubi’s IG story last night she was staying in a hotel.

      1. April LaRue

        De'mondre Murphy If you would watch other people’s dickens videos you would clearly see that he said he wants her back and still has feelings for her. If u don’t like my comments don’t fucken reply to them then.

      2. De'mondre Murphy

        @April LaRue so basically your assuming...

      3. April LaRue

        I don’t have to keep on explaining my self bye!!

      4. K love

        Believe that if you want you know she saw ddg if she went to LA

      5. April LaRue

        Because that’s where she stayed before when they were together until she went to the hotel because they split up. And then she went to Atlanta and now she is back in LA.

    64. Help me get 1k with no vids

      My ig is nbx jay dm for the kitective gc

    65. Help me get 1k with no vids

      Kiara can I start a kitective gc on Instagram


      Heeeey Kiii💗

      1. Kiara Shanay

        Yo yo yo! Hey hey 😁

    67. Java DatNigga

      Celina and akademiks were NEVER together, she just likes to claim him but he always tells her we're not together

    68. Dontrae Weathers

      He hit the best friend and her

    69. keepit1000

      PSA: DDG is not talking about rubi....#carryon

      1. keepit1000

        @K love it's a difference between talking about a person and answering a question....#carryon

      2. K love

        Ddg was talking about rubi in lala video she asked the question and he said he still got feelings for rubi

      3. keepit1000

        @Excuse my Beautythey keep tryna use DDG name for a image...smh

      4. Excuse my Beauty

        What taking about

    70. kjnjun edwed

      Ak really got notorious thots sprung on him

    71. Traveine Burton

      Lmfao your roasting the shanay crew? Dam!

    72. OkgXL

      *i See U Grinding Kiara* ✊🏿

      1. Kiara Shanay


    73. Mrs Tee

      You haven't seen anything yet. Wait till October, for both their bdays. DDG and Rubi. He's p**** whipped.

      1. Mrs Tee

        @Meka & Havy BM DDG's behavior lately, and the fact that he slept with Ash, during the time he claims trying to get back with Kennedy. I think Kennedy is done done.

      2. Meka & Havy BM

        I hope he get wit Kennedy rubi gonna hurt his feelings again

      3. Nevaeh Brianne

        Right, they both gonna go on baecation together for their Birthdays!😌

    74. Only1Doobie

      I think niggas just wanna experience what everybody else did

    75. akamouse100

      If some chicks for the streets, who Celina for ? The country ?

      1. Rajay Fullerton

        Not funny

    76. jayyxxx xxx2savage

      One of lalas picture was taken on lil tjay balcony but I guess I was the only one who peeped it

      1. Kia’s Life

        👀What’s going on here

      2. Kiara Shanay


    77. Sheila Tabengwa

      No Kiara the question is: What in the world is Akademiks thinking being with her.💀💀💀

      1. Jason Johnson

        Celina will tie herself onto any one who will give her clout, AK knew as soon as Adam did something Celina didn't like she would snake him, that's why when Adam and AK got into it he said "she is a demon and she will violate you." He just used her to strike at Adam simple, but he isn't stupid enough to get with her

      2. bonfas4

        Ak literally pimped her over to 6ix9ine back in the day lol he never dated her. Dude just used her for content on his livestream (like he did with Adam22's current girlfriend /babymama and many other) back when he was grinding hard and thats it... She really took that as him showing some kind of love. That shows you how motionally damaged this girl is. Not giving akademiks any bail either he exploited this girl hard. Edit: this can go both ways aswell she could be more self aware than i give her credit for and using Ak for relevancy/clout. Or they're both in on it. Who knows

    78. shannon h

      lala and lil tjay ain't slick I hope people don't get surprised if some shady stuff comes out that's 2 strikes for her she would've been cut off I don't play that snake stuff

      1. THE BRJ's Of Life

        the streets

    79. jayyxxx xxx2savage

      You know rubi and ddg be watching yo videos

    80. YGG Ghost

      Kiara squad 🔥🔥🔥

    81. Sheila Tabengwa

      I feel like Rubi is genuinely a nice person jus a lil naughty but DDG i feel like he is a bit toxic ( he said it). Still love him tho and her too💕

      1. Clayton Bigsby

        Meka & Havy BM lmao why would a crazy brainwashed person get back with the oh so wonderful person y’all can’t seem to separate him from when they separated themselves from each other!?!??

