Kiara Shanay

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    0:00 - Intro
    0:21 - Dearra Unbothered & Ken In The DogHouse
    2:07 - Corey VS His Ex Mollie
    5:12 - Queen Found Out Who Is Zoe101
    7:56 - DDG Motto = “It Ain’t Trickin If You Got It”

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      Ken is not in no dog house that man was in his room playing the game keep letting this social media GASSSS YA KGup be dead wrong letting drama carry on then the audacity to recommend their old videos duh to bring more VIEWS PLZ DONT READ WITH A NEGATIVE EFFECT TY

    2. vee vee

      She not that pretty tho Carmen look way better then her sorry sweet heart that skinny boy body is not a look

    3. Jekeira Jackson

      Corey be talking bout shit when he been cheating for YEARS !!! And Carmen DON’T be out twerkin & partying so what’s tea ? 🤦🏼‍♀️

    4. Jekeira Jackson

      Actually, they can be the Beyoncé and Jay Z of KGup cause Jay Z indeed cheated on Beyoncé. It just didn’t make it to y’all messy asses 😭😭😭

    5. kk khadka

      0:16 I have no more stress thanks to, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*

    6. Short Stuff

      I don’t think the watch is for his mom cuz he bought one last year I think for her birthday

    7. Splash Squad

      I don’t think Queen is going to sue her because I believe some of the stuff true. I think she just going to get her accounts deleted.

    8. Caleb Drip Cook

      the AP is for he's mom

      1. Designer the Don

        It’s not lol, he’s not buying an iced out watch from icebox for his mom... he was wearing the watch last night lol


      She said "y'all niggas be trinna throw lawsuits y'all ant bout to throw one over here"😂

      1. Kiara Shanay

        FR FR 😆

    10. D Price

      Rubi unliked the tweet. Lol they make no sense

      1. Designer the Don

        @Marian Barker lol you can’t be serious, stop being dramatic yo 🤣🤦🏾‍♂️

      2. Marian Barker

        I saw that ig they not cool again

    11. Aisha Atkinson

      KGuprs say they don't get in trouble as long as they say aleg

      1. Aisha Atkinson


    12. yung ze da scholar

      You knw was crazy after all dis Zoe could start they own blog page or company they got the clout now

    13. Famous Tay

      his mom birthday coming up it might be for her

    14. Darrick Vino

      Kiara Shaney Sus Vote Her Out

    15. Darrick Vino

      I don't sing that song

    16. Max Lara

      The watch for rubi she was on set with idk but she had a watch on

      1. Designer the Don

        @Jay Slapit that’s still the same watch he was wearing at icebox, clearly got that for himself. And No he didn’t, that was the new one, look closely kgup.info/get/Y2qCXofHo56AgKU/video

      2. Jay Slapit

        @Designer the Don that was his other ap

      3. Max Lara

        @Designer the Don ok bro it's for him spent a bag on himself alr

      4. Designer the Don

        @Max Lara it’s not, he was wearing it on ig live last night

      5. Max Lara

        @Designer the Don oh deadass well it could also be for her so

    17. Pamela Bennett

      How you PUBLICLY bash someone name then want the person to address you privately? Make it make sense. These tweet contradicting.

    18. Yanz Spencer

      Carmen need to act like she have some sense. A range does not mean he loves and respects you.

    19. louiking 1 # 2


    20. TheRealPrinz

      King of simps. ddg

    21. PrincessJasmine

      Zoe been on hush mode now she about GOD sounds like someone I know

    22. Zen

      Mollie waters is smart every time corey talk about women i would automatically respond to stay getting clout ....

    23. Destiny Joy

      Carmen need to move on!

    24. Shawn Velinor

      That watch probably for his mom cuz her birthday in 6 days

    25. KpTheG

      That’s how you know when a dude not really happy in his relationship. He gotta start talking trash about other women. What another mf do has nothing to do with you.

    26. London Brown

      But them the same females that he be cheating with

    27. Keep Up With Kimmy

      She definitely gonna sue that person behind the Twitter!

