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    1. Kiara Shanay

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      1. OGDope HighLifeTV

        Go On Wiz Khalifa ig you will see A picture your Girl DDG Gang....Taylor Gang

    2. That TIME

      Ddg did not check chris stop liein he did not check nobody ddg not bout v to fight box nobody he capping just like you cappin

    3. Andre Dillard

      I supposed him ddg for the longest been watching his vlogs would never buy his onlyfans I rather watch his old vlogs

    4. Bianca Greene

      Love DDG energy, music, youtube vibe and all but im not boutta hop on onlyfans for it, wish him the best of luck tho

    5. Rss Lamar

      Fuck that scamming ass onlyfans

    6. SteveyMamba

      i'm not listening to NOTHING CELINA POWELL has to say. This girl is a living-breathing-walking 🧢

    7. fortking


    8. Markezz Manuel

      His vlogs free i believe

    9. Tru 602

      DDG’s gonna stop logging on KGup to post blogs on onlyfans.? 10 minutes at that.?😂 his vlogs be boring🤦🏾‍♀️Money hungry or really need the money..I used to be A Fan back in his dorm room days...he never looks happy.

    10. sheldon ramlogan

      I'm only 14 I ain't got no credit card 💳

    11. Mike Tv

      Thats not what his doing his still putting niggas on on onlyfans but his dont posting on utube until his popin in the music game but he dont post on onlyfans everyday and niggas are comin out there pocket for that so why not post a vlog or two to make us feel like we getting our money worth

    12. earl rainey

      DDG goofy asf now he only for the money now Smh 🤦🏽‍♂️ he didn’t come this far without supporters and he ft on trash rapper songs to also who tf gonna purchase onlyfans when KGup Free

    13. Lovenia

      DDG u r turning your backs on the people who helped u get where u r today. Maybe u r overwelmed and just need some time away from u tube. Understandable.

    14. _ Desii_

      Ddg is smart when it comes to how to get rich. But he is extremely immature still.

    15. Boutabag

      Ahh they got niggas thinking ddg sweet now I’m dead😂😂😂bro he said he miss ddg

    16. Tiara

      ever since savannah situation he just been going down hill

    17. YoBoy SPADE

      This n*gga ain't gotta quit KGup aka "taking a long break". All he has to do is push his music more/promote it better....

    18. YoBoy SPADE

      Homegirl said..."I'm like a hoe too"....😂😭

    19. YoBoy SPADE

      When an interviewer says that "You're in the streets", it doesnt necessarily mean they are 'in the streets', he's just saying that she's not a celebrity...

    20. YoBoy SPADE

      She look good tho'. I bet she got a fake booty too...

    21. YoBoy SPADE

      Who tF is Selena Powell? I guess i have to look her up?

    22. iFilthy

      ddg should of been with tiana and just ignore her family bruh

    23. Tia Baby

      My problem is if DDG suppose to be her man & she just likes him so much as she claims you and your producer shouldn’t even be speaking on your relationship. Your down playing your man to the next man. Yeah that’s a no from me I would never 💯. Now her producer all in they business and you got him looking like a joke to him & that’s not coo. If anything she’s embarrassing like how many more times she going to make herself look like she for the streets ? 🥴 He’s too real & genuine for that. Baby just needs to focus on his music and his career leave all the other stuff in the dirt 💯.

    24. Janoy JDASquad


    25. 6 Figures

      That nigga ddg quitting cause he don’t wanna be call a YT rapper 😂

    26. rapidmoneymaker

      Niggas don’t got money for only fans wats the point of vloging for onlyfan but not KGup

    27. xFendii x


    28. Meshaa Kalayshaa

      Ngl if she was in the vid it would’ve been like like a “ omg” moment

    29. Don Williams

      I Fuck with DDG But dam bro he been in alotta drama since the beginning of the year he just shit dont get him and just not focus on it.

    30. Sybear harris

      I wish ppl stop saying meg a snitch she far from a snitch 😒

    31. Jekeira Jackson

      It’s shady !!!

    32. King Scarlett News

      DDG needs the MAMBA mentality not the rapper one . He looks like a fraud ! It’s not him ! He needs to be himself!