      2. Clayton Bigsby

        Sheila Tabengwa 👀🤔What’s the difference between a lil naughty and toxic. Seriously lol

      3. Meka & Havy BM

        I feel like rubi is a nice person she just wants to be more popular and shes wit every other rapper and causes drama and I think ddg is just crazy and is brainwashed and needs to get wit Kennedy

      4. aj242100

        @Anime Nigga 🤣 they be talking like they grew up with these niggas

      5. Anime Nigga

        Life with Crystal I swear ya act like ya know these ppl😂 this shit is truly mind boggling

    82. 6J

      damn lil tjay poppin on these pages nowadays

    83. xjl

      I wonder if you will ever make a vid abt yourself

      1. Brelyn Foster

        xavier lewis this channels content is specifically for celebrities tht got tea or pressure. Sooooo.... why would she make a video about herself? How would tht make sense?? Just have a seat I’m the back and continue watching the videos like you always have... 🤦🏽‍♀️ or if yu have a problem.... remove yourself. Easy.

      2. 1,000 Subs No Video's Challenge

        She would get 0 views 💀

      3. Brelyn Foster

        What???...... what... what are yu talkin about bro???.....

    84. Fred P

      9:05 fax but ion got a whole ass baby 🤦🏼‍♂️

    85. Sheila Tabengwa

      Idk but y'all but as for me idgaf about tjay and ole girl but tjay and lala, im here for it👀💀

      1. Princess Diva

        @Titus Maluleka I know I was just saying Tjay didn't want to be in a relationship with her he just got what she was giving and left lol

      2. Titus Maluleka

        @Princess Diva They f**ked... That's still wierd.Usually "bestfriends" don't do that...

      3. Princess Diva

        @Titus Maluleka not a couple but yes

      4. Titus Maluleka

        lol....thats wierd.Wasnt Lil TJay and Rubi Rose together or something?

      5. jr

        Lol fr

    86. Dope TikTok Show

      She go back to promote her music

    87. Bradley Sanders

      Dang it's the same people that get talked about each and every day on this channel I'm starting to realize it (Subscribe to my KGup channel I will be starting to post great content pretty soon and would love for you guys to go on this wonderful journey with me!)

      1. M M

        Anything DDG related moreless

    88. Dirtbag Squad

      Ddg wake your ass up mane.

    89. Dirtbag Squad

      Rubi belongs to the streets

      1. Meka & Havy BM

        Her and Layla belong to the high way

      2. Dirtbag Squad

        THE BRJ's Of Life a lap dance lol

      3. THE BRJ's Of Life

        lala on tjay balcony.. wat u call that

      4. Clee D

        Soo does Lala

    90. Patrick Da don

      Like this if you’re here before d Angelo Russel

    91. Zion Dolly

      best tea page on YT by far

      1. Sincere Grant

        @Memphis Keo STOP THE HATE.

      2. Memphis Keo

        Stop the cap

      3. Kiara Shanay


    92. Craig Thomas

      Guys are only interested in sleeping with Celina, nobody's trying to be in q relationship with her. She's toxic and messy and she sounds crazy.

      1. Princess Diva

        Yesssss same with Rubi but Ddg so gullible he's the only rapper trying to wife her lol

      2. jr

        That girl insane 😭 if I was famous I wouldn't even look her way she like to expose big artist

    93. WrapitupChubz 38


    94. ram69able

      Ddg is really trying to find that baby mama n have that baby even if it mean getting into a toxic relationship

      1. ram69able

        @Princess Diva u right about that 😬

      2. Princess Diva

        He's such a idiot he has no clue what he's in for if he has a baby with the wrong one

      3. ram69able

        @Meka & Havy BM I do not see that happening. If they did not try to get back then broke up again then maybe

    95. Incognito Mode


    96. ImNova

      Reaching!!!!🤷🏽 (my opinion)

    97. Go_Smd

      Ddg and rubi love to humiliate each other. They don’t know what to do atp.

      1. Princess Diva

        Yesss They're both adults with teenage brains 😂

      2. Meka & Havy BM

        Exactly 🤣🤣🤣🤣

      3. Nadia Belizaire

        I agree wit u bro, I hate it

      4. Angie Ussery

        Sym Taylor same

      5. keke Kong


    98. Nlmb _billy


    99. YSK x Clutch

      Check my youtube

    100. Dorian _hunt2007

      Noti gang ddg always in something😂

      1. Dorian _hunt2007

        @Meka & Havy BM not no more its no point to get back with her she blocked the nigga y'all gotta get that ones your blocked its over and we all know she got hella guy friends and ddg going to get mad

      2. Meka & Havy BM

        He need to leave rubi and get wit Kennedy but he’s brain washed

      3. ImNova

        Dorian _hunt2007 always