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    0:00 - Intro
    0:21 - DDG & Rubi Rose Twitter Rant
    4:00 - Leslie Accuses Queen
    9:06 - DDG Talks About The Breakup

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    1. De'Shae Williams

      leslie is delusional

    2. Micah Renea

      Both queen and Clare were using each other for clout💯. When you make a video with someone, that’s your intention 💯💯🙄. I don’t think queen trapped Clare lol Leslie is weird for saying that. Yes we know queen was crushing but she still stayed respectful in the dms. They were good friends at first when you look at their old videos so I honestly think they just fell in love❤️❤️

    3. Coolio

      i want kennedy to be alone. but i have a feeling ddg and kennedy will get back together cuz they will both want to put in effort. ddg next title finna be. “we’re jus friends”

    4. Quantavious Wheeler

      Y’all Cannot Try to Get Mad At that man For Expressing how he feel About the Kennedy Situation he the one was in it behind the scenes when the camera shut off So him saying it wasn’t effort you can’t fault how he feel he did not bash her not one time in the statement he made clearly he feel like after they broke up the first time every time after that the energy wasint reciprocated to keep it goin y’all can’t get mad at that cause none of us was their when that camera shut off it was dem 2 they know the real y’all be in that man comments and DM Kennedy this and Kennedy that so when he address to y’all his true feelings about the behind the scenes of their situation and how he felt y’all get mad cause it’s not what y’all wanted to here y’all gotta stop acting like y’all was their 💯

    5. Cheerio Hoeee

      If anything Leslie you was trying to trap him, you were tracking your ovulation trying to get pregnant but your health issue stopped that 😭 you wanted to have clarences first child so no matter what you would always be in his life and guess what ? Life just didn’t work out that way mama. His words “ you weren’t the women for him” he didn’t want to be with you anymore and I see why. Don’t be mad at the girl be mad at yourself he tried to fix it with you and you declined 😫 he moved on OH WELL ITS BEEN 3 YEARS

    6. Stacey Jane


    7. GAGirl B

      It doesn't matter if someone has been in several relationships after a breakup, because a true love lost takes some people more than a few years to get over them. This may be the reason Leslie & Chris have not had a successful relationship, because the people that they really love is in another committed relationship. 🤦‍♀️

    8. coccygemini89


    9. coccygemini89

      Just get back with Kennedy already 🙄🤦🏾‍♀️

    10. twin twin

      it been 3yrs n she still cryin ?

    11. Short Stuff

      Leslie doing all this for what???? Girl gtfo. Crying Nd shit bout a nigga that clearly don’t want shit with you. IT IS NOT QUEENS FAULT SHE GOT PREGNANT yes she can track her ovulation but Clare could’ve worn a condom and he could’ve pulled out smh.

    12. Dalashia Holmes

      Tbh none of us can speak on ddg or kennedy relationship because we don’t know exactly why it ended, the most we know is they were toxic that’s it.

    13. Mark Cms

      Once he was talking about doing a vid she did a moonwalking in Atlanta guess she didn't want that Riley smoke lol

    14. Tavii bee

      Kiara if my husband was sleeping with other women I would tell him abt my crush too 🤣 n he showed their DMs leslie crazy

    15. Austin Ambe

      Bro this Leslie chick crying NOW on videos because they see how successful and big queen and Clarence are. Not buying that bullshit. So cringe

    16. MackGee ATL

      I am a bigger artist thing you check the stats🥶

    17. khal

      Shouts to Kiara. Keep shining

    18. Crisann Brown


    19. Alex Roberts

      She crying over something that happened years ago😂 grow up lol jealousy is so disgusting

    20. BOTTOMS UP

      This why i love this channel she so understating not biased this a queen, you go sis 👌🏾

    21. Cynthia Samuel

      Every body do have a crush

    22. Cynthia Samuel

      Kiara dont say that she plotted go watch the video of clearance and queen dm

    23. Dasia Graves

      Wow this was a lot of drama and mess stay single please stay single I'm doing it because I'm trying to find myself I don't need Toxicity in my life "period" 💯

    24. E thekid

      Well it's finally over. Yall got what yall always wanted.