    33. Jessica Nonya

      hell nah i’m not buying DDG onlyfans or anybody’s and i’m happy for him about his music and him wanting to focus on that and ddg grew up on youtube and i think he wants to post shit he can’t post on youtube and his really young fans don’t really need to see anyway! i think he’s trying to hit an older audience too. It all makes sense and i’m always gonna support DDG

    34. Jessica Nonya

      chris sails is so stupid and messy

    35. branbran9981

      I feel like DDG is trying to make a strategic move leaving KGup for a while. Not sure if it's a good one or not, but only time will tell. He is confident that his fans will pay for his Only Fans. He also might be trying to give Zooted members a chance to get large or even larger on KGup by making appearances in their videos. He knows that with his name in a title, or photo in a thumbnail, his followers are going to watch. The more views, the better for the both of them. At the end of the day he is still their boss!! LOL!!

      1. Ashley York

        He just said on Twitter, he's about to private all of his videos

    36. Shaun Shannon

      if he can post 10 min vlogs on onlyfans why can't he still post 10 min vlogs on youtube?

    37. Theslatkinq FFC


    38. Jasmine Mccone


    39. Tyrone Rogers

      Rubi lame asf for that if that’s real!

    40. Random Empire

      I don't see what's wrong with being a KGup rapper. You still make money, you still signed to a record label. He just in his feelings cos of XXL but how many people made it without XXL. He needs to get himself together. A break will probably steer him into the right direction.

    41. Jared Fleming

      I feel like ddg work his ass off to become famous but he wasn’t ready for the heat that came w it

    42. HF Jemini

      “Who, Queen”

    43. Arjhet Degallerie

      I wanna know when rob dropping that heat cause that shit go hard af

    44. Matorma Kamara


    45. Mars Castle

      Tiana just likes the song 🤷‍♀️ lol she’s really doing her own thing right now

      1. TJ JACKSON

        Mars Castle facts

      2. Jay Young

        Facts 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️. Can't say hi without liking someone in these people eyes smdh.

    46. Ashley York

      I remember in the beginning of his relationship with Kennedy, DDG made her delete all of her male friends from IG. I remember her friend Brad saying that DDG popped up in NC during his first tour because Kennedy went to a concert with him 😩 and DDG told him that if he wanted to take Kennedy somewhere he had to ask him.

      1. Ashley York

        @HB 90 Let me guess, you think the pranks are real too huh? Bye 😂

      2. Ashley York

        @HB 90 You do know that majority of the videos are planned out right? You could tell by Kennedy's actions it was something DDG came up with. She was staying there for how long and all of a sudden she noticed the bear, like seriously? 😂😂 Use your common sense.

      3. Ashley York

        @HB 90 You just don't want to see it 🤦🏽‍♀️

      4. Ashley York

        @HB 90 Go watch the video.

      5. Ashley York

        @HB 90 According to DDG he never had a conversation with Yasmine about Kennedy and also that was a whole skit Kennedy did for his channel 🤦🏽‍♀️ Stop being so naive.

    47. Polo

      I don’t care what u say ddg is not a artist

    48. Hart Fantom

      DDG acting how I used to act in relationships back when I was 15.

    49. Hart Fantom

      All that’s gonna happen is, there’s gonna be plug channels for DDG only fans videos lol.

    50. tori stylezzz

      Ddg ain't been right since rubirose really starting to see him loose his self in this industry just cause you making money don't mean you can't loose your self

    51. Ooo Chileee

      Lol this nigga want ppl to pay for his vlogs?🤣🤣🤣🤣💀

    52. SDSen

      Damn your voice is the main reason I watch your videos. Ddg got what's coming to him, he said he loved toxic relationships right,? So when you get them enjoy them then. This whole toxic obsession is killing everyone who fantasizes about this shit. Mature up level up

    53. KaleenaJean -BEAUTY

      Lol. Celina said some real about Meg (I’ll give her that) and then it went back to bobble head statements.

