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    1. 010mercurials

      She crazy is she doing voodoo boards

    2. LLKV Lives

      The manager had slipped up and accidentally said quando name so yea that was him who von was holding on to

    3. Only1Doobie

      What people not thinking about is von point of view.. Von knew Quando was in atl cuz he was live earlier that day that’s why von tweeted “I’m not hiding”, so he was thinking ahead like if I go straight to the crib he might follow me an catch me lackin so they went to the club an he waited in the car like the manager said just to see if he would show up, his mans telling him Quando was there meant going with his first mind was the right move so he got on that I understand but you see on video everything happened so fast it was unavoidable

    4. Fuadbegreening-

      Stop saying o boy just say quando rondo acting like quando don’t got clout too 🤦🏽‍♂️

      1. Ceo Yellaaa

        Barely 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    5. marc larrieux

      Point blank the internet social media needs a filter frfr

    6. marc larrieux

      All these lil “gangster” only know how to shoot can’t none take an ass whooping or give an ass whooping unless get jumping someone

    7. marc larrieux

      And she creepy asf for calling herself “Queen Von” changed her name and everything nobody caught that

      1. nolimitnabz

        How’s that creepy? Her name is still asiandabrat on all of her accounts.

    8. marc larrieux

      From the jump I knew Asian doll was doing that for clout most ppl forget that he broke up w her and how von you as in the car w another girl

    9. jh1 25

      This was hit!

    10. jh1 25

      Deuteronomy 28:54 [54]So that the man that is tender among you, and very delicate, his eye shall be evil toward his brother, and toward the wife of his bosom, and toward the remnant of his children which he shall leave:

    11. ValidxSD

      Rip my nigga von🕊

    12. Forever Nonnies world

      This video was great you did not turn it in to more drama like a lot of pages you actually kept short sweet and to the point.

      1. Barbiedollynn


    13. Adagio Rinnix

      He might have been drugged

    14. Adagio Rinnix

      My thing is why king Von

    15. Balla Swanson

      This bih need to shut tf up. Bih u just messed with Von opp. Now u want to be all concerned and sad??? Now u Queen Von? 🤦🤦🤦 STFU.

    16. BABY RNG


    17. tech nique

      Wait so what going on? With asiandoll anyway

    18. Vonny

      Quando rondo nigga 🐍

      1. {neah}

        @marc larrieux probably cause king von was winning that shi annoying asf doe I hate people that use guns and he know his mans can’t. fight

      2. marc larrieux

        @huh he should have let rondo handle his business on his own why shoot jump in the fight

      3. huh

        rondo really aint even do nothing tbh. his mans was just tryna protect him.

    19. Ken Banks

      Everybody say they that until them bullets start flying💯

    20. Splash Squad

      You can clearly see them run back in the club

      1. deezy123456

        You fight bullets?

      2. Bertrand Lo

        Yes because guns where been fired and they couldn’t see any shooters that’s the first instinct of any one to take cover and they clearly came back also

    21. Bank Of America

      King von body is all over the internet.💯

    22. Draco.Capalot

      Bj was da guy who went to get his gun from da car n he wasn’t killed by da police dat was louie n slutty but they brought Louie bacc to life a few hrs ago

    23. Sadie Boo

      What his manager saying dont even sound right they just covering they ass real street niggas not doin interviews to clear nothing up if it was beef why von aint come strapped right after he was shot they all ran, spiritual guidance is a real thing that girl aint make that up, people claim the street life but not ready to ride forreal long live Von we love you.

    24. Dom See

      I honestly feel like, the manager SOUNDED like he was lying🤦🏽hopefully he wasn't but...

      1. Ceo Yellaaa

        The manager 💯 He happy to be alive he got his records n shit ... King Von literally is the hottest out before this shit

      2. Dom See

        @AlmA SHERRILL He didn't ONLY speak about the police shooting, we can gather that part from footage...

      3. AlmA SHERRILL

        It's the truth , police confirmed they was shooting too , nothing too lie about

      4. kamaal Bass

        It sounded straight to me

    25. Tae074

      Nice video but where’s the KGup tea

    26. Deneesha Morgan

      Wait you don’t need a spiritual advisor to connect with a passed love one. You just need God and prayers ask for signs and have trust and you will be amazed by the power of God. Btw not everyone goes to Heaven and you can’t be for sure if that spiritual advisor contacted the right spirit. So please be careful. Trust in Jesus and pray! This new “spiritual” wave is going to mess with some people head it’s a way for the enemy to deceive you.