    25. Youbu100% Walker

      Ddg definitely playin victim when it comes to Kennedy, things that you buy a person doesn't necessarily count if the person low key feels used. Ddg saw their relationship as a on set recording studio and as a monetize upload situation. And benefited well from it. She probably got tired of him talking about all of his accomplishments all the time and bragging on what he bought her on KGup. And having female fallin all over him and not checking that situation. What woman you know want to deal with all of that????👀👀👀💅

      1. Youbu100% Walker

        @Emmanuel Chenny it doesn't matter his consistency of just bragging on his self and bragging about things he has to the viewer's shows that is his true nature. And yes I wasn't in they bedroom but I do know who is showing themselves to always be in some mess and who is not. I believe action speaks louder then words and Kennedy is where ever she is minding her business and Ddg is making tea pages like this one for being messy. That speaks volumes.

      2. Emmanuel Chenny

        @Youbu100% Walker so basically u don’t know them in real life you just got all this information from 10 minute KGup videos 🤔🤦🏾‍♂️

      3. Youbu100% Walker

        @Emmanuel Chenny because I exactly watch their channels and saw how he bragged about being a valedictorian and how much stuff he bought her. She actually was telling him she would by her own stuff, because him bragging about what he had bought her. He also. was entertaining some chics off the side too which was public knowledge.

      4. Emmanuel Chenny

        How would u know all of this if in their relationship 🤔

    26. Anise Westbrook


    27. King Camp

      Leslie it’s been three years why is she crying I don’t care how betrayed you feel it’s been three long years.

    28. Mpho Motsoane

      Leslie baby girl, LET GO & LET GOD!! She really needs to move on, for her sanity & peace at least...

    29. jgraves58

      @Kiara Shanay, DDG is nothing more than a little boy with a little money and it has gone to his head. He is a corny *ss goofball, who knows when he'll actually grow up.

    30. Royalty Recreationz by Alicia

      I dnt track my ovulation 😂😂😂

    31. Hannibal730

      Get the money.

    32. Yousaidwhatnow

      ddg definitely want somebody to chase him. I remember back in 2017 or 2018 he tweeted about "if you want me , chase me. something aling those lines. and chile, kennedy response was " a queen don't chase, that's how her crown fall off" lmaooo... that's my sag sis

    33. lilyj 2527

      When Clarence asks for the break in October and November came around December came around then January came around and Clarence made a video stating that he was single she should have came out then because she owed him no loyalty so you're telling me this girl was loyal to this man for three whole years that's some psycho mess.

    34. Petty Wap

      Ddg need to chill out with the relationships for a while and stop forcing them and let it happen naturally because Rubi shyt is by far the most toxic shyt I ever seen and he thinks it’s love 🤦🏾‍♂️ that shyt ain’t love that’s toxic at it’s finest

    35. Lulu Nzama

      Ddg and Rubi Rose relationship was based on weed🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    36. Petty Wap

      Kennedy put effort into Ddg for 2yrs that’s the longest relationship he’s had what he mean she didn’t put effort she took him back a few times but at some point you just gotta say enough is enough and she finally moved on. Ddg just still a little butt hurt and he don’t know how to use his words when he’s hurt.

    37. Petty Wap

      Kennedy was over the toxic shyt when she was done she was done can’t be mad at her they tried a couple times but obviously every time she took him back nothing change so she let it go without looking back💯

    38. Navybrat88

      I track my period on an app to know when I’m coming on but I’m not tracking the ovulation part that’s mad weird. I think ppl who do that are trying to get pregnant.