    28. Katsiyah Colessa

      Girl u be late to everything, I be watching ur videos thinking its updates.

    29. BJ Turner

      You don’t need a child to have a family channel lmao kids aren’t what make a family plenty of youtubers have family channels with no children

      1. Crispy Kareem


    30. Bueno's Lane

      "have class and substance" LMAOOO but did you have the same energy?

    31. A. Curry

      Yet he cheats on his WIFE with the women he’s talking shit about. 🤔🥴 ok long head.

    32. 0nly. Bhadbby

      Shouldn’t Rubi be rapping

    33. cher

      She should

    34. Wordsfromthewise 1

      That shit gotta be true for her to be talkin bout court Edsu got over a million followers all around and you single one out for talkin shit

    35. Petty Wap

      Ddg slowly going from youtuber to youtube rapper to that KGup rapper dude that Rubi dragging around.. 🤦🏾‍♂️ His interviews starting to be more about Rubi than him he’s becoming her shadow!’

      1. Designer the Don

        You tripping, Rubi interview with nojumper talked about ddg in Iike 4-5 different segments, that’s just how it goes when you are romantically involved with someone

      2. Mrs Tee

        Becoming her shadow 🤔 interesting way of putting it.

    36. Dime

      Ddg a gamma male

    37. Ayxmiii

      Rubis dog is soo cuteeeee

    38. BABY RNG


    39. Exile 2k

      Zoe is trying to tell queen to address her in private like anything she’s said is in private she started it on social media😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    40. R S

      Probably rubis watch she bought at icebox and the setting in the back ground dont look like his crib probably at hers? 🤷‍♂️

      1. Designer the Don

        That’s ddg watch and it’s definitely his crib

    41. Elisabeth JACQUES

      I will definitely watch their vlogmas I'm a Day 1 DkGang

    42. Chicho Johnson

      No its still trickin if u got it. BIGGEST Misconcepition,CAUSE IF U WAS BROKE AND FUCK UP SHE WUDNT BE WITH YOU,SO STOP THE B/S!!90 % ugly ass rappers and ball players wudnt get none of these IG models🤣🤣🤣🤣They tricking!So kill it!

    43. Mz Chee

      I dont think Queen gonna make a vid, but I do think she should keep the same energy Zoe been showing her these last few months,DONT GET THE LAW NOW ZOE

    44. W W

      I think the watch for his mom. Her bday in 6 days (dub said that in his new video)

    45. Journey Jackson

      What is her intro song😭😭👀👀

    46. Brelyn Foster

      At this point I’m not even paying moo and rubi no mind. They gone keep doing this...

      1. Brelyn Foster

        @Marian Barker and??? Did I ever complain about seeing it? I simply said tht I’m jus gone mind my business like yu should😘 next...🚪

      2. Marian Barker

        But you still watching

    47. Happy To be living

      Carmen “wifey material” pretty and has a nice body and he still cheats.

      1. vee vee


      2. Happy To be living

        @Nyisha Guidry right but tell her cuz I knew that already

      3. Nyisha Guidry

        @Happy To be living That’s because he’s not a good man at all!!!

      4. Rahshaan Muhammad

        @Nyisha Guidry Facts, I been with and seen some " Baddies" with no ambition, no common sense, no loyalty and last but not least a terrible personality.

      5. Happy To be living

        @Nyisha Guidry but they always talk about how loyal she is she cooks and cleans this and that she not like other girls in their videos from what I used to see a couple months ago so that don’t keep a man either not even giving him a son and being a good mother to him and his son from before.

    48. Sym Taylor

      Main y'all need to stop thinking y'all can tell DDG what to do. If he wants to be with Rubi that's on him and visa/versa. Its his life and at the end of the day it don't affect anyone but him.

