Kiara Shanay

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    0:00 - Intro
    0:21 - Armon & Essy Broke Up
    5:03 - Queen Naija Twitter Rant
    6:10 - Celina Powell G-Wagon Got Repo'd

    күнү жарыяланды 23 күн мурун


    1. Vanessa M

      👋 heyyyy I’m a new sub all the way across the pond 🇬🇧 love the tea on this channel ur voice I could listen to everyday so soft and relaxing and girly lol 😘

      1. Kiara Shanay

        Thank you ♥️

    2. Yaris Life

      They’re doing this for clout

    3. Imani F.

      If people would do it Gods way, they wouldn’t be having all these baby daddy and “It wasn’t planned” issues to begin with.

    4. Aaron YT

      I just don’t believe Akademiks has any bitches.

    5. STACIE

      Fuk talkin bout same ppl talkin bout King von something new

    6. Coco Love

      I dislike tea pages but love your videos girl you funny

    7. Anise Westbrook


    8. miamidakid

      Ghost gang

    9. Kizzy Hollman

      S*** I got a Honda sonata 2018 and I love it turbo

    10. Alaysia’s World

      queen said she can’t stand us but continues to put her business out 🤔 mhm okay

    11. A'mae Jewel

      Trey is 100% accurate.

    12. Naira Gatsby

      Kiara do a bit of research Akademiks never bought her that car she was trolling...

    13. lizzy joledo

      The breakup made him loose weight

      1. tia nicole

        Nah he been gradually losing weight since they had the baby

    14. Dmbration

      Child support he go

    15. Old Sol

      How about not worry about how and why people have kids or relationship breakdowns and worry about how your own situation is people always trying to generalise shit

    16. Kira J

      Queen's child with Clarence wasn't planned... Supposedly they both thought they couldn't have kids as she stated... but why not go to a doctor and make sure that's the case or until you're sure use some some type of protection ... Unless you wanted to get pregnant which is cool if that's your choice but claim it don't act like you didn't mean to have a child a few months after you got out of a relationship and into another relationship ...And Then write that because it sounds like the same situation having a baby not planned ...

      1. tia nicole

        Yea they were being careless... Even queen admitted they were having unprotected sex then taking plan B's

    17. Brelyn Foster

      Moo ain’t in this video?!?!?!😱

      1. John Stegall jr

        @tia nicole yeah he's been off social media for a while now

      2. tia nicole

        He been laying low lately... Not really much to speak on about him

    18. Flash 33

      Lol I don't no what's going on in that guy head buying a G wagon for celina that girl mess with 1000 guys including jimmy smacks 😂need help

    19. Alettea Broaders

      Repossed ak re claimed his possession the repossession does not have to mean to the dealership

    20. Craig Thomas

      Sometimes the truth hurts and when someone tells you the honest truth it's hard to receive it especially when its from your own family. Most friends will tell you what you want to hear, fans will ride with you no matter how wrong you are, but you have to cherish those people who will be honest with you and tell you the truth no matter how hard it's is to hear. Armon has a hard time hearing the truth especially from his brother

    21. Dorian _hunt2007

      Kiara the best drama channel there is hands down Noti gang

    22. alreseea johnson

      S̾o̾ i̾s̾ t̾h̾e̾ s̾o̾n̾g̾ f̾a̾k̾e̾ t̾h̾a̾t̾ a̾r̾m̾o̾n̾ a̾n̾d̾ t̾r̾e̾y̾ s̾i̾n̾g̾??

    23. Gabrielle Adamson

      Some ppl really come for queen for no fucking reason yooo...just let her be

    24. summer english

      I hope essy ain’t like queen wit the baby

      1. summer english

        @Zee ok but she committed under my comment n so did you wtf I can say wtf I wanna say you a little kid bro

      2. Zee

        @summer english I wasn’t talking about you ms.girl I’m talking about the girl above my comment talking about “I hope she’s no where near” like??💀

      3. summer english

        @Zee we know that we are sayin we hope she ain’t gonna be like queen

      4. Zee

        @STACIE girllll....that’s the baby’s mom . Make sense.....childish lmao

      5. STACIE

        I hope she ain’t nowhere near

    25. Shawntae Lanase

      Queens fans are crazy

    26. summer english

      Wtffff 😫😫😫😫 why they have to break upppp

    27. tia nicole

      Queen let people get to her too easily, people catch on to that and come at her more because they know she care... she been on social media for a MINUTE, she should be used to trolls by now...