    39. cynthia calm

      The fact is, no female would be comfortable with another girl chatx up her man. Don't get me wrong, I like queen and i understand Leslie, I mean we all saw the conversation between queen and Clarence. Truth is, queen was kinda interested in Clarence(u can tell from all she told someone(Clarence) she didn't really know like that). But then, all this drama isn't necessary. Why is Leslie crying over spilt milk? Queen didn't put a gun on Clarence head to date her. In all, what I'm saying is "when a man loves u love him right back and when he stop stop as well" life is that simple.

    40. Mark Davis

      It’s been 3 years mans has a whole kid and you still in the past?! She’s pathetic lmao

    41. Cassie Sandra

      Seen people posting, "Kennedy gave ddg gifts and took him on trips'. 💀💀💀💀 ya, all a man needs from his relationship is gifts and trips from his woman. Y'all goofy asf.😂😂😂 i can't.

      1. Yousaidwhatnow

        Kennedy put in time and effort for almost three years. she put up with the bashing, his immaturity, pettiness, all the girls in between, his insecurities, and more. at some point you have to let go when there's no change. she did what she had to, walk away. and all that she see that's taking place with ddg and rubi, confirms she made the right decision.

    42. Merged Zamasu

      The ken killas was so happy he brought her up, now the Kennedy comments are gonna amplify😂😂😂

    43. Don Cooper

      That boy never learn

    44. Rommie Brown

      Love is a term used wayyy to loosely. Love isn't toxic, real love doesn't hurt. I guess he felt love cause she was all over him, calling him bae every 3 sec lol, was nice when they were in each others company, affectionate. When they break up or argue, she puts effort into and pulling it back together. That's control. She know she can work her way with you. Not saying they didn't have feelings for each other But love we gotta make that term less accessable

      1. Rommie Brown

        The Lust you have for someone might make you think that the Effort to pull up to your house after u say it's over, blowing your phone up ect is Love but it's Control. They're ignoring how u feel and nonchalantly thinking that you're not going anywhere lol

    45. Gina LV

      Leslie Needs a Therapist ASAP 💯💯💯 I've Never Tracked My Ovulation 🤣🤣🤣 I Will Now Say Kennedy Didn't Deserve DDG 💯💯

    46. YoBoy SPADE

      Im sure ALOT of people knows what he meant about KC never put any 'effort' in staying together but we knew that. He used that 'effort' crap as something negative towards her because he KNEW everybody was gon bring HER up after all this. He's acting like that was a 'mystery'. We know how KC acted vs RR. She wouldn't do or put up with alot of the BS that RR did! KC was is smart, mature, and FAITHFUL in her relationships. That's all he could say about her. That was the best he could do. You can't compare RR to KC in no type of way....

    47. Sara Styles

      As a women I do use a tracker for my period and they do tell you the days when your most likely to get pregnant. But I WONT say it’s trapping when the man doesn’t wear a condom especially knowing the female isn’t on birth control and is religious and won’t get an abortion. And we all no queen is very religious and she always talks about the baby she missed. It takes two, to make a baby

    48. YoBoy SPADE

      WE TOLD HIM!

    49. YoBoy SPADE

      She probably did trap him. All this stuff happened TOO FAST! Most of them getting pregnant ain't no 'mistakes'. They KNOW exactly what they are doing....

    50. YoBoy SPADE

      People BEEN telling him what she was doing. He said he KNEW but he somehow thought she was gon stop just cause she messing with him too...🤣 I guess he's young and I'm guessing this is a learning experience for him....

    51. YoBoy SPADE

      These YT relationships don't last long AT ALL! One minute you can be accurate about a topic and the next day, it would be totally different....🤦🏿‍♂️

    52. Tae074

      On gang queen got pregnant fast

    53. XxYfN JJ2k

      Leslie was hella delusional

    54. D J

      How you don’t like people lie to you and you are liar 🤥

    55. Craig Thomas

      There was another tweet by DDG where he said he could end Rubi's career RIGHT NOW!. As soon as he posted that she posted her tweet about him not making a KGup video about her. He must got some serious tea on Rubi, one minute she's talking trash and posting old messages of her and DDG the next minute she's trying to keep him from exposing her. DDG had Rubi shook. I wonder what he got on her?? Hmmmm...