      1. Arie Nicole

        Have you seen what happend to juice world girlfriend she literally went completely nuts after he died she even said how she Hurd his spirt around the house

      2. Arie Nicole

        I agree

      3. Bertrand Lo

        But it ain’t factual though and how can you be sure she’s connected to any spiritual power

    27. Rommie Brown

      She's literally making herself look fool. The only thing her "date a 3 killer nigga" mentality could think of was why didnt they retaliate, putting the blame on others without knowing anything

    28. akamouse100

      This Asian doll chick lookin for clout, talking fool bout talking to a dead man 😒. You can't talk to no dead people, they dead 🙄. These people have demonic spirits in their lives man.

    29. ArcheRz 2.0

      The manager had Asian doll looking stupid stupid

    30. xKingSavagz

      I feel like he was drugged bc y was he acting so different

      1. marc larrieux

        No cause he just celebrated the album release and his dead homie birthday so he was probably lit

      2. AlmA SHERRILL

        Cause he thought he was untouchable

    31. AYE JB

      Bro if your talking to someone after they are dead, that’s not them.. once your dead your dead

      1. Tootsie Bravo

        You don’t die until you ascend... till you ascend you’re a ghost, you don’t ascend until you handle your unfinished business on earth. Yes you are talking to them?? Who else would they be talking to??? “ Demons?! “... he’s an assassin.. exactly, he’s here in ghost form till he rights his wrongs.

      2. Dee_G 94

        She’s speaking to a Medium or someone who practice witchcraft to contact the dead, people better be carful what they getting themselves into.

      3. Chocolate UrFav

        I have plants and I talk 2 them, N YES they respond cause they growing so pretty! N my plants is after my mom and aunt!!

      4. Designer the Don

        I agree. I know she’s grieving but people be attention seeking when they do that

    32. Linny Jones

      Good presentation of the content no comas you need a podcast it would be successful same content wit guest to clear up stuff you cover

    33. 5 Sußbs ßefore ßirthday?

      Literally the 1% people who’s reading,,,, I strongly hope your parents live Longer then 100 years with awesome health✅🧲💯

    34. Money Mario

      Nigga King von did this to himself, i mean i guess it was his day to go we all go our day ain’t nothing going to stop that.

    35. OT TV

      Asian not speaking to no von in the afterlife, she just took this hella hard now she losing her mind, sumbody get this girl sum help

    36. Money Mario

      Asian doll should’ve never said anything

    37. Leh GOAT

      Man I was only in it for 30 seconds my post notties is ass

    38. Leh GOAT

      I made it today bitches

    39. BJ Turner

      Bj was the person who went to get the gun he ain’t die

      1. BJ Turner

        @Bertrand Lo but she said he died

      2. Bertrand Lo

        He got shot too

    40. Go_Smd

      “if you really ask me she wasn’t there for him she was there for the other youtubers......” -Zoie 🤣🤣

      1. Go_Smd

        @JustJonahTV and plus I quoted what zoie said.

      2. Go_Smd

        @JustJonahTV I said mostly not all

      3. JustJonahTV

        @Go_Smd tht was only ddg team literally everyone else was rappers or affiliates to the rapper

      4. Go_Smd

        @Aaliyah Williams lmfao mostly everyone that played were youtubers not rappers there was only a few. Lsk is a youtuber, Clarence is a KGupr, Bree green is a youtuber/hooper, Dub is a youtuber, etc. The announcers were youtubers nikan, faze adapt

      5. Aaliyah Williams

        It wasn’t even a KGupr game it was a rapper game event thing

    41. zappy

      Long live king von we gotta stop killing our race

    42. QUiNTiN BANKS

      Good content !!!

    43. Blurry


    44. Lexx Anah

      Clearly she delusional

    45. Dirtbag Squad

      First of all she’s king Von ex, second she cheated on him, third she did a song with his enemy. Now she’s crying lol something ain’t right with female.

      1. Queen Beba

        Exactly . She Wana act like them other niggas was disloyal but you fucking w the opps. Why is you crying you was just with the opps. She feel like that's what he said cause she no how wrong she was for that

      2. Kia’s Life

        So y’all telling me y’all wouldn’t be hurt if your ex died y’all trippin and they was just with each other somewhere last month.

      3. Jazz Body Fitness

        @Sadie Boo exactly I hate how people just act like they knew they situation like mind yo business that girl is hurt she lost her other half you never know the last time you will see the person you love

      4. Sadie Boo

        that dont change the love they had for each other Von would even say himself at the end of the day they still tight plus they was in contact just weeks before you dont know what was in they hearts

      5. Jazz Body Fitness

        @KpTheG exactly

    46. Jason Hayword

      Im the first comment