    54. rinab333

      This man is right he soft asl he need to change his image that’s why he announced he was single he trying to change his image he need to do sum wild as shit look how ybn almighty jay fell off his music not even bad 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️ he need to do too much like nba YoungBoy or sum

    55. Anise Westbrook


    56. Daily Hip-Hop Videos

      Why she not mad at the female that beat her ass ? 😂

      1. Jay-Z Twin

        Because she get dat ass beat again. But niggas put these types of people in the group because they can give super head SMH.

    57. BJ Turner

      6ix9ine did not snitch to save his life he snitched to keep from serving real time😣

    58. Baldah Adamzhb

      i cnt pay for content i rather wait for Kennedy in a month lol.i think he just wants to take his audience to the only fan then after getting the numbers he wants he will be back cz he loves money

    59. deezy123456

      How quickly fans can switch up never ceases to amaze me - I agree with what DDG’s doing but I’m defo not paying for only fans - best of luck to bruh

    60. Rhoda Parks

      that white girl better stfu!!!!! DDg really i his feelings!!! Like the yt is what got him his mansion and everything else like whats so wrong with that?? queen naijia a you tuber but she still makes songs ad all are hits ion feel you gotta pay to learn how to do yt!!! And the fact that he quit just shows alot!! So are yall still gonna pay for that?? and zoie said he dont fuck w him no more!! Like ddg dont mess w him no more!! some ppl took that the wrong way cuz chris hyped it up!! I'm with zoie on this one

    61. reina Malúa

      Congratulations 🍾🎈🎉🎊 to DDG @DDG

    62. reina Malúa

      I would like to purchase DDG’s acc but I can’t do NO 👎🏽 I will not purchase his only fans acc

    63. Joyce 98

      I just wanna know if u don’t wanna be known as a KGup rapper why rap about social media stuff?? It’s alittle hard to not think of your KGup channel when you got lyrics talking about beefing on the internet.

    64. Luna Yvonne

      You can be a A list celebrity without all the damn drama

    65. Nesta Joseph

      DDG is simply smart💯

    66. jh1 25

      Other 304s recognize other 304s wheres the confusion 🤔

    67. Young Twon

      Ppl always gott ddg in they mouth let him live life

    68. K Breezy

      I don’t think those messages were from rubi... I think he was talking to another girl and tagged rubi since he mentioned her song

    69. Maips101

      If DDG owns the YT rapper shit and blows up, he will make history and be the first artist to be a KGupR and inspire other people. Like Future with SoundCloud.

    70. j cuue


    71. Rasheen Vaughn

      Noo hate but please start speaking a lil bit faster😂

    72. Marie Brutus

      Ddg is an amazing person but we warned him about rubi rose so many time but he didnt listen life is a choice and yess we make mistakes but sometimes you know its wrong but I hope he gets through everything he going through in life and move on form his past mistakes cause you cant change the past. But you can help your future and that's what really matter not the past.

    73. SaGe_thuggin

      How is KGup holding him back if he doesn’t post much?

    74. Single Tish

      Sorry Megan and the rest. I'm here for DDG 😂 I'll miss him but only fans is for the people with dollars. Our currency is too low for me to pay only fans .😂

    75. F.B.I


    76. Julie Bryant

      I love the intro❤️ kiara shanay is ki a raa shanay is here🗣🗣🗣🗣😭😭😭😭

    77. Brown eyes _ 123

      Remember ..Mr.Ddg ..just about helped everyone..that's a friend.. keep going ahead you'll make it whatever your goal is..

    78. Brown eyes _ 123

      talking about..Mr.Ddg.If your not loyal he'll slowly pushed you away he doesn't want nothing else to do with you.

    79. Rosemarie Hood

      I love Ddg and I watch him faithfully but now I won't be able to see him because I can't sub to his only fans although I wish I could. I just pray somebody leaks his vid, so at least ill have a chance to see them. Is that wrong of me? Ijlhsm. He's really my you tube son.

    80. Patricia Woods

      If my bestfriend is a female .. I cant vent to her?