      1. Elisabeth Coker


    56. MotivationalDiva

      Yes I want him back with Kennedy.. But after all the shit he done talk... I don’t want her with him... Kennedy shouldn’t have to run up behind him and cheat on him publicly like Rubi did to put “effort into the relationship “ I’m not gone lie I luv Queen..I’m from where she from and that’s a thing in that area trap a dude with a baby...Queen was obesessed with Clarence ... she wanted him so bad..but I don’t know. 🤷🏽‍♀️

      1. Smh

        @MotivationalDiva his comment said: “I ain’t even mean to put Kennedy in it in that type of light, I was just rambling so I ain’t say no outta line shit. 8 minute minimum 🤘🏽 that’s my bad tho 🙏🏽 tell fendi da da miss him 🐶”

      2. Kayla Green

        @Ashley York swear

      3. Ashley York

        @Kayla Green Kennedy knows DDG, her silence is probably killing him in the inside.

      4. Kayla Green

        @Ashley York that’s fucked up bruh Kennedy is so calm if it was me bruh I would have to say something smh he plays victims with everything with the relationship he had with Kennedy

      5. Ashley York

        @Kayla Green Yes

    57. vvsClix

      should have just dated TIANA, but you know they wanna have the rich ones, they wanna have the power couples. SMH!

    58. Gabrielle Adamson

      THEY BROKE UP BEFORE HE GOT WITH QUEEN.... Lil miss too hurt She needs to seek help

    59. FiveTvFred

      What she mean by “take away this love from me and my family” oh she crazy foreal foreal

    60. BJ Turner

      I miss Kennedy man

    61. Location


    62. NaturalBe-YOU-tiful

      He is not over Kennedy and how she was easy to let go after all the bullshit. Just because a person doesn’t want to let go and tries to make it work doesn’t mean they are good for you. She more than likely just wants him around because of his money and doesn’t want to see another female get the money.


      One day in and I already failed making every premiere Lmao

    64. Donavan Moore


    65. Official Ashten Olivia

      THANK YOU finally someone not being biased I personally don’t think that Queen tried to get pregnant and trap Clarence but I do agree that she was plotting on him. She wanted him and that was her IG crush and that’s why Chris blocked him.

    66. jamara dove

      I guess effort for DDG is someone stalking him 😩

    67. Jekeira Jackson

      I do NOT track my ovulation . I ain’t know ppl did that unless they were tryna get pregnant

    68. Shonya Kalvin

      Ya he shared his truth it’s allowed but he needs support to stay away cause he admits he loves her everyone says she has a lot of issues and that’s why she single even tho she is beautiful girl she crazyyyyyyyyyy great coverage girl

    69. BRiana NiCole

      Lol I JUST started tracking mine. Leslie is reaching in my opinion.

    70. Panda RSA

      DDG should have kept Savannah smh

      1. Az Jeo

        He didn’t deserve her 😖

    71. Drew_ Onek

      Rubi not for the streets , she for the interstate

      1. Ass Licker


    72. Setera Lockley

      I track my ovulation to avoid pregnancy lol

    73. Setera Lockley

      Ddg cant be mad about exposure ... He exposed him and kennedy's whole relationship and abortion in a song 🥴

      1. ThePersonjammer01

        @Raheim Walker the screenshots that rubi posted with ddg and her convo... that was her business as much as it was his business.

      2. Raheim Walker

        @ThePersonjammer01 how and make sense

      3. ThePersonjammer01

        @Raheim Walker well it's Rubi's business as well then ...