      1. Smh

        @Emmanuel Chenny I mean I see your point but nothing is gonna stop them from being together, but yes any one can have their own opinions about their relationship since after all it is in the public view and they chose what they put out there on social media but it’s not gonna really matter at all what y’all think

      2. Emmanuel Chenny

        @Sym Taylor youre extraggrating. Ppl have the right to have their own opinion on things, especially if it’s public. Im not saying ppl can tell then what to do, but they can definitely have an opinion. If u don’t want ppl have opinions then keep your business private. It’s a simple concept.

      3. John Stegall jr

        He be saying I hate being on the tea pages but be the one tweeting he just asking for it

      4. John Stegall jr

        @Emmanuel Chenny yeah they the one putting their business in public so he can't be mad when people speak their opinion

      5. Marian Barker

        @Emmanuel Chenny still they business you saying this for what they don’t care and you shouldn’t

    49. Life with Aaryn

      Y’all what if zoe101 in the comments behind a fake page

      1. Plug Walk

        I'm sure she is

      2. Life with Aaryn

        @Kiara Shanay lol 😂😂

      3. Kiara Shanay

        Hide ya kids hide ya wife 😂

    50. Cassie Sandra

      Corey is one to talk about wifey material. Is he husband material and this isn't the 15th century Corey 😡. So tired of their drama faking asses

    51. Aaliyah Williams

      Ddg did not buy that watch for rubi 😂😂😂 just cause it’s ha song in the back mean noting 😂😂 obviously he trollin us 😂😂😂

      1. Marian Barker

        @Designer the Don you pay too much attention to his business just watch and stfu

      2. Designer the Don

        @Marian Barker that would make no sense, Rubi just got herself an AP watch around her birthday, ddg wouldn’t buy her the same watch brand again for her. Ddg got himself a new Ap watch as he had it on his wrist in icebox the other day

      3. Marian Barker

        You wouldn’t kno

    52. jae26hood

      didn't rubi buy herself a AP watch already? He should had bough her something else. Maybe a Birken bag.

      1. jae26hood

        @Designer the Don ok, you might be right.

      2. Designer the Don

        @jae26hood he bought that for himself, he had it on at icebox when he first bought the watch and had it on tonight on his ig live

      3. jae26hood

        @Designer the Don my point is he could had shown they're not on bad tern on any other previous story but chose the one of him buying a gift for someone? there's so many other way he could show they're not on bad term.

      4. Designer the Don

        @jae26hood probably to show they not on bad terms, he did that for a reason

      5. jae26hood

        @Designer the Don odd choice of music while he's buying a gift for himself. He could had played that music on any other story.

    53. Craig Thomas

      Now that zoe101 is worried Queen is going to expose them they want to talk privately?! Class? Substance?? Where was that "class and substance" when zoe101 was going to post a 4 hour video on Queen and Clarence? I think Queen should pursue legal action or at the least expose Zoe101's identity

    54. Designer the Don

      That’s ddg watch, he was just playing rubi song in the background. He wouldn’t be playing the song if they were on bad terms let’s be real 🤷🏾‍♂️

      1. Isaiah Hyndman

        @freejdc1 that’s not a woman watch goofy every rapper got a watch like that

      2. Designer the Don

        @freejdc1 that’s not a womans watch, ddg had the same exact watch on the other day when he was at icebox

      3. freejdc1

        A woman’s watch?

    55. Life with Aaryn

      I feel bad for Carmen, she think she a prize cause she got a ring, a ring don’t mean a man ain’t gonna cheat on you

      1. Life with Aaryn

        @Chace Chace ion know I wanna day Carmen paying them because a Corey don’t do nothing all he do is just lay around

      2. Chace Chace

        Is she paying bills or is the husband a provider??