    28. Sym Taylor

      Queen needs to learn how to ignore. People going to hate on her either way, she got learn not to feed into the BS.

    29. G.C.

      Queen posted a video of her put her whole head under the ice machine so she could collect ice through her mouth. It was quite disgusting so she should’ve been dragged.

    30. Only1Doobie

      Queen and Clarence too different for them to be long term I hate to say it but it’s true.. That’s lust not love, she in love and he just got love for her cuz she got him out that basement an made him a millionaire under a year.. You can peep the vibes in the videos that he look at her like a weirdo but Chris was always on the same type time that she be on that’s why some girls hop from nigga to nigga cuz they always looking for one thing that another nigga had that the nigga they with not doing or don’t have. They gone be together in the next 5 years or so I already see it

      1. tia nicole

        U said what I was thinking... Clarence and queen not gonna last, their personalities gonna end up clashing

    31. Dirtbag Squad

      Lets be honest lol armor don’t want his baby mom she’s butt cheeks car crash.

      1. ツ Wʜy Dᴏ u Lᴀᴜɢʜひ

        Sometimes I thought they faked there happiness for the vlogs and kids. They aint want ppl in they business. But hope they make up. Unless armon or essy did something bad.

      2. WantYa_L

        100% correct

    32. Shay Davi

      no DDG? damn.....

      1. Designer the Don

        @Sym Taylor thats her family , they flew In to see here

      2. Sym Taylor

        @Designer the Don Ik ain't nothing to worry about. I see she out enjoying her friends company so that's good. I need her and my boy to get it together. They don't know the potential they have if they stay together.

      3. Designer the Don

        @Sym Taylor probably just a off guard picture, that guy posted a video on his ig story and she didn’t look sad

      4. Sym Taylor

        @llII Haha 😂😂. Go in her tagged section on IG, someone tagged her in it. She is in gray! A mean in the pic she look last.

      5. llII

        @Sym Taylor how did she look sad if there no video 😂😂

    33. Dirtbag Squad

      Repossessed lol, these clout demons broke lol. Ddg really rich than these wanna be bogus ig clout chasers lol.

      1. Ms T

        @Designer the Don 😭😭😭

      2. Designer the Don

        How it get repossessed that fast? Lol

    34. Dirtbag Squad

      Queen a head case lol.

      1. Zee

        Nah Fr she kinda childish

      2. Domo Blades Reacts

        Y’all sick put y’all life online.

      3. Ms T


      4. G.C.


      5. Designer the Don

        Yeah she really off tbh not going to lie

    35. Dirtbag Squad

      So basically private life is everyone business now lol.

      1. Craig Thomas

        Once they put their private life on social media its no longer private. I don't get why these KGuprs put their business on social media then complain when fans comment on it

    36. Gaming with Chrissy!

      Kiara do u gotta tiktok? if not u should make one!!

    37. Dirtbag Squad

      Chris new song a banger

      1. STACIE

        Yes he do but someone will pick at it

    38. Laay 2Federaal

      Best part of my day!!!!

    39. Divinely Chosen

      First ig

    40. Chyna Bby


      1. King Beezy

        Lmfao grow up

    41. VHS Kara

      I clicked on this video so mf fast🤣

      1. Legendary Pãßõ

        B azure ji z usuhj as jhh s hg as h

      2. VHS Kara

        @Laay 2Federaal Ik😐

      3. Laay 2Federaal

        like always sis!!!!

    42. Laay 2Federaal

      heyyyy ya'll does it matter who's first ???