      4. Raheim Walker

        @Setera Lockley nigga it his business he was in it so he can expose all he want he don't give a fuck

      5. Setera Lockley

        @Petty Wap doesn't fckn matter dummy he exposed something that shoulda been kept private ...wayyy worse than being exposed for cheating ...he can dish but can't take it

    74. Setera Lockley

      I see where Leslie is coming from honestly here u had clarence who wasn't completely over here when he met Queen.... Queen probably shoulda fell back just to make sure there was nothing left from there relationship....INITIALLY clarence got with queen for clout IDC wat anybody says ....he was still entangled with Leslie BUT he still pursued queen at the same time bc she was blowing up...then he actually fell for her

    75. King K

      Crying shit don't mean nothing

    76. Dream Chills

      "Bikini bag trashing" i love ki man 🤣🤣🤣

    77. B Mack

      It's sad that even after they have broken up DDG still has to stroke her ego by down playing his ex; making Kennedy look like the bad ex and Rubi look like the good one when we all know the truth. Kennedy ain't have nothing to do with that mess but he bring her name up and compared her to someone who is clearly toxic??? DDG and Kennedy had their share of mess but I never recalled her exposing their messages etc. You just can't compare the two... Only effort I see Rubi put into DDG is making him look like a straight up 🤡... Kennedy NEVA made him look like that!!

      1. Mrs Tee

        He didn't even say Kennedy's name. See how Rubi changed you. She so insecure that he thought he had to compare the two , to make that cow tongue girl feel better. Obviously Kennedy had an impact on his life, cause he brings her up every chance he gets. And as for effort. You don't give effort when your done. And Kennedy was done.

      2. Clee D

        When ddg said that about Kennedy he didn’t mean it in a bad way he just meant that towards the end he was the only one fighting to keep the relationship

      3. Smh

        He didn’t mean it he was just rambling look at his comment on the shade room teens.

    78. Santana M


    79. Life w/ Tati

      Leslie need some friends. She going out SAD. She never took any accountability for the downfall of their relationship. He said, she was never the woman he needed her to be. Boom, that’s all she needed to hear. She need to move around..

    80. Arika Payne

      Leslie needs to stfu cause she just talking now 💀💀 if it wasn’t queen baby it was gone be somebody else cause he was over her so nexttt🚮 she just mad lmao

    81. BigTankTelevision

      When ever my nigga drop the official it’s over vid on the tube it really be over

      1. BigTankTelevision

        @Shiquechica nah

      2. Shiquechica

        Maybe 😂 he did like three of those videos about Kennedy

    82. Charles Dickout

      Kennedy. Speaking of her, I am NOT surprised that's how he seen the situation.. I mean summer of 2017 she literally stopped responding to him for over a week.. Ok cool...But within that same time frame Zias showed DDG proof that he was in contact with Kennedy.. So that's when DDG met Emaza.. And all of a sudden , Kennedy knew how to reach DDG again. It is what it is.. She never felt him like that from the jump. But DDG has given so many females career boosts from youtube. It's crazy to think about it. Kennedy literally has a hive of fans.. And she does absolutely nothing lol. Kiara Shanay need to be making the money Kennedy make.. Sure, DDG was once again used as a stepping stool but at least Kiara Shanay is entertaining.. Same with Emaza and her sister.. I wouldnt know them without DDG but i've kept tabs with them since 2017 and they lit. Kennedy blends in with every other IG model. Not saying she aint a cool person off camera but why are yall that much of a fan of her? What does she do? Lol

      1. Smh

        He was just rambling and didn’t mean it. Look at his comment on the shade room teens

    83. Emmanuel Chenny

      Just to be clear, Someone showing effort does not mean that they actually want to be with you. Alot of ppl have ulterior motives. They just like what u can do for them or provide for them. So some of them are willing to go to great lengths just to find a way to reel u back in. And on the flip side, A person not putting in as much effort into relationship doesn't automatically that they don't want to be with either. Every situation is different. So u just have to pay attention to the signs.

      1. Smh

        @Emmanuel Chenny idk 🤷🏽‍♂️ I’m going by what he says. He’s prolly confused between love & effort.