      3. tina tyler


    56. Sheila Tabengwa

      Ddg n rubi are the most toxic, entertaining couple i have ever seen. i love them❤🤞

    57. nate higga

      I think ddg bought that watch cuz he had it on when he was in ice box they probably just made it small send it to him but he do got the same kind of watch she got

      1. Designer the Don

        Yeah ddg already owned an AP watch which is what Rubi just got recently but ddg just got another one at icebox this week

    58. nate higga

      I knew de'arra and Ken was going to break up they been together too long just to Break-Up 6 years and they got brand deals together she probably going to put him in the doghouse for a long time

    59. Emmanuel Chenny

      The fact that Kiara casually said “ I know these 2 were going at it yesterday, but today’s a new day “ As if they start their relationship from scratch each day.🤣🤣🤣

      1. Kiara Shanay

        IKR 😂

      2. Emmanuel Chenny

        @Sym Taylor tf are you talking about, I’m not tripping over their relationship, I could careless, I was just referring to what Kiara said in the video because it was funny.

      3. Sym Taylor

        You acting like DDG/Rubi the only toxic couple out here. They have problem just like ordinary civilians. They business just out there caus of who they are.

    60. QUEEN Chakra

      Is she gone go for everybody jobs !? Bc they’re trolling online ? 😩 girl you’re a millionaire. There will always be troll pages. I know Alexandra works in the medical field so say. I just wanna know If it’s her behind the page. Zoe101 is full of it. Talked all this crap but scared to get exposed lol

    61. Keyona B.

      Right on time for my overnight shift. Let’s get into it.😌

    62. Smh

      ddg probably bought the watch for himself or his mom his mom birthday is coming up but he probably used rubi song to get peoples attention or to show people that they are back together

      1. Cassie Sandra

        @Designer the Don ok. I guess that's how they come these days...we'll wait and see

      2. Designer the Don

        @Cassie Sandra no it doesn’t, he was wearing the same watch at icebox the other day on his wrist, plus it’s an audemar piguet watch, that’s what they look like. Ddg just went on ig live, he was wearing the new watch, it’s his

      3. Cassie Sandra

        @Designer the Don that looks like a feminine watch

      4. Designer the Don

        Yeah that’s ddg watch , he had it on at icebox the other day. And I agree he used Rubi song for an obvious reason too

    63. David

      Hate to admit it but Rubi & DDG r perfect for each other... Ain't gonna say why tho 😂🤷🏾‍♂️

      1. Life with Aaryn

        @Marian Barker you sound gtfo you commented on my stuff , I ain’t ask for your opinion, byeeeeeee barker, your name should be Parker

      2. Javon

        It’s because they look like brother and sister and would have a beautiful baby

      3. Smh

        @Emmanuel Chenny nah but he making up the craziest stories that don’t be making any sense. He be blaming everything on ddg & his relationship with her

      4. Credpy Squad

        @Kelvin Wilson he said we both damaged .How you gon tell him how Rubi is,if they spend days together.how you mad but Rubi not

      5. Designer the Don

        @Kelvin Wilson ddg said he’s damaged as well , quit hating on bruh

    64. Tàe. London

      Carmen ran through?

    65. Raisa Lokteva

      0:13 teens24.online

    66. LEA 001

      Sad Carmen really feels like she’s a prize cuz she got a ring 🥱

      1. Riley Spencer

        @K love hes not confident in himself enough as s black man possibly thinks low of himself hes called himself ugly he even said he don't know how he got carmen because she so beautiful but he does that because he thinks she deserves all of it because she's hispanic he thinks low of himself so carmens his idol so lavishes her with all this love and material things and this could possibly stem from past pain with other black women that's why he talks about them so bad he doesn't think we deserve respect

      2. K love

        What do Carmen do besides KGup so what she brings to the table corey always putting Carmen on a pedal stool when he mess up

      3. Curjé Stevens

        Do you have one?🤔🤔

      4. carmilie pierre

        Thats actually sad. Id rather be single than have a ring and get cheated on multiple times

    67. Dirtbag Squad

      Queen tweeeting who’s behind the page, when she knows damn well she and Clarence wrote the book lol 😂

      1. Chace Chace

        @Dirtbag Squad Will do! 💯💯

      2. Dirtbag Squad

        @Chace Chace sub to me imma be a drama channel soon lol

      3. Breanna Green

        @Dirtbag Squad but yet she hired a investigator.. mmm whatever u wana believe 😂🤣😂 don’t think somebody would do all of that if she’s really the one like y’all gotta start using y’all lil brains now🤦🏽‍♀️😂😂😂 theres never not a time where they not getting HATE they get hated on every day and you don’t think some dumb ass wouldn’t do sum like this!?!?!?