      1. Patricia Woods

        @droid Astros that’s insecure asf to me but to each there own 😂 and my bestfriend is a female so o well

    81. Marissa White

      I unscribed from him along time ago his vlogs got boring and seem like he got the big head. But no won't be paying I think he really trying to get money out his fans. First the only fans now paying for his vlogs.✌🏾

    82. Marissa White

      Zoe laugh 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    83. Makaveliq18 Asap

      If she talk behind yo back like dat den she not da one dats lame

    84. Mind Blowing Lyrics

      Not gonna lie, if y’all love DDG, his fanbase the only one who can save him from Rubi

      1. Mind Blowing Lyrics

        Lulu Nzama you right, can’t lie... I actually supported the Rubi thing before, but now that his energy messed up....

      2. Lulu Nzama

        Everybody tried warning him thou

    85. wtf

      Intro lit

      1. Kiara Shanay

        Thanks !!!!! ✊🏾💯

    86. TheBine5150


    87. TheBine5150


    88. kso

      Damn Kennedy really fucked up ddg for him to be having trust issues like this that’s crazy😂😭

      1. Ashley York

        @kso I mean when he was dating Essence, he had the password to her phone. When he started dating Kennedy, she literally unfollowed all of her guy friends. In the live yesterday he talked about being controlling in his first relationship.

      2. Ashley York

        @kso I don't even watch Kennedy like that, I'm someone who will call DDG out. I don't think he healed from his brother dying and I think he has childhood trauma. He depends on another person to make him happy.

      3. kso

        Ashley York lol u a kenkilla huh😂😂😭

      4. Ashley York

        @kso He had trust issues way before Kennedy and tbh probably before Essence. It has something to do with his childhood.

      5. kso

        Ashley York nah it’s definitely Kennedy that got him like this, they was on and off for 2 years, they relationship looked perfect on camera but off camera that shit was probably as toxic as it can get

    89. Karega

      DDG better keep working KGup. He trying hard af to be in the music industry. He going to learn about the music industry. DDG reminds me more of a Nick Cannon type artist. He should be trying to go Hollywood.

    90. Ghost gang

      That Jayuncut dude lame as hell for posting that shit. Basically another djbj situation like Kennedy friend. Really gotta look at these girls sideways that be telling all their guy friends so much

      1. Ghost gang

        @Ashley York doesn't matter she told him stuff while they were together

      2. Ashley York

        DDG and Kennedy were broken up when they happened though.

    91. Darien Wynn

      Love your outro

      1. Kiara Shanay

        Thank you !!!!

    92. ThatRandomB

      Lol Adam said “Your in the streets” 😂😂 and she just overlooked it.

      1. Kiara Shanay


    93. Jada Eliece

      I will never subscribe to his onlyfans.. for what

    94. David

      DDG will be back on KGup sooner than you think - that's where he gets most of his bread. Of course we wish him all the best. He has talent but music industry is tough to break into.

      1. Jay Young

        I know he can get the recognition he deserves from the industry with the bullshit that's called music these days

      2. Jay Young

        I think that's why he got zooted Poppin. So he can branch off. Get a percentage from each member and able to stray away and level up it's really a boss move. He got this far ion think he'll fumble.

    95. Tony E

      I fuck with DDG but uploading on onlyfans is about the money. If it ain’t about the money he could make his onlyfans free and have ppl pay for the videos where he dropping jewels

    96. Dart S

      Meg got shot in her feet she wasn’t gonna loose her life relax

    97. Tyname


    98. Poca Latte

      It makes me sick to my core when ppl place their personal limits on others n try to pigeon hole them. Year after year we learn about ppl who break barriers when no one thought they could. Still ... here we are with these naysayers. Continued strength n blessings to DDG. Already has a gold record. You’re on the right path 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🏆🏆🏆

      1. Couples Channel


    99. Iftikhaar 19

      Bruh you can tell celina is cappin, stuttering and shit she’s on some percs or sumn, she literally looks like this emoji “💀”

    100. lafer hodge

      He said he want to make explicit videos and KGup will not allow him, so he wants to go a new direction that KGup won’t allow him. I feel as he don’t need to quit KGup people like the underdog beat the odds be the first.... is all I’m say we liked the route and his fans had him, his video was doing numbers