      2. Emmanuel Chenny

        @Smh yeah but he emphasized it multiple times

      3. Smh

        He was just rambling he said, look at his comment on shade room teens

    84. K love

      I think ddg and emaza was in Mexico she posted 11hr on her story about the same time ddg 11hr on his story in the water and she in a hotel bed

      1. Smh

        Nah he went with adri Nicole.

    85. Life with Aaryn

      I can see why people was mad that he said what he said about Kennedy but thats the way he feel he ain’t say nothing bad about her ...that just the way he feel

      1. Life with Aaryn

        @Smh I know

      2. Smh

        He didn’t mean it he was just rambling look at his comment on the shade room teens.

    86. Sauce Twin

      Queen defo trapped him with baby fasho

    87. Life with Aaryn

      Not the birkin bag Kiara 😂😂😂

    88. Shiquechica

      So which one is it? Why you want a restraining order...she’s just showing “effort” right? I’m being sarcastic but I think he meant Kennedy not showing effort as in chasing him, blowing up his phone, etc. He comparing Rubi to his last relationship but I don’t quite understand how running to other dudes, posting herself dancing to her last dude’s music after every little argument half naked is effort. Effort isn’t just acting a plum fool to get back together. Effort is respecting the relationship enough to not run and cheat first sign of trouble, effort is forgiving you and getting back with you after you publicly embarrassed her (on several occasions), effort is protecting your image even in hurt. Effort is showing up to help you finish arguments video even after y’all got into an argument the night before. You can’t treat people badly over and over and expect they continue to work it out with you. And if she treated you badly same thing she shouldn’t keep coming back to someone she disrespects or constantly keeps hurting. At some point you have to love yourself enough to let go of a bad relationship learn from it and move. Maybe self reflection is something you do off camera. I hope he takes time to recognize and correct the habits that he contributes to the relationship’s demise.

      1. Elisabeth Coker


      2. Smh

        He didn’t mean it he was just rambling look at his comment on the shade room teens.

      3. Yousaidwhatnow

        Bravo!!!!! I wanna see what ddg squad respond to this. ddg squad where yall at?

    89. Maria Menefee

      Queen & Clarence have shown numerous times that they’re liars. Clarence gone say anything to the public to make sure he don’t screw up his bag. When they break up. It’s gonna be nasty.

    90. Everything Nice

      Fuck Kennedy


      Clarence got immaculate taste Leslie valid asf

    92. MARJA Ni'Keya 39

      I don't think she trapped him.. I just think they wasn't thinking about protection.. I really think she was more hurt about the baby and instead of taking it out on Clarence she attacked Queen.

    93. Yousaidwhatnow

      ddg still piss at kennedy for calling it quits for good. he know damn well she put in effort, hell she was with him for two years, longer than any other girl. so he trying to discredit her efforts now. little do he know what he consider is effort, is actually toxicity.

      1. Smh

        He didn’t mean he was rambling look at his comment on the shade room teens

      2. Lulu Nzama

        Hes too young to understand love thats wat i see in him.He wanted her to bang at the door and he thinks dats love

      3. spirtguide

        that part!

    94. Life with Aaryn

      Y’all go to bed and stop arguing we got school tomorrow

    95. XxLil ShantiixX


    96. Bryan03

      Ddg gon come out saying It WaS a MiSuNdErStAnDiNg

    97. Life with Aaryn

      I’m glad ddg and rubi done for good that’s what I can here for

      1. Life with Aaryn

        @Elijah Ussery I like them but I did not like they relationship

      2. Elijah Ussery

        I thought you liked them?

    98. JasmineMarie

      I nvr tracked my ovulation and I still don’t I feel her as a woman I know her pain too well but me i would nvr let a nigga see me like that especially after he tell me I was nvr the woman he needed but that’s just me and I would nvr blame the other woman because at the end of the day if you can take my man he was nvr mine in the first place and that’s just that on that as for ddg and rubi I’m honestly happy they not together they are too toxic for each other they definitely need to focus on their self for a min