      4. Chace Chace

        You a really good troll. I see you everywhere. 😂 This one is close to the truth though which is why Queen so pressed about this Zoe account.

      5. Dirtbag Squad

        @Breanna Green you the idiot for not realizing, out of all months days years, it came out a week before her album drop lol.

    68. Dirtbag Squad

      It’s the fake body for me, these females be thinking there fake body is real. Cough cough Kennedy lol. Kennedy servants in 12345

      1. Dirtbag Squad

        @Chace Chace the evidence over place imma load it on my page soon

      2. Chace Chace

        Kennedy is adorable. When you have a face that pretty, you don’t need a fake body. Your face speaks for itself. 💗

      3. Life with Aaryn

        @Go_Smd I know he does this every video

      4. Mrs Tee

        If you're gonna count , it's suppose to be 54321...duh kids these days. You're talking about her servants but you be the one who brings her up. And DDG liked that so called fake body so much that he keep going back and probably still would if she'd let him.

      5. Go_Smd

        @Lul Blacc you joking right 💀? You must be new

    69. jasmine mitchell

      ❤ Whatever your storm is God is giving you authority ❤ Any issue you face is a learning process and God gave you his words so you can face it with him ❤

    70. Trey Von

      Queen just mad she got exposed

    71. jasmine mitchell

      ❤ Let go of your bad habits and bad thoughts, so you can be filled by life, love... God ❤ before there is filling of the good, you have to let go of the bad ❤ Whatever you are going through, God says come to me ❤ He got you ❤

    72. Goofyy Vibez

      Didn’t he get Kennedy a Rolex too smh 🤦🏾‍♂️ kennedy #2

      1. Go_Smd

        @Credpy Squad lmfao he does it all the time it for sure not a mistake. Just like how he tried to take fendi back as well and kennedy offered to pay for him since he was complaining even though it was hers cause a gift is a gift you can’t take it back. Just like how he kept on taking tee tees phone but guess what now she bought her phone so he can’t take it away.

      2. Credpy Squad

        @Go_Smd like you said he realized how dumb it was.one mistake don’t Define a person

      3. Designer the Don

        @Kelvin Wilson Rubi did not buy a cheap ass Rolex, she bought a 2 toned audemar piguet watch from icebox which is way more expensive. No Rolex watch cost a hundred thousand dollars lol Ddg bought himself a new AP watch. Regardless him and Rubi not on bad terms and everything is most likely back good if you look at some of the hints after the Twitter spat in the last day. Rubi showing off the earrings ddg bought her, her tweet from last night, liking the tweet about a family channel, then liking/deleting a tweet from someone posting a video of ddg with a caption of “I would want this too”. Plus now ddg playing her music in his story tonight. They are good

      4. Go_Smd

        Lmfao don’t get me started on the Rolex and kennedy thing. The man is an indian giver whenever he buys someone something and then they have an argument or issue he brags about what he buys for them and asks for it back. Kennedy told him he can have the Rolex back since he was crying abt it on Twitter but then he realized how dumb he looked so he let her keep it. A gift is a gift once you give it to someone it belongs to them. But anyways kennedy already bought a new Rolex a few months ago.

      5. Kelvin Wilson

        Rubi just bought a rolex, she paid a hundred thousand dollars for it, this nigga trying to buy her back, fake

    73. Trey Von

      Ddg really stop vlogging and became rapper rapper🔥🔥😂😂🐐🐐

      1. Laay 2Federaal


    74. Ozyon A.S.

      Remember his mom’s birthday is next week he has a vlog from years ago from around watches is for

      1. Sym Taylor

        His mom has a Rolex that he bought her for mother's day. The watch is for him.

    75. Petty Wap

      The only reason Rubi messing with Ddg is for the clout/attention that comes with him.. 💯

      1. Designer the Don

        @Petty Wap you a whole hater man, sh^t crazy lol

      2. Petty Wap

        @Designer the Don she a whole 304 tho!!

      3. Designer the Don

        @Petty Wap you act as if she don’t brag about him in interviews or talk him up too. Even when they “broke up” she was still talking him up on a podcast like nojumper out in the open for everyone to see her respect for ddg.

      4. Petty Wap

        I know Ddg the least popping but he’s also the first to put her on a Pedestal and she knows she can control him because we all know Ddg weak when it comes to relationships and unlike the other rappers she been with Ddg thinks she’s a trophy he brags about her in every interview and almost every post on his Twitter is about her.. so good or bad clout he’s giving her nonstop promotion/clout.

      5. Jaded Jaderson

        No offense but DDG the least popping rapper rubi has been with. Roaster got names like Travis Scott, 21 savage, playboi carti. Say whatever about rubi but she not with DDG for no typa clout.

    76. Tiera Reneè

      “It dooooessssnnnttt maaaaattterrrr bout the whyyYyyYyyys!” Who else be singing along?! 😂😂😂

    77. Jasmine O'Neal

      True DDG fans knows his moms birthday is coming up I think the watch is for this mom

      1. Smh

        @Isaiah Hyndman my bad oops

      2. Isaiah Hyndman

        @Smh it’s not a Rolex she got the same watch DDG bought it’s a AP

      3. Isaiah Hyndman

        @Designer the Don and I don’t think DDG will want to put his mom in harm by buying her a watch like that

      4. Isaiah Hyndman

        @Designer the Don exactly

      5. Isaiah Hyndman

        If DDG is buy a watch for his mom he wouldn’t buy a fully ice out watch because that’s putting his mom in harm

    78. Dirtbag Squad

      I think ddg is a gambling addict, that’s not goood bro needs to start back blogging lol

      1. Life with Aaryn

        @No Face lol😂😂, it’s what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas

      2. Jamar

        He makes money plenty other ways than youtube im sure he don’t need to vlog no more lol

      3. Smh

        Nigga you just trying to make an excuse for him to come back to KGup

      4. No Face

        Nigga gone end up like the weekend and loose his soul...”everythings stays in Vegas “ or what ever that saying was 🤷🏽‍♂️🤣

    79. Dirtbag Squad

      Rubi chasing the bag, and ddg would like that.

      1. Smh

        Who wouldn’t ? 😅

    80. Maliika Davis

      Zoe look scared now 😂😂

      1. Swedish Fish

        🤣🤣 she is

    81. Leh GOAT

      I finally made it I missed a whole week of premieres

    82. jasmine mitchell

      ❤ Jesus Christ loves you and he's coming soon ❤ You deserve to be happy and free ❤ God sent his son to die on the cross so you could be ❤ talk to him he wants you to come to him ❤ Here because of Jesus Christ for you ❤

    83. 3428 HAVANA

      Jeezy and Gucci SQUASHED the Beef 2020🇺🇲🇺🇲

      1. nate higga


    84. VHS Kara

      I clicked on this video so mf fast😭

    85. Dxnt Ask me


    86. Trey Von

      Rubi need to leave ddg alone. she toxic asf and using him for cloud

      1. Life with Aaryn

        @Plug Walk LMFAOOOOO😂😂😂😂

      2. Plug Walk

        @Life with Aaryn when it rains it pours😂

      3. Smh

        Dam what type of ☁️? 😯

      4. Life with Aaryn

        Rubi using ddg for clouds show me the which cloud she using,lmfaoo😂😂

      5. Life with Aaryn

        @Bronny’s Plug lmfaooooooo😂😂😂😂😂

    87. Akilah Ali


    88. Yung St4r

      first like😌